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    KoopaLive48 分 前

    Jeremy Irons will always be Scar

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    nana ale時間 前

    poor ava

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    Jessie White3 時間 前

    Fuck the new movie for not having the full song

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    Emily Marinella6 時間 前

    Omg I always thought that he said YES MY DEEPEST AMBITIONS ARE BAD :D

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    Imtiaz Reyazuddin7 時間 前

    Came here after watching Lion King 2019. This song was lifeless and flat there, this is the great version I remembered.

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    AnTonioSF USA8 時間 前

    I love this song.

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    Janice Estrada9 時間 前

    This episode: Ava kissed all the daemos on the cheeks Next episode: The daemos will try to kiss her on the lips.

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    Janice Estrada9 時間 前

    Round one : Ava kissed all the daemons on the cheek Round two: Ava ends up kissing all of them on the LIPS! Like what the heck Ava.

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    the twins channel Contreras14 時間 前

    Can you react to this : jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ocRXaDB8yAs.html Don't reply

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    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf日 前

    Banzai: “Yeah be prepared we’ll be prepared. For what?” Scar: “For the death of John McCain” Banzai: “Why is he sick?” Scar: “Yes”

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    Oliver Brooke日 前

    I will preach it to the high heavens: this is the absolute BEST Disney villain song there is.

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    CrimsonScarlett日 前


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    #QueenOfCringe日 前

    Scar is a wonder

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    Kathleen Gomez日 前

    This was a cute episode.

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    Muhammad Reza日 前


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    Muhammad Reza日 前

    2:40 LOL

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    Melinda Monson日 前

    25 years later this still gives me chills. Not only is the song itself really well arranged, it truly shows how evil Scar really is. Not only is he Hamlets uncle, he's Hitler if Hitler were a lion. It shows that he's more than jealous and selfish, he's a brainwashing dictator who only cares about power. The CGI remake... Well you all already know. I could see if they just they took out the Nazi symbolism, and those effects aren't realistic anyway, but they completely butchered the song. It was cut short and it was honestly boring. I was really disappointed.

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    Coco Wolf Gaming日 前

    So when the flashback happened, You had Zane, Garroth, Vlad, and Travis as Kids (but Travis's eyes were Black back then, Before he got tested for forever potions, thus why his eyes are green in the later seasons) The person with the Yellow hair and beard is The Dad of the Ro'meave brothers And the white haired person is Micheal / the snake eyed man. The last person, Zach, Is Aaron's dad

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    Cal928日 前

    1:58 holy hell am I late but is nobody going to talk about that direct parallel to Scar when he says “sensational news” in be prepared?

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    chrisk and fara2 日 前

    Simba: daddy why is uncle scar singing with hyenas Mufasa: nevermind him he is crazy Simba: oh ok

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    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf2 日 前

    The Broadway version is also better than the 2019 version.

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    MysTiC Chang Tv2 日 前

    Have one question why do you never take off that mask at lest when you watch my inner demons I've only seen you watch 3 or four episodes because I was to chringy by you I'm sorry by the way don't judge my autocorrect I'm only an 8 year old you can't judge an eight-year-old right? Like for yes reply for no

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    Galaxy cat Meow2 日 前

    Ave kissed all of them lol 😂

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    Vampire Wolf2 日 前

    Noi's reaction is adorable

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    LycanGamingLp2 日 前

    ready for round two fight xD

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    Sherreo Z2 日 前

    hamlet vibes

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    Thabang Rashi2 日 前

    The original song is powerful,the 2019 is just meh

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    Mrs Serendipity2 日 前

    Since I know that Cummings sings the last part (after You won't get a sniff without me) I really notice it's someone else singing. 😂😂

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    Felicia Larsen2 日 前

    I can't be the only one that had to go and listen to the original after having to sit through the the 2019 movie. The BEST song of the movie, and they butchered it beyond belief. I will always have the original <3

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    zEEx2 日 前

    I mean wow, just EPIC it is, recent one is NO match.

