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  1. author

    Billy Lewis6 時間 前

    I’m happy to see Booker playing so well so early on in what’ll be a very long stellar career. Hands down the best Suns player just behind Barkley. Folks forget Barkley was only 6 ‘6”, just 1 inch taller than Booker, and led the NBA in rebounds for 1 season, that I know of. I think it was his MVP season right after the Dream Team. That in a league dominated by a lot of big men and much more physical of a game without the tick tack fouls they call today a top of all the flops. Different subject but if you’d flopped back in Barkley’s time, you would’ve been laughed out of the gym.

  2. author

    David Williams6 時間 前

    Mike is best

  3. author

    Ronald Jaggers6 時間 前


  4. author

    John Look6 時間 前

    look at their uniforms ... not a speck of dirt on them ...

  5. author


    That ugly girl is not funny she need to shut her mouth

  6. author

    Dirty Bristo6 時間 前

    XFL.... Taking to foot out of football

  7. author

    Dead45086 時間 前

    Really no Ben brown

  8. author

    Imelijah116 時間 前

    The falcons vs panthers game was 20 14

  9. author

    Edwin Vega6 時間 前

    What about Eli to Beckham

  10. author

    Soldier31Bang7 時間 前

    Never understood the Arod hate...the one dude that did roids and straight up said yup i did it i signed a big contract i wanted to live up to and apologized, then killed it the next season and straight u led the yankees to a his love for the game is unmatched

  11. author

    Mark Ray7 時間 前

    They should start the season during the NFL playoffs.

  12. author

    Mort Goldman7 時間 前

    I seen bigger fights in kindergarten

  13. author

    Thank You For Your Service!7 時間 前

    I like jimmy Johnson and cowher, but Flores and air croyell should have been inducted in this class instead of them.

  14. author

    wicked one7 時間 前

    Long time coming. I'm not a cowboy fan but i show respect when it is deserved and this is well deserved 👏👏👏 congratulations Jimmy. You are one of the best.

  15. author

    Atlantic Pacific8 時間 前

    A modern day circus.

  16. author

    HectiVision8 時間 前

    Wait Tate’s not black?

  17. author

    Mr Psychometrics8 時間 前

    My favorite QBs 1. Flitzpatrick 2. Watson 3. Winston 4. Mahomes 5. Willson

  18. author

    Kaden LaMare8 時間 前

    Kicking rules are dumb

  19. author

    James Savik8 時間 前

    Payton: Take your pills Antonio and don't call us. We'll call you.

  20. author

    Maliek Jackson9 時間 前

    His son looks like a younger version of Peyton.

  21. author

    Cesar Reyna9 時間 前

    Alguien de Colombia que no sabe que esta pasando?

  22. author

    Brandon Brandon9 時間 前

    Imagine the the xfl hall of fame heard they are opening 1, it's got padded corners, mandatory helmets, coloring books with dull crayons, and juice boxes... LFL seems to have more balls now

  23. author

    R H9 時間 前

    Two forward passes?!?!?! Im sold....gonna be like street rules when we were kids.....i can't wait!!!!

  24. author

    Colin Burke9 時間 前

    Y’all know st johns lost right?

  25. author

    B4its2L8guy10 時間 前

    XFL didn't work the first time. Why try again?

  26. author

    ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij10 時間 前

    nearly killed him. he had an asthma attack. don’t surprise him like that again

  27. author

    Tjax Racing10 時間 前

    There better be another part to this if jimmy and the 49ers win the super bowl

  28. author

    Silmarrillion12310 時間 前

    Jed York did a classy thing and let Mike Shanahan pass that trophy to his son. Proud father-son moment.

