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  1. author

    Jane Park18 秒 前

    Beeeeeeeeeessssssssssttttttttttt song

  2. author

    Levy Pangamianu20 秒 前

    Dasar tukang ngolok anjing lagu ke ngentot

  3. author

    halerquin20 秒 前

    Cade as armys BR

  4. author

    Joanne C.22 秒 前

    Their MVs are always soo good quality, like much better than the current girl groups'. They deserve better.

  5. author

    Hoa Ly25 秒 前

    Momoland @

  6. author

    Moon Child54 秒 前

    0:50 Istg Yoongi smirking while saying "Bultaoreune" and setting someone on fire is something I never knew I needed- Why is that particular scene so heccing cute to meh? 乁( ╹^╹ )ㄏ no clue Yoongi likes to watch things burn

  7. author

    Nalgie CK56 秒 前

    She is soooooooooooooooo sweet

  8. author

    Thanh Nguyen分 前


  9. author

    beyondmyimagination分 前

    This song sounds better in the live version. so addicted, but i do love this mv. you're great Se7en as always

  10. author

    Kevin Troy Oropesa分 前

    Sseulsseulhadeon geu golmogeul Dangsineun gieokhasimnikka Jigeumdo nan gieokhamnida Saranghandan mal motago Aetaeudeon geu naldeureul Dangsineun algo isseossseumnikka Cheol eobseotdeon jinan narui Areumdapdeon geu bamdeureul Ajikdo nan saranghamnida Cheoreopdeon sarama Geudaeneun naui modeun geoseul Aseuryeo hana mujeonghan sarama Sujubeoseo mal motaenna Naega sirheo mal anhaenna Jigeumdo nan al su eobseoyo I noraereul deutneundamyeon Naegero wajuo Geudaeyeo nan gidarimnida Mujeonghan sarama I bamdo naui modeun geoseul Aseuryeo hana cheol eopdeon sarama Oneul bamdo naeil bamdo Geurigo geu daeum bamdo Yeongwonhi nan gidarimnida

  11. author

    heart attack分 前

    Bonnie & Clyde and hui

  12. author

    Yojimbo分 前


  13. author

    ardon saludes3 分 前

    why blackpink is not here😔

  14. author

    이재영3 分 前

    youtube가 왜 English를 위로 올리고 different언어를 내린지 모르곗지만 일단 that song is the best of zico

  15. author

    Lorena Rotela4 分 前


  16. author

    kim mail5 分 前

    botf of history

  17. author

    Sofi Medina5 分 前

    This song is art. Zico I'm proud of everything you're achieving with your incredible talent and personality

  18. author

    多幸感6 分 前

    Wow, I got this as an ad and I really like the song. Is this their debut?

  19. author

    Martha Mecias6 分 前

    Me encanta BTS y sus músicas 😍😍😍😍😍

  20. author

    Thanh Nguyen6 分 前


  21. author

    loc huyen6 分 前


  22. author

    Kim Taehyung6 分 前

    26:25 the staffs lmao

  23. author

    Loida Chavez7 分 前

    Mi lindo Park jun min. Alguien q lo siga amando en el 2020???

  24. author

    파밍유튜브7 分 前

    G.R.Boy ❤ YoungB ❤ Han yo han ❤ Swings 🤡 Justhis ❤

  25. author

    Hoàng Tử Nhạc buồn8 分 前


  26. author

    BTS là hi vọng8 分 前

    Có ai còn nhớ

  27. author

    Twenty Seven8 分 前

    I can’t help but think of Parc Jaejung 😂 and Kwon Jinah at that one radio show 😂

  28. author

    Hoàng Tử Nhạc buồn8 分 前

    홍진영 좋아요

  29. author

    June Galaxy8 分 前

    써니힐은 욕 비속어 없이 세상을 고급지게 풍자하는 스타일이 제일 좋았다

  30. author

    Sir loves Glaceon8 分 前

    Currently the SOTY of the decade 🤠💕

  31. author

    Loving BTS8 分 前

    after watching dara ig, makes me watch this MV.

