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  1. author

    coldy lane3 分 前

    I would have asked him that why does he still want peace and not vengeance, after the atrocities committed by the Chinese army

  2. author

    Ethan P3 分 前

    Idk what Kool aid they're drinking but where do I get it

  3. author

    Imaan Farooq3 分 前

    So basically the Dalai Lama is the Avatar but without any air bending powers

  4. author

    Homero Leyva5 分 前

    I was literally having a breakdown because of so many things to the point that I felt my depression creeping back in and this really did help. Having a self-centered attitude makes you feel so alone even when you have a family. I literally felt like this video spoke to me and made me tear up. Thank you..

  5. author

    Oscar O.5 分 前

    Wtf anyone else get that ad when the video was about to end🤣

  6. author

    Moofy5 分 前

    That's amazing :)

  7. author

    Luke Stanton6 分 前

    R.I.P Juice WRLD 🕊

  8. author

    Tenzin Tseten8 分 前

    Takster is in Amdo, Tibet

  9. author

    COMRADE8 分 前

    The Lie Lama

  10. author

    Deep8 分 前

    China mercilessly butchered tibetans making them run for life and acquired the whole tibet. Yet no human right organisation or the so called UN did anything

  11. author

    jackie valdovinos9 分 前

    he was spitting straight FACTS omg when he was criticizing america’s education system he made so many points. most america’s schools don’t care about students mental health AT ALL

  12. author

    Deepak Dhankhar10 分 前

    Bro India is home for everyone irrespective of anything. 😄😄💓

  13. author

    Haxxor10 分 前

    Why is there a Nazi symbol on that shop 6:05 on the left

  14. author

    Sahil K11 分 前

    I recently met a Tibetan refugee in the tibetian market in new delhi, India. He told me about the current plight of the tibetian people and the human rights violations that they have gone and continues to go through (in tibet), the chinese authorities have blocked any kind of social media or ways they could connect with their families back in tibet, then we discussed tibetian history, modern chinese colonization and H.H. The Dalai Lama and his books. Overall, just like most people these are really nice and compassionate people that deserve justice and freedom, just like every other human being the need to fulfill their emotional needs and to lead a life of contentment and joy. It's sad that some powers oppress and take advantage of principles such and tolerance and affection that are taught and practiced by the tibetians and buddhism. Efforts such as this helps spread awareness to such causes, still it is important to come with solutions to such issues which now are sadly global, India provides home to thousands of such Tibetan people who have now become a part of our society. While I might be unqualified to make any judgement about the territorial and geographical situation of Tibet, In my opinion everybody is deservant of love and affection for and from their loved ones. Hope actions are taken along with awareness that is being spread today. My support with the Tibetan people and all those who are oppressed by such authorities such as China. Peace and Love ☮ Sahil

  15. author

    Rare0011 分 前

    I love you YES fam!! Almost in 2020..

  16. author

    Sarazdi11 分 前

    I love you guys. This is amazing

  17. author

    ron Ta11 分 前

    Two of the biggest pussy on youtube! Imagine being homeless!

  18. author

    Syndromicate12 分 前

    Never have i ever disliked a yes theory video But this one is an exception. This man is a hypocrite in disguise and I’d be careful associating with characters such as this one. He is not in the same league as the ones you showed in the starting of the video.

  19. author

    WTF13 分 前

    Why the fuck do you have a picture of mother Teresa in with these pictures of most influential people she was a horrible woman. Please do your research. Here is a book you may like to read The Missionary Position by Christopher Hitchens. Religion is cancer time to grow up humanity FFS!

  20. author

    420 Friendly13 分 前

    I don't think you understand the definition of a 'land mass'....

  21. author

    Tyler Most14 分 前

    I wouldn’t ask him a question.

  22. author

    Deepak Dhankhar14 分 前

    How do they take so beautiful aerial shots!??

  23. author

    Derenzio14 分 前

    Long live his holiness 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  24. author

    LE LIN14 分 前

    1:47 he was born in Tibet. Not in China.

  25. author

    Michael Khounenorath15 分 前

    "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

  26. author

    T1MRS16 分 前

    Anyone else see the swastika on the left at 6:07 ?

  27. author

    tds17 分 前

    Thank you guys for this amazing video. This is the kind of message the world needs now. So amazing to see you guys experience Dharamsala!

