PENTAGON 펜타곤 (Official YouTube Channel)
PENTAGON 펜타곤 (Official YouTube Channel)
PENTAGON 펜타곤 (Official YouTube Channel)

PENTAGON Official JPreporter Channel

  1. author

    Rica Mae Fernandez2 分 前

    Hiii I'm a baby universe and I became a fan of Pentagon because of this song. Please suggest their best songs, title track or side track it doesn't matter. Looking forward to your suggestions! ❤️

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    Joha's Vlogs2 分 前

    Im so obsessed with this song😭, i was watching inkigayo because bp will perform but pentagon showed up i loved this song im not a fan of them, but this song is a bop

  3. author

    Eula Blink4 分 前

    Wahhh such passion when singing!

  4. author

    bbanya4 分 前

    I like pentagon from rtk actually, but still in process to know all of the member .. i'm multifandom for sure, so it might take time, as i want to know all nct members name too .. fuhh .. it hard, so many talented group in this world.

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    Victoria Luo8 分 前

    After watching the tiktoks of daisy they did with different idols i came to watch the mv and i was expecting some cute concept 'cause yk the tiktok was cute with the small dance and the daisy but they come up with THIS omg, I now just listen to their songs but slowly I'm falling into stanning them hshshs

  7. author

    Darren Maries12 分 前

    it feels so complete with yanan's voice 🥺🤍

  8. author

    Kurt Arcos12 分 前

    Lovely Unis, do not forget to str34m their live performances. Okay? I love you so so much! Universe feels like home for me

  9. author


    Road to 30M >>>>>

  10. author

    Kurt Arcos18 分 前

    Have you seen Hongseok's IG post? Like yeah! You are welcome Hongseok but wear a freaking shirt! Lol.

  11. author

    Joanna Marie Dyguazo19 分 前

    This song is really addictive, I kept on coming back here

  12. author

    Bryar Maputi22 分 前

    What's up with 11k people who dislike this mv. What's the matter??

  13. author

    jesky cute23 分 前

    can we give them their second win? :(:( please ...

  14. author

    Vonaé Pillay23 分 前

    Proud of us unis !

  15. author

    Dara Tiara25 分 前

    Animo :3!!

  16. author

    wooseoksstar26 分 前

    The music video really is a movie i wanna watch

  17. author

    always ptg27 分 前

    Shinwonnie, we are heading to 22M now (combined) hahahahahaj

  18. author

    Kurt Arcos28 分 前

    All of their songs are addictive. Is this even healthy? OMG.

  19. author

    wooseoksstar29 分 前

    I just wanna give them so many more wins !

  20. author

    Paloma Mendoza29 分 前

    yanan te amo

  21. author

    nana X_X29 分 前

    I want to watch your acoustic live perfomance so bad. Please add this to your overseasconcert playlist in the future, I will attend it!! *_* why this is so beautiful¿

  22. author

    Nadia nabilah Abdullah29 分 前

    21M fighting!!...let's make25M

  23. author

    july baby29 分 前

    Nostalgia really nice to listen during very late night outdoor or indoor. Or even on rainy day. I love the vibes that Nostalgia can give me.🌼🌼

  24. author

    Nana_ L29 分 前

    Is it just me think that this masterpiece need more than 1 win? I'm addicted in this song haha

