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    David Boswell34 分 前


  2. author

    Sandi Lierley35 分 前

    Is there adult supervision anywhere on TOXIC FOX?

  3. author

    ohsobo35 分 前

    That’s scary, two officers on both sides?

  4. author

    Lewis Szucs35 分 前

    My friends throughout the world, especially muslims: Until your Sunni and Shia fellow muslims can come together, or at least stop killing each other, there will be no stability. All issues begin there.

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    The Game35 分 前


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    Charles Bonds35 分 前

    You guys are haters people around the world will be good at american football so all you Igernent basters can just suck it

  7. author

    Ya Hussain a.s35 分 前

    Hahahhahh that's good they will kill American soldiers now and US is the responsible for. Don't fuckin complain after why Iran killed ur soldiers. Death to Iran. USA is frustrated

  8. author

    shanos antwanos35 分 前

    One only has to look back at the chain of events by the u.s on iran starting with the tearing up of the nuclear treaty with them and weapons deals with saudi arabia to realise this is all planned.. Are we the people really going to let this happen?

  9. author

    Jp Fitch36 分 前

    Hell yeah! Obama shoulda cracked his jaw piece and broke his fuckin thumbs to shut him the fuck up.

  10. author

    Dolores Seabra36 分 前

    The impeachment hearing was a clown show... CNN is the train wreak here...

  11. author

    J.G.36 分 前

    Nice, trump gets the golan heights in Netanyahu’s terrorist Israel named after him, and now he is sending brave American lives to die for Israel and the saudi scum just to get at Iran and the part of the Middle East that isn’t rich and putting money in trump’s pockets. What a damn shame. Shows how much he loves the military. Weak cowardly fat cunt of a president. Disgusting.

  12. author

    Michael Rodriguez36 分 前

    Still trust your law enforcement? NOPE!

  13. author

    Black Water36 分 前

    Vote Hilary if you want a war. Lol.

  14. author

    Justin Zhang36 分 前

    Oh well, here we go again

  15. author

    The Cruz36 分 前

    At first I thought I read that title wrong but I didn't and then I questioned humanity

  16. author

    Carlos De Leon36 分 前

    I just don't understand why we've got to go to some other country at fight for them Iran attack the Saudis not the U.S

  17. author

    James36 分 前

    we are never good at packing it way. keep trying.

  18. author

    Rick Rong36 分 前

    Fake news

  19. author

    Hdji36 分 前

    What the fuck

  20. author

    menotyou notyoume36 分 前

    No such thing as white privilege No such thing as more than one gender No such thing as PC

  21. author

    Patrick Flug36 分 前

    Still blaming Saudis for 9-11? Wake up

  22. author

    Eli Willy36 分 前

    Fucking idiots

  23. author

    Walking Man37 分 前

    “In Yemen, Iran is perpetuating the war by providing sustained financial support and advanced weapons to the houthi insurgency..” Never mind that the US has provided weapons to the area that have helped perpetuate the war in Yemen. The US sold weapons to Saudi Arabia and those same weapons somehow end up in the hands of Al Qaeda.. how can any moral person justify what is going on over there? Innocent people are dying so we can play war over in the desert. Insane!!

  24. author

    Alex X37 分 前

    Now what about majestic 12 and those people they eliminated.

  25. author

    dems r Traitors37 分 前

    Try not to let the troll scare you too much in here.

  26. author

    Doug M37 分 前

    Thanks to obama nd the democrats giving Iran billions of tax payer money they have more advanced weaponry than ever before.

  27. author

    OpenSource Citizen37 分 前

    You are a hero. This would be viral if they didnt control the mockingbird

  28. author

    Aubrey De Bliquy37 分 前

    America is Alquaeda's bitch. this is Israel and Saudi Arabia all over again, the same as 911.

  29. author

    Omid Reza37 分 前

    I’m other words “9/11 wasn’t enough, we are sending more Americans to die for Saudi Arabia”

  30. author

    BubbleChubs _37 分 前

    Probably some strange experimental drone.

