"Living life on the goon side"

  1. author

    Panos Constantinou12 時間 前

    No one the Bentley. Do a 911!!

  2. author

    Evan Fowler12 時間 前

    DO NOT GET THE BENTLY. Honestly never buy a car to rebuild unless its complete

  3. author

    tyler schmidt12 時間 前

    Is this Kona Blue? if not what color blue is the Mustang?

  4. author

    Brenden Rowan12 時間 前

    yeah give that bentley a miss! they story doesnt hold up! sounds super fishy... too much work also!

  5. author

    Dave Tillbrook12 時間 前

    been watching you boys, for about a month and think it's addictive love your work,cheers guys dave from down under

  6. author

    ctexasOIF12 時間 前

    Bentley build is a hard pass.

  7. author

    Dillon Cozac12 時間 前

    Man you guys seem so genuinely exited and passionate about cars. Constantly grinding everyday to make quality videos. Love to see people enjoying thier carrer!

  8. author

    Jeff Durham12 時間 前

    The Bentley project looks sketchy to me. I saw nothing but red flags. Im local to you.... Ringgold

  9. author

    Michael curro13 時間 前

    That Bentley will bankrupt the Gsquad.. parts are redicolus money and it never ends .. I agree with others to stay away from that money pit 👎🏻

  10. author

    Michael Yarmie13 時間 前

    Camera man brother has some pretty stupid comments.

  11. author

    Mihir D Surana13 時間 前

    Whatever you do, please don't end up like Tavarish..!

  12. author

    Godly Bagel13 時間 前

    One of my family members most likely built some part of that jeep

  13. author

    Oscar Ivan Perez Contreraz13 時間 前

    Say no to the bentley seems to scechy get a better rebuild like a BMW or A Porch or a bentley truck 😎 love your chanle by the way!

  14. author

    Henk Franken13 時間 前

    Please, no Bentley

  15. author

    Mark Ammari13 時間 前

    Seems shady for the Bentley part how come the other guys didn't finish where they left off. I say pass.

  16. author

    Mark Ammari13 時間 前

    Its all coming together nicely can't wait for the lift.

  17. author

    Jose Nunez13 時間 前

    Don't do the Bently!!! Do a car hauler. With a trailer hitch. Bring home two cars at once.

  18. author

    Mjw Loading13 時間 前

    no too much of a waste of m oney

  19. author

    Thillai Kkarasi S13 時間 前

    Sure you will have to do it that will be dang dude

  20. author

    Gabriel Vallo13 時間 前

    Goonzsquad - love your videos and all the builds. My wife saw a part of you cooking. It inspired her to make the same dish at home! Shrimp 🍤 and steak 🥩 tacos 🌮

  21. author

    Martin Thiessen14 時間 前

    I thought you were both brothers?

  22. author

    Flipers 2914 時間 前

    Run for the Bentley

  23. author

    Kristian Richards14 時間 前

    I think they should build a sls amg.

  24. author

    vlad montana14 時間 前

    Noooooooooo don’t do it it’s scary and scamming

  25. author

    davidwayneirvin14 時間 前

    the bentley project looks like a loser to me but you guys have the skills to pull it off

  26. author

    War Jam14 時間 前

    Buy the Bentley as the first build for the new shop. But make it a goonz special! Make all the posh, rich Bentley owners cringe!

  27. author

    Broken.Bimmer14 時間 前

    Omg the dbs 😍 im in love

  28. author

    Cody Townsend14 時間 前

    I think you guys should rebuild the Bentley or maybe an Audi s or bmw m. I love seeing you guys build foreign cars

  29. author

    Austin Elkins14 時間 前

    RUNNNNNNNN from the Bentley

  30. author

    Anil Oz14 時間 前

    In my opinion; stay a way from bentley!..looks like a dead end! and I want to see you guys build a hot rod. Find a good old car and build a epic hot rod boys !..

  31. author

    Makayla Thigpen14 時間 前

    Don’t do the Bentley I like the off-road truck/Jeep build like the one your doing for your dad

  32. author

    MID TRIP14 時間 前

    you can find a complete wrecked bentley for the low, deals a no go

  33. author

    mike edwards14 時間 前

    Pass on the Bentley

  34. author

    Ervin Ramirez14 時間 前

    unless they pay you to take the Bentley out of that lot, skip.

