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We Got A MonkeyWe Got A Monkey

We Got A Monkey

17 日 前

I Got Beat UpI Got Beat Up

I Got Beat Up

ヶ月 前



2 ヶ月 前

Mocking FaZe AdaptMocking FaZe Adapt

Mocking FaZe Adapt

4 ヶ月 前

I Went BaldI Went Bald

I Went Bald

4 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Chase Schroeder21 時間 前


  2. author

    Epic etuag21 時間 前

    4:10 Dovregubbens music

  3. author

    Angel Alday21 時間 前

    Why you still wearing summers sirt

  4. author

    VxCraig21 時間 前

    Every creepy stuff was a chance 4 Jarvis 2 flirt wiv han

  5. author

    Tiffany Stroud21 時間 前


  6. author

    Yusuf Abasoomar21 時間 前

    Jarvis: age is just a number bro Yea and jail is just a room

  7. author

    Deo Ouano21 時間 前

    Is rage elixer there????

  8. author

    Derrick._.21 時間 前

    Don’t corrina go with aircool

  9. author

    Azim Ali21 時間 前

    Free jarvis

  10. author

    Twitch Mikksi21 時間 前


  11. author

    MK1 Vlogs22 時間 前

    You got yourself banned so stop crying and saying it’s unfair, you know what’s unfair,HACKING

  12. author

    RAPIDx 9922 時間 前

    "Did you just get pickaxed?" Hahaha i died

  13. author

    Americonna Dreamer22 時間 前


  14. author

    Cody Bell22 時間 前

    An up ban your done for ever

  15. author

    Gergő22 時間 前

    That is a conTroller player.

  16. author

    Boyet Soriano22 時間 前

    This reminds me of call of duty mobile

  17. author

    CØLD WRLD22 時間 前

    The best video and prank of 2020 👑

  18. author

    OneAndOnlyGianni22 時間 前


  19. author

    MCI !22 時間 前

    i know that you are friends with summer ray but back off she is mine busted head

  20. author

    Future Gator Gaming22 時間 前


  21. author

    Amelia Sommers22 時間 前


  22. author

    Samer Abdallah22 時間 前


  23. author

    Skrilll22 時間 前

    Jarvis u should use Aimbot

  24. author

    Kenny Smith22 時間 前


  25. author

    cxrsxn22 時間 前

    Didnt he get the faze house ip banned?

  26. author

    Akiriyo Gaming22 時間 前

    Jarvis : *not playing fortnite* Fortnite : *hires investigator* so how much we talking

  27. author

    Yuvraj Mahay22 時間 前

    All I can remember is when adapt was afraid of a basket ball 😂😂😂

  28. author

    Samurai D22 時間 前

    Faze clan: going In tunnel Good ghost: honking to warn them and telling them to GET BACK Evil Ghost: HeHe BOYYYY

  29. author

    DoscUwU22 時間 前

    nice ip ban ahahaha xd

  30. author

    Skye McGuinness22 時間 前

    what is the game called

  31. author

    Samurai D23 時間 前

    If sommer was here Ghost: appears Sommer: ay yo hommie wanna go to the gym sometime Ghost: am I a joke to u Also ghost: yeah m8 I’m down

  32. author

    Ayomide Anibi23 時間 前


  33. author

    Samurai D23 時間 前

    2:55 keep Listening closely for a deep haunted scary hmmmmmmmm

  34. author

    Strawz- 36023 時間 前

    Faze George

  35. author

    The Aqua Gaming23 時間 前

    When is 3rd part comingggggggggggg

  36. author

    DARK RA1DER23 時間 前

    Nice bro i mean its unfair epic if ur seeing this plzz unban him

  37. author

    Abdu albari23 時間 前

    Is that really music?!😂

  38. author

    Bj Baron23 時間 前

    bro just play roblox strucid its like for nite

  39. author

    the unknown23 時間 前

    12:57 theres something in the window ahhhhh🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😨😨😨😨😬😬😬☻☻☻😷

  40. author

    Ikonikiller 12323 時間 前

    Wish me luck for Faze5 🥺🥺

  41. author

    Matthew Cavanagh23 時間 前

    Epic games thinking that they actually banned you again, but now they see this video and realise that they were mugged off 🤣 I bet they are raging hahaha

  42. author

    Miles Morales23 時間 前

    Wtf mate 😂 I’m fat

  43. author

    HitmanJr122523 時間 前

    So we just gon ignore Jarvis shirt

  44. author

    yusuf mussa23 時間 前

    My cousin always laughs when Jarvis says “snipe kids every day.”

  45. author

    Stewies Salutes23 時間 前

    Damn that’s as dope as aimbot

  46. author

    EpikDarkBrook23 時間 前

    Nah am glad you got banned.

  47. author

    Callme bigchungus23 時間 前

    Your pfp does make sense

  48. author

    Potato Dreemur23 時間 前

    When i saw someones reflection in the window I got the chill's though it was just a camerman

  49. author

    I’m A Dude23 時間 前

    Plot twist: Jarvis was the one playing and he just did this so he could play and stream Fortnite

  50. author

    ischam budiman irwan23 時間 前

    do you guys see Jarvis is not play the game I see the controller his brother playing

  51. author

    Tony solomon23 時間 前

    pls jarvis check out 1v1 lol plsplsplspslpslsplpslpslp

  52. author

    Ptao Tom日 前

    i like how he knows all of his fans are children in 1st to 6th grade

  53. author

    abdulhakim mohammed日 前

    2:07 Just left jarvis hanging

  54. author

    KeepingUp WithIan日 前

    It looks good but it’s spicy

  55. author

    Gill Brengle日 前

    The guy that lives here is a man with no fears I have never seen a man that brave

  56. author

    FaZe Mello日 前

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA GET NIHTMARES! AND ALWAYS GO SLEEP 00:00!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. author

    Givenz BTW日 前

    Why did youtube recommend this to me after jarvis got banned

  58. author

    robloxfam98日 前

    Why the frick are there so many JPreporterrs here lol

  59. author

    Cobba NZ日 前

    its easy to knows its not Jarvis bc he had is pix as b

  60. author

    Owen Williams日 前

    Did Twap say she’s so wet wtf haha 😆

  61. author

    thambikku entha ooru ?日 前

    He should have done this in 1april

  62. author

    demon savage日 前

    please free faze jarvis

  63. author

    Fergus Moore日 前

    AUSTRALIANS: well thats cute

  64. author

    Krolilxy日 前

    ye i bet he did lier

  65. author

    FatEggz日 前

    Pewdiepie ryt now: sImP, SiMP, simP, nah bro just kidding this is just content.

  66. author

    Fortnite Memes日 前

    No one gonna talk about the sweets and pizza

  67. author

    Jan Darren Ravago日 前


  68. author

    Koizu日 前

    When he said im so bad i felt bad for that guy

  69. author

    Katso日 前


  70. author

    24kAtom日 前

    Highsky's haircut is lit 🔥 🔥

  71. author

    24kAtom日 前

    That even trick epic

  72. author

    FaZe Jarvis日 前


  73. author

    Pyxl_kick日 前

    Below the congratulations LoL 10:56

  74. author

    Ethen Charles日 前

    well done.............

  75. author

    Butterfly Click日 前


  76. author

    Mcebisi Zulu日 前

    No mask there is COVID-19 people

  77. author

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  78. author

    Sekureto Kun日 前

    Wait this was a week ago. Wasnt jarvis unbanned ages ago?

  79. author

    Victor Hernandez日 前

    It’s ok,just move to rocket league,that’s what I’m doing

  80. author

    Maddox hill日 前

    1959 :hundred of years ago ????fam what