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  1. author

    Maurice Jones17 分 前

    U dam right bruh

  2. author

    WAPS_200630 分 前

    who else got this in recommended after 7 years!

  3. author

    Bertin Tsmiba31 分 前

    Man I feel bad😔😔😔

  4. author

    El Nino33 分 前

    I'm really surprised these 2 managed to become friends after what happened

  5. author

    Nelson Blackshear50 分 前

    What people don't understand is that your power doesn't come from your arms it comes from your feet. Watch how he turns his back leg for the knockout punch. Footwork is the most important aspect in fighting and sports.

  6. author

    Jefferson Son54 分 前

    Rip ail

  7. author

    NinjaIsBoss 777時間 前

    This makes me feel, idk it’s just, I don’t have words to describe this

  8. author

    Niagara Falls New York時間 前

    Instinct says fight or flight, at 1:57 this man choose to fight lmao

  9. author

    CaptainEO420時間 前

    I wonder how many caught covid that day?

  10. author

    AlterZgo時間 前

    Watching this interview tells us how far our country has fallen under Trump and the corrupt Republicans. It's insane seeing the completely innocuous things Repubs are blaming on the Democrats. What exactly did Hillary and Susan Rice do in Benghazi? The way Republicans act you would think they were there shooting the Americans themselves! Why did we have to have 32 hearings? Because the admin didn't immediately condemn it as a terrorist attack but said it was the next day??? Compare that to the literally thousands of things Trump has done and said and the hundred thousand plus lives lost due to pandemic and not one single desire by any Repubs to investigate Trump? Is this ALL that Republicans can come up with? It's shocking that Republicans are completely OK with a lawless president and administration, including a justice dept that punishes political opponents, commutes sentences for convicted felons, reduces sentences for admitted criminal, etc. 40% of our country is truly insane if they want to blame 1 side and hold 32 hearings for not immediately saying it was a terrorist attack, but completely ignores all of the many unconstitutional things Trump and his admin do daily... and I didn't even get to the Mueller report! Is that what "draining the swamp" is? To basically open your door and let a landslide of mud flow right through the house? SMH.

  11. author

    mike jones時間 前

    This hurts my soul to this day

  12. author

    mr. meowgi時間 前

    How much are those ive got ideas

  13. author

    DirtyHarry 007時間 前

    How is this a softball interview? Bill pushes him on the fact that he respects Putin, he repeatedly criticises him about how he can't back things up with numbers. How's that going soft?

  14. author

    guy ahanga時間 前

    This video put a smile on my face

  15. author

    Flash Thunder時間 前

    poor dogs

  16. author

    YellowCactusTv z時間 前

    A queen versus a rook and a bishop? No kings? He didn't even like attack the queen? I am confused

  17. author

    Sid Shades2 時間 前

    Dr J is so underrated

  18. author

    Oh My2 時間 前

    I love Ali. He was an all around great man. good man

  19. author

    Yasmin Perez2 時間 前

    Other Dogs: I bet I’m faster than all of you The papillon: You wanna see some real speed

  20. author

    Sasuke Uchiha2 時間 前

    All of them are 6'5. I guess that's the right height to be a great TE.

  21. author

    Donald Pace2 時間 前

    Shaq underachieved in his career he could have been the goat...

  22. author

    mohammad amin sarabi2 時間 前

    Muhammad ali : who is this guy in my house😂😂

  23. author

    Douglas Crosby2 時間 前

    Why do we have to bring out that we had a black president is because he was black. The issue is he was totally unqualified and only put in there because he was black sadly there are many black men and women who are would be way better than him but they can't be elected because the propaganda machine hates them because they're conservative so we have to put in an idiot like Obama who did a terrible job which we're trying to dig out of now and he was totally corrupt. That's why as 10 years as a public servant 2 years as a senator who did nothing there 8 as a president he has over 100 million dollars but of course he's not held accountable he's a liberal you know. He's a communist you know. so we don't hold them accountable for anything they have a free ride. never mind giving over a billion dollars in cash to the Iranians what kind of bizarre thing was that not held accountable for. Using the IRS to attack and destroy conservative organizations He was not held accountable for that. Using the Federal department of Justice to spy on the Republican nominee for president and even lie and try to sabotage the efforts of honest people, Of course no accountability. Well this can go on, Obama was garbage and got a free ride because he was a liberal socialist American hating Democrat black.