  28. author

    Kevin Rodriguez17 分 前

    It would be garyvee

  29. author

    g17 分 前

    I keep hearing garam masala.

  30. author

    gruesome17 分 前

    I’m petrified just watching this

  31. author

    Aline Tran18 分 前

    This made my day

  32. author

    Philippe Zevenberg18 分 前

    the bracelet link don't work?

  33. author

    James Franco18 分 前

    It’s 9pm can I go out and help someone tomorrow and not in the next couple hours

  34. author

    Nitnut20 分 前

    great job!! you should do some critical issue like this more often... maybe next is help fire fighter to combat fire in Indonesia? every year there is smoke fog across Malaysia, Sumatera and Singapore. The problem quiet problematic.. ike palm oil issue and so on. but if you can participate to save the Jungle/Orangutan would be nice too :)

  35. author

    bhavneet bindra21 分 前

    To see this after returning from mcleodganj today is amazing! Got to see dalai lama for like 5 seconds. Next time you guys are here go for the triund trek as well

  36. author

    Dtboss Rocks21 分 前

    The drone views are incredible

  37. author

    lae32822 分 前

    China is forcing Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol. 😒 we need to spread awareness on this issue.

  38. author

    Miss Stephanie22 分 前

    I wish this was at least 30 min!!! Or more! Very relevant question for westerners. Americans are very prideful and see success in materiel things (house, car, job status) it becomes so much pressure for young adults. When he referred to children not caring about race I thought that was important. It was a message to adults to embrace your inner child and live more freely. Free yourself of social pressure to be whatever and just do more of what makes you happy, help others if you can because that’s real success. I’m happy you were so open minded. I’ve been binge watching yes theory for a week now! I think I saw all episodes now. Lol. This video was beautiful. The other questions you all wrote down were also great. Thank you for informing people. Buddhism is definitely a way of life!!!! I’m happy to see people more interested in it. To me it’s so peaceful and makes you very aware of yourself and others.

  39. author

    Soy Boy23 分 前

    The best challenge you could do is to see how many homeless people you could feed in 72 hours

  40. author

    Paul Keenan23 分 前

    In disillusionment where should one place the mind

  41. author

    Raafee Khan25 分 前

    that ice bath is terrible idea. you are asking for hypothermia, btw Amar was only 3/5th of the way down! lol

  42. author

    Sahil Thakur25 分 前

    I missed the chance of meeting you guys

  43. author

    jose mauras25 分 前

    If only he was alive I’m sure his words may bring change to future of young men going down this path. Don’t get me wrong I don’t condum any violence or someone being killed. I think nobody should lose their life at the hands of someone else. They were going to torture him for sure if he would of been capture maybe death was better then that.

  44. author

    Tenzin Tashi26 分 前

    Love from all the way from mcloed ganj, and all the Tibetan community.

  45. author

    German Fragueiro26 分 前

    There's anyway that someone subtitle the dalai lama words? i couldnt understand well :/

  46. author

    H Y27 分 前

    damn it’s kind of scary how much people care about the way someone eats a burrito

  47. author

    sid vlogs28 分 前

    Yes Theory. You did a incredible job.... The main mission of humanity is to bring human beings more near not to separate HHDL Dalai lama always say we all are Same, so please follow his instructions you will definitely make this world more prospers

  48. author

    Zixbe28 分 前

    He sounds like yoda

  49. author

    Andy Nguyen30 分 前

    Can someone please translate and type what dalai lama responded with i am not very good with english

  50. author

    Jay Kenny30 分 前

    Yes theory is banned in China

  51. author

    No Direction32 分 前


  52. author

    Bruno Espinoza33 分 前

    Three “good friends” at the beginning of the video and he had to take an Uber. No friends when he arrived at Tuvalu and everyone went to say Bye at the end of the video. Amazing country, amazing people 🙏🏽🤙🏽

  53. author

    Pluto D7133 分 前

    Ahhh thats hot

  54. author

    G O D33 分 前

    the guy is a terrorist, not sure why people love him

  55. author

    Chiquinho Malvado34 分 前

    6:07 the left side --> do the ppl there not know what that symbol is similar to?

  56. author

    Gehenna Dogs35 分 前

    colonizers b like

  57. author

    Jordan Pries35 分 前

    its 3 am and yes theory challenged me to go do something kind so i went out and gave a woman a hug and now im being charged with rape

  58. author

    Jennifer Suessner37 分 前

    Wow great answer from one of the wisest men!!

