$36 Backpack Vs. $990 Backpack


  1. Ved Jain

    Ved Jain55 分 前

    The last company is going to go under very soon

  2. Venkatesh Lavanya

    Venkatesh Lavanya6 時間 前

    15:44 it said showrunner Katie leblanc?!??!! Like whtatttta

  3. Jenna Adriene Briones

    Jenna Adriene Briones日 前

    “It has all the essentials, like THE PROTRACTOR SET”😑

  4. 4evercaliforniagurl

    4evercaliforniagurl日 前

    “My backpack smells like old chips.” Same Jen sameeeeee

  5. Stephen Fang

    Stephen Fang日 前

    Like if Mac OS Sux

  6. Rebecca Reeve

    Rebecca Reeve日 前


  7. Rock Infatuation

    Rock Infatuation日 前

    1:07 *voice crack*

  8. CgHkVlogs 310

    CgHkVlogs 3102 日 前

    U should have gone to Louis Vuitton, they have a $72,000 alligator skin backpack

  9. 초코보

    초코보2 日 前

    wait i definitely went to high school with jen haha. reppin new trier!

  10. skaterpong

    skaterpong2 日 前

    black jansport is all you need

  11. Eliot Francis

    Eliot Francis2 日 前

    A Bible. Excellent to have the Word of God for giudance.

  12. Jackson Hammack

    Jackson Hammack2 日 前

    I hope she doesnt come back

  13. Jackson Hammack

    Jackson Hammack2 日 前

    I hope she doesnt come back

  14. rocking godzilla

    rocking godzilla3 日 前

    My scholl bag is 11 pounds to 20 pounds

  15. Limpid Desolate

    Limpid Desolate3 日 前

    I like backpacks cuz there gender neutral



    Ok, this is pretty rare to see in a video. I LOVE the fact the LOTUFF company employs a ton of badass women and didn't even mention it. Not to mention the warranty and confidence in the product. If I could afford one, I would certainly go that route.

  17. Rowan Karavangelos

    Rowan Karavangelos3 日 前

    Omg...I love the last backpack 😍 I want it so bad

  18. Evdokia Brazhnikova

    Evdokia Brazhnikova4 日 前

    I ship them

  19. Aiden G

    Aiden G4 日 前

    We get it you have a vagina

  20. Carlos Rafael C. Arce

    Carlos Rafael C. Arce5 日 前

    Steven's got a Bible in His bag! wooaah!

  21. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez5 日 前

    Worth it period products?

  22. Zombl337

    Zombl3376 日 前

    I spent $144 on my EGL Flyte backpack. And $20 to add more velcro patch area to it

  23. Adrian Mallari

    Adrian Mallari6 日 前

    Annie's gonna be jealous

  24. Jaiyu Zlodej

    Jaiyu Zlodej6 日 前

    I got a backpack in 2007 or 2008, I think it was maybe $50-60, and I've honestly been using it ever since. It's been on long camping trips, it's been pretty much everywhere, keeps laptops safe... I did lose the little poncho the backpack came with, but the backpack itself is still perfect. I'm not planning on ever getting rid of it.

  25. Thunder Rhododendron

    Thunder Rhododendron7 日 前

    How do I get a job at Lotuff?! 30 hour work week!??

  26. TCX Choi

    TCX Choi7 日 前

    I feel silly watching this as a carryology subscriber. Actually usable, good looking packs. Peak Design everyday backpack and Arktype Dashpack

  27. Michael Petersen

    Michael Petersen7 日 前

    he he he i live in africa at 5.27 i just was like half my class cant afford school fees let alone a phone

  28. jillhbaudhaan

    jillhbaudhaan7 日 前

    Definitely have her again, she seems so chills and she's got her girls' backs with the tampons

  29. Sakib Shadman

    Sakib Shadman8 日 前

    She left X-men?😂

  30. ryan101

    ryan1018 日 前


  31. Selena stanley

    Selena stanley8 日 前

    I would use the foldable bag

  32. random person

    random person8 日 前

    Hershal is like 70$ for some models with a lifetime guarantee and they look hella nice

  33. Abby Hypolite

    Abby Hypolite8 日 前

    "My bag smells like old chips." My bag smells like old McDonald's fries. 😂

  34. ZachAttackDawgs 05

    ZachAttackDawgs 059 日 前

    7:47that’s what she said

  35. Katharina Rüffin

    Katharina Rüffin9 日 前

    Oh the Lotuffbag is so beautiful 😍 it’s pretty pricey, but you get a guaranty for a lifetime. I’m in a wheelchair, so I wear my backpack kind of 24/7. I want a backpack, which has enough space for all my stuff, but also looks good and doesn’t look like a heavy one or even worse like a hiking bag. It should just fit my style and also be kind of a companion. Such an awesome episode👍🏻Katy

  36. perla reyes

    perla reyes9 日 前

    ahhh rhode island!!