  32. author

    Dave Bacarra9 分 前

    Rough views (2020.01.16): 65M 🔓 66M 🔐 67M 🔒 68M 🔒 69M 🔒 70M 🔒 Goal: 100M Rough likes (2020.01.19): 458K 🔓 459K 🔐 460K 🔒 Stream Rough in Gfriend Official JPreporter Account. Link: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-r_6q_-d-7Sk.html

  33. author

    Garden Vampire9 分 前

    Let's give them 1m before the second week ends

  34. author

    swc9 分 前


  35. author

    Ezura9 分 前

    Everyone salivating over Kyungil’s gorgeous collarbone and delectable abs but I feel there should also be an honourable mention for that sexy pectoral cleavage flashing at us... Aaah why oh why are they no more? So sad!

  36. author

    잉빵덕10 分 前

    이 노래 명곡이지.. 맨날 듣게됨

  37. author

    kirk tamala10 分 前

    Bts and army

  38. author

    Buddy 7810 分 前

    Will..we finally be able to reach 30M for Gfriend yall???

  39. author

    _삐아10 分 前

    한국인을 찾습니다

  40. author

    Binnie Hanbin11 分 前

    Why this song is viral???

  41. author

    gnani_____12 分 前

    Let us all focus on how talented Zico is and how good his songs are. Wether you’re an international fan or a Korean fan doesn’t matter because music makes as one. Let’s all be positive and ignore all negativities and toxicities.

  42. author

    밀리미터13 分 前

    yee nore nomu joem.

  43. author

    Vy Phamcao13 分 前

    Bài đỉnh tn mà đéo nổi. Sức mạnh của công nghệ

  44. author

    Coromoto Natera13 分 前

    Hermeso mi jimin 🎈 🎈

  45. author

    _リノ13 分 前


  46. author

    孫意晴14 分 前

    this is also an adidas's add haha

  47. author

    전설의락커박존슨14 分 前

    광철이형 신곡냈넹

  48. author

    Adenia Dwi Ayu Wandira14 分 前


  49. author

    Adenia Dwi Ayu Wandira15 分 前


  50. author

    Crazy Animal16 分 前

    I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll so blooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm

  51. author

    A.R.M.Y jikook ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ17 分 前


  52. author

    ZEDS 021817 分 前

    Keep str3@ming guys

  53. author

    A&L ASMR17 分 前

    Them good at singing and dancing: *me: good at EatInG*

  54. author

    Savannah Rivera18 分 前

    Army girl yasss

  55. author

    Domingo Muñoz18 分 前

    Es de mi teaser favoritos

  56. author

    Grey Artic19 分 前

    If you guys haven’t heard, the background music on the chorus part after the thumbs up, it’s very similar beat from HIP by MAMAMOO on the beginning of the song.

  57. author

    STARMINHO19 分 前

    I'm commenting and will comeback in the future where these girls will be so much famous worldwide

  58. author

    kumiko chan19 分 前

    the thumbnail tho ㅋㅋㅋ

  59. author

    네버랜드19 分 前


  60. author

    sxan castillon21 分 前

    i can't move on with this web drama, why is that?

  61. author

    Jazz hipster21 分 前

    아디오스랑 구성이 뭐가 다르냐. 제발 참신하고 세련된 곡좀 만들어라 지긋지긋하다 이런노래들.

  62. author

    네버랜드21 分 前

    내가 안경쓰면 오징어인데 수진이언니 뭐야ㅠ ❤😍❤😍😍

  63. author

    xxGEMINIxx21 分 前

    Adam dump me, Adam dump me yea Adam dump me, Adam dump me yea Adam dump me, Adam dump me yea Adam dump me, Adam dump me yea

  64. author

    Amaya Bean22 分 前

    2020?? Me crying my eyes out 😭

  65. author

    Jane TS!!22 分 前

    *SS501comeBackSoon* (^∇^)ノ♪

  66. author

    TRTR22 分 前

    I just want him to be ok lol

  67. author

    Mai Le24 分 前

    1M ✅ 2M ✅ 3M ✅ 4M ✅ 5M ❎ 5M let's go

  68. author

    eidem24 分 前


  69. author

    heart attack24 分 前

    “Alone is different than lonely.”