  59. author

    Jun Steed38 分 前

    Now yestheory earned my subscription.

  60. author

    Jezza the nugget39 分 前

    Thank you

  61. author

    Khiem Ngo39 分 前

    hilarious haha

  62. author

    TheColinFerris40 分 前

    You guys are the best channel on this platform 🌅🙏

  63. author

    Ethan P40 分 前

    Like 90% of this channels success is it's drone shots

  64. author

    Macha V40 分 前

    Thanks for coming to India ❤️

  65. author

    JB Dragon40 分 前

    An interesting place I'd like to visit. It looks like a really nice and friendly country. Small with a large heart.

  66. author

    HDvideos AU41 分 前

    anyone else see the Nazi symbol next to Krishna Hotel logo at 6:08

  67. author

    Maverick Gyatso41 分 前

    Thank you for support.. Yes Theory. We Tibetan are grateful for your support..

  68. author

    Ethan Overwatch41 分 前

    BRO those people are so chill

  69. author

    vishwas pai41 分 前

    It will be awesome if u meet saduguru.

  70. author

    Ningxin Yang42 分 前

    This is video is so great!!! one of the best i have watched on your channel. Will you guys be travelling to China at any time?

  71. author

    Andrij42 分 前

    Penises protect the world? Which anime is this again?

  72. author

    Balanced Approach42 分 前


  73. author

    SKIDS n STUFF44 分 前

    You hate Derin so much even left him from the intro. No wonder he fell out

  74. author

    Lobsnag Tsering45 分 前

    Favorite color is green. Yes Dalai Lama and Buddhist believe life outside 🌍. In our daily prayer 🙏 we include not just the living being on earth but also in universe.

  75. author

    JJ Limpin46 分 前

    I challenge you to try that in our airport here in the Philippines, I bet you won't even last an hour after missing your flight... ahahhahahah

  76. author

    Feroz Kaamil46 分 前

    Dalai Lama lost my respect, when his followers were killing thousands of innocent people,Children woman in Burma he didn't even rise his Voice. He is nothing but Hitler.

  77. author

    Just Spread46 分 前


  78. author

    shoulin 77746 分 前

    Welp I guess this country will die quicker with all the attention this country is getting for tourism.

  79. author

    Nick D47 分 前

    Now go and meet the Pope

  80. author

    Ethan Overwatch47 分 前

    Oh man it huts to see you talk into the SPEAKER side of the phone (The other side is where the mic is)

  81. author

    Morgan Mink47 分 前

    Wait WHAT

  82. author

    Inbling47 分 前


  83. author

    Nick Tokar48 分 前

    The real question that should have been asked... "Do you know how to do the floss?"

  84. author

    frosty 00748 分 前

    thats where i live

  85. author

    Mino48 分 前

    Human incarnation of yoda

  86. author

    Skruff DnB49 分 前

    Dalai Lama speaking is the best ASMR ever.

  87. author

    Nabeel Zaghtiti49 分 前

    a swastika at 6:07 on a hotel.

  88. author

    Matt Man50 分 前

    How big is your..........

  89. author

    Payu〤50 分 前

    i would've loved to go with you if I could and had the money!

  90. author

    Jmmer50 分 前

    I still cant believe that people dislike these videos.....

  91. author

    Raafee Khan50 分 前

    5:50... LMAO that was epic. he even responded in English.

  92. author

    COLIN TOSH50 分 前

    Grow up dickhead

  93. author

    J K51 分 前

    white privilege...

  94. author

    Seanimation51 分 前

    You're so lucky you met Avatar Aang omg..

  95. author

    Noah Sosebee52 分 前

    The Dalai Lama is such a good pure person

  96. author

    Pluto D7152 分 前

    9:44 just no words for how he should feel missing the pump

  97. author

    Santiago Pombo52 分 前

    6:07 why is there a swastika next to the hotel sign on the left of the screen?

  98. author

    Zero B52 分 前

    Why am I crying

  99. author

    Ryan Reynolds53 分 前

    I thought of a good/decent question: ‘Is empathy shown through listening or understanding, or both; whether if it gets to the point of some debate (politically, or based off belief), and or if it gets to a deep conversation?

  100. author

    Raafee Khan54 分 前

    so... the Da lai Lama is the AVATAR?