  37. MoxicTango

    MoxicTango10 日 前

    The only way I’m paying $990 for a backpack is if it has a jet pack built in

  38. Petter Rakstad Solberg

    Petter Rakstad Solberg10 日 前

    At this point this has just turned into an ad.

  39. Shard Collins

    Shard Collins10 日 前

    For a $1000 I could have gotten an MCM backpack or a LV backpack just saying

  40. Jack Geist

    Jack Geist10 日 前

    Steven: "You never know when you'll need a straight edge" Jen: "I rarely do" OMFG THIS HAD ME DYING

  41. D@TRIO

    D@TRIO11 日 前

    Love worth it!

  42. Diana

    Diana11 日 前

    The lesbian ruin it all

  43. JoeWayne

    JoeWayne11 日 前

    Can't deal with the androgyny.........Androgyny is a person who has a high degree of both feminine (expressive) and masculine (instrumental) traits.


    pEARLoF tHEoRIENT11 日 前

    Andrew is so distracting the moment he appeared. 😂

  45. Kanada Tachibana

    Kanada Tachibana11 日 前

    Why does she needs so many tampons? What happens to her?!?

  46. Fa Tee

    Fa Tee11 日 前

    Flip an Tumble is a joke. I was arrested at the Gym because it did not roll back up after I "stashed" the sneakers in the locker beside me. Work on false advertisement because once you have something in there it will literally assume the shape of that item. Grrrrr.XD

  47. A Lee

    A Lee12 日 前

    This is the stupidest video they have done

  48. Andrya White

    Andrya White12 日 前

    why does she have so many tampons?? I only ever carry 2 with me at most

  49. The Fire Core

    The Fire Core12 日 前

    I wish they put the websites for the products in the description it would just make it so much better plus the it would support the small business's that are on the show

  50. James Gurung

    James Gurung12 日 前

    Just get a $200 supreme fw18 backpack

  51. Soil

    Soil12 日 前

    I think I have a crush on Annie. I find her so attractive.

  52. Calvin Ngo

    Calvin Ngo13 日 前

    can you do luggage like rimowa vs away vs something

  53. Joshua Wooldrik

    Joshua Wooldrik13 日 前

    “Let’s fill her up!” Ad:” meet Mia”

  54. Gene Davis

    Gene Davis13 日 前

    Leather is so underappreciated. Especially by younger people. I have a leather jacket that I practically live in. Leather shoes that are armored for motorcycle riding. All my guitar straps are leather. It grows with you. It's awesome.

  55. prettypumpkinseed

    prettypumpkinseed13 日 前


  56. BoxingAstronaut

    BoxingAstronaut13 日 前

    Me, a Rhode Islander: Oh god a $990 backpack?? what kind of hipster nonse- Steven: located in Providence, Rhode Island! Me: -yup nevermind not surprised

  57. Sydney Drums

    Sydney Drums13 日 前

    From a backpack made of recycled plastic & low energy to a backpack made of an animals skin that went through hell in a slaughter house & contributes to global warming.. but it’s ok because he carries a fairytale book about an invisible man in the sky & a bearded magician.

  58. Donuts

    Donuts13 日 前

    Wow handmade leather bags made in the states need to sell at $900s?! A lifetime warranty feels great if you ONLY buy 1 bag in a lifetime. It really makes you wonder, globalism kind of made products more efficient. There are hand made leather from China that sells for $50-100 dollars.

  59. beats me??

    beats me??13 日 前

    they should have covered the kanken backpacks!!

  60. jim zuu

    jim zuu14 日 前

    jen is cool

  61. Oliver Snelling

    Oliver Snelling14 日 前

    Tampon worth it?!

  62. Idiot With a Hose

    Idiot With a Hose14 日 前

    i laughed for like ten minutes because of how many tampons jen has

  63. Scorch Beatz

    Scorch Beatz14 日 前

    990$ is barely getting into the spectrum of backpacks, that is just an entry to a nice good quality bag.

  64. kmq1313

    kmq131314 日 前

    You know when you love a man is when he can grab your tampon without freaking out even though it’s clean!

  65. you are big gay

    you are big gay14 日 前

    It’s just a deep hole 😏

  66. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis15 日 前

    I'm so glad I saw this, I wanted to buy two maybe three $100+ Acme Made backpacks, now I'm fully convinced to make my own haha!

  67. Jon -

    Jon -15 日 前

    The Solar backpack was super cool.

  68. Sweet Heart

    Sweet Heart15 日 前

    Things that get better with time : CHEESE.....