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    Victor Montoya2 日 前

    Soviet Union does not approve of this song 😂😂

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    Huginn Hjartarson2 日 前

    1:05 Aww How Cute

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    gmmg2 日 前

    Just remember: Ed was the one who gave the hyenas the okay to kill Scar. vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/lionking/images/9/9f/Lion-king-disneyscreencaps.com-9552.png/revision/latest?cb=20170124071534

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    Kovu Oyunda2 日 前

    Hi kovu i am kovu

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    Happy playlist??

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    Wyguy the French Fry2 日 前

    0:59 Jim Cummings replaces Jeremy Irons and nobody notices

  37. author

    Elle Les Voit3 日 前

    Starting at 7:55 and ending at 8:52. It sounded like you have azma and you need your inhaler😂 You also sounded like those zombies that click😨

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    Trin Mahimac3 日 前

    R.i.p kovu

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    ARealCupcake3 日 前

    I just watched the live action remake last night. The live action of Be Prepared is awful compared to this.

  40. author

    Robokades3 日 前

    I just finished it.

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    LycanGamingLp3 日 前

    BOEM payment xD hellos

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    Greeny Yoshi (RockStoneLee19)3 日 前

    I swear Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze got inspired by the amazing music this movie gave out

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    Shade3 日 前

    2:34 onward is perfection

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    Galaxy cat Meow3 日 前


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    Galaxy cat Meow3 日 前

    Yay I’m not late

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    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf3 日 前

    If Scar is a homecoming or prom king nominee, then the rest of the nominees are totally screwed

  47. author

    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf3 日 前

    Scar: “My high school reunion was today? Oh I feel simply AWFUL. Must’ve slipped my mind” *Friendly reminder he’s still being sarcastic*

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    Music3 日 前

    One of the earliest depictions of evil I can remember. This is artwork.

  49. author

    Gabriele Nunes Righi3 日 前

    People: my crush is very kind and gentleman Me: Well... mine... killed his brother😬

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    Bestcool53 日 前

    he does not say duties like doo-tees but he says it like deu-tees

  51. author

    Bestcool53 日 前

    yall talking bout how they look like nazis but his rule is communism gotdamnit

  52. author

    Bestcool53 日 前

    okay yeah this a legendry video but please stop showing us the "my inner demons" thing

  53. author

    XxDimas2xX4 日 前

    why did they shorten the song in the 2019 verson

  54. author

    Icy4 日 前

    Who came here to wash their mind from the trainwreck from the 2019 version of this?

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    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf4 日 前

    Donald Trump: “My Friends” Karen Pence: “Friends????????? I thought you said we were the enemy” Mike Pence: “Yeah that’s what heard”

  56. author

    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf4 日 前

    Palpatine: “My Friends” Grand Moff Tarkin: “Friends????????? I thought you said we were the enemy” Darth Vader: “Yeah that’s what I heard”

  57. author

    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf4 日 前

    Palpatine: “My Friends” General Grievous: “Friends??????? I thought you said we were enemy” Count Dooku: “Yeah thats what I heard” Both: “Darth Maul????????” Palpatine: “No no please let me explain no!!!!!!!!!!!!” *Dies*

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    alt_ ENTWINED4 日 前

    This song deserved so much better than the remake gave it

  59. author

    The Old King4 日 前

    Back when Disney put effort into things

  60. author

    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf4 日 前

    Banzai: “Yeah be prepared we’ll be prepared for what?” Scar: “For death of Bush Sr.” Banzai: “Why is he sick?” Scar: “Yes”

  61. author

    Klaus Roger Stewie Cartman Elsa Anna Olaf4 日 前

    Banzai: “Yeah be prepared we’ll be prepared for what?” Scar: “For the death of John McCain” Banzai: “Why is he sick?” Scar: “Yes. He has cancer”

  62. author

    Rainbowlasanga4 日 前

    i like be prepared but it scares me at the same time what is that feeling?

