“The Lion King” Can Explain Anything - Key & Peele


  1. The Entrepreneur's Goal

    The Entrepreneur's Goal7 時間 前

    Lady: what are your thought about your government? . . Peele: Pinocchio

  2. Denzel Diesel

    Denzel Diesel12 時間 前

    I guess they right about amisom troops in Somalia

  3. Bo Velkova

    Bo Velkova14 時間 前

    Little did they know Key would be one of those "3 animated hyenas"

  4. Otaku Senpais

    Otaku Senpais21 時間 前

    Once you start a Key and Peel video you just cant stop

  5. Ong's Jukebox Channel

    Ong's Jukebox Channel22 時間 前

    Stupidly genius! Or is it geniusly stupid? Ah, whatever.

  6. PowerPunch Panda

    PowerPunch Panda日 前

    The most awkward skit😂 its so good

  7. Miguel Johnson Jr

    Miguel Johnson Jr日 前

    Ashley Banks 🔥

  8. Baba Dook

    Baba Dook2 日 前

    That woman is so beautiful

  9. Samnit Kumar

    Samnit Kumar2 日 前

    "look at me"...."you have Ebola now"

  10. Xavier Smith

    Xavier Smith3 日 前

    Ashley got the ultimate glo-up

  11. Old Black Nerd

    Old Black Nerd3 日 前

    God damn Ashley looking good. Shea butter baby, fuckin up my sheets

  12. Leah Rojo Kaige

    Leah Rojo Kaige3 日 前

    Tatiana Ali is still beautiful

  13. Hoàng Sáng Dubai

    Hoàng Sáng Dubai4 日 前

    I like this video😌

  14. Phoenix North

    Phoenix North4 日 前

    Now that's good bullshitin

  15. WorldWide

    WorldWide5 日 前

    Ashley from fresh prince of belair

  16. Nichole

    Nichole5 日 前

    Damn, Tatiana Ali is STILL FINE.

  17. rawisrey

    rawisrey5 日 前

    The Industrial Revolution to me is just like a story I know called "The Puppy Who Lost His Way". The world was changing, and the puppy was getting... bigger.

  18. mark Reyes

    mark Reyes8 日 前

    This just made me very uncomfortable

  19. n24glover

    n24glover8 日 前

    So this is new??

  20. The Dog's Bollox

    The Dog's Bollox8 日 前

    She hot!

  21. Clive Nyathi

    Clive Nyathi8 日 前

    Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma ??? Asazi lomfo umazelaphi

  22. elgritton

    elgritton8 日 前

    what are your thoughts about the school shootings? High School Musicallll,,,

  23. Captain Windshire

    Captain Windshire8 日 前

    2:29 till this day I'm not sure if she's serious or just being sarcastic

  24. Adam

    Adam8 日 前

    Stop stop... please stop, this is too much cringe

  25. Benaiah Mhlanga

    Benaiah Mhlanga9 日 前

    Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. 0:44

  26. KAMLU

    KAMLU9 日 前


  27. Frank Z

    Frank Z9 日 前

    "What are your thoughts on international trade?" PACMAN :v

  28. Frank Z

    Frank Z9 日 前

    Thank you, Disney, for sponsoring Comedy Central.

  29. Faf-kun Dono

    Faf-kun Dono9 日 前

    2:47 she cant hold her laugh anymore haha

  30. CS2XX

    CS2XX9 日 前

    smh people are dumb. “Tatyana Ali look so young & good for 40” google her without make up. She look 40 & kinda old

  31. D C

    D C10 日 前

    02:32 "I'm talking to two idiots."

  32. Einveru

    Einveru10 日 前

    *animated situation*

  33. basil al sadi

    basil al sadi10 日 前

    Goodness, she's aged like fine wine .. 40 my ass

  34. mikedaflexta

    mikedaflexta10 日 前

    What are your thoughts on the child kidnapping problems in England? Peele: Peter Pan

  35. Asres Benayalew

    Asres Benayalew10 日 前

    The illusion of her dress makes her hips look wider.

  36. Afifah Shameemah

    Afifah Shameemah11 日 前

    Tatyana Ali is beautiful

  37. Brian Rounding

    Brian Rounding11 日 前

    1:11 His eyes telling a story in a story.. when one recognizes he lost his game...Briliiant plot twist

  38. Sonia Flores

    Sonia Flores11 日 前

    Wait wait wait. Are there more Kay and Peele shows

  39. Malabu Souldjah

    Malabu Souldjah11 日 前

    Is that Ashley Banks????

  40. T. V. A.

    T. V. A.11 日 前

    The face Key made at 1:10 says so much about how he catches Jordan’s bluff lol. They’re so good!!

  41. Joao Santos

    Joao Santos11 日 前

    lol Indeed.. jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-BKSXZ-1TShQ.html.

