$1,000 vs $3,700 Wheels and Tires | HiLow


  1. EddieGuy VH

    EddieGuy VH時間 前

    Nice! But now I think you should try Michelin and Dunlop for high end tires. From experience, those are the best. Sorry if they're not american but hey, only the germans know how to build a proper car and the french used to ;)

  2. Denis Deari

    Denis Deari3 時間 前

    Can’t even get the thumbnail and title right

  3. Sir Rivet

    Sir Rivet5 時間 前

    If I tried to lift the 20lb wheel, I would break my back probably.

  4. Nos and mods

    Nos and mods5 時間 前

    I love toyo

  5. Nos and mods

    Nos and mods5 時間 前

    Z boys 🤦‍♂️ and yes I’m a beemer boy

  6. poopoo peepee

    poopoo peepee7 時間 前

    for the cheap tires you really should have gone with Achilles. now THAT is cheap. lol

  7. Jacob Akers

    Jacob Akers8 時間 前

    The size of the contact patch has nothing to do with the width of the tire. This is a very common misconception. There have been extensive tests done to prove that a wider tire does not equal a greater sized contact patch. The type of rubber used, thickness of the rubber, and the air pressure are what dictates the size of the contact patch. Take a tire that is 300mm wide vs a tire that is 250mm wide. Assuming that the tires are identical (except for the width of them) and the air pressures are identical, the wider tire may have a contact patch of 275mm wide x 20mm long. This would give a contact patch area of 275mm x 20mm to equal 5,500 mm^2. For the tire that has a width of 250mm, the contact patch would be less wide, say 225mm, but the length would be longer to equal the same 5,500 mm^2, so 5,500 mm^2 / 225mm to equal 24.44mm in length.

  8. veleriphon

    veleriphon14 時間 前

    Wheels? No. Tires? YES!

  9. rc quadcopters and drones

    rc quadcopters and drones19 時間 前

    Do race seats

  10. Adam Lee

    Adam Lee23 時間 前

    Great video, love your guys work, but I do think it’s worth mentioning one tiny aspect about wheel fitment that you left out that’s super important: hub bore.

  11. Purva K

    Purva K日 前

    What does “break loose” mean in this context?

  12. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill日 前

    I have xxr's exactly like those but they're gold and look amazing lmao I'm glad Nolan thinks so too haha 😂

  13. Johnny Grenda

    Johnny Grenda日 前

    Lighter weight better built.... Skip the reps. Wheels and tires.....MOFOSHO

  14. Imnotverycreative

    Imnotverycreative日 前

    James - how do you know?

  15. Russell Sleight

    Russell Sleight2 日 前

    "I want a car that can break the rear end loose when I want to" Well I have your solution: MORE POWAH BABY!

  16. JRS Channel

    JRS Channel2 日 前

    I like this series✅

  17. Jaybruhh

    Jaybruhh2 日 前

    *_How light and hevy do the wheels weight_*

  18. Synamo

    Synamo2 日 前

    Anyone triggered when he said ‘more better’

  19. Ohio Till I die

    Ohio Till I die3 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks the cheaper wheels look better

  20. Team VANL

    Team VANL3 日 前

    10:24 that edit made me immediately think about initial D

  21. matsu rocka

    matsu rocka3 日 前

    That’s federal is a drift tire. Smoke it and dispose of it just like a condom on a stripper

  22. Chris P

    Chris P2 日 前

    They pushed a heavy 2011 mustang on 275's around Auto Club Speedway Roval @ 1:55, they don't just drift.

  23. Ricardo Hernandez

    Ricardo Hernandez3 日 前

    What about cardi b?

  24. ItsScruffy

    ItsScruffy3 日 前

    6:53 imagine torquing lugs, I run 3 lugs on each tire torqued to 2 Ugga duggas

  25. HotRod Ray

    HotRod Ray3 日 前

    Would like to have seen a tire/wheel swap. Just to see. 😎😎 Maybe at least the cheap set on the high car.

  26. Bradey Harrill

    Bradey Harrill3 日 前

    I kinda want to see the federals matched with KW suspension and run the 60-0 test


    R8CEHORSE3 日 前

    Love RE-71R's!!!

  28. Phung Jr.

    Phung Jr.3 日 前

    I have 18x8.5 30 what tires size should I get ?? 🥺🥺🥺

  29. Errir 404

    Errir 4043 日 前

    What if yall got two different types of Z series?

