$199 Chair Vs. $9,800 Chair


  1. 0scJohnson0

    0scJohnson0時間 前

    Wire chair guy talks like he’s continually asking a question; not a good attribute

  2. nour tarek

    nour tarek3 時間 前

    The lowest price is not really low.

  3. Sanon Greta

    Sanon Greta11 時間 前

    Ron Swanson would love this episode

  4. Mulatu Kasa

    Mulatu Kasa15 時間 前

    "It's like I am wearing a hair" LMAO

  5. Zonex

    Zonex日 前

    Steve and Dave use eToro to invest in the financial market

  6. Marstronaut

    Marstronaut日 前

    Annie looks cool

  7. Phil Evans

    Phil Evans日 前

    "My take on" = the opposite cost of what it actually should be --> old homemade dish turned fine dining or fine dining turned mom's favorite home meal

  8. Solo Almighty

    Solo Almighty2 日 前

    You guys are taking these vids too far

  9. Tako Yakid

    Tako Yakid3 日 前

    9,800 dollars is 1 year of rent?! I wish

  10. Vivaswan Damle

    Vivaswan Damle4 日 前

    6000$ Massage chair would be worth it

  11. hakim belbaraka

    hakim belbaraka5 日 前

    should have tried the pewdiepie chair. missed opportunity

  12. neo neu

    neo neu5 日 前

    You can get that 9800 chair for 1k at your local carpenter just saying, or you could take a course and make it yourself, that's just some overpriced wood

  13. King Dumbass

    King Dumbass5 日 前

    The last episode where andrew is relevant is with chairs... Tnx buzzfeed

  14. martinoquio saurus

    martinoquio saurus6 日 前

    Make a video comparing, motorcycles

  15. Thunder Rhododendron

    Thunder Rhododendron6 日 前

    No 1 sailor guy, you just got yourself a customer 👏

  16. Sh4tter Glass

    Sh4tter Glass7 日 前

    9800 chair,no thanks ill take the 199 chair

  17. Jack Julius

    Jack Julius8 日 前

    My grandma had something similar like the 9.800 $ :v

  18. Ken Kai

    Ken Kai8 日 前

    0:53 Annie giving a kiss to everybody

  19. The Legend

    The Legend9 日 前

    Where’s the $399 chai?

  20. Emma Lee

    Emma Lee9 日 前

    Steven, where in LA are you paying $800 for rent???

  21. Xiao Zhang

    Xiao Zhang9 日 前

    I would never buy that 9800 chair unless they give me a 98% discount

  22. Erdene Jargalsaikhan

    Erdene Jargalsaikhan10 日 前

    Can someone tell me where is Adam?

  23. Bill Patterson

    Bill Patterson10 日 前

    450$ for a chair made of recycled steel thats welded together and painted with gloss automotive paint? w u t

  24. Jack Geist

    Jack Geist10 日 前

    I have no idea who's the better bromance. Ryan and Shane or Steven and Andrew

  25. Igor Kourstak

    Igor Kourstak10 日 前

    Where was Pewds chair? It's only $499 ;)

  26. Ryan Eubanks

    Ryan Eubanks10 日 前

    Yeah the wired chair is so overpriced. It looks cheaply made and yet I’m sure ppl r still buying into that scam

  27. Logan Lyke

    Logan Lyke10 日 前

    I would never buy a wire chair from that guy based strictly on how irritating his valley girl voice is.

  28. mena seven

    mena seven11 日 前

    I like California Chair universal chair and solecito chair. I would buy them for my office and for my house living room and bedroom

  29. P C

    P C11 日 前

    This is like comparing breakfast to lunch and dinner. Not even the same category of chairs.

  30. Jared Hawkey

    Jared Hawkey11 日 前

    "Footage not found"...lolol

  31. Fox Yeager

    Fox Yeager11 日 前

    Where is pewdiepie chair?

  32. BubbleFruit

    BubbleFruit11 日 前

    I like how at the start of the worth it series Steven was dragging Andrew around, and now he’s changed so much! Before Andrew didn’t want anything to do with the series or with Steven. Their personalities didn’t seem to match. But slowly Andrew opened up to the energetic and outgoing Steven and now they are like the best of friends.

  33. Denis Plesa

    Denis Plesa12 日 前

    Disapointing. I was expecting some Ron Swanson goodies.