  35. author

    Randy Waatti14 時間 前

    Bentley looks like a major mess, not worth the headache

  36. author

    Kristofer Sundh14 時間 前

    Don't go for the Bentley, seems like a fishy story!

  37. author

    Pablo García14 時間 前

    What’s the name of the song on min 3:05

  38. author

    Saloom Dwikat14 時間 前

    Are you guys in TN?

  39. author

    bobby childers14 時間 前

    Dont do it all tore apart and not kept together and marked going to be a hardware night mare

  40. author

    Gary Golden14 時間 前

    Build a rat rod project

  41. author

    Vince Lewis14 時間 前

    That would be a dope build

  42. author

    victormgv14 時間 前

    Run from that Bentley mold is flood damage

  43. author

    Joe Oliver14 時間 前

    That Bentley sounds way iffy..... Do another Lamborghini build instead!

  44. author

    Joe Metzger15 時間 前

    Sounds like that guy is giving you a good ol' fashioned runaround!

  45. author

    Chuck Jaws15 時間 前

    I think the lambo wheel would have buffed out

  46. author

    russ black15 時間 前

    Why do your videos come out every 2-4 days. Nothing else to watch but your guys videos. Keep pumping out the great content!!!

  47. author

    Jesus Castorena15 時間 前

    You should build a BMW and wide body it

  48. author

    Cesar Cuadros15 時間 前

    It don’t sound like a good idea... The Bentley sound really fishy

  49. author

    Rakeem Panton15 時間 前

    *Car on fire Lamborghini Car Management system: check engine light should do

  50. author

    Joe German15 時間 前

    stay away from the bentley they are nothing but problems

  51. author

    Brad Price15 時間 前

    I believe I'd pass on the Bentley project

  52. author

    JEEPNATION15 時間 前

    do not get the bentley. its a rabbit hole

  53. author

    walapop gonzala15 時間 前

    I would love to see a Bentley, rolls royce, or other luxury car build but that Bentley sounds like a headache and a money hole. I would say pass on this one

  54. author

    CM15 時間 前

    don't buy that bentley, I think you'll just end up losing your shirt.

  55. author

    chris obryan15 時間 前

    bentley is a solid pass. huge headache. not to mention its a puzzle you cant even see the full picture making it 10 times harder

  56. author

    TheLifeOfStan15 時間 前

    Guys, dont take the bentley...We are going to wait years for your video on the bentley...and your going to lose money... Ps... My uncle did rebuild a bentley from bottom to top...and cost him way to much!

  57. author

    Antonio Yebra15 時間 前

    Absolutely stay away from the Bentley, it’s not worth it especially taking someone else’s already started headache, you’ll never be able to finish it without losing money and patients

  58. author

    Tony Ramirez15 時間 前

    DON'T DO THE B!!!

  59. author

    1kmodified15 時間 前

    Don’t walk away from the Bentley, run!

  60. author

    Forsaken Clout15 時間 前

    I'd wanna see classic cars rebuilt, like these exotics are nice but classics are where the beauty is at

  61. author

    Dominic Corelli15 時間 前

    That Bentley is suspect. Stay away they are trying to pawn it off on you.

  62. author

    The Buttwheat2316 時間 前

    Skip the Bentley don't waste your time and money on them give us something like be tuned in finding old muscle car or old import and restore it!!

  63. author

    Anthony C16 時間 前

    Idk guys. You guys could lose you're a$$ on that bently. But then again I know lube tube takes care of ya. Love your videos! Much love, Anthony

  64. author

    Charlie16 時間 前

    Hard Pass on the Bentley. Seems sketch.

  65. author

    Cole Hayes16 時間 前

    When they said the turbo powers all of Chattanooga I lost it😂😂

  66. author

    bornFLY16 時間 前

    Forget the Bentley. Going to be buying parts far more expensive that the car itself.

  67. author

    c1d2e16 時間 前

    No on the Bentley, those guys are shady as all get out.