  30. Declan Shlug

    Declan Shlug3 日 前

    Imagine not liking rg2's

  31. willyolio

    willyolio4 日 前

    the dumbest thing about tires is still the fact that they have 3 numbers, all measuring the width of something, and they choose 3 different units of measurement to do it.

  32. Leland Holton

    Leland Holton4 日 前

    A baseball bat between the fender and the wheel works very nicely for rolling fenders.



    No need to explain yourself to anyone guys! You didn’t get a sponsorship and so what if you did. This series is awesome and saves people money and hassle. Great work.

  34. Neg Ative

    Neg Ative4 日 前

    The extra four pounds come mainly from the additional spokes. Stick both in a bathtub and measure the difference in displacement. I’m going to have to try those Federals on my MR2T. It eats rear tires in 18k miles with a proper alignment on every set. I’ve been running Firestone Indy 500 255/45-17 but I want to push them to 275

  35. Thomas Rollins

    Thomas Rollins5 日 前

    Did you say “bouncing like my wife’s ass on my face”, James? Lmao

  36. Jordan Finzi

    Jordan Finzi5 日 前

    Ok! So you spent 4X more and didn't get 4X better Results!

  37. TJ Srisawat

    TJ Srisawat5 日 前

    thanks for the KGs

  38. mitch houston

    mitch houston5 日 前

    I think the final question, instead of “Does more money = more better” because 99% that answer will be yes, the question should be “Is more money worth it”

  39. NFL YoungBoy

    NFL YoungBoy5 日 前

    2007 Nissan Murano 235/65/18

  40. Wes Acord

    Wes Acord5 日 前

    I love U Guys

  41. Landry Kilpatrick

    Landry Kilpatrick5 日 前

    yall always have very detailed videos, i appreciate the content. Keep it up!

  42. Reploidx9

    Reploidx95 日 前

    Also, last ep, the lo car had a 0.04 sec lead over hi, which was 'negligible' but here the hi car has a 0.05 sec lead over lo car (in the slalom) and that's somehow huge? What is this bias?

  43. Reploidx9

    Reploidx95 日 前

    Why does 10:10 look like they swapped the video for the RE71-R and stock tyres? Sketchy much?

  44. Rahm Rainn

    Rahm Rainn6 日 前

    Is it me or do the the Federal 595 tires look way better? I like the flame pattern of the treads.

  45. Toney's Reviews

    Toney's Reviews6 日 前

    I like Kumho tires honestly

  46. Roadtoad

    Roadtoad6 日 前

    End of the commercial right before the rtesults click-->13:04

  47. Billby666

    Billby6666 日 前

    Why does one of you ALWAYS get the good shit and the other gets the bad shit?

  48. James4wd

    James4wd6 日 前

    I'm really confused, why are they recycling old videos?

  49. Justin S

    Justin S6 日 前

    Was that a fart at 0:36?

  50. Reece Taylor

    Reece Taylor7 日 前

    Low wheels look way better

  51. Chuck Anerobi

    Chuck Anerobi7 日 前

    It not a comparison between bad vs good, or good vs better. It is better vs best.


    VELDCOR7 日 前

    Firestone never forget

  53. Evan Tone

    Evan Tone7 日 前

    I have 205/50/15 re71rs on my Miata lol

  54. Jack Spearman

    Jack Spearman7 日 前

    Exhaust systems next?

  55. Braydon Joslin

    Braydon Joslin8 日 前

    great upload, watched from beginning to end! you guys should test out stock nismo and see the difference haha

  56. Filipe Santos

    Filipe Santos8 日 前

    LOL u can EASILY see its fake LOOOOOOOOL

  57. Filipe Santos

    Filipe Santos8 日 前

    fake bitches

  58. Luke D. Humphrey

    Luke D. Humphrey8 日 前

    To those thinking cheap wheels are always bad: you are SLEEPIN on flow-formed Konigs. Made on the same production line as Enkei flow-formeds, they are just as light AND are half the price.

  59. Ronald Woody

    Ronald Woody8 日 前

    One going for the lower cost is much better if you're an aggressive driver because as an aggressive driver you have to change your tires more often and you can do that a 4 to 1 ratio. And there has to be a huge difference in order to make the higher false palatable. Second the glaring problems with your test is the differing suspensions so what you need to do is change the wheels and tires out on each car. Which car gets the run with the expensive and or cheap.

  60. Billy Smith

    Billy Smith8 日 前

    Y'all are so dope

  61. Akina Hachi Roku

    Akina Hachi Roku8 日 前

    10:24 *_NANI?!?!? KANSEI DORIFTOOO!?!?!!!!!_*