  34. Mortem Cor

    Mortem Cor12 日 前

    I never thought I would find chairs interesting. Thanks worth it.

  35. Haru Draws

    Haru Draws12 日 前

    Surprised that there's no Pewdiepie chair

  36. Isaac Friend

    Isaac Friend12 日 前

    Toyota Camry! You like it?

  37. Mackenzie Kabrich

    Mackenzie Kabrich12 日 前

    I came here for andrew

  38. Lady Yvonne

    Lady Yvonne12 日 前

    I think this might be one of my most favorite JPreporter videos. I like the people they interviewed, how they came to making their chairs, and what they ended up making as a product. A visually and informative appealing video that was also relaxing. I never thought I'd say this about a freaking chair video. lol

  39. V Paz

    V Paz12 日 前

    They should do a video where they're given fake prices. Like they'll give them an expensive object but say it's cheap, and vice versa. I feel like the price is just a placebo effect and causes their reactions to be better if it's more expensive

  40. Phil

    Phil12 日 前

    everyone talking about chairs but what car is he driving?

  41. prettypumpkinseed

    prettypumpkinseed13 日 前


  42. nikolai legaspi

    nikolai legaspi13 日 前

    I really dont like andrew.. he sucks and boring

  43. DeFalt Markowicz

    DeFalt Markowicz13 日 前

    Pewdiepie has left the groupchat

  44. Donuts

    Donuts13 日 前

    Made in the US = assembled here. That's all.

  45. nathan0717

    nathan071713 日 前

    6:18 waiting for him to tell a funny story like he did in AntMan

  46. Brenda Lambert

    Brenda Lambert13 日 前

    LOL. "Dewy mark."

  47. natsu dragneel

    natsu dragneel14 日 前

    Me: sits on floor Also me: I’m currently sitting on the worlds most expensive chair

  48. Norris Thompson

    Norris Thompson14 日 前

    For 9800$ i would want a custom fittet chair or something lika that

  49. vadergrd

    vadergrd14 日 前

    stop giving lebrick as example!

  50. Linda S

    Linda S14 日 前

    what has my life come to, Im watching men in chairs

  51. D G

    D G14 日 前

    How is there a chair video without a herman miller aeron or steel case leap????

  52. Floris Schutte

    Floris Schutte14 日 前

    The Lucy chair has got to be the most *unworthit* thing I've ever seen.

  53. Meia Berg

    Meia Berg15 日 前

    Weirdly this is the best video of all woth it episode

  54. Klazyo

    Klazyo15 日 前

    9,800$ i could buy a human that can build 10 of those

  55. Jill Williams

    Jill Williams15 日 前

    Neither of you guys will ever sit comfortably ever again 😅 unless you get the chair lololo

  56. loud_ bait

    loud_ bait15 日 前

    Get a normal chair and then put a purple seat cushion on it. Not purple the color the brand purple

  57. Merlin kim

    Merlin kim15 日 前

    annie is hot

  58. luke hodge

    luke hodge15 日 前

    We strive on using fresh ingredients in our chair

  59. Lucas Dendena

    Lucas Dendena15 日 前

    Ok these chairs are good but.... CAN YOU DO THIIIIIIIISS????

  60. Joe Yeoman

    Joe Yeoman14 日 前

    What kind of joke is that

  61. Emma Sophia

    Emma Sophia15 日 前

    This is random but doesn’t Andrew look like/ looks like he can be eddy from the flash🌩

  62. lil Pepe

    lil Pepe15 日 前

    Should have done the pewdiepie chair only $399.99

  63. Deku Midoriya

    Deku Midoriya15 日 前

    8:25 doesnt it give you L. Lawliet from Death Notes Vibes?

  64. Donde esta mi padre

    Donde esta mi padre15 日 前

    I personally prefer my Pewdiepie chair which you can get for the low low price of 399 dollars

  65. Adam Warren

    Adam Warren15 日 前

    That wire chair didn't even sit level with the floor.

  66. Faith WLU

    Faith WLU16 日 前

    $9800 for a chair? I guess I’ll be sitting on the floor...

  67. itsmrclla

    itsmrclla16 日 前


  68. Zyx

    Zyx16 日 前

    What's that little bump on Andrews neck?

