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It’s over...It’s over...

It’s over...

12 日 前

this is the end.this is the end.

this is the end.

3 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Darkmatter_unit 11711 時間 前

    It is official Jackie is a gold digger she said its ugly

  2. author

    Rowan Lindsay11 時間 前

    Did you say my bomboolas rushing 😂

  3. author

    Julie B11 時間 前

    Brawadis is a home owner of a mansion at the age of 25.. if you’re reading this.. I wish u the same blessings ❤️

  4. author

    Cryptixz Shrdxz 1411 時間 前

    We saw Brandon stare at Jackie 🎂 at 8:27

  5. author

    Christopher Marquez11 時間 前


  6. author

    Christina Brown11 時間 前

    So Jackie going to move in

  7. author

    kimtoledokt11 時間 前

    Nice fancy house!

  8. author

    Bryan Lopez11 時間 前

    If wasn’t for Jackie Brandon would not have this house no hate love you Brandon

  9. author

    Snaz_Army11 時間 前

    We all know jackie and brandan are gonna get back together, then get married at some point! Like if u agree

  10. author

    MM7 M11 時間 前

    Wow you changed why you exposing her in the thumbnails

  11. author

    Haylee Villafana11 時間 前


  12. author

    Christopher Marquez11 時間 前


  13. author

    do vlogs11 時間 前

    Yo why u dont Marie Jackie u are 25 now u are at the age of start ur own family and u will get millions of veiews I am right than evry one like my comment

  14. author

    JOEMAMA On60FPS11 時間 前

    Like how his shower bigger is the size as my room

  15. author

    Alexiaa Vazquəz11 時間 前

    Lesssss go shes backk

  16. author

    Five night’s at bonnet Films11 時間 前

    If he hits 5 mill end the end of 2 weeks he’s has to date Jackie

  17. author

    Marce Minita11 時間 前

    Jackie was the first person to see this house. Even before Brian 😂😂😂

  18. author

    ReeF11 時間 前

    I actualy agree with Jackie on the pool part

  19. author

    Kareem Hawaly11 時間 前

    Brandon skipping about when his dad was saying that Brandon keeps thinking about the suns game just shows that Brandon hates when his dad talks

  20. author

    Sheba Brown11 時間 前

    I just noticed this was 1 hour ago!!OMG😮

  21. author

    Michael 00000011 時間 前

    Love how she says not gonna be in a vid for a while Three vids later

  22. author

    islamic channel11 時間 前

    Like for brackie

  23. author

    Ben Malone11 時間 前

    I was waiting so long and i kept checking if it was uploaded but im a hour late

  24. author

    Kevin Sanchez11 時間 前

    The master bedroom is as big as my house lol

  25. author

    Ethan Dang11 時間 前

    Get back together plz

  26. author

    Hugues Niyonyishu11 時間 前

    Shes just keeping it 100

  27. author

    Antonio Castañeda11 時間 前

    This is everybody that thinks brandon views go down if jacki left

  28. author

    T0X1K_ Exotic11 時間 前

    Tell Jackie to move in with you

  29. author

    Jael Nunez11 時間 前


  30. author

    Juan Cardenas11 時間 前

    They need to get back together

  31. author

    jc boi11 時間 前

    Random comment King: Brandon Queen: Jackie Prince: Booker

  32. author

    Delvon Odum11 時間 前

    Brandon and Jackie should get back together we will i they so much ❤️❤️😍❤️😘

  33. author

    Eliezer Cano-Hernandez11 時間 前

    Why does Jackie voice sound a little different

  34. author

    ZeNxFN_11 時間 前

    Just tell jakie to leave the house if she doesnt like it

  35. author

    yousef alrauni11 時間 前

    Brawadis and jackie should get back to get back together aint I right

  36. author

    Jordan Gang G11 時間 前

    Get back together plz for me plz that all I ask is for y’all to get back together

  37. author

    Kemdiah Daniels11 時間 前

    Jackie is such a vibe

  38. author

    Pokémon Collector11 時間 前


  39. author

    Vansia Sio11 時間 前

    I agree with Jackie... I don't like the house.. It's ugly..

  40. author

    Jonny F11 時間 前

    Jackies back!! We love you!!!!!

  41. author

    Vlone Cj11 時間 前

    that was a long break smh 🤣😭

  42. author

    laiba11 時間 前

    bro i clicked so fast on this video

  43. author

    Al Capone11 時間 前

    Lol bro always has to show some of Jackie’s Jugs to get the views LMFAO

  44. author

    JOSEMANUEL Suarez11 時間 前

    Angry lady:*calls security* Also angry lady:*gets a 5 or 4 security * Brawadis: I have a whole squad what you gonna do

  45. author

    sQuad Zulu11 時間 前

    Jackie and Brandon need to get back together😂❤

  46. author

    Natalie Sanchez11 時間 前

    I wish you guys would go back together. Brandon just ask Jackie out and date LOL you guys would look perfect and cute together again I love you and Jackie ❤️💜🤍

  47. author

    gang gang 34311 時間 前

    Git back to gether

  48. author

    GoOnWyatt11 時間 前

    Get to get her back 🥰😘🙏

  49. author

    Elias Ghazal11 時間 前

    Jackie is bein rude

  50. author

    Vicky11 時間 前

    Nearly at 5 million - SUBSCRIBE If you are browsing through and heaven't yet already! Hope you all have a great day :)

