Funny Local News
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    Kimani Lambert4 時間 前

    1:16 I cant 🤣😭 .

  2. author

    Notorious .4 時間 前

    Why the guy was not available for a comment?

  3. author

    Freedom4 時間 前

    9:03 omg, he is so cute! ♥️

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    Freedom5 時間 前

    2:31 "i am, i am, i am, i am..." 😂😂😂

  5. author

    Freedom5 時間 前

    0:47 that "lady" looks like lewis capaldi xD

  6. author

    Beth Campbell5 時間 前

    I laugh more at the reporters laughter than what makes them the laugh!! OMG!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    rob rick6 時間 前

    3:41 Is this a compliment or an insult?

  8. author

    rob rick6 時間 前

    0:12 In her defense, that is a disaster of a name.

  9. author

    TLaVawn Barnes7 時間 前

    They're going to hell for that Chris P Bacon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    TLaVawn Barnes7 時間 前

    The beautiful weave😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. author

    Woosan Ily10 時間 前

    6:01 it KILLED me

  12. author

    Peter Parker10 時間 前

    "its not a weave" yeah...right... *winks*

  13. author

    JorgeBrick199011 時間 前

    I wonder if all that people survived until The rise of Skywalker or even Mandalarian and CW s7

  14. author

    Jennifer Wade12 時間 前

    😡 the cat is not funny animal control needs to take it away

  15. author

    Froggo13 時間 前

    Legends says Jim is still not okay

  16. author

    So Vidushi15 時間 前

    "And I said we ain't gonna be on fire. Not today."

  17. author

    So Vidushi15 時間 前

    That national milk day blooper was hilarious

  18. author

    magpie yoshi16 時間 前

    4:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    DylanIsAMuffin21 時間 前


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    Thanh Cao Gia日 前

    1:36 vietboys in the buildinggggggg

  21. author

    Eric Cuevas日 前

    I still don't know if I learn to fish first or eat or what?

  22. author

    RHGarciaApr85日 前

    Regarding the Breaking News blooper, ah yes, I love having my news delivered to me at 16 speed

  23. author

    RHGarciaApr85日 前

    @5:18 So Russia just has dogs hanging around their news studios?

  24. author

    RHGarciaApr85日 前

    @1:26 "Match Mardness"?? Ma'am, are you ok?

  25. author

    black bolt日 前

    I so pale

  26. author

    nate lee日 前

    Jim was almost the first man to punch a woman in the mouth during the One Chip Challenge!

  27. author

    Handsome Mahlambi日 前

    Took me an hour to watch bc I laughed so hard and had to pause

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    Handsome Mahlambi日 前


  29. author

    vijay kumar日 前

    19:16 KY3 has won it! ROFL

  30. author

    Michael Harto日 前

    Is an elephant heavy? I'm coming back baby! Aww yeaaahh

  31. author

    Gary Miller2 日 前

    That drunk moose was the best 😂

  32. author

    Jersey Hidalgo2 日 前

    may philippino dito

  33. author

    Jonathan Taño2 日 前

    I don't get the Twitter thingy.

  34. author

    Hassan2 日 前

    the man with the alligator saying "I am, I am" is the best xD

  35. author

    Still_chill2 日 前

    Like a tornado girl

  36. author

    Mari Sanchez2 日 前

    I dropped my hot pocket 💀

  37. author

    Nelly2 日 前

    Cant believe i tried a try not to laugh here 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. author

    Rah Mel2 日 前

    2:28 she looks like my art teacher.

  39. author

    Rah Mel2 日 前

    “I dropped my Hot Pocket” *You poor poor man*

  40. author

    Smol Bean2 日 前

    I dRoppEd mY hOT PoCkEt

  41. author

    mim 192 日 前

    3:45 😸😹

  42. author

    JodyNanci2 日 前

    WTH 8:31! I literally had just put a spoonful of soup in my mouth and now it’s all over my table! 😂😂😂

  43. author

    JeroneD2 日 前

    @3:44 the kitty said "Bro, I am a Cougar by heart" lolololololol

  44. author

    Kingsley Laurent2 日 前

    this has to be the channel of the year or something. this was too funny

  45. author

    Kingsley Laurent2 日 前

    the first video, the newscaster on the left is checking out the woman

  46. author

    Kingsley Laurent2 日 前

    my high brought me here and I can't stop laughing

  47. author

    Kingsley Laurent2 日 前

    I dont get the joke at 18:07

  48. author

    Kingsley Laurent2 日 前

    what was being said at the 15:19 mark?

  49. author

    Kelvin King2 日 前

    Why are these bloopers always around the weather time?