  24. author

    18 Wheeler3 時間 前

    That's asian cheerleader tho 🤤

  25. author

    KingVegeta333 時間 前

    We all know the Super Bowl is fake af

  26. author

    War Fighter3 時間 前

    Ironically my two hero’s in life. I was born & raised in Pittsburgh & grew up loving Bradshaw. Then I became a huge Phil Robertson fan from Duck Dynasty. Both are deeply religious which makes it even better. Both are great role models..

  27. author

    Alex Sanchez3 時間 前


  28. author

    DirtyHarry 0073 時間 前

    Oh no-Bill actually interrupted Obama when Obama was circling his questions and going to his little talking points instead! I'd rather a president who gets to the point than a president who speaks "presidentially" (aka B.S.)

  29. author

    Jackie Falls3 時間 前

    Dale sure did look like his mom.

  30. author

    Kenny Albert3 時間 前

    Ollie will show them

  31. author

    Jonexis Rodriguez Rodriguez3 時間 前

    Take the l

  32. author

    Jonexis Rodriguez Rodriguez3 時間 前


  33. author

    Jonexis Rodriguez Rodriguez3 時間 前

    Let’s go chifes

  34. author

    Born 2Play3 時間 前

    I feel like the Kansas City Chiefs cheated

  35. author

    Street Cat3 時間 前

    These guys are living gladiators . Both badasses

  36. author

    Mustafa Zeytin4 時間 前

    Tyson is looking like ali's son he never wanted😂

  37. author

    G Stewart4 時間 前

    Gonzalez fkd it up.

  38. author

    Luca Nagrowski4 時間 前

    It’s crazy because watching this now, he started in the Super Bowl on another team

  39. author

    Straw Hat Wynston5 時間 前


  40. author

    Dezboyz Justwin5 時間 前

    Hear that great quarterbacks don’t miss wide open players he miss far to many

  41. author

    MR NAXMAN5 時間 前

    Here comes super bowl hang over time baby. Hawks going to be laying wait for the 40 Whiners this season if COVID does not stop it first.

  42. author

    awesome person5 時間 前

    he's going to conquer the baseball world

  43. author

    B LoConte6 時間 前

    Who would have thought this guy would go on to win another 3 rings..LFG...TB12

  44. author

    Tommy Atwell6 時間 前

    Man, watching this now hurts even more. You can look at Joe and see that he knew he was done. This hurts.

  45. author

    Sayhi2blitz6 時間 前

    Wait guys someone explain what happens to Ali I have no idea

  46. author

    Muhd Izal7 時間 前

    The great of two!!!

  47. author

    FAPYPAPY7 時間 前

    Allahs final test, may he reside in the highest level of jennah

  48. author

    Adrian Ashby7 時間 前

    1) Michael 2) Jeffrey 3) Jordan

  49. author

    Barbara Bass7 時間 前

    Get him O'Reilly

  50. author

    Giobbe Jones8 時間 前

    Top 3 1 jordan 2 oscar robertson 3 Karl malone

  51. author

    Zusanoo.8 時間 前

    I dont know why. But i feel sad seeing ali old.

  52. author

    이태8 時間 前

    신발끈을 위해 저렇게 뛰다니..

  53. author

    Ken8 時間 前

    MJ: That's all I needed.

  54. author

    skateski9 時間 前

    I already knew Pink is basically insane but that amphetamine-papillon was just batshit crazy. Fantastic animals!

  55. author

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo9 時間 前

    "I should've even do this one, is not that old but FOX is pushing me to put more content" lol let's be real "wait I didn't mentioned Kazam for a reason" LMFAO bruh I did there

  56. author

    Aviral10 時間 前

    What happened to him? I'm just 16 right now and I recently developed intrest in boxing.

  57. author

    Lenny Cook10 時間 前

    Ha the only time I've seen Briggs being calm and respectful. Usually he has a envelope to open or something trash

  58. author

    Ed Fulginiti10 時間 前

    Could listen to Pete talk baseball all day!

  59. author

    fegasd10 時間 前

    I did not want to see that...

  60. author

    Junior Saintlouis10 時間 前

    Love you guys you are my two hero miss u Ali, Tyson greatis ever Ali To me is something close to God.

