$10,000 COOK-OFF: Best Tacos, Mac N Cheese & More Wins With Cheap Vs Expensive Amazon Food


  1. tomas bunevicius

    tomas bunevicius分 前

    Deven is to get the drink to himself

  2. Donna Urmson

    Donna Urmson5 分 前


  3. Rachel Zimmerman

    Rachel Zimmerman5 分 前

    Cook to 81800

  4. Hogwarts superfan

    Hogwarts superfan9 分 前

    that punch wasnt even hard

  5. Hogwarts superfan

    Hogwarts superfan12 分 前

    shutup morgz

  6. Sandra Moore

    Sandra Moore時間 前

    Cook 818000

  7. Victor Santiago JR

    Victor Santiago JR時間 前

    Why do they think that they have the 1000 dollar ingredient?

  8. Ridwaan Khan

    Ridwaan Khan時間 前

    Is the flowers 🌷 in the tacos 🌮 is it edible 😟

  9. Queen Poa

    Queen Poa2 時間 前

    Sorry Collins it is your brother first round 😉

  10. Carl Cassian

    Carl Cassian2 時間 前

    You should make a cheap vs expensive but fries,shake,chicken nuggets

  11. cat si

    cat si2 時間 前

    I love it

  12. cat si

    cat si2 時間 前


  13. Flixy Gaming

    Flixy Gaming5 時間 前

    *_Its 1 am, my friend is coming today, help me..._*

  14. Boom_box 2.0

    Boom_box 2.05 時間 前

    You just put on red caviar. You ate Nemo’s siblings 😑

  15. Brilynn Underwood

    Brilynn Underwood6 時間 前


  16. Brilynn Underwood

    Brilynn Underwood6 時間 前

    .YEET me XD collin

  17. Bear Queen

    Bear Queen6 時間 前

    Do You Know Who The Most Amazing , Beautiful , Smart Person Is Read the second word 😊😋😉

  18. Tamsin Knight

    Tamsin Knight6 時間 前

    why do they all have to be seasoned

  19. Misha Nitsuga

    Misha Nitsuga6 時間 前

    devan todally win

  20. Joe Bar

    Joe Bar2 時間 前

    Its tottaly

  21. J Bernal

    J Bernal6 時間 前

    Collins wins

  22. Curtissa Mathis

    Curtissa Mathis7 時間 前

    How many times Collins said yeet👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  23. happysoul fashionista

    happysoul fashionista8 時間 前

    Wow😮😮 It's so amazing😺

  24. Ike Da Potato

    Ike Da Potato9 時間 前

    Y is Collins low key good at cooking but horrible at making pancakes lmao

  25. Danielle Altendorf

    Danielle Altendorf9 時間 前


  26. Suzann Mccarter

    Suzann Mccarter7 時間 前

    That is what happens to a LOT of people

  27. Ike Da Potato

    Ike Da Potato9 時間 前

    Nobody: Key bros: OOOOOOOOH

  28. Abby Brinkley

    Abby Brinkley10 時間 前

    Devon one

  29. Suzann Mccarter

    Suzann Mccarter7 時間 前

    Won not one


    LOAN HUYNH10 時間 前

    We are supposed to boil the tiny eggs

  31. Charlie Frankfurt

    Charlie Frankfurt11 時間 前

    Deven wins the whole thing Collin lost really bad

  32. Lankybox 2.0

    Lankybox 2.011 時間 前

    Keyper squad!!

  33. Its Aalyiah

    Its Aalyiah11 時間 前

    If he owned a restaurant I would be scared to eat there

  34. Suzann Mccarter

    Suzann Mccarter7 時間 前


  35. Aaliyah Perry

    Aaliyah Perry11 時間 前


  36. caitlin reddick

    caitlin reddick12 時間 前

    i am new

  37. Jill Marcetti

    Jill Marcetti14 時間 前


  38. Suzann Mccarter

    Suzann Mccarter7 時間 前


  39. Ms Beast

    Ms Beast14 時間 前

    Collin won

  40. Wlad Szewczuk

    Wlad Szewczuk14 時間 前

    did it really matter who won because they both drank the drink

  41. فواز المري

    فواز المري14 時間 前


  42. فواز المري

    فواز المري14 時間 前


  43. Laila Mone’t

    Laila Mone’t15 時間 前

    devins is better

  44. Jamie-lee Worsley

    Jamie-lee Worsley15 時間 前


  45. magy farouk

    magy farouk16 時間 前

    Every one of is sensitive

  46. that one person

    that one person17 時間 前

    This is how many grams of seasoning Colin's used ⬇️

  47. kaydengamer 619

    kaydengamer 61917 時間 前

    Collins looked yummy but devans looked very expenses

  48. Ana Ioanidis

    Ana Ioanidis18 時間 前

    Text the word cook to 81800

  49. Lydia Medina

    Lydia Medina18 時間 前

    What took so long you had me waiting

  50. kera carter

    kera carter18 時間 前

    I have been posting your posters around my neighborhood all my whole neighborhood watches you so much my parents love you

  51. Euan The Gamer

    Euan The Gamer18 時間 前

    This is how many times Collins has been mind blown because of nothing | | \ /

  52. Axel Sierra

    Axel Sierra19 時間 前

    Keper spuad

  53. Axel Sierra

    Axel Sierra19 時間 前


  54. Mickey Love

    Mickey Love19 時間 前

    Devins always looks more expensive even if it’s not he always wins

  55. Nellie Gartman

    Nellie Gartman19 時間 前

    1 Devin 2 Collins 3 Collins