  68. author

    Evan Tinney16 時間 前

    Vocabulary Breakdown: Dude: 45 times, Awesome: 71 times, Amazing: 38 times, Totally: 49 times, Nice: 23 times, Legit: 64 times, Cool: 33 times, Insane: 21 times, Sick: 18 times, A, and, or, the, it, that: 404 Everything else.... 0

  69. author

    Thrashers16 時間 前

    What brand of drills do yall use i use dewalt

  70. author

    Entropy wins16 時間 前

    As for the Bentley: RUN!

  71. author

    GeminiJets1016 時間 前

    Dang y’all make some mad good vids with just that iPhone!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the dodge dually build! Keep it guys! So glad I found y’all’s channel!!

  72. author

    Sam Baggett16 時間 前

    y’all should do a garage update soon

  73. author

    Noeljr chavez16 時間 前

    Don’t do the Bentley looks sketchy

  74. author

    312 Cutz16 時間 前

    I will love to see you guys do a Bentley just not that one. Sounds fishy to me.

  75. author

    Attila Uusitalo16 時間 前

    Bentely would be so awesome when finished, but needs much work

  76. author

    D McClutch16 時間 前

    I'd much rather see the AMG build over the Bentley..

  77. author

    rk22cc16 時間 前

    yeah repairable

  78. author

    utubewarrenj16 時間 前

    Skip the Bentley. Go find a old Jeep or old Ford Bronco!

  79. author

    Jackson Bochat16 時間 前

    I absolutely love when their dad gets involved, that’s some bonding right there. Also, please pass on the Bentley, not worth it IMO

  80. author

    rockerrockstar16 時間 前

    I would not do the bentley build. The cars are booth too far torn apart you don't know what parts are missing or how it was put together.

  81. author

    isotope11516 時間 前

    Don’t walk, run away from that Bentley. Ford GT would be an awesome build! New or old I don’t believe anyone else has done one.

  82. author

    Nick O16 時間 前

    Do not do the Bentley. I think you guys should do a budget charity build.

  83. author

    EC C16 時間 前

    Damn boys havent seen a chop shop on film in forever

  84. author

    LCD consultant16 時間 前

    Absolutely Amazing :-)

  85. author

    Jake Flanary16 時間 前

    Just sorry you all have to have mike Bloomberg ads on your videos. Adds trash to good videos

  86. author

    Sarge The Gamer16 時間 前

    bro, that guy that you asked a whole bunch of questions to at the yard...super sketchy IMO lol

  87. author

    VOID SNiP3z16 時間 前

    Y’all should get an Audi R8

  88. author

    Frederik Paques16 時間 前

    What do you think about a Rolls Royce Coupe?

  89. author

    CJAY KING 2X16 時間 前

    I think the Bentley could be a great build but I don't know about that engine being disassembled like that but if your doing this I guess it's full send

  90. author

    Henry Nalley16 時間 前

    you should put a big cam in that hemi motor

  91. author

    Sean Stewart16 時間 前

    No Bentley

  92. author

    SeanScatpack Fallon16 時間 前

    I would like to see y’all come get my Audi A7 and put an RS7 body kit on it!! Lol

  93. author

    pope86 pope16 時間 前

    STAY AWAY from that bentley, I used to work for Audi (both VW companies) it will be a never ending nightmare for you guys.

  94. author

    jonathab perez16 時間 前

    The Bentley don't look to good to be rebuilt

  95. author

    Brian Persing16 時間 前

    Run away as fast as you can from that Bentley. For the time and money to put into that you could buy one that drives. It’s just going to be a cluster to dampen on other projects. Love watching you guys and always look forward to seeing new content!

  96. author

    Phillip Pendergrass16 時間 前

    The Bentley sounds like a headache I would stay away. DON'T GET THE BENTLEY

  97. author

    IcedOut Wolf17 時間 前

    no bently

  98. author

    Michael K17 時間 前

    Rebuild all you want. Still a salvage title worth half of whatever they claim

  99. author

    rastraman17 時間 前

    Run away from that Bentley. They're a real mase to put back together once disassembled.

  100. author

    Rob17 時間 前

    It’s pronounced “new-matic” bros