  69. Floris Schutte

    Floris Schutte15 日 前

    This felt more like a advertisement tbh

  70. Brandon Kennedy

    Brandon Kennedy15 日 前

    I like Jen !

  71. Shadow Assassin

    Shadow Assassin15 日 前

    Bible 😮 👍

  72. kpoplover nct

    kpoplover nct15 日 前

    Do purses next

  73. Kianna Lee

    Kianna Lee15 日 前


  74. Lauren Sy

    Lauren Sy15 日 前

    whoah.. I ordered the flip and tumble while watching this :)

  75. Ashton Perez

    Ashton Perez16 日 前


  76. Adam Warren

    Adam Warren16 日 前

    Clearly the first two are the only ones considerable. The last one, the woman knows you will never repair it. It's like Ray Bans having life time ish, but, who has actually used and been granted it?!

  77. Bill Kong

    Bill Kong16 日 前

    City Folk

  78. Lifee Succsss

    Lifee Succsss16 日 前

    I don't care about the price of the bag as long as it's good enough to survive the whole school year im good

  79. Marc Lamparter

    Marc Lamparter16 日 前

    Love how he carries a bible. Love it when people do what they believe in despite society.

  80. sakurakhadag

    sakurakhadag16 日 前

    I have a 13$ backpack...... and I that's the costliest one I've ever bought. The 36$ backpack was such a letdown xD

  81. Gold 999

    Gold 99916 日 前

    well, 990 isn't much...have u ever seen mcm or LV backpack?

  82. Rosie

    Rosie16 日 前

    Love Jen on this showwww 🤗 she brings good energy!

  83. Xen

    Xen16 日 前

    1. Recycled ✓ 2. Recycled ✓ 3. Leather... ✘

  84. Gent's Lounge

    Gent's Lounge16 日 前

    Met the Voltaic guys about 7 years ago! Great guys.

  85. TheEpicsniper34

    TheEpicsniper3416 日 前

    The 199$ backpack was the best.

  86. David P

    David P16 日 前

    When is worth it food coming back?

  87. tehdemonesss

    tehdemonesss16 日 前

    I don't really see the point of having a backpack that can roll up. Whats the point of putting a bag into another bag? Just use the bag!

  88. Jalen Diggs

    Jalen Diggs16 日 前

    Does she know that there are toiletry bags?

  89. Cafer Sahin

    Cafer Sahin16 日 前

    Eastpak or bust my man

  90. Hilda

    Hilda17 日 前

    Wait those were tampons or not? I thought they were cheese sticks....so confused 😂

  91. Day23J1k

    Day23J1k17 日 前

    $36 is not cheap for backpack. Free - 10 or 20 is reasonable to me.

  92. Alex J. Qeblawi

    Alex J. Qeblawi17 日 前

    The problem no one realises with the first backpack is that plastic fibre is terrible for micro plastics, which is the real issue with plastic right now. It ends up in the food we eat and inside our bodies. It being machine washable is just the way the plastic gets drained into the ecosystem because regular water treatment doesn’t catch particles that small. Get a filter for your washing machine if you’re washing synthetic fibres like plastic and polyester.

  93. Ezra Johnson

    Ezra Johnson17 日 前

    I LOVE ANDREW!!!!! Also, since there are WAY more men watching JPreporter why all this "gender neutral" and soooooo many tampons. I don't know how I would interpret this besides some sort of liberal feminist undertones. The backpack might be gender neutral but the ideologies that she is passively communicating is not. As a host she is AMAZING. But I think all that other stuff is a bit heavy handed. Maybe 3 tampons or something.

  94. Amelia Berthold

    Amelia Berthold15 日 前

    Ezra Johnson you are really bothered by a bunch of tampons?? I always carry around a pack of tampons with me, may seem like a lot but you never know when you or someone else will need them, ain’t no feminist agenda there

  95. Svenn The King

    Svenn The King17 日 前

    Hand made leather bags in Africa cost 20 dollars lol

  96. Hayden Williams

    Hayden Williams17 日 前

    Steven carrying the bible around in his bag has officially put him on the same level as Ryan BOOgara

  97. Gigi Corinne

    Gigi Corinne17 日 前

    does jen know how many people have a crush on her

  98. Jay Chen

    Jay Chen17 日 前

    I dont understand why ppl always say handmade like its automatically better and more expensive. I'd get the solar panel one, its structurally sound,many pockets and compartments and charges. The leather one only smells and looks decent, dont think itll match any of my clothes

  99. Ananya S

    Ananya S17 日 前

    how do you all get from la to new york in every single one of these episodes????

  100. SwipeRight

    SwipeRight17 日 前

    *YESSSSS SEASON 4 Female dogsss* being fam friendly

  101. FGK

    FGK17 日 前

    VOICE CRACK 1:07