$1,000 vs $3,700 Wheels and Tires | HiLow


  1. It'z V1CIOU5

    It'z V1CIOU5時間 前

    if they are paying of this themselves where is james getting his money? they make near the same amount right?

  2. supermrAnthony1

    supermrAnthony112 時間 前

    Whats the low car wheel specs

  3. Dyl4n

    Dyl4n日 前

    Do you really want a cheap item for car you must visit Philippines and you will shocked because of price

  4. Jacob Matthew

    Jacob Matthew日 前

    This really got y’all a ton of subs

  5. Baldomero Valencia

    Baldomero Valencia2 日 前

    Sponsored products or not, it’s just a comparison and you guys by far have done a great job comparing and hands on applying. Need more content 🤘

  6. benito lopez

    benito lopez2 日 前

    Ok the caption said $120 vs $500 wheels whilst the TITLE said $1000 vs $3,000. Wtf I wanted so see $100 wheels

  7. myles lewis

    myles lewis3 日 前


  8. Paul O'Neal

    Paul O'Neal4 日 前

    You should group all these videos together...

  9. Walker Hensley

    Walker Hensley4 日 前

    imagine when ur going downhill in a thunderstorm and start hydroplaning

  10. Dillon Koch

    Dillon Koch4 日 前

    I spent $1,700 with rims tires and alignment for my honda. There's in my town that spent 5K just on rims and tires for his dodge 3500. He converted it to semi rims and "40 tires. It looks beast.

  11. The Wayward Grape

    The Wayward Grape5 日 前

    First upgrade I did to my dream car = wheels + tyres. Little less unsprung mass works wonders!

  12. Sleepergt7

    Sleepergt75 日 前

    Good job, but the test should have been done with the same car. If the cars have different suspensions the performance of the suspension plays a factor also. Should've used the car with the better suspension for all tests. Then it would've been more of a wheel and tire test

  13. mark powell

    mark powell5 日 前

    No oooo its not "More Better"😬😬😬

  14. Steven Richardson

    Steven Richardson5 日 前

    I’m waiting for an exhaust video to be made

  15. Ismael mendoza

    Ismael mendoza5 日 前

    For real tho those xxr wheels looked so good I actual went out and bought them for my e46

  16. Your dad

    Your dad6 日 前

    I flippin own a 2000$ car and the cheap cars gets the cheap wheel cost fuckin 1000$

  17. Dale Chenoweth

    Dale Chenoweth6 日 前

    OMG the triangles thing was about the sandwiches. Nice work!

  18. Josh Todd

    Josh Todd6 日 前

    ehhhhh you went cheap and mid grade. both the wheels and tires on the "hi" version are not "expensive". flow formed are not as good as forged and those bridgestone potenzas aren't nearly as good as a toyo R888R or a michelin pilot sport 4 or something like that

  19. Jean M R

    Jean M R7 日 前

    The driver defines the car

  20. We are not livestock

    We are not livestock7 日 前

    You don't compare two cars with two different drivers, especially when the difference is so hardly noticeable.

  21. Roko Denegri

    Roko Denegri7 日 前

    what width offset and diameter size did you use

  22. Kevin Solorio

    Kevin Solorio8 日 前

    I just realized they test this in 6 Flags Parking Lot 😂

  23. con fuse

    con fuse8 日 前

    So.... the coil over kit, although making the car's stance better, sucked for performance?

  24. andyc280081973

    andyc2800819738 日 前

    You forgot PCD. As did I. In other news anyone want a set of 115PCD 235/50/18's....?

  25. Henry

    Henry8 日 前

    Where did you find those xxr's for $500?

  26. xDi

    xDi8 日 前

    Great video good content keep it up

  27. cj

    cj9 日 前

    I do like Nolans wheel design better tbh

  28. Barry Smith

    Barry Smith9 日 前

    with regards to rolling your guards, cant you just cut the inside out completely? and maybe just touch up paint on your cut line as its not going to be seen anyways and you are just looking to prevent rust

  29. DAVYN

    DAVYN9 日 前

    Nolan always gets the cheaper stuff.