  51. author

    Ryan Garcia11 時間 前

    i have two words to say Marry her❤️

  52. author

    lazaer ll11 時間 前

    We want brackie

  53. author

    Ari Bolton11 時間 前

    I’m new u and Jackie should date

  54. author

    Jazmin11 時間 前

    All I have to say is “Lmafoooooo”

  55. author

    Hugues Niyonyishu11 時間 前

    Still can't believe you let suck a perfect girl go🤦🏾‍♂️smh

  56. author

    Edwin Cantera11 時間 前

    Brawadis you should do a 24 hours in the master bed room

  57. author

    Valerie Avila11 時間 前

    Brandon: I see no comments of anyone wanting me and jackie back together.. Most of Brandon’s subscribers: 👁👄👁

  58. author

    Vicky Carrillo11 時間 前

    is jackie moving in with you ? pls answer

  59. author

    JM Gaming11 時間 前

    Brawadis got a whole apartment in his bedroom

  60. author

    Bryan Lopez11 時間 前

    If I wasn’t for Jackie Brandon will not have this house but no heat love you Brandon

  61. author

    Evelyn Pérez11 時間 前

    Of course we want you guys to get back together pls pls get back together pls🙏🙏🙏🙏Stay safe:)

  62. author

    Yair Duran11 時間 前

    Jackie sucks

  63. author

    Ace Villian11 時間 前

    Guys spam that Brandon and Jackie should get back together

  64. author

    Ahmad Wasman11 時間 前

    Do you what brandin I would love to see you and jakie came back together

  65. author

    Mikhail Feliciano11 時間 前

    Get back to gather

  66. author

    Junior Dinguemnayal11 時間 前

    get back together

  67. author

    Creative Art Designer11 時間 前

    We can want whatever. Brandon can choose his life himself. He can get back together or not. It doesn't matter it's not our life and business. Grow up people.

  68. author

    C4RL0211 時間 前

    I hate these new scripted cringy videos

  69. author

    Owen Thiele11 時間 前

    Sherman the vermin is gonna get caught first

  70. author

    Paulinus Exotic11 時間 前

    I love how Jackie helps brawidis with his video's

  71. author

    Lazer Sniper11 時間 前

    I want them back together

  72. author

    Diego Mendoza11 時間 前

    Yea you have to get back together

  73. author

    Rahem11 時間 前

    he basically just did another house tour lol

  74. author

    Sengzzz11 時間 前

    Can u please stop the clickbate👀

  75. author

    Stephanie Lopez11 時間 前

    I feel like the day is coming!! You and Jackie back together!!

  76. author

    Cal Ben11 時間 前

    Get back together!!!!

  77. author

    VanessaXO11 時間 前

    i really thought his house would be more modern, his house is still pretty but i wanna see him in a boujee house

  78. author

    Kenneth Velasquez11 時間 前

    Video 8:24 for Kobe

  79. author

    Rick James11 時間 前

    Lol Brandon is assssss at basketballl lmaooooo

  80. author

    Param Garg11 時間 前

    I like ur vids and there funny and cool 😎 but this vid is not that entertaining I think that these kinds of vids should reactions people really don’t care of them but love ur vids and subed

  81. author

    Johnathon Castro11 時間 前

    8:29 👀👀

  82. author

    Gabe GS11 時間 前

    Screw her ig

  83. author

    BANANA GAMING11 時間 前

    Get back together 🙏

  84. author

    Cal Ben11 時間 前

    Get back together!!!!

  85. author

    Proxcees 1611 時間 前

    Wow she didn’t ever see it she saw it when he was reaviling his roommates in the part that he said why Jackie didn’t move in with him or I think it was the the vid after that

  86. author

    Leo Luther11 時間 前


  87. author

    Axalate11 時間 前

    Im not gonna lie but that carpet looks old af

  88. author

    Gabe GS11 時間 前

    Never talk to her she is a hater

  89. author

    Ulises Landa11 時間 前

    Anthony is funny asf😂

  90. author

    Cal Ben11 時間 前

    Get back together!!!!!

  91. author

    Aby Nanthan11 時間 前

    I thought it was a skit the whole time till she went till the bathroom

  92. author

    Umut Keser11 時間 前

    Brandon says he’s a mamas boy and mama rug wants them together u will proof your self by dating together and then the master bedroom will be there’s

  93. author

    Asfy Islam11 時間 前

    Come on Brandon even if you don’t have any room left in your house you got a big room just get back together she’s so nice and always helping you

  94. author

    Redflamingfox G11 時間 前

    Brandon it’s like saying why do u clean your ass if your going to use the bathroom again??

  95. author

    alvarez prankzzz11 時間 前

    Ask her to be your girlfriend .

  96. author

    Shadowninja Fyb11 時間 前

    Did anyone else hear Brandon say my babula is rushing 11:11

  97. author

    love art11 時間 前

    Jackie 😡. Stop being picky

  98. author

    Eduardo Torres11 時間 前

    I mean I would have a house with a pool but the new house is COOL eitherway there is no pool

  99. author

    Lopezzzzzx7911 時間 前

    He really be looking stressed huh man he looks like he hasn’t slept well in weeks.

  100. author

    MR_games11 時間 前

    This is how meny people that want brandon and jackie together