  69. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas16 日 前

    Wire chair is too much overpriced here. It should not me more than 30$

  70. Shadow Black

    Shadow Black16 日 前

    0:11 what episode is this clipped from? I need to know about that steak sandwich please ❤❤❤❤

  71. Shadow Black

    Shadow Black14 日 前

    +Dilara A you my homie... are amazing. Thanks alot ❤🤘

  72. Dilara A

    Dilara A14 日 前

    Shadow Black its from sandwich ep in season 5

  73. 様子フィジーの毎日の

    様子フィジーの毎日の16 日 前

    First of all I’d never spend more then $30 on a single chair

  74. GD's

    GD's16 日 前

    Shows video to TOP: TOP: Chair AND a sculpture in one? Sign me up.

  75. Laurie Waldhauser

    Laurie Waldhauser16 日 前

    Andrew is gorgeous xx

  76. Ashtin pierre-louis

    Ashtin pierre-louis16 日 前

    If it’s “the Lebron of chairs” wouldn’t it be benched ?

  77. Fri3nd's

    Fri3nd's16 日 前

    Oh my gosh, three amount of manspreading I saw. Like just close your legs 😂

  78. pkoon24

    pkoon2416 日 前

    There’s no way that chair costs $10000 to make. That dude is blowing smoke up your ass.

  79. GeorgeAyres

    GeorgeAyres16 日 前

    Sitting in a wire chair is like sitting on a cheese grater

  80. we are no less

    we are no less16 日 前

    When will you start the worth it(for the food) again with the three guys?

  81. Vortex 23

    Vortex 2316 日 前

    Chairs are too expensive, imma just stand

  82. April Obe

    April Obe16 日 前

    I was waiting for a chair fact about Catherine the great

  83. Hugo Next Up

    Hugo Next Up16 日 前

    I swear the wired chair and the wood one are not worth the price 😂 literally no matter what they say won’t change my mind

  84. Schilohapics13

    Schilohapics1316 日 前

    am i the only person who really wanted them to try pewdiepie's chair

  85. Lau Weng Leng

    Lau Weng Leng16 日 前

    The California Chair was definitely the most worth it of the 3, and especially because of the man’s vision and mission of not wanting to pollute the sea with more plastic than there already is. However, I don’t get why people are shitting on the wooden chair saying things like “I can do it myself.” You haven’t personally sat on it nor seen it, you don’t know how it really is. The seamlessness and the precision, the shape and the curve of the butt area is probably harder than it looks. Sure we can all make one too but it maybe won’t be as comfortable as his. Just IMO 🤷🏼‍♀️

  86. Super Mega Underrated Uploader

    Super Mega Underrated Uploader17 日 前

    I would just buy pewds chair only 399


    DEVIL'S DONUT17 日 前

    but can you do this?

  88. Nurul Azmi

    Nurul Azmi17 日 前

    Where is the food?

  89. Arq_

    Arq_17 日 前

    It costs $9800 BUT CAN IT DO THIS?

  90. E 2

    E 217 日 前

    They better show the 399 chair

  91. E 2

    E 217 日 前

    Robbie rotten, Spongebob, and Elmo are on buzz feed’s list of annoying characters



    Pewdiepie: but can you do this

  93. LeonardoT5

    LeonardoT517 日 前

    No pewdiepie chair ? :(

  94. Ceejay Vergara

    Ceejay Vergara17 日 前

    *but can you do this* ?

  95. Pancho Pistolas

    Pancho Pistolas17 日 前

    They forgot pewdiepies 399 chair

  96. Sarah

    Sarah17 日 前

    Andrew: Bend - Me: The knee.

  97. greenyellowmanilla

    greenyellowmanilla17 日 前

    They couldn't pay me enough to sit in that wire chair


    BEAR SMITH11 日 前


  99. DiJays O.T.U

    DiJays O.T.U17 日 前

    Yo...out of the whole video, the only question I have is, how do you get certified by BMW? O.O

  100. Ryan Newman

    Ryan Newman17 日 前

    Next Up: $1000 Spatula

  101. Dede

    Dede17 日 前

    That wire chair company gone go outta business charging that much for an uncomfortable ass chair 💀💀💯

  102. DisablingYeti35

    DisablingYeti3518 日 前

    Gaming chairs are better change my mind

  103. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron Forbes18 日 前

    Get fucked with 9800 chair

  104. Jeffrey Yang

    Jeffrey Yang18 日 前