  31. author

    Mystic Madman37 分 前

    Tomorrow: Muh Racism! Sunday: Muh Gun Control! Monday: Orange Man Bad Tuesday: Muh Russian/Foreign Interference Wednesday: False Flag TBA Thursday: Muh Impeachment! Friday: Muh Climut Chainge!! Repeat as necessary, substitute Muh Racism on days when Mockingbird narrative dictates

  32. author

    Margaret O'Hara37 分 前

    This is just Trump's effort to detract attention away from today's disclosure that he is pressuring the Ukraine against his political opponent.

  33. author

    WildWonkyWizard37 分 前

    If this sparks a war with Iran, I predict Trump will take credit for every good action no matter how trivial and for every bad thing that happens he will blame Obama. He will waffle back and forth between these extremes for the rest of his life.

  34. author

    Charles Naaniumotu38 分 前

    8:15 to 9:08

  35. author

    todd prifogle38 分 前

    No. No No our troops can not be placed in harm's way under this President so embroiled in so many ways on so many levels .To deploy boots now the first with this potus and at the height of so much corruption financial and political and immoral sex payoffs .No one of honor can ask these our most honorable to sacrifice for this the dishonorable is not merely wrong and embarrassing this is contemptible and loathsome those who perpetrate this action may very well be irredeemable . No absolutely not . This stinks to high heaven . No . For the love of god No . Pause this Now.

  36. author

    Jane Day38 分 前

    I heard a guy tried to tell the government about climate change effecting our food and they silenced him real fast.

  37. author

    Luis Gutierrez38 分 前

    Yeah go die for the murderers of Khashoggi " America First" right Trump supporters lol.

  38. author

    Don Jindra38 分 前

    This is outrageously stupid. Where is journalistic skepticism? This is not evidence-based alarmism.

  39. author

    ATL 138 分 前

    She is using the race card

  40. author

    Red Man38 分 前

    Go cortez yourself Fredo. Cortez should replace the f word since she f'd New Yorkers out of 25,000 or so jobs

  41. author

    geddon8138 分 前

    Francis over here seriously misinformed and the only one using fear monger tactics. The AR15 , nor the civilian version of the AK47 for that matter, are not used in any military or used in any war zone as they would be easily out muscled by the actual AK47 and M4 . Secondly this dip shit doesnt even realize that handguns like the 9mm are much more a weapon of war because they actually go to war and used by our troops lol. Robert Francis, you giraff necked , pencil dick, fake ass white boy pretending to be mexican ...........Get educated you fucking swine piece of shit.

  42. author

    Ivan Ramirez38 分 前

    What the hell is compassion she said

  43. author

    Vegan Atheist- Coral38 分 前

    This is insanity.

  44. author

    Sim1 Manson38 分 前

    Climate change, real. God, hoax, fake news.

  45. author

    R's welcome Bedodyuti roy38 分 前

    To CNN. Chemical fertilisers only the cause.

  46. author

    Miguel Barajas39 分 前

    They’re conditioning people to believe that aliens are real to deceive them when aliens do in fact come. Aliens are fallen angels. They come in the name of Satan to bring forth the New World Order with our governments. They will also bring forth the Antichrist. This will all happen very soon. Research your shit and stay woke. We are living in the End Times. Jesus Christ can save you, but you must repent of your sins and trust him for everything you do. Revelation 13:16 “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”

  47. author

    T Brown Records39 分 前

    War is coming

  48. author

    Carlos Amaya39 分 前

    This estupe ignorant reporter they're full of fokers evil people

  49. author

    Colette Robichaud39 分 前


  50. author

    Makayla Ben39 分 前

    Oh my god what fucking bitches they are abunch of fucking Demond ass evil people who killed a kid who hade a hole life ahead of her ugh BITCHES

  51. author

    ß € Æ Ñ Ø $39 分 前

    The basterds did it

  52. author

    dems r Traitors39 分 前

    Okay Democrats you and your parents fell asleep more like a coma. And you're crying because someone else has to fight to clean up your mess.