  50. author

    Rajaa Wahbeh3 日 前

    Legend says that BBC reporter is still waiting for breaking news to air

  51. author

    Ling Ling3 日 前

    “Dee dee mega doo doo” how do you even mess up that badly

  52. author

    Talia Loves3 日 前

    Bro the cougar cat 😭💀🙈

  53. author

    Sweet Comfy3 日 前

    Horror-Horton-Horod-HOROFIC-Smh 🤦‍♀️

  54. author

    Robert Haskell3 日 前

    That's one scary cougar!

  55. author

    Franky Vega3 日 前

    19:10 🤣🤣🤣 I can't 🤣

  56. author

    Brianna Meeks3 日 前

    It was that cats lucky day 💀

  57. author

    SoPlayCool EAS3 日 前

    7:50 She seems to be enjoying this. ;)

  58. author

    Ghost0073 日 前

    "I so Pale" - Woman 2020, "WERE ON LIVE TV" - whispers - Woman 2020

  59. author

    The 'Pubkin3 日 前

    Okay, I stand corrected, the hamburgler one was pretty on par.

  60. author

    The 'Pubkin3 日 前

    The heroin medical examiner one was the best and I didn't even need to finish the video to know that.

  61. author

    Betty Boo3 日 前

    Bat practice!

  62. author

    Lourdes3 日 前

    I can't stop laughing

  63. author

    just some chupacabra with internet access3 日 前

    3:44 "technical" difficulties

  64. author

    Kiese Pierri3 日 前

    Dee dee megadoo doo!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. author

    Davis Lad3 日 前

    Dee Dee mega Doo Doo 😂😂😂

  66. author

    raj sekhar3 日 前

    23:28 I was just watching casually and then, all of a sudden I’m ROFL 🤣🤣🤣.

  67. author

    Dyl Does3 日 前

    So that’s a “Susquehanna”

  68. author

    yeeasty _3 日 前

    we love the breaking news

  69. author

    Qnahla Nana3 日 前

    Jim are you ok buddy?? 😂😂😂😂😂

  70. author

    SPQR3 日 前

    Man that Chris P. Bacon story killed me for 15 minutes

  71. author

    THATS.Khiah3 日 前

    *i so pale*

  72. author

    Malurek3 日 前

    Spicy chip guy lol

  73. author

    Dutchess and Kay3 日 前

    10:55 y e a h J e f f ? J e f f i s s t u c k.

  74. author

    Hope Rich3 日 前

    “Any hope for relief?” “No.❤️”

  75. author

    Reyna Ayala3 日 前

    "I dropped my hot pocket" had me dead

  76. author

    Suraj G3 日 前

    that's all she wrote

  77. author

    piât re3 日 前

    Someone can say this in spanish?

  78. author

    november rain3 日 前

    De de me ga dodo🤣🤣

  79. author

    Samsa Khatoon3 日 前

    *what would you like to know WEATHER BOI*

  80. author

    Sandra Goh3 日 前

    I died watching this lol

  81. author

    Young Tula3 日 前

    69 kids that can’t be true..

  82. author

    Just Jekū Hust3 日 前

    14:01 *69 degrees*

  83. author

    Lucas3 日 前

    “Kids sketchy”. Gets me all the time.

  84. author

    Milk Random3 日 前

    “Walmart fart fight crimes”

  85. author

    Lucas Art3 日 前

    The kid's sketchy just makes it a lot more funny

  86. author

    aerolff3 日 前

    4:04 Killed me

  87. author

    Pedoron Martyan3 日 前

    please! I’m Japanese! So I can’t understand this video ! Tell me please !

  88. author

    Shaan Siton3 日 前

    The way the kid shook his head after has me dying

  89. author

    noname noname3 日 前

    2:36 "check you panties" that line almost killed me lol

  90. author

    Cameron Winnick4 日 前

    Match Mardness

  91. author

    coonus14 日 前

    No you can get a bowl at chipotle 😎

  92. author

    Ice King Rodan4 日 前

    Tsunami man in 8:40

  93. author

    NoHaxJustLyf4 日 前

    Dee dee megadoodoo

  94. author

    TheDickem4 日 前

    Weather boy. Lol

  95. author

    Kate Caliw4 日 前

    0:20 "...brush our teeth's pet."😂😁😱🙅

  96. author

    TheDickem4 日 前

    "You teach a poor man to fish, oh no no no no."

  97. author

    TheDickem4 日 前

    "Is an elephant heavy? Im coming back baby."

  98. author

    Jey Doza4 日 前

    That Asian guy was too much😭

  99. author


    “They tag me in the nack!”

  100. author

    Socially Irrelevant4 日 前

    E Norma Stitz 1:14