Britain's Got Talent 2019 Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global


  1. jamescwf1993

    jamescwf199322 時間 前

    these are not this years BGT clips seen most of these 3 years ago

  2. Fa Korte

    Fa Korte22 時間 前

    Simon is such a joy killer. He is too serious and can't really enjoy the funny performances.

  3. Emily Daugherty

    Emily Daugherty日 前

    I’m so glad there were so many queen references 😂 like at 9:00 28:45 and 30:07 when they started to play don’t stop me now in the background

  4. Mille Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen

    Mille Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen日 前

    Also i feel like its only amanda and david who gets chosen lol

  5. Emily Daugherty

    Emily Daugherty日 前

    9:00 - 11:50 Freddie would be so proud 😂

  6. Mille Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen

    Mille Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen日 前

    the scary girl is exposed i know how they did it... you see they are 2 persons and they made the picture false so the girl with hood goes in and takes her under the scene then while amanda looks away THEY SWITCH THATS HOW then when they walk back up they switch agein (oop im smart lol) legally i was like GRANDMA THATS GOING TO GIVE US NIGHTMARES bc i have seen the clip before goshhh

  7. Mille Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen

    Mille Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen日 前

    Also for the ones of you asking then how could she pick the exact picture? my teori is that the outher person was hiding under the table and there where an hole where the cigar box where and the person hiding would shift them pictures

  8. Fusion

    Fusion日 前

    13:53 Don't mind them, just hyper kids up there...

  9. Lalrin Fela

    Lalrin Fela2 日 前

    The Best 4 Judges Ever. David,s Golden Buzzer is pure. He is the Game changer. Love to hear Amanda laughter. Alesha is sexy,my crush. Simon is wise, like his reaction. They run the show as how it is to be.

  10. An Outlaw's Redemption

    An Outlaw's Redemption2 日 前

    I want to kiss Amanda's arm pits

  11. Sophie Jameson

    Sophie Jameson2 日 前

    For anyone who's wondering, no, that's not actually the Queen.

  12. Jacob Moquin

    Jacob Moquin19 時間 前

    Sophie Jameson No Duh

  13. alb etero

    alb etero3 日 前

    Is Amanda a stupid?

  14. Albert Jaldin

    Albert Jaldin3 日 前

    Yo ablo español ...tendrian que aser doblajes porque me encanta ver AMERICAN GOT TALENT GLOBAL

  15. Jasmine Snow da SkinCareExpert

    Jasmine Snow da SkinCareExpert3 日 前

    Is that really the queen???

  16. Sam Ellis

    Sam Ellis4 日 前

    The way everyone thought the queen and her guards were real, she looks nothing like the queen and a guard would never be on a ceremony without a forage cap or a bearskin 🙄

  17. Елена Скорюпина

    Елена Скорюпина5 日 前

    Может кому-то и нравятся эти бешеные девицы, скорость их движения, ярость, а меня они пугают, это что - женское начало? Представляю, как они привлекают мужчин, я бы на их месте бежала от этих ведьм сломя голову. Это мое личное мнение, простите, если кому-то не понравится.

  18. jeanette hinde

    jeanette hinde5 日 前

    the more i hear Amanda the more i like her! i love the her laugh . shes so funny. thanks Amanda for making me smile and laugh . lol you.

  19. Masht Ali

    Masht Ali6 日 前

    "Britain's Got Talent" is completely staged and edited just like a film. nothing is real. and it's 100% controlled by Zionists.

  20. 鈴屋什造

    鈴屋什造7 日 前

    23:01 is when Simon gets nightmares about David everytime when he wakes up HAHAHAHA

  21. 박서진

    박서진7 日 前

  22. Always be happy

    Always be happy7 日 前

    Did the queen turn into a comedian? No afraid to give her a x? 🙄😏

  23. nizzeisakizzle jones

    nizzeisakizzle jones7 日 前

    I dislike you I don't like your stupidity vid

  24. Katie Cuyler

    Katie Cuyler8 日 前

    I'm o confused because Simon is but and agt for 2019

  25. Fl4k

    Fl4k8 日 前

    i would give a x for anyone using uk flags on the clothes...

