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  1. Michelle Mclarnon

    Michelle Mclarnon10 時間 前

    Simon proper sitting hin self when David was stripping. So serious cause he knows u give David something like that and he will go for it omg.

  2. Michelle Mclarnon

    Michelle Mclarnon10 時間 前

    Is David gay or no curious at least ? I am sure the lads from Moscow did not like comments as very homophobic in Russia.

  3. Dindin Private

    Dindin Private日 前

    Best of the Best - the Queen's impromptu reaction to the buzzer - FART!

  4. Qwertyqaz 123

    Qwertyqaz 1232 日 前

    Top By Less Heavier: 1.Vardanyan Brothers (10/10) 2.Fakefleet Primary School Choir (10/10) 3.Fabulous Sisters (10/10) 4.High Fives (8/10) 5.Faith Tuker (7/10) 6.Shioban Philipps (6/10) 7.The Brothers Singing (2/10) 8.Jimmy Tamley (1/10) 9.David (0/10) 10.Ron (0/10) 11.Y Pedwar Covi (0/10)

  5. Qwertyqaz 123

    Qwertyqaz 1232 日 前

    Top By Chemist: 1.Siobhan Philipps (10/10) 2.Vardanyan Brothers (9/10) 3.High Fives (9/10) 4.The Brothers Singing (7/10) 5.Fabulous Sisters (6/10) 6.Jimmy Tamley (5/10) 7.Faith Tuker (4/10) 8.Ron (2/10) 9.Fakefleet Primary School Choir (1/10) 10.David (0/10) 11.Y Pedwar Covi (0/10)

  6. Qwertyqaz 123

    Qwertyqaz 1232 日 前

    Top By Relevance: 1.Fakeflett Primary School Choir (10/10) 2.Vardanyan Brothers (10/10) 3.High Fives (9/10) 4.Fabulous Sisters (8/10) 5.Faith Tuker (8/10) 6.The Brothers Singing (7/10) 7.Ron (6/10) 8.Y Pedwar Covi (5/10) 9.David (5/10) 10.Siobhan Philipps (3/10) 11.Jimmy Tamley (2/10)

  7. Qwertyqaz 123

    Qwertyqaz 1232 日 前

    Top By Staging: 1.Elizabeth (10/10) 2.David (9/10) 3.Ron (9/10) 4.High Fives (9/10) 5.Fakefleet Primary School Choir (8/10) 6.Vardanyan Brothers (8/10) 7.Y Pedwar Covi (7/10) 8.Siobhan Philipps (7/10) 9.Faith Tuker 10.Jimmy Tamley (6/10) 11.(The brothers singing) (5/10) 12.Fabulous Sisters (1/10)

  8. Yousaf Choudhary

    Yousaf Choudhary3 日 前

    Check this guyz

  9. Muna luar

    Muna luar3 日 前

    The queen : recently pickles got talent. Me: EWW I HATE PICKLES

  10. snoopy Doo

    snoopy Doo3 日 前

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so greatfull

  11. snoopy Doo

    snoopy Doo3 日 前

    Lolllll Streaptiease.. o rolling on Floor

  12. snoopy Doo

    snoopy Doo3 日 前

    Vertrauen :-) ;-) *lach*

  13. snoopy Doo

    snoopy Doo3 日 前

    very Great (y)

  14. Sukma Aliyana

    Sukma Aliyana3 日 前

    at 39:59 the "high five" use "batik" shirt. am i wrong? anybody correct me?

  15. MySjenna

    MySjenna4 日 前

    Too funny people thinks that's really Her Majesty. lol!

  16. Kris Fisher

    Kris Fisher4 日 前

    Love, love, love David Williams!

  17. Vera Shishova

    Vera Shishova4 日 前

    Ребят,какие вы хорошие,пусть будет всем хорошо!



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  19. Ulama

    Ulama5 日 前

    please Japanese translation is attached

  20. Sahpono Hendian

    Sahpono Hendian5 日 前

    Om,Simon,Tuh yng Cewek Hitam Manis sapa ya dah Cantik,Mura Senyum lagi tambah cantik Aja,,,,

  21. Sahpono Hendian

    Sahpono Hendian5 日 前

    Hl, Om,Simon Jam tangan nya mantap, Betul..... Mau dong?

  22. lemis

    lemis6 日 前

    david WHAT IN THE WORLD AS THAT that was revolting that is so stuipd and idiotic

  23. GSXell

    GSXell6 日 前

    Am i the only one who liked the singing cabbys?