  25. author

    Thanchanok Sutawong31 分 前


  26. author

    あ あ32 分 前

    𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙉𝙀𝙒 𝙐𝙉𝙄𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙎𝙀✨✨ PENTAGON 0:25 Hui🇰🇷leader,main vocal,93line 0:34 Wooseok🇰🇷main rapper,98line(mankne) 0:45 Hongseok🇰🇷main vocal,94line 0:52 Kino🇰🇷main dancer,lead vocal,98line 0:58 Yeoone🇰🇷lead vocal,96line 1:06 Shinwon🇰🇷lead vocal,95line 1:15 Yanan🇨🇳lead vocal,96line 1:32 Yuto🇯🇵lead rapper,98line and Jinho🇰🇷main vocal,92line(enlists now) As you know,they are sooooooooooo talented...!!! And they are so supportive of each other, like a family, and sometimes they are so chaotic like high school friends.(check vlive!)I'm sure you'll be happy If you stan them!! Let me say this...Hui will be leaving for military service on December 3. We won't able to watch the concert(with Hui)for a while, so I think it's very precious to see 𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗡𝗖𝗘𝗥𝗧 𝗼𝗻 𝟭𝟭.𝟮𝟵 ....unis,let's watch this〜! (Sorry for my poor English....literally....) I love PENTAGON and UNIVERSE!!!! 愛してます!

  27. author

    Kurt Arcos34 分 前

    D A I S Y

  28. author

    july baby34 分 前

    Wow I would be yanan, changgu and shinwon too when Hui sing his high pitch part🥰😍

  29. author

    A_loves KPop35 分 前

    20 915 530 + 33032 last hour 386 576 likes + 433 75 386 comments + 53 #Pentagon #Daisy

  30. author

    Healer 1938 分 前

    We are very near in 21M. We are very fast UNIS!

  31. author


    Aight I'm not a Pentagon fan, but this song has got to be one of my favorite songs from 2020 (for now) it's like a mf bop.....maybe I'm gonna be a fan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯idk

  32. author

    Geiel cavalheiro Geiel39 分 前

    O clipe e ótimo

  33. author

    Thaliana Pineda39 分 前


  34. author

    Nuradawiyah Razemi42 分 前

    Pentagon pls, eat fruits rather than CDs okay? 너무너무 사랑해!!

  35. author

    july baby43 分 前

    Please sing it this version during concert on 11/29 🥺 this version is so beautiful 😭 and I WANNA BE THOSE DAISIES BEHIND🌼

  36. author

    Dara Tiara45 分 前

    Waaowww Veo mas comentarios, asi este dia terminaremos en 25 M Fighting

  37. author

    july baby46 分 前

    I'm late😭🌼 why I didn't know about this!😭anyway it's so beautiful! My pentagon 🥰

  38. author

    Shafa Abdulla46 分 前

    I’m willing to give them the world because their vocals are sooo worth itttt😭😭❤️❤️

  39. author

    Cookie Miranda48 分 前

    Daisy is Psycho’s male counterpart (≧∀≦)

  40. author

    Siti Muliana49 分 前

    Benar kumencintaimu, tapi tak beginiiii daisy - anang version.. h h h

  41. author

    Irene Janica Pico50 分 前

    Proud uni here 😘❤ congrats boys! To more views ❤

  42. author

    Kim Farsa51 分 前

    keep str3aming UNIVERSEs! <3

  43. author

    wooseoksstar51 分 前

    Nostalgia is soo beautiful!

  44. author

    Firliana Ferasantika55 分 前

    yeah hui, for wooseok i choose no.3 : wooseok is handsome in every hairstyle

  45. author

    Kurt Arcos56 分 前


  46. author

    Kurt Arcos56 分 前

    We love them so muchhhhh

  47. author

    Kurt Arcos56 分 前


  48. author

    Kurt Arcos57 分 前

    25M??? It's a yes for Universe.

  49. author

    mia noviyanti57 分 前

    I love this song so much

  50. author

    송주연57 分 前

    그해 그달 그날 부를 때 다들 너무 행복해 보인다

  51. author

    Kurt Arcos58 分 前

    Pentagon has always been such an amazing group.

  52. author

    Kurt Arcos58 分 前

    I am always back fellow Unis!!! Thank you!!! Now let's make this 21M! Love you so much!

  53. author

    Wasape Ro58 分 前

    Que pongo dicen?

