A stand up comedian too afraid to actually go up on stage, so he pretends by animating his jokes and stories
What I use to animate:
- 24 UHD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To sync audio cuz adobe animate is trash when exporting audio)
-Adobe Audition (To record)

Living on my OwnLiving on my Own

Living on my Own

4 ヶ月 前

Fame is LameFame is Lame

Fame is Lame

7 ヶ月 前

Rip OffsRip Offs

Rip Offs

2 年 前

Peer PressurePeer Pressure

Peer Pressure

3 年 前

  1. author

    Yusra Ali時間 前

    rip offs are really lame

  2. author

    Luca Toselli時間 前

    In my school the do drugs but I guess you have a different definition of crazy

  3. author

    ThijquintNL時間 前


  4. author

    CrazyGamer時間 前

    0:46 when I'm training my grandma to the final of the bullshit challened

  5. author

    Victoria the green cheek conure時間 前

    Was the youtuber YBR Random guess

  6. author

    WolfHacks時間 前

    No-No juice aka piss

  7. author

    Zakinations時間 前

    Imagine if it was no no snow and when the teacher sniffed the water bottle, you could call him out for sniffing the no no snow.

  8. author

    Rigoberto Linares時間 前

    I was also a weird kid also

  9. author

    RareRed_Shovel Extreme時間 前


  10. author

    Battlemaster 22時間 前

    For the love of God how do you draw hands.

  11. author

    bacon_man992時間 前

    [ *Joe mama mama* ]

  12. author

    Angel Animations時間 前

    SOMETHINGELSEYT: I guest you can say shoe and I got off on the wrong foot.... Everyone:...... ME: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ahem *coughs* sorry...

  13. author

    gaming isaiah時間 前

    My dad dose that to when he wake up he in full killer mode

  14. author

    NoEe Noee時間 前

    Da ppl dat made da show could be catching orca's just to make a show and dat orca probably could die cuz of captivity :T

  15. author

    Charlotte Backus時間 前

    nobody: Junko Enoshima: 8:05

  16. author

    The Player_ 27時間 前


  17. author

    Crazy_Eggo’s World時間 前

    Guys I just noticed… Adam is a Tiefling..........

  18. author

    Blake's Youtube Adventures時間 前

    did anyone else find the 832 with a box at 1:31

  19. author

    swim dude時間 前

    In my opinion I don't like CHOCIE MILK.

  20. author

    Pafu時間 前

    One day, people should say “hello Adam!” Instead of “hello SomethingElseYT.”

  21. author

    Sisser時間 前

    I wish I could give my teacher a bottle of toilet water!!! 🚽💩 The ultimate revenge for a bad grade! 🔥🔥🔥

  22. author


    Give me the link pls

  23. author

    Addison DeHart時間 前

    Me:scared for Adam Adam:sees scary doll Ad: CoMe DoWn ToO toCa BeLl Me: whAt ThE

  24. author

    Snoof Potato時間 前

    You have no pants ever-

  25. author

    Khlo M時間 前 you need a hug sweetie-

  26. author

    Calypso Fox時間 前

    Little did he know that 2020, would be anything BUT cool. (The quarantine may have gotten to my head.)

  27. author

    Fantasia Cutie時間 前

    2020 people?

  28. author

    Arty Ocelot時間 前

    In freshman year I'm going to take Algebra 2 (RN I have algebra 1 aka math 1 and I have math 2 aka geometry for 8th grade.

  29. author

    TiMtM時間 前


  30. author

    xavier matthews時間 前

    loege bord

  31. author

    Elly Yessir時間 前

    Like that smash button 😂😂😂

  32. author

    The Gacha Rat時間 前


  33. author

    The Wrier時間 前

    I can’t help but feel jazza

  34. author

    fiona smith時間 前

    My friends uncle had jaw surgery and he didn't want to get his jaw wired shut so he just closed his mouth for two months.

  35. author

    Yashiro Chan時間 前

    Did he just say like that smash button??

  36. author

    Pandoh Po時間 前

    Ok, at that part it sounds like you are drunk so... did you really not drink it and then pee?

  37. author

    Brahm Zell時間 前

    what do u mean high school i think you meant die school

  38. author

    Nasya時間 前

    I would just double tap mama the she would scare and attack herself

  39. author

    Awais Amjad時間 前

    Legend has it he's still pissed on them

  40. author

    Shooketh_ 223時間 前

    I remember one time my best friend brought alcohol to school and we had some and shit was fine. Then there’s this girl who was also in our group and she begged us for some, she took some and put it in her bottle and then she became a dumbass and drank it in front of a teacher, which a teacher got suspicious and checked her bottle and she got in trouble, she turned around and dragged my best friend down as well. I was too busy playing the piano and when I finally paid attention to what was going on, they already left with the teacher.

  41. author

    Maximix 537時間 前

    I was singing this out loud in my room, but my sister (whos like, 7 ) walked right when I said Fck

  42. author

    MISTER END時間 前

    this intro reminds me megamind intro or is it only me?

