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3 ヶ月 前

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    Abhas Yadav14 時間 前

    Chess was invented in INDIA

  2. author

    Thomas The Tactical Hexapedal Machine14 時間 前

    2:08 lmao I'm mexican and that is me in a single meme

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    Christian Hill14 時間 前

    Casual Mini ladd memes are included in this video. Welcome go r/technicallythetruth

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    Sans 414 時間 前

    What happened if the bread is used for giant hot dogs

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    Fof D14 時間 前


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    Fof D14 時間 前


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    Max Eire14 時間 前

    Fun fact:if there is to much cuteness in one I will die. Why, Zack.

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    【D ¡ r t y _ D 3 m 0 n】14 時間 前


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    Valkyrie14 時間 前

    This shit didn't made me smile, it made me cry

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    randomuser374214 時間 前

    2:54 the message says "Hey Michael? Where's MLG Narnia 2 b**ch?"

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    Sans 414 時間 前

    Scripture doesn't deserve a happy birthday because he's always not happy for SpongeBob the only time when he is happy for him he was going about to die even though he didn't eat it the bomb pie

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    Snufkin with a knife14 時間 前


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    Asthetic Qween14 時間 前

    Corona Virus : *exists* Edgy 14 year old "memers" : Allow us to introduce ourselves

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    Meaty Luffy14 時間 前

    fuck special needs

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    Mundo DeLaTorre14 時間 前


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    S A B E R14 時間 前

    4:07 ah yes child hood days

  17. author

    Zander Nyehart14 時間 前

    Caught me off guard with that opening Damien. Ngl.

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    Rin Okumura14 時間 前

    Where the hell is Emkayyyyyy! Aaaaaaaa!

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    {Octavia Randomness}14 時間 前


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    Subscribe to the Person's channel I comment this on14 時間 前


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    Kath Lough14 時間 前

    Can some one explain the vegtables joke to me please

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    Eeveolio14 時間 前

    Take that pikachu

  23. author

    Eeveolio14 時間 前

    Take that pikachu

  24. author

    Derp2214 時間 前

    Fetus deletus there goes your pen**

  25. author

    SamBuilder14 時間 前

    Remember when EmKay was a normal guy doing a JPreporter channel and not a fucking brand name with tons pf people.

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    Jack Dunn14 時間 前


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    BabyYoda_ _EatsFrog14 時間 前

    Hewwo. I want a drink so I can watch people suffer

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    Player gamer15 時間 前

    R/technicallythetruth EmKay: says mk Me: technically the truth

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    Nay Sweetheart15 時間 前

    Ehh- I think noone is normal. I mean yeah, it's annoying if someone says you can't play volleyball, but you can proof them wrong. Some posts like this are a llittl cringy. WE.GET.IT. you are different xD (but everyone is different) Literally every friend I know likes eating, isolating themself, watching Anime and reading a book sometimes. What's the matter? But welp, I aM diFFerEnT, lmao

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    UnderNerd X15 時間 前

    Damien: likes fortnite 95% of his subscribers: *out*

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    Jhin Amaro15 時間 前

    Bruh, fuck u and ur ads.

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    Small Child15 時間 前

    2:19 it's the golden ratio

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    Mrthomas 2115 時間 前

    They should make r/200iqplay

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    Uncanny The Canny15 時間 前

    the store with the cookies crackers was likely called "Quality" and Value. Probably not the greatest name.

  35. author

    khar austria15 時間 前

    I really want to see their names so i could roast them

  36. author

    The Doom Slayer15 時間 前

    Damien: and that's gonna end blessed images! Me:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    NJBeast15 時間 前

    Is no one talking about how he said Stephan

  38. author

    Deus Vult15 時間 前

    5:46 MW2

  39. author

    Greyson Furniss15 時間 前

    13:02 im 12

  40. author

    cynotops15 時間 前

    I’m different because I ate dirt when I was at the age of 2 and now I’m quirky

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    Cole Helms15 時間 前


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    Eleanor Taylor15 時間 前

    One of your jokes are so stupid that I didn't even get it I don't get it

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    Boop Boop15 時間 前

    When two r/notlikeothergirls girls see each other *I pretend I do not see it*

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    Noodle Juice15 時間 前

    Me being 15: my opinion is no long necessary nor can add to this conversation

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    H Heitz15 時間 前

    0:58 wellcome to hell it's great here

  46. author

    dar com15 時間 前

    Thank u good man you good man made me happy happy you good man to happy too and play with good man cuz everyone need good man so happy and go playstation or xbox with good man to happy happy

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    Matthew Raphael Rona15 時間 前

    12:23 That's why we don't use toilet paper in our country 😂😂😂

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    Chance’ogal 181015 時間 前


  49. author

    Lee Aaron15 時間 前

    His wheezes give me genuine smiles

  50. author

    Drake the fox15 時間 前

    Damian I know where you got Damian 2 electric bogalo from

  51. author

    Borna FP15 時間 前

    5:41 There's actually a whole breed of "devil kitties"

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    warp star15 時間 前


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    Chance’ogal 181015 時間 前

    F for the poor boy

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    UrGoodBoiJames15 時間 前

    Now I'm no artist, but most modern art has no effort put into it. I was a museum and they have a yellow canvas up, it was just as yellow canvas. I asked if it has a secret to it or if it had different colors in it but no. I was just a yellow canvas.

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    bOi15 時間 前

    Science is the knowledge about the earth, surroundings and environment and the living beings involved. Science offers new information and revelations of many things we do not know. Day by day, science is progressing. Now science has helped man reach the moon, which was once unknown to man as a satellite. Every invention in technology or medical techniques is based on science and scientific research. This has helped in progress related to detection of diseases and treatment also. Hence science will certainly lead to a better future for mankind. So basically, you have CoronaVirus.

