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my battle..

my battle..

9 日 前

i saved SEASON 10i saved SEASON 10

i saved SEASON 10

2 ヶ月 前



2 ヶ月 前

this gun is cursedthis gun is cursed

this gun is cursed

3 ヶ月 前

sorry ninjasorry ninja

sorry ninja

3 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Stacy Mitchell秒 前

    Lazarbeam is the meme god. Tag somebody who does more memes that him

  2. author

    Clayton Cruise4 秒 前

    Pls stay with minecraft😭

  3. author

    Terry Stroud6 秒 前

    Like if lazarbeam is the best

  4. author

    Cesar Chavez7 秒 前

    Shout me out love you thank you use code lazer

  5. author

    123bellacat8 秒 前

    That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen

  6. author

    Max Myers14 秒 前

    Lazar beam would be the type of guy to stay in boat endgame

  7. author

    Anthony’s World16 秒 前

    When I saw this I uninstalled

  8. author

    Angel Pena18 秒 前

    It is

  9. author

    Killaking Yt19 秒 前

    Lazar pls friend me I think I can carry you or can I do memes with you?

  10. author


    And this is how season 5 was made 5:52

  11. author

    XD Zonez24 秒 前

    Apex plz

  12. author

    ling lim25 秒 前

    Who lives for meme like if you love lazerbeam

  13. author

    Pineapple Queen27 秒 前

    Lannan: *posts two videos in a day* Me: what is this sorcery?

  14. author

    Ayela Gul31 秒 前

    Who else actually clapped in the beginning of the video? Just me? Okay... 😂 “Keep applauding..” -Lannan 2019

  15. author

    PuRe Diamond36 秒 前

    Me and my friends knew u would do the meme we made up right when the update came out we carried downed people in our first game and Yeeted them

  16. author

    Leonardo Gonzalez38 秒 前

    Bots hit the boat just like in Titanic

  17. author

    Tragiic_ Panda39 秒 前

    Flying bout plus shield

  18. author

    joplorb41 秒 前

    LazarBeam did you drive a boat horizontal with the fields in frenzy?

  19. author

    Evan Cruz41 秒 前

    The flying boat: demonetized The bots on the ground: lazarbeam

  20. author

    DIESEL 4L42 秒 前

    Lannans haircut looks good

  21. author

    NOOB TIME43 秒 前

    Fishing be like:

  22. author

    Benjamin Siminski46 秒 前


  23. author

    Kidflash Maldonado47 秒 前

    Stop your going to make them get volted

  24. author

    AnTi Fang58 秒 前

    who else is a bloody legend? 👇

  25. author

    spartan locke58 秒 前

    I do not care what anybody says chapter 2 is the best.

  26. author

    Jupiter分 前


  27. author

    9k_legends分 前

    Flying cars next season?

  28. author

    Alex Luu分 前

    LazarBeam and DUMB MEMEY SCIENCE

  29. author

    Ryan Dickey分 前

    Who else like the introduction to bots? 👇

  30. author

    Jack Z分 前

    I like the “no mobility”. It’s actually refreshing to not have to ride anything or worry about enemies shooting you from vehicles (besides a boat) and the swimming thing is useful for some situations, but not every-time, keeping the mechanic fun when you need it.

  31. author

    Red Gizmo分 前

    Planes in Fortnite chapter 2

  32. author

    AlmightyChickPea分 前

    What if u wanted to go to heaven but god said..........

  33. author

    Dylan Sandrock分 前

    lazar is the only reason fortnite updates weekly

  34. author

    Sniper God分 前

    Like or I will delete your Fortnite account 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  35. author

    Donna Cochran分 前

    No one: Literally no one: LazarBeam:YEET. YEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!

  36. author

    MrTechX分 前

    I bet you won't Subscribe to me Like this if you love youtube 👇

  37. author

    ZoomIsaac分 前

    And this is why I like lazar beam

  38. author

    :D :l分 前

    Hmm yes finally lazarbeam finally did the dumb sh__ science cut scene not sure why he didn't do it in the minecraft modes hmm? (○~○)

  39. author

    YNGSOLO分 前

    This is the best season

  40. author

    Aqua _F1ake分 前

    You should try winning a game with only rusty cans

  41. author

    Hey it’s Krishi分 前

    I don’t know about you but laser beam makes my day like if your the same💕👇

  42. author

    Chris分 前

    Lazarbeam more mincraft

  43. author

    RNG Legend分 前

    Lazarbeam 2019: no one shoots our bible

  44. author

    Jenny Hazelwood分 前

    Use the shark skin in the water

  45. author

    Kayden Kelly分 前

    What a laddddd

  46. author

    Tana Wight分 前

    Say goodbye to minecraft

  47. author

    x Fossa分 前

    Okay, putting "chapter two" in your titles now is just to get attention now you can stop.