  29. author

    Duan Nengo10 時間 前

    This is slavery

  30. author

    bubble bath10 時間 前

    Yes I knew in 1998 watching the Broncos they knew how to coach

  31. author

    2k Geezy!10 時間 前

    0:42 that’s crazy cause pacquio is Asian and is praised more than floyd when floyd has accomplished more he is undefeated and stepped up to challenges the best and schooled pacquio but pacquio getting praised cause he took on 2 young guys who had bad defense and don’t got that good of an experience like floyd does and pacquio was on roids when he faught Thurman

  32. author

    Ray&Mae11 時間 前

    Sounds good so far, so we will see. The NFL is already an offensively driven league with how they call Pass Interference, Ruffing the passer penalties. Yet, with all that...there is still a lot of punting going on. This seems to drastically lower the frequency of punting...but we will have to see if the idea works.

  33. author

    Anthony Hewitt11 時間 前

    Wilson is def number 1 carries the seahwks team like it’s nothing

  34. author

    Nick Big Mann11 時間 前

    They just ran up against the better team, but remember this was one of the top four teams in the league right ??!! I'd say that's a real successful season.

  35. author

    TheFullmetalmex12 時間 前

    Lmao you can hear all of them rage throwing their helmets lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. author

    JAMM Trickshots12 時間 前

    Put brees 4 Mahomes 3 wilson 2

  37. author

    Brian S.12 時間 前


  38. author

    Matthew Parrilla12 時間 前

    This was awk lol

  39. author

    SeaJayB12 時間 前

    Manning: Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, watermelon, FRIED CHICKEN!!! I'm starting to see what Peyton was up to...

  40. author

    Corey Fulcher12 時間 前

    He's like...Thank God we don't play when it's raining, otherwise we might get electrocuted! He's 100% guilty of cheating...You can see it on his face & in his "MLB made a report..." response to questions! Lol

  41. author

    Vinny Tesla13 時間 前

    Arod is a genius mind.... he was a top scholar as well as athlete growing up ..... when he hones the IQ in on baseball and sports in general, it's a great thing to listen to ..... dude dissects it and breaks it down like no one ..... would be a great coach or manager

  42. author

    whitexchina13 時間 前

    "Stripper doesn't want to go to the poles." You can't make this up!

  43. author

    Primetime Pranks13 時間 前

    Dallas Renegades !!

  44. author

    Michael Maxey14 時間 前

    Can you not delete each pod

  45. author

    Rogemille Castillo14 時間 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Butthurt Yankees crying over one stupid vote. 😂😂😂😂😂

  46. author

    Zafir Ali14 時間 前

    Волосатый чистый чёрт!Май мужик !!!

  47. author

    RICK ZEPEDA14 時間 前

    Asterisks or Trashtros? 🤔

  48. author

    KD is not 6'914 時間 前

    This dude is lying so much, not being honest and deserve to be ban. There haven’t been a good short baseball player without him thinking cheating is ok and not using skill.

  49. author

    dtdtdtdtification15 時間 前

    jokes aside, i appreciate the discussion of the ku-ksu fight. the hot takes were crazy. let things cool down for a couple days and add some reason. this was the perfect bow on everything

  50. author

    dtdtdtdtification15 時間 前

    this all started b/c of monmouth! LMAO #FACTS

  51. author

    dtdtdtdtification15 時間 前

    every pod should be 69 minutes long........

  52. author

    Neal Fowler15 時間 前

    what a coward.

  53. author

    BoomCube15 時間 前

    I am sorry this isn’t football. Defense and special teams are not a thing. It ruins the point of the game

  54. author

    Torin Walters15 時間 前

    Can we please just get the podcast to drop on time, christ almighty

  55. author

    Richard Francis15 時間 前

    So happy for JJ....

  56. author

    Jasper Martinez15 時間 前

    Michel Vick is the best ob on the earth

  57. author

    Barb Wire16 時間 前

    Mr. Rosenthal has zero credibility! Rob Manfred told us Jeff Luhnow knew nothing of this player-driven plan to steal signs: This is a big lie, as Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Passan wrote when the story broke: A memo from the executive that sent the email is Kevin Goldstein, a special assistant to Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow. Now neither reporter remembers reporting this. MLB is like Disneyworld - all fantasy. Rosenthal is now pretending he didn't write that story, so that the player-driven myth can be told. Would you by a used car from Rosenthal?

  58. author

    Ratlov #RaiderNation16 時間 前

    This guy was really on the money, wasn't he?