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    Deceit Sanders 《Deceptive tendencies》15 時間 前

    Everybody gangsta til Damien gets possessed by chills

  57. author

    Ayo's Vlogz15 時間 前

    I have bobs and vagene *respect me*

  58. author

    Mikey White15 時間 前

    The cat guy has leprosy.

  59. author

    UnknxwnX615 時間 前

    yes wi can has can, we can has now.

  60. author

    D. B15 時間 前

    It was a red *continent*

  61. author

    Butt Guy15 時間 前

    Danny delieto

  62. author

    bassheadz15 時間 前

    3:06 why are you booing me? i'm right

  63. author

    Carter Matherne15 時間 前

    5:01 dude I literally got the keyboard that the stand goes to. It is a Hamzer 61 key keyboard for beginners

  64. author

    Alex McKnight15 時間 前

    11:10 oh boy.

  65. author

    Myles ____15 時間 前

    Is this comment get 100 likes I will scream the lyrics to the Box and then I will post it to JPreporter

  66. author

    KDestroyer 915 時間 前

    2:55 I mean, if Bernie eats less than 10% of his cake, he technically gave away 90% of it.

  67. author

    Mulk115 時間 前

    4:44 DID SHE KNOW

  68. author

    Ethan Griffith15 時間 前

    Everyone: polar bear Zach: doggo

  69. author

    Subbit15 時間 前

    0:42 I mean the voice actor for Darwin WAS originally black

  70. author

    Red Mad Man15 時間 前

    That slim house looks like grimouard place in middle of forming but alone!

  71. author

    Noob_player109 :D15 時間 前

    1:50 yes this happens when I have a potato computer that has less than a GB in my storage

  72. author

    Kellan gaming Bob15 時間 前


  73. author

    Reagan Strahm15 時間 前

    One time my friends were arguing about that anime is a cartoon the one of them said “anime is like a love story” then the other said “pokemon is a love story between ash and pikachu”

  74. author

    The Gamer Charm15 時間 前

    At 12:40 wow I mean we do.

  75. author

    zacpower2515 時間 前

    2:42- 2:45 I do not appreciate the smack talk of my home country

  76. author

    :p david15 時間 前

    2:06 is that a jojo refrence???

  77. author

    John Gillespie15 時間 前


  78. author

    Lavender Inkling15 時間 前

    I love how sometimes he just starts yelling the gibberish and it sounds like scottish accent

  79. author

    Jozev Sparks15 時間 前

    I had the same issue with my new tv you juat have to take it off of the store demo mode

  80. author

    Sam Westminster15 時間 前

    Action figure at 2:00 is a doll to represent “Dorothy” from The Golden Girls

  81. author

    Nytric15 時間 前

    Slazo and damien ain't using this account now eek but they uploading on their main

  82. author

    Adam Dickinson15 時間 前

    F for fishy

  83. author

    Rainz15 時間 前

    2:13 "My dudes got a face mask on whats he doing, where is this, where was this taken" I WONDER WHY

  84. author

    Da GUD Guys15 時間 前

    4:37 why is the sprite sheet here? You got something to say computer? Huh?

  85. author

    Leo1877015 時間 前

    If you extend 0.333.... to a certain number, it turns into 1

  86. author

    ØK bøøomer42p15 時間 前

    6:41 Can you see the protein powder?

  87. author

    Cat_ Attack16 時間 前

    Choosing beggar: I would love and take care of my pets! Also them: *dont wanna bother spending my money on them.*

  88. author

    IceCold_StormNinja XZ16 時間 前

    10:26 why did he repeat it

  89. author

    The Brick16 時間 前

    Too bad that these types of people who make these posts are on the Boys vs Girls memes :(

  90. author

    Sagrika Chahal16 時間 前

    1. One of the nursery teachers in my former nursery school tried to stop me from playing with the white kids and play with the coloured kids because she believed that white kids and coloured kids should play separately. Before you assume that she's white. No, if I remember correctly from the multiple times my mum told me about this, she was DEFINITELY NOT white. 2. Headteacher was arrested and fired because of embezzlement of school funds that cost the school 1 of the SEN classes and a lot more. 3. Welsh substitute teacher was fired because of borderline racist remarks.

  91. author

    Aleksander Boling16 時間 前

    I'm super sensitive about people touching my chair at restaurants and this mom let her kids ride around the restaurant in skate shoes...wow

  92. author

    Internet Explorer16 時間 前

    Damien "door is open cause he can't see outta his mirror." Mirror.. hmm

  93. author

    shopping cart16 時間 前


  94. author

    Autumn75116 時間 前

    The Illuminate is hiding in the bermuda triangle that is why Ships and planes go down that is the ONLY reasonable Answer Please consider this theory

  95. author

    Aryan Ahmed izded16 時間 前

    4:43 r/whoooosh

  96. author

    cync alfa16 時間 前

    11:03 he looks like at guy who hates spiderman is trying to copy the terminator hairstyle

  97. author

    Yess 123416 時間 前

    This is not the emkay im remember I left for a month

  98. author

    Eleanor Taylor16 時間 前

    You did not have to specify Samsung I like Samsung I like it how it's annoying but come on guys Apple does even more annoying things you can't even download an app without having to pay for it

  99. author

    Blood :P16 時間 前

    Am I the only one who like, feels these?

  100. author


    UwU I wovey theses wideos UwU