  43. author

    Adam Winslow時間 前

    Ya his my dad

  44. author

    Meesta Squad時間 前


  45. author

    Lotus Cook時間 前


  46. author

    Meesta Squad時間 前

    “Shut up I’m saving you”

  47. author

    xavier matthews時間 前

    one thing i did as a kid so i was like 2 (i think) so i climbed out of my crib and took my mom's keys and literally and i mean literally went to the door and started to jigal the keys at the door and woke up my mom and she thot "well maybe we should get a new crib but every time and i mean every time i would do it and even if she got a new crib i will still climb over it and now my little sister dos it (but she is 4 so ya you get it) (:

  48. author

    kicktrap Animation And Games時間 前

    Starting joke funny

  49. author

    DAKSHPLAYS- Minecraft時間 前

    TBH like tony stark

  50. author

    CaptainTomato時間 前

    this is a good old vid and that was a nice dbz impression

  51. author

    Teacup _時間 前

    Man, teachers have it hard 😂

  52. author

    Maria Rouselle Magdamit時間 前


  53. author

    Tes777Ethan is awesome時間 前

    Thought is was soda

  54. author

    Matthew French時間 前

    Can we get a Reanimated Version of this!!! With Good Animation?

  55. author

    David Yanovich時間 前

    He who has the most stories wins at life

  56. author

    pugboy 123時間 前

    shoe:shows me the vodka bottle Me: good job my comrade

  57. author

    Joel Sánchez -Gil時間 前

    You should have the double of suscribers

  58. author

    ¿blui peachii?2 時間 前

    My mind: cronavir- Yt:STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP

  59. author

    Lizzy Bos2 時間 前

    In third grade I couldn't stop falling asleep during a test, so I asked to go to the bathroom and I just took a breather and finished the test

  60. author

    Dat D00D2 時間 前


  61. author

    Jack Gilmore2 時間 前


  62. author

    Parallel Vortex2 時間 前

    Is shoe the same friend who smoked weed

  63. author

    Angus Hilliker2 時間 前

    Adam is LITERALLY medic from TF2 6:50

  64. author

    Ayden Spires2 時間 前

    It’s elish.

  65. author

    Yusra Ali2 時間 前

    i know its nice living alone but the worst thing is.....BILLS

  66. author

    asioe kiou2 時間 前

    7:48 "Someone took a sip." "Thought it tasted gross." A L L T H E S E M A G I C W O R D S W E N T F L Y I N G E V E R Y W H E R E 4:25 tho

  67. author

    Menacing Noob2 時間 前


  68. author

    Bella DR2 時間 前

    This such a good quality video, OMFG SO IMPRESSED😆😆😆

  69. author

    Kermitdsithlord06032 時間 前

    When I have a nightmare, when I wake up I laugh at myself for being scared because it’s not real

  70. author

    Steve2 時間 前

    I remember when me and the bois would bully him

  71. author

    XxEcłpiśe _ ChãnxX2 時間 前

    This is just awesome. This is my life, with out much bullying. I would love to listen to this while playing Roblox on my phone. Edit: Never mind. It’s on Pandora. I love it. I can listen to it on Roblox

  72. author

    bokinjan 72 時間 前

    This ga e me a lot og confidens

  73. author

    Everything Wrong2 時間 前

    Fucking how can one guy be so talented holy shit

  74. author

    Sanic the Hedgehog sunky dot net2 時間 前

    You only have one video one number two but I have not the judge cuz your dogo is cute

  75. author

    sgt.Peppers2 時間 前

    holy shit this same thing would happen to me in high school i thought i was the only one

  76. author

    Cyclops2 時間 前

    I think you know the *fat* style on JPreporter but have you seen the _leaning_ style or the ‘eeee’

  77. author

    Dimensional Demon2 時間 前

    Toilet destroyer :3 Alchohol is nastey, and there are alot of kiddos out there who do stupid stuff like shoe. It's cool to see someone making a profit from these stories and awesome animation! ((I also call alchohol no no juice. Whenever my parents get some alchohol from the liquor cabinet. I ask if they gonna get tipsy off no no juice))

  78. author

    Astra2 時間 前

    This is fake

  79. author

    mc firepower2 時間 前

    6:40 I start getting a death not feeling from this

  80. author

    Abbigail Kelly2 時間 前

    I like watching all of the animators as of jaiden animation letmeexplainstudios theodd1s our timtom and more but I like it because they all have different ways to tell storys

  81. author

    delete dat2 時間 前

    Turbo punch be like: It's an orca with a GUN (baby with a gun parody)

  82. author

    · Dotty :D ·2 時間 前

    Me afraid of heights tooo

  83. author

    DaTrueGamer2 時間 前

    The second I saw your vid got demonized I went and bought a hoodie

  84. author

    Giggly Gengar2 時間 前

    The into reminds me of the start of Megamind

  85. author

    Νικολας Κοντογιαννης2 時間 前

    1:30 2:30

  86. author

    xL Warman74462 時間 前

    If I was in that school and they took me for questioning I would say "What's vodka?"

  87. author

    Dara Popova2 時間 前

    Fruck, that jumpscare got me so bad 😂😂😂

  88. author

    Sander Kivirand2 時間 前

    "how i got away with ditching online classes"

  89. author

    rojo xma2 時間 前

    that voice in the minute 1:01 seems like Alastor's, only without the radio edit