  53. author

    Up Your's39 分 前

    Santa Claus is real so are his eight tiny reindeer , Santa lives at the North Pole , that's melting because of climate change , poor Santa !

  54. author

    Fortunes son39 分 前

    why have an army if ur not going to use's pretty simple

  55. author

    captainkesh39 分 前

    america = saudi's bi@tch

  56. author

    Ryan John Kennedy39 分 前

    Who cares why would anyone want to live in nothing village lol 😂

  57. author

    shamus Patrick39 分 前

    Now that there’s proof of life in space the new question is: should we nuke it

  58. author

    Sean XxX39 分 前

    Sweet! More wars for Israel and Saudi

  59. author

    T Chaw39 分 前

    F*cking war mongers! It's NOT our war!!! F*ck Trump and his corrupt, fake ass goons! If you are parents and you have sons and daughters going over to Saudi, if they are killed, get ready to sue the Drumph administration!

  60. author

    mathman4340 分 前

    Why do liberals hate America?

  61. author

    Zerrin St. Martin40 分 前

    So we are sending our valuable resources to The Kingdom and in February 2020 The Kingdom hosts a horse race worth 27 million USD ???

  62. author

    Future40 分 前


  63. author

    Seoul Man40 分 前

    CNN is fake news

  64. author

    David Hunzwi40 分 前

    @Nick Paton Walsh; You're either very biased & aligned to the deep-state or very myopic or lacking coherent mental grey matter. Your line of questioning borders on the already opinionated if not predicated on delusional aptitude & fallacy. Everything is right & better if its American/Western, supplies of ammunition, false flags of MWD into wars, presence in the Gulf, usurpation of the UN Resolution provisos & Security Council mandate by non-existent or coherent policy .... and IRAN has to be muzzled in the very region in which it is geographically located? Frankly you have no grain or fibre of prudence nor civility ,,,,,, if you also believe the convoluted narrative that drones "ONLY FLY IN A STRAIGHT-LINE" in order to place the blame squarely on Iran from a northerly direction, Indeed surely you also have to re-test and re-check your moral fibre & compass in order not to perpetrate & peddle the same old nonsense by giving an interview which gives you points from your pay masters while completely losing ethical _ _ _ non-biased investigative journalistic principles. You ought to be ashamed ... for the entire world to witness and tell that you are an agitated interviewer making a fool of yourself and your profession _ _ _ Lord have mercy: "No wonder why your very own President calls it "Fake News"!!! And I suppose CNN also has to re-look at the reasons why mainstream media is now reaching "Diminished Capacity" (its ceiling) ,,,,,, maybe its the staleness/triteness of the personnel they also employ who turn-out to be unfathomably bland, insipid, partisan and lacking acceptable levels of sophistication too.

  65. author

    Hieu Nguyen40 分 前

    Wtf is this fuckery CNN?

  66. author

    Unknown40 分 前

    More fake news....thx FREDO!

  67. author

    Ron Thompson40 分 前

    I.don't trust cnn but our milatary .

  68. author

    Doug M40 分 前

    Speculation is not a fact. CNN is fake news. The climate has always been changing since Earth`s creation.

  69. author

    Savage40 分 前

    🎶 Petro lords, taking black oil, turn it into green. Petro lords, taking green and turning it black. Faster than you would believe. 🎶

  70. author

    amador landaverde40 分 前

    Why? We are in year 2019, we have so much high tech! My next question is; why in hell nobody can capture a ufo with a good quality camera?

  71. author

    Condor197040 分 前

    So, how many more times will we let Iran attack allies and free commerce in the middle-east?

  72. author

    Jeff White40 分 前

    Looks like a bug crawling around inside the cockpit. 🤔

  73. author

    wootang k40 分 前

    Fake news. Why believe in science when you can make believe in the trump dump's world.

  74. author

    Tjzim m40 分 前

    We wouldn’t have war if the people in charge were on the front lines

  75. author

    Mr grow Medical41 分 前

    About time..... let's do this .... .

