$13,000 Custom 350Z vs. $33,000 Custom 350Z | HiLow


  1. Donut Media

    Donut Mediaヶ月 前

    So what do you think? After all this, are you Team Hi or Team Low?

  2. killshot madman

    killshot madman13 日 前

    99 civic or 04 subaru sti

  3. George Paramushchak

    George Paramushchakヶ月 前

    Miata M- miata I- is A- always T-the A- answer

  4. Gage Griffith

    Gage Griffithヶ月 前


  5. cartoondboy

    cartoondboyヶ月 前

    Civcs hi lo

  6. Savier Osman

    Savier Osmanヶ月 前

    Do a mustang next plz

  7. Collin Cordero

    Collin Cordero13 時間 前

    Do a hi low Miata build

  8. DeltaLoc

    DeltaLoc14 時間 前

    Next hi low mk4 vw gti/gli

  9. MajorGamingMania

    MajorGamingMania14 時間 前

    Scion tC do it!

  10. Sulton Subchan Tsani

    Sulton Subchan Tsani15 時間 前

    prius hi lo

  11. Rodel Deo Pascua

    Rodel Deo Pascua17 時間 前

    Hi Low Focused on: Engine Archetypes or Engine Displacement (Fuel Economy/Fuel Efficient) Then choose a car with the most occult following (like Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mazda Rx8, or Ford Ranger )

  12. marcusablpn Pike

    marcusablpn Pike17 時間 前

    Y’all should definitely go out of your comfort zone if y’all have enough knowledgeable mechanics to help do off-road cars.

  13. Jared Cruz

    Jared Cruz17 時間 前

    Acura RSX

  14. v v

    v v18 時間 前

    Scion frs high low

  15. Brice Center

    Brice Center21 時間 前

    Donut, why is this video not in the HiLow playlist?

  16. Jose Gonzales

    Jose Gonzales21 時間 前

    2004 mustang gt

  17. Tyler G. Carroll

    Tyler G. Carroll22 時間 前

    Donut Media, this was such an amazing series, super insightful into the world of aftermarket and comparing cheap DIY style to outrageous money pits. Obviously the answer to the question does more $ = more better is a BIG YES! But something that didn't get discussed as much as I would like is "where should you spend your hard earned money?" For example with brakes, wheels and tires, it seems like the cheap option was still a huge improvement from stock and therefore worth the money, where as the expensive option, while performing slightly better might not make a huge difference on day to day driving especially for the price point. I think this was demonstrated through out the series as at the end of each episode Eric always wanted to choose the more expensive parts as "better" but in the long run said the over all cost of Hi-Car was just too much to be worth it. Maybe the next season should be Hi-Low-Mid, where the winning part each episode based on performance and value gets installed into the "Mid" car to see based on test results of HI-Low how good a car could come out at a reasonable mid price point.

  18. the aftermath

    the aftermath23 時間 前

    Do s2000 or rx7

  19. Garrison Kennedy

    Garrison Kennedy23 時間 前

    Hey, first time commenter here, but I think there should be a baseline test first. The results were interesting and the whole show it great, but I would like to be able to compare the beginning and the end products. I know the cars were nearly identical but who knows, the Lo car could have improved more on its performance even though the high car was still better. Probably not the case, but would be insightful to see.

  20. Cole Costello

    Cole Costello23 時間 前

    GTI's please please please

  21. Lawrence Johnson

    Lawrence Johnson23 時間 前

    Honda del sol si

  22. Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson日 前

    You should totally do a rally car high low. Great job tho guys! Love your videos

  23. sir oskar

    sir oskar日 前

    supra high low!

  24. gabriel flores

    gabriel flores日 前

    How about a porshe 911

  25. Sig

    Sig日 前

    I want to see y’all do a 300 zx

  26. Panagiotis Soilemezidis

    Panagiotis Soilemezidis日 前

    With a gt86 or 200sx nissan

  27. Old Greg

    Old Greg日 前

    Geo metros

  28. N3ON _ GANG

    N3ON _ GANG日 前

    Eclipse hi low

  29. Benjamin Weinberg

    Benjamin Weinberg日 前

    Please do another Plastidip Episode. With the right Spray Gun and New Paint!