  54. author

    Call me S時間 前

    If Basquiat was an official comeback, Pentagon would have the three best comebacks of 2020 from a male K-POP group in my opinion. Dr Bebe, Basquiat and Daisy are legendaryyyy 👍🏼

  55. author

    ليرة ليرة時間 前

    20M yaaaaaaaay fanillyyyyy. Love u pentagone

  56. author

    Gauri Dhule時間 前

    Yanan, you're one of the best artists out there. You care so much for your brothers, and Universe. You've tolerated Cube and it's atrocities. Yes, it's true, staying with Pentagon _is_ your hardest job. But Unis can see that you love it. Your stage presence, humour, kindness, empathy, charisma- you really are the Prince of Pentagon. Unis remember when you returned from China and talked to us. We remember when you exitedly jumped out of the car to meet the others but got stuck because you forgot to take the seatbelt out. We hope that you always remain happy, and the time for Pentagon to Shine comes soon. Take care, our Patient Prince. Happy Birthday! 💜 And oh, forgot to add it. Don't pay any attention to haters. It doesn't matter what they think. They're biased shits.

  57. author

    R Salim時間 前

    this is my all time fave song from pentagon.

  58. author

    lelpups 21時間 前

    they dont have a bad song at all

  59. author

    Terrence Romano時間 前

    Almost 400k likes

  60. author

    미미時間 前

    pentagon is one of the groups that have the best discography

  61. author

    Margareta Tri R H時間 前

    I'm here again after seeing Yuta and Yuto doing Daisy Challenge^^ Fighting Pentagon (((insert green heart)))

  62. author

    stan pentagon or you'll regret時間 前

    21M is nearrr

  63. author

    Sammy Kim時間 前

    20M in 1 week? Wow! People wakes up finally.

  64. author

    StayMyday Tueme時間 前

    I got to know them recently and they deserve to be known widely!

  65. author

    토끼lyrics時間 前

    Even I am not pentagon's fan, but this song totally got me when I first hear it!

  66. author

    Santika dewi putri時間 前

    Enakk bgttt lagunya hikddd Kesini teracuni ka nada ka sali sama ka yunita wkwk

  67. author

    Nelya ozaeta時間 前

    SOO FUCKIN GOOD! Love it! BEST COMEBACK EVER! Best ALBUM! Hi like please performance live PLEASE

  68. author

    Райяна Айыпова時間 前

    Such a bop

  69. author

    ANILA時間 前

    I'm an Nctzen but I really love Pentagon too. Just wanted to say this song gives me shivers, it's strong and beautiful and deserves everything. Let's support Pentagon and thank them for this song ^^

  70. author

    웅냥時間 前

    처음으로 1위을 받았다는 것을 알고 좋아졌어요. 처음이라니 정말 신기해.. 숫자보다 실력을, 인품을. 저는 정말 좋아요. 제발 행복해져줘☘️ 키노야 사랑해🤍🤍🤍

  71. author

    Soniapriska Dwanti時間 前

    PENTAGON deserve better😭❤ nctzen here, woah i really like this song huwaaa❤❤

  72. author

    96년생. irsahyun 2.時間 前

    So JARASUM 자라섬 literally said as JARA ISLAND

  73. author

    A티카時間 前

    My eternal daisy.. That's beautiful

  74. author

    ねこねこみ時間 前

  75. author

    Elsa Bts Tanti時間 前

    Eding nya kiyowo

  76. author

    Woozi Vobo時間 前

    Ga tau kenapa menurut w, lagu2 pentagon tuh enak bgttttt w bukan fans pentagon, tp lagu ini nyantol bgt tolongggg, mana maknanya bikin sedih bgt :( tp btw w suka bgt sama HUI wkwk salam hangat dari Carat fyi: mv ini suka w jadiin selingan pas str3am HOME;RUN Svt :)

  77. author

    nul hoon時間 前

    the mv like a movie 'storyline' 🙉

  78. author

    김현아時間 前


  79. author

    Gustavo Sena時間 前

    #OurSunrise_YanAn_Day #오늘은_옌안이_벌뜨데이지

  80. author

    Dara Tiara時間 前

    30M fighting!! Cada vista cuenta =3