  26. elena picard

    elena picard8 日 前


  27. Rohit u great man Jaiswal

    Rohit u great man Jaiswal9 日 前

    Big fan Simon sir

  28. Kevi L Ayemi

    Kevi L Ayemi9 日 前

    Ahhhhh it's not a 2k19 performance it's 2k18

  29. Alexandre Ouimet

    Alexandre Ouimet8 日 前

    It's perfect because I think I've seen all the videos from 2019 !

  30. Mario Fratnik

    Mario Fratnik9 日 前

    I keep wondering is that acualy the queen


    CHÚ ONG TIVI9 日 前

    Ông giám khảo quá hài hước quá tuyệt vời...

  32. noname MIKE

    noname MIKE10 日 前

    Just do the 5th element opera part and you will get the golden buzzer

  33. Sharinah Hashim

    Sharinah Hashim10 日 前

    N The sellers have a Q

  34. Platanito GR

    Platanito GR10 日 前

    *Like si eres el unico que habla español*

  35. goutam mukherjee

    goutam mukherjee10 日 前

  36. pedro centeno

    pedro centeno10 日 前

    Was so scary to watch the sword stunt. That was insane.

  37. milo

    milo11 日 前

    the gost lady elzabeth tho. almost had a heart attack

  38. - Otto -

    - Otto -11 日 前

    Стадо ананасов...

  39. Bruno schineider

    Bruno schineider11 日 前

    is song 18:52 ??

  40. mehmood mustafa

    mehmood mustafa11 日 前

    I love you bgt super nice I see you Daily. God bless you

  41. Salah Brogra

    Salah Brogra11 日 前


  42. Roberto Ruiz

    Roberto Ruiz11 日 前

    Como se llama la representación de los niños que ganan pase de oro representando a los jueces y más que Bonita porque lloran

  43. Olivia Amanda Molinaro Eijo

    Olivia Amanda Molinaro Eijo11 日 前

    Like si amaste el coro!!

  44. Arabia Japanese

    Arabia Japanese12 日 前

    ترجمة بليييز

  45. ELFCloudGamer

    ELFCloudGamer12 日 前

    12:00 I'm not crying, someone is just cutting onions

  46. Ion Sorin Porojan

    Ion Sorin Porojan12 日 前

    The opera singer at the end of the video ...oh my GOD !!!!!!!!

  47. Caleb Yeboah

    Caleb Yeboah12 日 前

    When I compare the kids teacher to my teacher, my teacher is Satan

  48. Mawica Will

    Mawica Will14 日 前

    Me encanta este programa😘

  49. moha Tarek

    moha Tarek14 日 前

    Did they seriously could not know that she is not the queen !!!

  50. RJ21 yogi

    RJ21 yogi14 日 前

    My fvrt show..

  51. corissa holbrook

    corissa holbrook14 日 前

    Aww the brothers are bad assssss

  52. corissa holbrook

    corissa holbrook14 日 前

    Best teacher evr !!!!

  53. I Am Heccups

    I Am Heccups15 日 前

    The scary girl called "Elizabeth" makes me spooked:(

  54. HELEN. Suantah

    HELEN. Suantah15 日 前

    I'm so happy to see my four favorite judges again.. Love you guys 😙😙

  55. Kirill Poltevsky

    Kirill Poltevsky15 日 前

    This one is funny. We also made a comedy. A new one. But got only 7 subscribers. How can one get them? I know it's not polite to leave a reference. But please help a small one!

  56. {SHUREK } game

    {SHUREK } game15 日 前


  57. Hervé Diedie

    Hervé Diedie17 日 前

    America Got talent is better

  58. Muhesh Mg 79456962 Muhesh Mg CAM you CALL ME ok

    Muhesh Mg 79456962 Muhesh Mg CAM you CALL ME ok17 日 前

    BGT 😚👌👍AUDlTlONS👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  59. Shannon McAllister

    Shannon McAllister18 日 前


  60. BTS _ Vanessa Kim

    BTS _ Vanessa Kim18 日 前

    Оо маегот😮😮😮

  61. Amanda in Japan

    Amanda in Japan18 日 前

    The ghost act was fabulous

  62. Sherrie A Norman

    Sherrie A Norman18 日 前

    Such adorable children!!!

  63. Emily Suv

    Emily Suv18 日 前