  70. author

    Hường Nguyễn24 分 前

    I’m addicted to this song! Love Zicooooo

  71. author

    Elijah Wyn24 分 前

    📣 *For all the new people:* 📣 *Fandom name:* PAGE // 페이지 Check out their new mini album 'Dream Wish' on Spotify, etc! 💞 Love is so amazing - A ballad with a hearty and soft chorus 💎 Bittersweet - An R&B / Pop mix, they sound so mature and it gives you an insight into what kind of concept DreamNote could possibly do in the future! 💃La Isla Bonita (끔의 섬으로) - A decent bop :) summer tings (^^) 🎧 WISH - Inst. - Give this a listen, even though it's an instrumental, it sounds great without vocals too. Unfortunately they lost two members before this comeback, (Habin & HanByeol) however this comeback showcases a newer side of DreamNote and showcases another charm of theirs; choreographical perfection.

  72. author

    Evita Lutviana26 分 前

    Daebak 😍

  73. author

    Unknown Sisters26 分 前

    One second: *Jimin lookin’ all professional* Next second: *Jimin dancing with 6 other boys..* *nAnI?*

  74. author

    ꧁༒ღツυмɑ ɑʀмʏ ʝïкøøкɑ•-•ღ༒꧂26 分 前

    iti malia💜💜💜

  75. author

    babi dias26 分 前


  76. author

    •mmld_ fever•26 分 前

    K33p Str3ming Merries!

  77. author

    •ᅳ• joseline26 分 前

    it’s been 5 years and im still trying to figure out who that guy is

  78. author

    サンドウィッチウーマン27 分 前

    1:02 HIP....???

  79. author

    꼬이28 分 前

    지민님 이때 세상 리즈였다.. 완전 예쁘고 귀여우셔..

  80. author

    dam28 分 前

    아이유는 피에스타를 탄생시켰다

  81. author

    uniCorny Freak28 分 前

    Why do I see myself dancing to this while crying?

  82. author

    Lory Denisse28 分 前

    2 wins💝

  83. author

    소라카TV29 分 前

    아 그래서 korean 말이 안보인거야 ? 밑으로 자꾸 down 됫구나... english 를 섞어 써야 위에 유지된데요 english 를 mix해서 씁시다

  84. author

    wisdom fontanilla30 分 前

    stan these girls

  85. author

    wisdom fontanilla30 分 前

    who's here because of wenrene's daughter?? yes, samett

  86. author

    시미심30 分 前

    I'm really cofused. At first, I thought the song is from the guy's perspective, but after a while, it seems like it's from the girl's perspective, but listening to the song, there is a guy and a girl, so it could be both of their perspectives. But in the end, it seems like the guy is the only one who is doubting. So who doesn't love who???

  87. author

    로코코31 分 前

    날 체포해 전정국

  88. author

    Revo Official31 分 前

    Which one chaerin

  89. author

    Dave Bacarra31 分 前

    Sunrise views (2020.01.18): 29.9M 🔓 30M 🔐 Sunrise likes (2020.01.19): 448K 🔓 449K 🔐 450K 🔒 Stream Sunrise in Gfriend Official JPreporter Account. Link: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TbPHPX3hSPA.html

  90. author

    Yerin's indian dimples31 分 前

    Download starplay and collect silver star as much as you can!

  91. author

    심흥용31 分 前


  92. author

    Bubbles pops32 分 前

    1:12 she's gorgeous ♡♡♡ 1:11 2:10

  93. author

    송윤재32 分 前

    아이유가 왜 이렇게 많아요??

  94. author

    Yerin's indian dimples32 分 前

    Please participate they might drop teaser tonite at 00.00 kst