  42. MrColz

    MrColz11 日 前

    Pete needs an F in the chat for that unintentional rejection.

  43. Gabriel

    Gabriel12 日 前

    She is fine 😍

  44. June Glow

    June Glow12 日 前

    Me when I run into intellectuals:

  45. Kambinda Hantoka

    Kambinda Hantoka12 日 前


  46. Barn Crow

    Barn Crow12 日 前


  47. Beefangus

    Beefangus12 日 前

    Why did I get a Lion King ad?

  48. T.j. Wright

    T.j. Wright13 日 前

    Dull funny video....

  49. kealeboga sibiya

    kealeboga sibiya13 日 前

    Wow brilliant

  50. Nestor Gonzalez

    Nestor Gonzalez13 日 前

    Lmao bruh

  51. HGG GANG

    HGG GANG13 日 前

    Ashley banks

  52. Huzaifa Naqvi

    Huzaifa Naqvi13 日 前

    i love how they switched hair styles for this skit and nobody noticed lol

  53. Yeo Certified Badass

    Yeo Certified Badass5 時間 前

    Huzaifa Naqvi I’m pretty sure everyone noticed.

  54. EBHS00

    EBHS008 日 前

    Who doesn’t notice

  55. Jolly Productions

    Jolly Productions10 日 前

    DUDE SAME, I was like “oh hey look at Jordan being Keygan.”

  56. brad portillo

    brad portillo13 日 前

    Aladdin 😂😂

  57. Alex PL

    Alex PL13 日 前

    Wow did Key and Peele swich haircuts/grooming for this sketch?

  58. name dont9

    name dont913 日 前

    She is very beautiful

  59. Shibby120

    Shibby12013 日 前

    Let's dial it back. I'm just a man. No need to announce it LOL


    GRAND MASTER13 日 前

    I’m not a key and peele guy, but this video actually kept me laughing

  61. A B

    A B14 日 前

    "Ashley" is still so pretty

  62. Vladimir Vladimir

    Vladimir Vladimir14 日 前

    You know when you JPreporter all night and you realize its dawn

  63. Wet Work

    Wet Work14 日 前

    Aladdin..... Lmao

  64. Eugene Figgures

    Eugene Figgures14 日 前

    JPreporter come on fam with all the commercials its ridiculous

  65. R D

    R D14 日 前


  66. delayed mentality

    delayed mentality14 日 前

    Girl:What do you think about the crisis in the jungles of Africa? Peele:....Tarzan

  67. Angus Ng

    Angus Ng13 日 前

    What do you think of Toy coming to life? Toy Story

  68. Gwrightproductions1

    Gwrightproductions114 日 前

    Ashley... Been on you since Fresh Prince. Now's my time *gets on one knee* lol

  69. Jessie B

    Jessie B14 日 前

    This clip got ALL of it's "likes" from loyal fans of the duo. Totally phoned it in.

  70. Hasan M

    Hasan M14 日 前

    What are your thoughts on Brexit? What are your thoughts on Japan? What are your thoughts on Australia?

  71. Hasan M

    Hasan M14 日 前

    What are your thoughts on France? Ratatouille 🐀

  72. Hasan M

    Hasan M14 日 前

    What are your thoughts on Russian election meddling? Jason Bourne

  73. Hasan M

    Hasan M14 日 前

    What are your thoughts on India? Mawglee

  74. Hasan M

    Hasan M14 日 前

    What are your thoughts on tropical deforestation? Tarzan

  75. Mushroomstamp

    Mushroomstamp14 日 前

    Later that night he ejaculated in her throat

  76. DrummaBoy1990

    DrummaBoy199014 日 前

    Peele has consistently been so annoying to me on this show...lol I just can't

  77. Vam The Anomaly

    Vam The Anomaly15 日 前

    Was waitin for "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba Sithi uhm ingonyama"

  78. Mirna M. Mejias

    Mirna M. Mejias15 日 前

    OMG these guys are hilarious. I laugh even when I think of their videos.

  79. Sibusiso Maphanga

    Sibusiso Maphanga15 日 前

    There's over 50 countries in Africa but Americans always refer to it as if it's all one place. Smh

  80. 🌹Rose MooR🌹

    🌹Rose MooR🌹15 日 前

    Girl: What are your thoughts on President Trumps’ Space Force? Peele: Guardians of the Galaxy

  81. No No

    No No15 日 前

    This aged very well

  82. Sethington

    Sethington15 日 前

    I feel like Key is the fall guy in all these

  83. Josh

    Josh15 日 前

    What are your thoughts on Silicon Valley and the controversial development of Artificial Intelligence? Toy Story

  84. Brian Rounding

    Brian Rounding15 日 前

    Peele needed to write GOT final season and shoot it