$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger


  1. Nicolas Wyatt

    Nicolas Wyatt9 時間 前

    Get yourself a guy who looks you like Andrew looks like Steven.

  2. Tiffany Glackin

    Tiffany Glackin9 時間 前

    U guys should do bubble tea👀

  3. Raghav Poudel

    Raghav Poudel14 時間 前

    Do Indian food

  4. Maryam Al Zadjali

    Maryam Al Zadjali18 時間 前

    I'd like to see more of... ADAM plz!

  5. Leela

    Leela23 時間 前

    Please do a vid on bingsu nextttt

  6. Angela Rose

    Angela Rose日 前

    have they ever eaten anything they DIDNT like?

  7. Philip Chua

    Philip Chua日 前

    is that dirt in his nail at 4:16 or part of the ingredients?

  8. Just a pessimist Trying to live their worst life

    Just a pessimist Trying to live their worst life日 前

    They put worth it on Hulu it makes me really happy

  9. Khalil Hart

    Khalil Hart日 前

    I LOVE this version of surf and turf. My two favorite things to eat!

  10. Joseph Davis

    Joseph Davis日 前

    Only good vids they make

  11. Gnarlie Blovern

    Gnarlie Blovern日 前


  12. Maya z

    Maya z日 前

    I miss the show, please upload the new season asap! 😭

  13. Kira Phoenix

    Kira Phoenix日 前

    I love Keith, however this show wouldn't have been possible with Andrew and Steven together, also, Keith was very mean and grumpy with Steven for some reason...

  14. Stephen Zide-Betts

    Stephen Zide-Betts2 日 前

    does anyone else hear the ping towards the end of the video?

  15. nicolett

    nicolett2 日 前

    Does anyone else want them to do a silent food show, staring Adam!?

  16. aaisha sair

    aaisha sair2 日 前

    Why do they never feed Annie doe

  17. aaisha sair

    aaisha sair2 日 前

    Why do I keep watching these videos when I want to go vegan 🤧🤧

  18. maridoda kitty

    maridoda kitty2 日 前

    Why don't u try an episode with pies🤔

  19. Bob The builder

    Bob The builder2 日 前

    What next pizza casserole

  20. Sophie Shabrina

    Sophie Shabrina3 日 前

    I really really really want you guys to try Indonesian foods, like Rendang, Nasi Goreng, and others!! Please please please please!!!

  21. Quinisha Collier

    Quinisha Collier3 日 前

    Milkshakes please

  22. tarantula man

    tarantula man3 日 前

    *the perfect job doesnt exis-*

  23. Kaleidoscope Khrys

    Kaleidoscope Khrys4 日 前

    Are new videos coming out ?!?!??

  24. Arielle Victoria Wood

    Arielle Victoria Wood4 日 前

    I feel like most Michelin chefs have a separate restaurant where they have more fun with cooking

  25. Lasse Trevland

    Lasse Trevland4 日 前

    How have these guys not gained 50 pounds by now?

  26. Advait Naik

    Advait Naik4 日 前

    Why doesn't ani likes cameras

  27. Vee young

    Vee young4 日 前

    I just love Andrews personality because he's like the reflection of me in a different gender version🤣💓

  28. Lance Pantino

    Lance Pantino4 日 前

    How about milk tea on Worth It? Can you do this?

  29. awks_eats

    awks_eats4 日 前

    Thank you for making this beautiful segment. Love this show

  30. Tony Savath

    Tony Savath4 日 前

    I forgot about this series. Get to binge watch now

  31. Gavin Murray

    Gavin Murray5 日 前

    I’m surprised that they’re aren’t any comments about Keith! Yay Try Guys!!!

  32. Blankslot 2495

    Blankslot 24955 日 前

    we have a masa that jsut opened here i didnt even know it was a chain at the very least of this petigree

  33. Earl ParodyTV

    Earl ParodyTV5 日 前

    help me reach ng my channel 2k subs

  34. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne5 日 前

    who's the asian chick! she is beautiful..

  35. Arnav Deshmukh

    Arnav Deshmukh5 日 前

    Clouseau was right all along 5:26

  36. Bootahdah The 1st

    Bootahdah The 1st5 日 前

    Burger King is like a Rip-Off of the King's Burger cuz everything at KB is better



    Do Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  38. Sergins :

    Sergins :5 日 前

    12$ for 3 pieces of nighiri as the cheapest one

  39. NewUltrajason9992005 Laksmana

    NewUltrajason9992005 Laksmana5 日 前

    Season 7 when

  40. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse5 日 前

    15:45 Andrew's eating his burger upside down -.- Still love him tho

  41. Ichi Armpit

    Ichi Armpit4 日 前

    Mickey Mouse GAHAHHAAH I thought the same 😂

  42. BliTzers gaming

    BliTzers gaming5 日 前

    8:20 yo wtf?

  43. BliTzers gaming

    BliTzers gaming5 日 前

    Good food makes your mood good :>

  44. Gravity Takeout

    Gravity Takeout6 日 前

    Buzzfeed come back!!!!!

  45. Arif Mochamad

    Arif Mochamad6 日 前


  46. old man vollox

    old man vollox6 日 前


  47. Bin Lee

    Bin Lee6 日 前

    I say tetsu as well. It just looks sooooo good

  48. soggy Chips

    soggy Chips6 日 前

    *tip me*

  49. i change my profile pic every month

    i change my profile pic every month6 日 前

    I kinda miss the expensive ones for some reason

  50. Martins Cricket ShowTime

    Martins Cricket ShowTime6 日 前

    WoW . Do 3 diffrent usa universities.

  51. ApathetK

    ApathetK7 日 前

    Y'all need to come to North Carolina and do NC pulled pork barbeque.

  52. Jade

    Jade7 日 前

    Adam has to be my favourite, he's such a precious bean I wish I could hug him ❤

  53. Dawn Harding

    Dawn Harding7 日 前

    Adam is adorable! but in fit way xx

  54. Paul Hardardt

    Paul Hardardt7 日 前

    **400.000$ golden truffle caviar Food from heaven with froie gras** Steven and Andrew trying the food: "omg this may be the best Thing ive ever eaten im in heaven rn" Adam trying the Food: "its good"

  55. i'm watchin ü

    i'm watchin ü7 日 前

    Chef Masa is very wholesome

  56. Devan Modi

    Devan Modi7 日 前

    It's Sunday and I'm missing this show.

  57. Haikal Rizky

    Haikal Rizky8 日 前

    Is adam muslim?why he drink alcohol

  58. master boy

    master boy8 日 前

    Can you do worth it crepe


    SHADOW848DUCATI8 日 前

    My wife and I have been watching this on Hulu and love it. We suggest a trip to Hawaii for a Poke Bowl or Musubi worth it.

  60. Grey Bear

    Grey Bear8 日 前

    Why do I hurt myself this way? If I were a god, I'd summon all this food at a whim without gaining weight. That, or be really rich and have high metabolism so I can eat most of the day.

  61. Sonya Jin

    Sonya Jin8 日 前

    Please do dim sum or hot pot!!