$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger


  1. alex cena

    alex cena12 時間 前

    0:40 anyone know the name of the song??

  2. vidwith skm

    vidwith skm13 時間 前

    What's the name of the song they played for Keith????

  3. Shachin Chaya

    Shachin Chaya2 日 前

    Their videos are getting cheaper and cheaper

  4. sarah

    sarah2 日 前

    big apple steve!

  5. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the boss3 日 前

    8:20 Pickled Andrew😂

  6. Puprle Pin

    Puprle Pin3 日 前

    Ok this is the only redeeming quality of buzzfeed

  7. Chrystal

    Chrystal3 日 前


  8. Rosepink22

    Rosepink224 日 前

    Try Spanish food, Korean food, go to Korea or South America try ceviche travel lol

  9. Brian Lin

    Brian Lin4 日 前

    I read the title as Sushi Burger lol. Wouldn't that be something to try

  10. FANDI DK

    FANDI DK4 日 前

    Andrew is much much much better than keith

  11. Xiao Ming

    Xiao Ming5 日 前

    was eating Nutella while watching this

  12. Hunter Schrink

    Hunter Schrink5 日 前

    “Pickles are the best”

  13. Ciaran Conley

    Ciaran Conley4 日 前

    Hunter Schrink I like pickled cucumbers more tho

  14. sasha fierce

    sasha fierce5 日 前

    I love Adam, he's my kind of guy(nerdy, down to earth,)

  15. Druthi Ganesh

    Druthi Ganesh6 日 前

    Potato and patato No that’s the same thing... Oh,... Tomato and patato 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Timon NguyenPhuoc

    Timon NguyenPhuoc6 日 前

    2:51 Steven: I wish :(

  17. astra-magicka

    astra-magicka7 日 前

    "in what universe does this happen?" "northridge universe" i can confirm this does indeed happen in the northridge universe

  18. Joyful Yan

    Joyful Yan10 日 前

    The camera guy Adam is super creepy when you let him taste the food ! °0°

  19. Jumpman056

    Jumpman05610 日 前

    I find it crazy that this man has eaten golden flakes and truffle before he has eaten a chili cheeseburger

  20. j lynn

    j lynn10 日 前

    I appreciate her japanese so muchhhhhh

  21. DeeLee

    DeeLee10 日 前

    "very accessible" $25 is my whole weeks budget :')

  22. DeeLee

    DeeLee9 日 前

    @Trolololololololololololololololololololololol wow you got me there

  23. Trolololololololololololololololololololololol

    Trolololololololololololololololololololololol9 日 前

    DeeLee lmao broke boi

  24. ZingerFlame

    ZingerFlame10 日 前

    Two bites of raw fish is $23...

  25. Seth Thorn

    Seth Thorn11 日 前

    Chef Masa is a straight up artist


    DJ GAMING12 日 前

    Masa means table in Romanian lol

  27. pewdiepoop 101

    pewdiepoop 10112 日 前


  28. Prince Heru

    Prince Heru13 日 前

    Can someone explain to me the story of what’s going on because it sounded like something happened.

  29. Ofentse Ramokoka

    Ofentse Ramokoka13 日 前

    Anny is hot,😍😍😍😍😍 thats my crush right there.

  30. Sailaja kl

    Sailaja kl13 日 前

    This is the first time that Andrew's calling Steven on a worth it food adventure

  31. Eric Saxon

    Eric Saxon13 日 前

    I used to go to King's all the time, when I went to CSUN. Maybe I'll visit tomorrow, when I go to pick up stuff from the Rite Aid on Plummer. :D

  32. Colin Sweeney

    Colin Sweeney13 日 前

    you know that the food is good when adam smiles 9:40

  33. chris ohyama

    chris ohyama14 日 前

    So just overpriced MOS burger

  34. GeI -o

    GeI -o14 日 前

    They are out of ideas

  35. Melissa Smith

    Melissa Smith15 日 前

    Season 7 should be each a different country

  36. Elgradiyinmek Saglam

    Elgradiyinmek Saglam16 日 前

    4:16 nasty ass finger bruh

  37. A random Pikachu

    A random Pikachu17 日 前

    Am I the only that noticed that Andrew started smiling,and talking a lot?