  63. author

    Jozlyn Bew4 日 前

    Scar is a Queen

  64. author

    Jozlyn Bew4 日 前

    The new version really isn’t even a song. It’s more like Scar reciting a poem to music. It’s really anticlimactic

  65. author

    Jessica Dowdy4 日 前

    Scar is my favorite

  66. author

    Maria Molchanova5 日 前

    This was my favorite scene in the cartoon. The live-action was just plain *TRASH*

  67. author

    Joshua Lowe5 日 前

    I love Jeremy Irons Scar voice!

  68. author

    super godzilla 20195 日 前

    2:35 to the end. oh my god😲

  69. author

    freddy fazbear5 日 前

    Be prepared

  70. author

    Epic King Pig5 日 前

    2:02 just a casual nazi reference the normal

  71. author

    Di'Anna Baby5 日 前

    When you in algebra class and have this song on a loop😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. author

    francis njoroge5 日 前

    That zebra looks tasty

  73. author

    Tommy Wiseau5 日 前

    Ah yes the third reich

  74. author

    Vicente jr Baldovinos6 日 前

    Hyenas is a g. Love them sm

  75. author

    Anni-Chiyo UnChainedChiyo aka The Vampire Chiyo6 日 前

    Awesome I always luv this song 🦁

  76. author

    Gacha Artists6 日 前

    At 1:05 I always thought he looked cute!

  77. author

    DGD Fresh6 日 前

    Scar co

  78. author

    sTar.E_xo May6 日 前

    Hands down the best movie villain😈💜

  79. author

    Cars High School The Series7 日 前

    Scar turned a bunch of hungry hyenas into Nazi's in one single song.

  80. author

    ILoveMedia x227 日 前

    This clip is another reason why I think the live action version is a disappointment...they cut out the majority of this song. Sad.

  81. author

    Liana Soares7 日 前

    “We’ll have food. Lots of food. We’ll repeat endless feast” is my favorite tune in this song.

  82. author

    Derek Stokes7 日 前

    Six year old me grabbed a dictionary like the nerd I was. "What does coup mean??"

  83. author

    TheGreenTaco9997 日 前

    Muh boi just industrialized the ghetto

  84. author

    Roswell01Area517 日 前

    When a team has to face Liverpool FC or Tom Brady's New England Patriots...be prepared!

  85. author

    Paul S8 日 前

    That looks more like an Iranian military march to me.

  86. author

    Dyath8 日 前

    Six year old me: Scar is the worst Also six year old me: *marchs around the whole fucking place while blaring this on a CD recorder*

  87. author

    ShrekTheDaddy8 日 前

    If Scar was singing to himself, that would add a lot to his character.

  88. author

    Laura Olson8 日 前

    Where did the army of hyenas come from?

  89. author

    DaRk_NeWt8 日 前

    Not only is this the best Disney villain song, I think it could be one of *the best* villain songs ever

  90. author

    설밍8 日 前

    노래 시작 0:19 1:00 2:00

  91. author

    KoopaLive8 日 前

    Me when I want to be popular in school

  92. author

    Frank Guo8 日 前

    This is the reason that a classic should stay a classic.

  93. author

    Trino9 日 前

    Wait you can't enjoy this if it isn't live action. That's illegal.

  94. author

    Blaque Link9 日 前

    This is much better than the 2019 remake version

  95. author

    Z of the 21 Anything9 日 前

    Thank you. I can’t watch this siries without a reaction JPreporterr. Thanks

  96. author

    Two Faced9 日 前

    Some of the Disney Villains represent the 7 Deadly Sins: Pride- SCAR Wrath- Maleficent Envy- Queen Grimhilde Gluttony- Ursula Greed- Jafar Sloth- Gaston Lust- Frollo

  97. author

    Reena Yu9 日 前

    in this series, aph has the mark of irene I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😑😑😑😑🤔😐😑😐😑

  98. author

    Sirita Vanpelt9 日 前

    Okay for the first many I didn't think of aschxava as even a possibility but for the last few episodes he seems like more of a Tsundere than a jerk

  99. author

    emerald soldier9 日 前

    Hey Kovu, just a question what recording software do you use? maybe send a link to it, thanks. Also great reaction :)

  100. author

    Amr Omar9 日 前

    Will never listen to you scar let mufaca and Simba go😡roar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!