  61. author

    Nyfancam0110 時間 前

    1. LEBRON JAMES (#'s won't lie when he retires, you'll see!) 2. MICHAEL JORDAN 3. MAGIC JOHNSON

  62. author

    Povijest Povijest10 時間 前

    Aging is by far the biggest source of death and suffering for humans and the most important potentially solvable problem we are facing today.

  63. author

    Nicholas Fouch11 時間 前

    Jimmy Johnson has coached some of the best football players in history

  64. author

    LMFW11 時間 前

    Mikes looking at those ears thinking man i need some hot sauce

  65. author

    Luis Calzone11 時間 前

    Yo Lebron best three players of all time. 0:07 Michael Jordan 0:11 Michael Jordan 0:21 Michael Jordan Ah ok

  66. author

    Sergio Romero11 時間 前


  67. author

    Emerson Martin Estipona12 時間 前

    1.) Michael Jordan 2.) JR Smith 3.) Delonte West

  68. author

    Peace Be Still12 時間 前


  69. author

    Undisputed Era Rocks12 時間 前


  70. author

    Jerome Romualdez12 時間 前

    Zverev: I’ll put myself in there

  71. author

    Cristian Gomez12 時間 前

    Bahahahaha 💀 🤣 🤣 💀

  72. author

    Sean Cummins13 時間 前

    KAREEM >

  73. author

    josiah queama13 時間 前

    It’s so heart breaking to see Ali die slowly But he’s still a legend😭

  74. author

    coye boy13 時間 前

    I watched the movie that's why I'm here

  75. author

    Shameema Vettom13 時間 前


  76. author

    M J13 時間 前

    Look at that stupid look on Ali's face, lol.

  77. author

    Alex Diamond13 時間 前

    How to break grown man in tears in 19 seconds

  78. author

    YourLeftAirpod14 時間 前

    If a guy hit off my ear it’s on sight but if since it’s mike Tyson I see why u wouldn’t want payback

  79. author

    Tungsten Kid14 時間 前

    Not bad but now get it out on the park and the streets..:)

  80. author

    P. singh D14 時間 前

    Ite very funny .. Tyson was totally different person with Ali..and act like a small kid...

  81. author

    Jesus Limon14 時間 前

    A gambler a cheater and Frank Thomas!!!!!😈

  82. author

    Eli Howard14 時間 前

    And the home, of the, CHIEEEEEFS

  83. author

    K Dub15 時間 前

    McCale would have chewed your boy lebron up and spit him out. Too soft.

  84. author

    Marshall Marshall15 時間 前

    Where can i see the full Video? Pls i would love to see this in full..

  85. author

    Truth Unscripted with Tala15 時間 前

    @ 3:16 he couldn't decided if wanted to box or not haha😂😂😂

  86. author

    Cluez3115 時間 前

    My dad told me that Cheryl Miller could have easily made the NBA if she didn't tear up her knee. That's how good she was.

  87. author

    shmarek15 時間 前

    With all due respect. This what I read in Ali eyes: you’re not as dumb as you look my boy!

  88. author

    Rafael Ibarra15 時間 前

    I wish there come back to Seattle

  89. author

    Evan Hestley15 時間 前

    "You are not involved with pOoOOost game!"

  90. author

    Neil Cardenas15 時間 前

    Omg it will be a dream to do it with miesha

  91. author

    John Manuel Escueta16 時間 前

    Michael Jordan not humble prideful

  92. author

    Eric L16 時間 前

    Put this man in the Hall of Fame

  93. author

    Dark Knight16 時間 前

    God that was rough 😟

  94. author

    中島千里16 時間 前


  95. author

    BOORAGG16 時間 前

    Better than real fans and virtual teams.

  96. author

    MrAkaalis16 時間 前

    and that's what boxing, it's accompanying concussions and head trauma will do to you in the long run...

  97. author

    David easterwood16 時間 前

    Very sad seeing Ali like that...wish he wouldn't have fought that last fight, maybe he could have at least lived a half normal life if he hadn't!

  98. author

    Alex Jones16 時間 前

    Ngl press’ looks nothing like her😅

  99. author

    Livealkit16 時間 前

    Tyson rescued ali big time

  100. author

    Landen Santos17 時間 前

    Lol get rekt