Funny Local News
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    Adam Martin日 前

    17:59... one of the best, yet simplistic blooper!

  2. author

    Josh Batzold日 前

    4:29 you won’t regret it 😂😂

  3. author

    PokéBlox日 前

    0:52 you're welcome

  4. author

    Lix BallZ日 前

    Burger guy:Courtney I'd love to see my meat in your mouth Courtney:Definitely not the first time I've heard that before She belong to the streets

  5. author

    Larson Family日 前

    Omg 69 is my towns news lol

  6. author

    Lucia Freed日 前

    OMG 4:33!!!!! 😳😳😂😂😂😂

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    Lea Jalbert-Gonzalez日 前


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    ThecuteSylveon 02日 前

    *I dropped ma hotpocket*

  9. author

    hxneypop日 前

    I sO pALe

  10. author

    Peter Vernon日 前

    The demolition of the building is my favourite,the guy cursing in the background as the bus blocks the cameras view.....priceless.

  11. author

    Salsa Sauce日 前


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    L Timothson日 前

    3:44 Reporter: and that’s not the cougar Camera: *zooms on the cat and stays on it*

  13. author

    Shimpoo Pimpoo日 前

    The math guy was hilarious

  14. author

    Max Tuna日 前

    Nobel price winner living with goats. World has gone maddddddddd

  15. author

    Max Tuna日 前

    10 bloody Netflix advertisement in 30 minutes in this program, WTF. there has to be some regulations about advertisement rules. How many times do you want me to watch the same crap, same crap, same crap,

  16. author

    TROLL日 前

    match mardness?

  17. author

    Andievo4U2日 前

    I'm fixing to blow this place up.

  18. author

    Maze01日 前


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    Andievo4U2日 前

    THIS is the set up for new media

  20. author

    Andievo4U2日 前

    Don't know how this showed up but I needed it. I love this stuff.

  21. author

    sly日 前

    It’s a man actually Derik 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    2Coop 4U日 前

    Mark: I just cant understand how something so small can be so impressive Belinda: well mark you would know about that Mark: ☹️

  23. author

    2Coop 4U日 前

    2:57 why is this not a meme?

  24. author

    Z J日 前

    Did you wanna try and read something from your book?

  25. author

    Jason日 前

    I better check to see if my panties are being recalled due to fire hazards

  26. author

    robert wisehart日 前

    Dee Dee mcdoodoo

  27. author

    Jake Heller日 前

    Haha "I dropped my hot pocket" hahaha

  28. author

    Lucia Krause日 前

    "I dropped my hot pocket!" 🤣

  29. author

    Motivation Beatz日 前

    Chef: So Courtney I would to see my meat in your Mouth Courtney: Psst not the first time I have heard that Me: Bravo Courtney as I wipe a tears from my eyes

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    "My brother used to break into our house and steal the T.V" "BUT NOW HE IS DEAD" I can't even breathe right now.

  31. author

    Seiko日 前

    ,,My Brother used to steal the Tv out our house´´ but now he dead

  32. author

    Epically Epic日 前

    Why does everyone cut to the weather? 😂

  33. author

    TheRandomGamer 238日 前

    Deedee Megadoodoo will forever be my favorite

  34. author

    rangeman日 前

    Awesome bloopers

  35. author

    Chris Manning日 前

    Match mardness lol

  36. author

    Scruffy Canadian日 前

    “Well Mark, you would know about that.” Always makes me laugh

  37. author

    Dan Mac日 前

    9:34 That man is a visionaire, he even saw the stop sign.

  38. author

    Karen Wagner日 前


  39. author

    Karen Wagner日 前


  40. author

    amareiya benwell日 前

    “heart pounding lap ride.” I AM LITERALLY IN TEARS.

  41. author

    なな日 前


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    YoU OBey日 前

    Who the fk put a human like dummi like this at your house

  43. author

    azeem2 日 前

    Fr tho what does kernoodle mean

  44. author

    asleep-cult2 日 前

    Turkish March ringtone: *plays* Phone: *gets thrown*

  45. author

    Raven_of_ZoSo2 日 前

    1:38 that dude was definitely executed after they went off air.

  46. author

    Youtube Commenter2 日 前

    I so PAY-ULLLL....

  47. author

    Biscuit Pocket2 日 前

    Very funny, fabulous.... 🍪pocket.

  48. author

    Nick The Greek2 日 前

    *I SO PALE*

  49. author

    6mqs2 日 前

    "Lots of people trying to get into the act there" Certainly.

  50. author

    Ted Reynolds2 日 前

    Once the lights are turned on, it'll spell out, "Deli-can't-essen. And trying to say, March madness, that's sounds funny stuff"!