  59. author

    YTubinger16 時間 前

    Names on places with "Devil" in them often build on Bigfoot - observations, I have heard.

  60. author

    samuel abron16 時間 前


  61. author

    SSA INVINCIBLEx17 時間 前

    Of course Vick picks Lamar lol how biased can you be

  62. author

    nick nick17 時間 前

    This video had aged well

  63. author

    Ehren Bürger17 時間 前


  64. author

    Josh Trojanowski18 時間 前

    No one cares with you think murderer

  65. author

    joe momma18 時間 前

    Nobody seems mad. Like they knew the NFL wasn't gon a let them win. Same way they did the saints for the past couple of years

  66. author

    james yang18 時間 前

    I thought they left The Ringer for bigger and better things? Same exact pod. Lol But glad they’re back.

  67. author

    Chilll19 時間 前

    Love this guy, he's awesome

  68. author

    Angel Hernandez19 時間 前

    They shoudda ran.

  69. author

    Andy Bailey19 時間 前

    Anyone else read this wrong and think "How tf did Mike Vick have 7 rookie seasons?".

  70. author

    Kavi Shah19 時間 前

    He's such a cheater. Only cheaters have a no comment...

  71. author

    Yumi Tokushige19 時間 前


  72. author

    Wang Hanyu20 時間 前

    lets go van darkholme!

  73. author

    Extraordinary21 時間 前

    And to think this was supposed to be a talladega race.

  74. author

    Jake Toth21 時間 前

    Some of this sounds good on paper. It remains to be seen if it will be good in practice.

  75. author

    Mr. Arya Stark21 時間 前

    So they left the do the same thing for fox???

  76. author

    Todd Bagwell22 時間 前

    want last

  77. author

    G P22 時間 前

    Moss never settled down anywhere... he would've won one in New England if he just stayed and played with the accuracy of Brady. He did nothing the following before he was eventually cut from the Niners

  78. author

    Elon musk Fan23 時間 前

    Abashshshshsshshshaabshahbsbsja yup faster then Eminem

  79. author

    Smokey ツ23 時間 前

    Can't wait for Sarcastaball to become a thing

  80. author

    JJ Customs, LLC.23 時間 前


  81. author

    diego perez23 時間 前

    Won't last a season..

  82. author

    Alistair Joyce日 前

    The ideas are okay except for overtime. Whoever signed off on that one should lose thier job

  83. author

    алексей Дикунов日 前

    Вот что значит полный привод 4х4 всем привет))))

  84. author

    Teej Davenport日 前

    Jimmy made the shot!!!

  85. author

    big earl日 前

    Hold this L

  86. author

    checoPH日 前

    This cheater ALTUVE is acting like he didn’t do anything, when is already proven that the whole ASTROS TEAM CHEATED IN 2017. This guy is just a pathetic and a lier.

  87. author

    Boxster Box日 前

    Altuve and Bregman are losers

  88. author

    Cooper O'Connor日 前

    Lamar broke his single season rushing record... this didn’t age well.

  89. author

    Pedro Olvera日 前

    They put penalty shootout in american football lol

  90. author

    Joel V日 前

    That's right, Mike. Better put the 2002 Bucs team as #1. Man, it was fun watching Derrick Brooks shut you down in the open field. #GoBucs

  91. author

    Luke Heironimus日 前

    I hope the refs are better

  92. author

    Manuel Saavedra日 前

    Stay away from the woods kids.. they are hunting us

  93. author

    Ragnar日 前

    Who do you think you are? I am.

  94. author

    Aaron Beaulieu日 前

    I'd love to see a 30 for 30 on the Brady Manning Rivalry

  95. author

    ThA MAN C MAcK日 前

    LaVar is the man. Mad respect for this pops. Poppa Ball. 🏀

  96. author

    Orlando Gonzales日 前

    Smug, pathetic douce bag!

  97. author

    wil8115日 前


  98. author

    Samuel Alvarez日 前


  99. author

    WillDoMyBest日 前

    Is it Van Darkholme?

  100. author

    tsimmons1974ts日 前