  48. author

    Moppy2 分 前

    I like your videos I wish me was famous like you :p

  49. author

    King Toro2 分 前


  50. author

    Malik Kelsic112 分 前

    But you don’t give a fuck

  51. author

    Xx 101decent xX2 分 前

    Nobody: 9 year olds: WhO ELsE LikEs ( insert something lazarbeam did or said) 👇

  52. author

    Mynt2 分 前

    Challenge Only use guns you get from fishing 🎣 GL

  53. author

    Dom Hardy2 分 前

    I hait getting kidnapped -Lazarbeam 2019

  54. author

    Wild Captain2 分 前

    Woaaaaoaaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaaooaoaoaoaoaoaoa flying boat

  55. author

    katsup2 分 前

    early!! love you lazarbeam

  56. author

    Lyle Chatt2 分 前

    Like this if Lannan is the greatest JPreporterr ever

  57. author

    Kadyn Johnson2 分 前

    There are no bots after first game

  58. author



  59. author

    Strings YT2 分 前

    Who came in before 40 minutes

  60. author

    DrHube2 分 前

    Imagine not being able to play chapter 2 because u can’t play on weekdays😭😭😭😭😭

  61. author

    Amea Yan2 分 前


  62. author

    Francisco Aguila2 分 前

    How are you level 103

  63. author

    SRS Legends2 分 前

    Get a wins only using items you get from fishing 🎣

  64. author

    Isha Fofanah2 分 前


  65. author

    S-Master Gaming2 分 前

    " we don't do it for the wins, we do It 4 the memes" -Lazarbeam 2019

  66. author

    Ariana belle2 分 前

    Imagine if the people before us saw this and tried to burn Lannan because they thought he was using witchcraft

  67. author

    Brodie Adamson2 分 前

    As soon as I saw this I ws like of course lazarbeam found glitches

  68. author

    Awesome 204242 分 前


  69. author

    Alicia Burns2 分 前

    Hi lazarbeam

  70. author

    Nerdy Bernie Entertainment2 分 前

    Tbh, I hope the flying boat stays like rocket riding did.

  71. author

    Ogga Booga2 分 前

    Fonny phace loool so fonny

  72. author

    Natothegreato 992 分 前

    You better give me Minecraft soon

  73. author

    Pedro Gaming2 分 前

    Which season is better to do memes season 8 or chapter 2

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    Slushy Ham Gameplay3 分 前

    Sub to me!!!

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    pLz SuB tO mE pLz3 分 前

    Please subscribe to me..... 🙏🤝

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    James Shetlar3 分 前

    Battleship in fortnite

  77. author

    Asmr Fortnite3 分 前

    When laarbeam has to reupload a vid lol

  78. author

    Tyler Voorhees3 分 前

    Do you really want them to get rid of the boat glitch Lannan or do you love it?

  79. author

    paint brush3 分 前

    Not even a week and lazarbeam found a way to break the game Lol

  80. author

    Darkkiller_48 YT3 分 前

    It legit got 10mil veiws

  81. author

    Jayden Jayden3 分 前

    It’s the second day “why” never mind it’s lazerbeam

  82. author

    Slushy Ham Gameplay3 分 前

    I bloody love dumb shit science

  83. author

    Fiza Shahid3 分 前

    Never stop doing this intro or ill unsubscribe

  84. author

    Big Mike Gaming & Music V23 分 前

    I agree on the FPS thing. Performance is really bad in this chapter.

  85. author

    Dank Memes3 分 前

    iM giFtiNg mY nExT 15 lOyAl SuBsCrIbErS I’m joking

  86. author

    Roel sondagh3 分 前

    Happy wheels 2019 please😁

  87. author

    LukeMan27!3 分 前

    Leave it to Lazarbeam to break stuff

  88. author

    ModestTurtle3 分 前

    4:05 DEFINITELY NOT a cult

  89. author

    the legend of games3 分 前

    YAY now there gonna remove the boat for like 5 days

  90. author

    R.J Mckee3 分 前


  91. author

    Jack jack The gamer3 分 前

    Fortnite:We shall put no glitches Laser beam:im about ruin their rules

  92. author

    Dominic Woryn3 分 前

    Me just watching Muselk video... Did I hust watch this

  93. author

    Malik Kelsic113 分 前

    You copied musulk

  94. author

    Freddy FTW3 分 前

    Classic lazarbeam stealing muselk ideas 😂😂😂

  95. author

    Levi Richardson3 分 前

    And so it seems

  96. author

    gaige ah3 分 前

    Every day I wake up lazarbeam I fuck I hat my life. But when I watch your videos it always makes me feel better

  97. author

    Ace Bigboi3 分 前

    1 on trending let’s goooooooo

  98. author

    Angello Volpe3 分 前


  99. author

    TurdOnSwitch4 分 前

    Mechs 2.0

  100. author

    DodgeChallengerRTYt _4 分 前

    Have u tried pinball and vehicle?