  51. author

    Brad Bradleys2 日 前

    Ol girl definitely knew megadoodoo and doesn't like her or is jealous

  52. author

    Loyi G2 日 前

    who else is stuck at home watching random videos because of the coronavirus

  53. author

    YeloFva2 日 前

    Chris P. Bacon had me in tears 🤣

  54. author

    Dee Pee2 日 前

    No you did NOT call out that woman's weave live on air! I bet he too got hamburglared.

  55. author

    Ayman Alshree123452 日 前

    Ha ha hah eeeeeeeh ha hahaha eeeeeeeeeeh ha hahahaha

  56. author

    yee2 日 前

    _but now hes ded_

  57. author

    s -1872 日 前

    Mach mardness

  58. author

    Life Is Boring2 日 前

    4:35 "it's not the first time I've ever heard that" HAHAHAHA

  59. author

    Catherine Branch2 日 前

    and a beautiful weave

  60. author

    Catherine Branch2 日 前

    virginia gang

  61. author

    Catherine Branch2 日 前

    the ghetto 5:59

  62. author

    Catherine Branch2 日 前

    his eyebrow went like up down up

  63. author

    cyberblah2 日 前

    1:36 Vietnamese Mike Stoklasa

  64. author

    Ag Houser2 日 前

    Mega do do

  65. author

    S. K.2 日 前

    3:05 that gasp is everything 😂😂😂😂

  66. author

    Varun Rathod2 日 前

    3:33 She Destroyed him!

  67. author

    Samantha Davi Ganpat2 日 前


  68. author

    Lukas Pfeifer2 日 前

    4:32 is gold

  69. author

    Nicole OMalley2 日 前

    "Check your panties!" "Oh, I think that was supposed to be pantries... hehe" "I couldn't warn you, Eric!"

  70. author

    Inyia_marie2 日 前

    “Years ago they tried to....years ago they tried to....put me in a.....uhh this is live?” “Mmhm” “......” “.....” “Did you wanna try and read something from your book?” “Yeah...”

  71. author

    Inyia_marie2 日 前

    I dropped my hot pocket 😔😳

  72. author

    Joe Moore2 日 前

    I so pale

  73. author

    Edgardo Camarillo2 日 前

    0:43 (:

  74. author

    krisboy favour2 日 前

    Thanks for the post at least I could laugh again during this time of coronavirus news everywhere.

  75. author

    David Changsek2 日 前

    "corn how did that get on my bag?!" dead, just dead

  76. author

    Hedhav2 日 前

    What's the joke at 26:50?

  77. author

    vincent xiong2 日 前

    "I so pale" 😂 can tell the lady is a natural goofball. she's beautiful 😍

  78. author

    Nivethiga Sasikumar2 日 前

    Something so small can be so impressive, well mack u would know about that 😂😂😂😂

  79. author

    camvick4072 日 前

    Chris p bacon😅🤣😅😂

  80. author

    SuperMoeLarryCurly2 日 前

    I dropped my hot pocket!

  81. author

    Garrison Nichols2 日 前

    3:12 Bravo Man Bravo!

  82. author

    Alexis Vargas2 日 前

    2:14 😂

  83. author

    Garrison Nichols2 日 前

    0:58 How about that 69 and what's on her mind!😉

  84. author

    Naruto Uzumaki2 日 前


  85. author

    sakazi2 日 前

    Their laughs are what makes me laugh xD

  86. author

    Aj Sena2 日 前

    “He used to run into the house and steal out TV” “now he’s dead”

  87. author

    Kylee Grace2 日 前

    I bet you...(no money cause I am broke) that your not watching the video full screen!

  88. author

    Connor Wallace2 日 前

    Awww mah gaud

  89. author

    Kylee Grace2 日 前

    Why nobody talking bout 4:03

  90. author

    Kevin Henderson2 日 前

    Get out! I'm about to blow it up!

  91. author

    Shannon Sullivan2 日 前

    15:02. Best laugh... It is contagious.

  92. author

    Carbz2 日 前

    its simple, its because he thought about an hour as a 100, because he was distracted about thinkin how to sound cool he completely looked over the fact that its not 25 but 15

  93. author

    Rodavarg Vincent2 日 前

    Mang Tani's weatger forecast will always be gold!! 😂😂😂

  94. author

    Gracie Lee2 日 前

    Are the 1st girl and the second girl the same people? Cause if so, man she has some mishaps

  95. author

    DrHillbillyShow2 日 前

    Megadoodoo happens after a trip to Mexico.

  96. author

    T'Cara Jenkins2 日 前

    Omg I’m cracking up 😂

  97. author

    Estrella2 日 前

    “It’s the InGRdiAnTS”

  98. author

    Ethan Delisi2 日 前

    that guy was still laughing from the bomb threat story, he didn't realize the bonsai tree story was also ridiculous

  99. author

    Estrella2 日 前

    15:40 why are they laughing so hard?

  100. author

    veda andrade2 日 前

    it not an hour. except that it is. *looks at camera* HUH?!?!?