  24. Shay M

    Shay M10 日 前

    Jesus CHRIST some of these are amazing

  25. Unincognito

    Unincognito11 日 前

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but apparently some people are stupid. No that wasn’t the actual Queen 😂🤣😅😭

  26. Luis Poveda

    Luis Poveda12 日 前

    Subditos, subditos, subditos; cuando sera que esta gente podra superar esto????🇵🇦 Viva la Republica.

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    ÂBIDD SSÈH13 日 前

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  29. I'm A Collaborator

    I'm A Collaborator13 日 前

    That group of little kids was so awesome! Seeing how much fun they were having really got to my 💓

  30. Total War

    Total War13 日 前


  31. Jamzeeod

    Jamzeeod16 日 前

    Am I the only one that thought that the 3rd act ‘The Singing Cabis’ weren’t that bad?

  32. Tamanna Khatoon

    Tamanna Khatoon14 日 前

    are u serious

  33. Сергей Кужумин

    Сергей Кужумин17 日 前

    Прмяне лучшие!!!

  34. Deborah Johnson

    Deborah Johnson17 日 前, love, love listening to these videos!!

  35. Hayley Palm

    Hayley Palm18 日 前

    Pianist was so damn funny omg 😂

  36. Бабушка Batman

    Бабушка Batman18 日 前

    и про нас Русских говорят, мы сумасшедшие? looke it

  37. Tina Horton

    Tina Horton18 日 前

    I love this panel of Judges and have become a huge fan of Simon here lately he is so lovable. I like David too. These judges connect well. It would not be BGT without them.

  38. Ans Chanel

    Ans Chanel20 日 前

    Number two very bad n boring

  39. Ans Chanel

    Ans Chanel20 日 前

    Number 1 is bad

  40. V T

    V T22 日 前

    OLD ,, Thumbs down again , GET OFF YOUR ASS !!

  41. Cloud Killer 99

    Cloud Killer 9922 日 前

    So was it actually the queen

  42. No reason Ok

    No reason Ok19 日 前

    Cloud Killer 99 no

  43. Chanayus ArtZa

    Chanayus ArtZa23 日 前

    33:00 เจน ญาณทิพย์ โกอินเตอร์ 555555

  44. Joseph Ponkur

    Joseph Ponkur23 日 前

    What about the queen is it fake 😕

  45. Eddie Tavares  Jr.

    Eddie Tavares Jr.23 日 前

    At 3:40 is that the real Queen Of England ? 🤔

  46. ام شهد ام شهد

    ام شهد ام شهد24 日 前

    للاسف مافي ترجمه للملكه لكان فهمنا الموضوع

  47. ام شهد ام شهد

    ام شهد ام شهد24 日 前

    يستحقون التميز

  48. Mendes Army xx

    Mendes Army xx25 日 前

    David is the funniest guy ever.

  49. Alicia Aydemir

    Alicia Aydemir26 日 前

    Next the landlord or whatever comes around the corner and presses the golden buzzer

  50. Будущее за молодежью!

    Будущее за молодежью!26 日 前

    Ни слова не понимаю, но так люблю эти эмоции что дает эта шоу.

  51. Resad Huseynov

    Resad Huseynov26 日 前

    Vardanyan peyserleri

  52. urnan ok

    urnan ok27 日 前

    Is anyone gonna talk about Elizabeth's (scary) performance. I was sooooo scared

  53. te td

    te td27 日 前

    36:50 Illusion 100

  54. Suezanne Tanna

    Suezanne Tanna28 日 前

    Okay I am going to back back back back back why are you leave me me because you getting to crazy because a boyfriend you don’t know where every time I’m talking to my auntie my auntie died I’m sure I sing with one voice I am you are we are the Frailey in AustraliaI love the Frailey you I love Australian

  55. Suezanne Tanna

    Suezanne Tanna28 日 前

    I really want to do sorry sorry I love your my name is they ever live live live via my name is Naivah I am so sorry I really want a pooAnd I like your video and nice I am doing it

  56. Suezanne Tanna

    Suezanne Tanna28 日 前


  57. Suezanne Tanna

    Suezanne Tanna28 日 前

    Okay I’m singing the song right now is okay X nervous I’m going to try

  58. Suezanne Tanna

    Suezanne Tanna28 日 前

    Choose me on stage yet my name is Naivah and I got a song for you I’m just gonna watch justice one finish that means I’m seeing a miss you all the time so I want to watch my son one finish

  59. Daniela Chavez

    Daniela Chavez28 日 前

    Me gustaría que lo traduzcan

  60. Alessia w

    Alessia w28 日 前

    30:46 For one moment I thought he was going to press the golden buzzer 😂

  61. Shazka Wølfý

    Shazka Wølfý28 日 前

    Is not the Really Queen 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 ans poor Simon O.o

  62. Life On Earth

    Life On Earth28 日 前

    Love you four judge.