  38. Monique Allington

    Monique Allington17 日 前

    Real quick.. can I have your job? Jealous.

  39. Dimas Rasidin

    Dimas Rasidin19 日 前

    Keith punching the air rn for not continueing this show

  40. Desiree Daet

    Desiree Daet19 日 前

    I literally grabbed a sandwich because of the first scene

  41. Maggie Cloud

    Maggie Cloud19 日 前

    Chef Masa looks truly incredible. He not only puts his heart into his cooking, he invents new ways of doing so right down to creating a new cooking apparatus and hand crafting the plates his dishes are served on. $58 is honestly a steal for that much time, effort, and care.

  42. Chucky Cheese

    Chucky Cheese20 日 前

    Why is no one talking about how andrew is driving

  43. Audrey Ansel

    Audrey Ansel21 日 前

    I remember playing cooking mama on my ds and being so confused why the “hamburger” was rice and steak

  44. kayla pham

    kayla pham22 日 前

    Can we have a whole JPreporter channel dedicated to only Worth it videos like the Try Guys?

  45. kayla pham

    kayla pham22 日 前

    Adam steals the burger

  46. Bahamatla

    Bahamatla22 日 前

    16:28 Adam eating sushi

  47. Angel Aguilar

    Angel Aguilar23 日 前

    Andrew: can this chef get any better? Me: no but his cooking could Chef masa: visit my other restaurant then we will see how i can get much better

  48. Viktle’s Lego Stuffs

    Viktle’s Lego Stuffs23 日 前

    16:30 Pay close attention to the background music... verrrrry similar to billie eilish’s bury a friend

  49. Aiden DeAngelo

    Aiden DeAngelo23 日 前


  50. Afiifa Jeylani

    Afiifa Jeylani24 日 前

    The last burger looked magnificent omg.

  51. Matthew Wilson

    Matthew Wilson24 日 前

    top 10 episode

  52. Short ghost33

    Short ghost3324 日 前

    these guys should make vlogs .....

  53. The Hungry Hufflepuff

    The Hungry Hufflepuff25 日 前

    For the final episode for a season, you should do a worth it on wraps! You know, since you always say, “That’s _a wrap_ on the season!” Like, have Adam say that while eating a wrap, and hold it up. I dunno, just a weirdo idea.

  54. Fiery Llama

    Fiery Llama26 日 前

    last guy looks like a retired yakuza boss

  55. Christa Fry

    Christa Fry26 日 前

    It's surf n turf

  56. withonor

    withonor27 日 前

    The greatest thing in this episode is the chili burger patty isn't large enough to cover the bottom bun so when they put the chili on it, the bun caught the excess. Genius is it was on purpose.

  57. Fernando the Sad Raiders Fan

    Fernando the Sad Raiders Fan28 日 前

    Anie is cute won’t lie

  58. May Choy

    May Choy28 日 前

    I feel like Steven liked and enjoyed being on the show/ doing 'Worth It" with Keith more than with Andrew

  59. Yes bro

    Yes bro26 日 前

    No he is so much more comfortable around andrew

  60. Itsss Smokie

    Itsss Smokie28 日 前

    I was under the impression the burgers would have sushi instead of beef

  61. Maple Hound

    Maple Hound28 日 前

    I feel like Stephen cheated choosing Testu because of the "World renowned Chef thing" I mean the show is supposed to be based off of the food and the price point. Literally "Would I come back and buy this food at the price point?". The only reason that the chef was there was for this episode. The chances of me actually going there and that person ACTUALLY being there are extremely slim to none at all.

  62. Potato Artz

    Potato Artz28 日 前

    My parents literally just went today (tetsu)

  63. Tropic Thunda Braddah

    Tropic Thunda Braddah29 日 前

    Oh Annie's with you😍😍😍

  64. Christopher Dowd

    Christopher Dowd29 日 前

    What dickhead invented the food cheers ?