“The Lion King” Can Explain Anything - Key & Peele



    MRMRMOYE10 時間 前

    They switched hair styles lol

  2. just a regular girl

    just a regular girl16 時間 前

    "What are your thoughts on slavery?" "Cinderella"

  3. Henrÿ TM

    Henrÿ TM20 時間 前

    Peele really funniest when he plays dumb creeps like this😂😂😂

  4. charles agha

    charles agha22 時間 前

    "Lion King" - I Understood that reference

  5. Spider Doctor

    Spider Doctor日 前

    What are your thoughts on the whistleblower complaint? "Daredevil."

  6. live through this

    live through this日 前

    Is that Tatyana Ali? 💖💞

  7. smooth litz

    smooth litz2 日 前

    “What are your thoughts on people leaving earth” Wall-E

  8. madman

    madman2 日 前


  9. smooth litz

    smooth litz2 日 前

    “What are your thoughts on space” Futurama

  10. AW Musse

    AW Musse2 日 前

    What are your thoughts about the comments section? repetitive

  11. Abang Kacak

    Abang Kacak2 日 前

    Aladdin ,🤣

  12. rafael silva

    rafael silva3 日 前

    Me in a intelegent conversation 😂

  13. Arakash

    Arakash3 日 前

    *Damn, i love Tatyana! ♥*

  14. Mokgethoa

    Mokgethoa4 日 前

    . Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma got a mention

  15. Chian

    Chian4 日 前

    A Comprehensive List of "What Are Your Thoughts On": Mulan - China WALL-E - space program Frozen - climate change Madagascar - animal rights Moana - indigenous culture Pocahontas - imperialism Inside Out - mental health policy Brave - feminism Ratatouille - workers' rights Up - elderly policy Finding Nemo - abduction and indentured servitude Wreck-It Ralph - virtual sapience and rights of AIs Zootopia - racial stereotypes and false flagging etc.

  16. Bageled Meme

    Bageled Meme5 日 前

    What are your thoughts on China? MMMMULAN

  17. Razi Dude

    Razi Dude5 日 前

    "What are your thoughts on the clearing of Amazon Rainforest?" *"The Road to Eldorado"*

  18. Master 20

    Master 205 日 前

    What are your thoughts on overweight? Wall-E

  19. Josh Sovereign

    Josh Sovereign5 日 前

    What are your thoughts on the oceans? "Pirates of the carribean"

  20. J'Maine Josiah

    J'Maine Josiah5 日 前

    Ashley Banks is all grown up. Daaaaaamn!!!!

  21. Vesuvius

    Vesuvius5 日 前

    So this is what Uncle Phil was afraid of when Ashley said she was dropping out of school

  22. Fook Yu

    Fook Yu5 日 前

    And what is you views on climate change " um Moana....I think"

  23. Antonio Barbosa

    Antonio Barbosa6 日 前

    Tatyana Marisol Ali is a big girl now!

  24. Michael Hammond

    Michael Hammond6 日 前

    "What are your thoughts on The Mafia?" "Super Mario Brothers."

  25. Sarena Harmon

    Sarena Harmon6 日 前

    Me having a discussion with anyone

  26. nazimovitch hadji

    nazimovitch hadji6 日 前

    What are your thoughts on the amazon ? TARZAN

  27. cabana85

    cabana856 日 前

    When she says "That sums it up perfectly" and they look at each other at 2:31 ...pure gold

  28. BlackPistachio

    BlackPistachio7 日 前

    "You don't need to announce it" I died 😂😂😂

  29. Omar Rochet

    Omar Rochet7 日 前

    “What are your thoughts on Trump’s Space Force announcement?” “Baby Yoda”

  30. tristan vollero

    tristan vollero日 前

    no no no you have it all wrong

  31. Fire bomb

    Fire bomb7 日 前

    Taiyana Ali

  32. Phat Phan

    Phat Phan7 日 前

    "And what are your thoughts on native Americans?" Pocahontas

  33. Puellos _

    Puellos _8 日 前

    Damn Ashley has been fine her whole life 😍

  34. Abu Hanifah

    Abu Hanifah8 日 前

    Im no policymaker, but im sure hakunamatata never sums up any policy, ever



    I just love how adults talk out important descisions with a little wine. Fuck, I now understand why Trump is our president.

  36. Uzo Design

    Uzo Design8 日 前

    How can that lady be so dumb and stupid to take Peel seriously?

  37. Ankh Ankh

    Ankh Ankh8 日 前

    The lesson here kids is “it never hurts to try.”

  38. Markus Vinicius

    Markus Vinicius2 時間 前

    Nah if you don’t know what you’re talking about then just stfu

  39. Thomson Homson

    Thomson Homson7 日 前

    do or dont do it. there is no try.

  40. AL X

    AL X9 日 前

    "What are your thoughts about racism?" "Zootopia!"

  41. Klyde S

    Klyde S9 日 前

    Ashley Banks, I've always loved you.!😍😍 lol

  42. James Gabrielle Rosaroso

    James Gabrielle Rosaroso9 日 前


  43. Tyrese Brown

    Tyrese Brown9 日 前

    That's Ashley from the fresh prince