  30. Trevor S

    Trevor S日 前

    Do fwd next

  31. Ryan Todak

    Ryan Todak日 前

    First off I'd say awesome wrap up for season 1, the longer episodes I love and would love to see even more in depth walk through's of the upgrades to the cars. That being said an AWD car for the next hi low would be pretty cool (like variation for each season FF cars, AWD, FR, trucks, or even custom cars/karts)

  32. Bozscaggz Z

    Bozscaggz Z日 前

    Do a WRX next!! 2002 model.

  33. Ian Riaz

    Ian Riaz日 前

    Do a High/Low on a either a sedan or p-up truck.

  34. Ben Edwards

    Ben Edwards日 前

    Do something new. Like a wrx. I feel it would be quite interesting knowing now they are built like they built and they don’t like the aftermarket stuff being put into em

  35. Lil Italy

    Lil Italy日 前

    brz or wrx for hi low

  36. Caprix Gaming

    Caprix Gaming日 前

    Cheap Miata vs expensive Miata please!!!

  37. Ryan Steffeck

    Ryan Steffeck日 前

    I would suggest the Mazda Miata, Lexus ls400, or VW GTi. They are all cheap, all have a large following and all are easily customizable.

  38. Xavian McCarthy

    Xavian McCarthy日 前

    944 porsche

  39. Dylan Scott

    Dylan Scott日 前

    Do some foxbodys or some iroc-z's that would be funny or maybe like 05 mustangs or something

  40. leo gabriel

    leo gabriel日 前


  41. Jose Zavala

    Jose Zavala日 前

    Si cema cuh

  42. BootyShank

    BootyShank日 前

    hyundai tiburon, mitsubishi eclipse or mustang but an old one

  43. Christopher Hyde

    Christopher Hyde日 前

    Subaru BRZ, WRX or an old Ford F-150.

  44. Nevada wee

    Nevada wee日 前

    HiLow on NA miatas 😂

  45. Nodari Marjanidze

    Nodari Marjanidze日 前


  46. peepee poopoo

    peepee poopoo日 前

    I think the cheap one looks better

  47. Sponsored by Gucci

    Sponsored by Gucci日 前

    Do an sti 😍

  48. Jitsu man

    Jitsu man日 前

    Skyline GTR or FRS/BRZ

  49. Mc Drum

    Mc Drum日 前

    Ford mustang gt pleaaaassseeee!!!

  50. mr.treeseasoning90 me

    mr.treeseasoning90 me日 前

    Another hi low pleaseee,

  51. Joe Accavitti

    Joe Accavitti日 前

    Off road hi-low series would be awesome

  52. Makhi Hamor

    Makhi Hamor2 日 前

    Chevelle hi low

  53. LifelikeBow 92

    LifelikeBow 922 日 前

    Bro sn95 1994 mustang 5 speed

  54. Erik Olsby

    Erik Olsby2 日 前

    For the next season car, you should do the newer VW Rabbits. You should also do the pre-made tunning software that is plug and play and really see if it gives you way better Hrsprs.

  55. Immy&lulu

    Immy&lulu2 日 前


  56. SCRATCH1

    SCRATCH12 日 前



    BRIAN BUSCH2 日 前

    Y’all should do a Battle for whats best for Cheap East Hp and Performance in older mustang and Camaro. Upgrade them as equally as possible and see which one is better for the dollar and performs better

  58. Brian Cardona

    Brian Cardona2 日 前


  59. camron heirendt

    camron heirendt2 日 前

    sti or wrx

  60. DamO Gee

    DamO Gee2 日 前

    Love the effort you guys put into this!!

  61. Toxic XD

    Toxic XD2 日 前

    Brz, 90’s civic or, s13/14

  62. Tracy Hartzell

    Tracy Hartzell2 日 前


  63. Devin Gemignani

    Devin Gemignani2 日 前

    Definitely so cool that yall did this i am a huge fan! Please please do another hi low

  64. Jaxter

    Jaxter2 日 前

    Geo metro hi low

  65. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith2 日 前

    I'd like to see Hi/low car on Volkswagon golf GTI 2000-2005~ it is a very popular working man/first car still today, comes with some easy swap mods that make huge impacts. Or perhaps a subaru hi/low. Z was an excellent choice btw