  30. Farshad

    Farshad9 日 前

    How about comparing brand new expensive wheels and used reputable wheels?

  31. Tyler McGowan

    Tyler McGowan9 日 前

    I want the site for these rims

  32. Jared Toney

    Jared Toney10 日 前

    Now this one is a no brainer. Those super cheap and even cheap wheels are terrible if you wreck, they will be in 20 pieces. But if you buy a quality wheel you will end up with a dent. But that can save your life.

  33. Brandon Pou

    Brandon Pou10 日 前

    the best way to have done this test is put each set of wheels on both cars and get an equal number of runs. the suspension should've been the same for all these test

  34. RoboticGladiator

    RoboticGladiator10 日 前

    Beware the USA sticker on the Federal tires. They are not made in the USA. They are made in Taiwan and/or China.

  35. Ádám Tymcsuk

    Ádám Tymcsuk11 日 前

    Why is "more better" annoys me so much? XD

  36. Mark

    Mark11 日 前

    Love this series man. Entertaining and informative at the same time. How cool is that.

  37. John Escobar

    John Escobar13 日 前

    What's odd to me is no one mentioned anything about hub centric rings. Are they both not running any?

  38. Matija 07

    Matija 0713 日 前

    Can you do a expensive steering wheel vs a cheap steering wheel

  39. R Babik

    R Babik13 日 前

    Lol i bought Yokohama's for my car at 150 each.

  40. Dan Jones

    Dan Jones14 日 前

    The guy explaining aspect ratio said it was 45% of the width of 245mm when they'd just told us the tyre was 265mm, and THEN showed a tyre with a sticker showing it as a 275! 😂

  41. Jacob Harris

    Jacob Harris14 日 前

    Do sound systems

  42. zeint fitz

    zeint fitz15 日 前

    Low car sport rim should put a centre cones if not the lug are weighing car not the hub...

  43. manchild83

    manchild8315 日 前

    You know James is my age when he busts out the Real World reference.

  44. Justin Hobbs

    Justin Hobbs15 日 前

    Flip the tires and wheels to the other and see how they perform on the other car

  45. Izzaac Alley

    Izzaac Alley15 日 前

    Tires are better than suspension. Unless your drifting which kind of defeats the purpose of getting good tires if your setting up your car to drift

  46. Anthony e

    Anthony e16 日 前

    Test not good. Should have done on same car.. also re71r are like tires with glue best autocross tire. But they wear out fast.

  47. Maxwell Speichinger

    Maxwell Speichinger16 日 前

    Nolan sounds like Seth rogan

  48. Andrew XXxXXX

    Andrew XXxXXX17 日 前

    what glasses does that one guy wear are they like pit vipers or sum

  49. xonestudio

    xonestudio17 日 前

    Grammar hurts me

  50. Bradley Johnson

    Bradley Johnson17 日 前

    Man this knock off dr disrespect is annoying and ruins a lot of donuts shows

  51. Tadda

    Tadda18 日 前

    Federal 595 RS-RR are good budget tires but the road noise is outrageous.

  52. Not_tony

    Not_tony20 日 前

    bro I don’t like the advan ones but it almost feels that I have to like them

  53. stonks

    stonks20 日 前

    10:43 i like how aaron goes into a powerslide but just keeps calm and countersteers, this is why he got into hyperdrive.

  54. qrtrscale

    qrtrscale20 日 前

    you should have bought and compared steelies against the Advans

  55. johnniro almarez

    johnniro almarez20 日 前

    nothing is more expensive than 700$ apple wheels

  56. James D

    James D21 日 前

    Ahhh I knew I recognized that parking lot. I miss Magic Mountain so much :(

  57. steve villeseche

    steve villeseche21 日 前

    it'd be cool to see how the low wheels perform on hi car.

  58. Miles Bryan

    Miles Bryan21 日 前

    You know how hi car had expensive tires one tire for my bike is double the price for one

  59. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG287421 日 前

    You guys helped me build my friend's 370Z. All credit goes to y'all.

  60. bobby ardiantha

    bobby ardiantha21 日 前

    Man, I Only Buy Tires From 2 Brands: Pirreli And Michelin