  76. author

    Aubrey De Bliquy41 分 前

    The permanent state is manufacturing consent for Iraq 101. CNN is a discredited propaganda mouthpiece of these traitors who are whores to the Military industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us of.

  77. author

    The Super Ninja Show41 分 前

    Saudi paid for 9/11 and We protect their fckin oil. We are going to get our young men and Women murdered over someone else's oil. Disgusting.

  78. author

    mandroidver41 分 前

    Next: Navy confirms that several rulers and diplomats worldwide are aliens,......but they are good people.

  79. author

    Jp Fitch41 分 前

    Lol wtf? People are becoming pussies out here. I've seen some grimey ass shit out here in the bay. I'm surprised this is even a thing still. We live in a melting pot. We need to build a wall for transplants cuz people aren't moving here for the right reasons anymore. This shit is still funny to me. Sorry, but wtf? Lol

  80. author


    Why are we selling billions in weapons to a country who can't figure out how to use them? We don't need their oil. Obama took care of that. As long as we stay good with Canada, North America can carry on without SA! We can let them take care of their own problems. Don't they need Confessional approval for this? Trump is the biggest national threat America has ever encountered!

  81. author

    m41 分 前

    Dennis should have told Fredo he will throw him down the stairs.

  82. author

    Tex Johnson41 分 前

    Trump cancelled Nuclear deal with Iran. Now to help him win in 2020 he wants to start a war with Iran!

  83. author

    michael nelson41 分 前

    I’m going to kick open the door to the Oval Office and chop that mutha fucking desk in half....BYAHHHH lol. Thank you Dave Chappell’s

  84. author

    Jade Martin41 分 前

    Article II of the Constitution gives the president sweeping power to conduct foreign affairs, negotiate with leaders of other nations, make demands or offer promises. The Constitution does not grant the power of review, approval or disapproval to spies or other unelected officials in the executive branch. The ICWPA law defines the parameters of an “urgent concern” complaint as an abuse or violation of law “relating to the funding, administration, or operations of an intelligence activity involving classified information, but does not include differences of opinions concerning public policy matters.” The president’s conversation with a foreign leader does not seem to fall under this whistleblower definition.

  85. author

    lee wee41 分 前

    Bully of the world

  86. author

    Larry Shores41 分 前

    This is not our fight. Saudi Arabia is a bigger terrorist state than iran.

  87. author

    Mirza Hankic41 分 前

    You helping human butcher.

  88. author

    Douglas A.42 分 前

    Could be real but then again this is CNN

  89. author

    Sherri Greeydelinarez42 分 前

    Now we know why Saudi Crown Prince was caught in tape saying"He's got Jared in his pocket!

  90. author

    new ksa 203042 分 前

    we live in the fucking desert , there is no way I can survive if the desalination plants are hit by a cruse missile ! You guys already produce oil , PLENTY OF OIL ! LEAVE US ALONE. IRAN will have no reason to attack when you are not in the gulf.

  91. author

    clear sky42 分 前

    War is lucrative business for the US

  92. author

    Japhet Anciado42 分 前

    Hes right homosexuality is disgustinggff bad ass honest president

  93. author

    Bean chaz42 分 前

    Wow, so you sending soldiers to die over oil, pray for my bother.

  94. author

    M A42 分 前

    Just like when the Kuwaiti Royal family fled their country when Saddam invaded in 1991. Leaving their population to fend for themselves untill the U.S & Egyptians arrived.

  95. author

    Noah Ryan42 分 前

    CNN = corporate news network

  96. author

    George Fields42 分 前

    Just lieing so Dammmmmm Stupid

  97. author

    mnoruzi42 分 前

    what did Saudis bought 110B $ weapon for?

  98. author

    armando garza42 分 前

    I’m reality she played two different tickets

  99. author

    terrence gillis43 分 前

    So not ONE person was killed in the attack!!! OPEC has been trying to get oil to $80. A barrel for 10 years.. think about that

  100. author

    Sea Star43 分 前

    Just an excuse for the US to get involved in another oil war. Trump needs to go.