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    Sara Chadi2 時間 前


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    Sara Chadi2 時間 前


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    Sara Chadi2 時間 前

    You did you want to kiss you I wanna kiss your son or else you are you tutor are you in Maman Cherie are you still in shame and you are cheeky in the scene scene by

  4. author

    Sara Chadi2 時間 前

    Okay did the snow shopping

  5. author

    Sara Chadi2 時間 前

    You are OK

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    Sara Chadi2 時間 前


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    Naidelin Alvarado Maria2 時間 前

    I’m kinda sad.. I didn’t see Shang

  8. author

    Asmita Pathak2 時間 前

    Movie link plz?

  9. author

    월드와이드3 時間 前

    Every disease comes from china.

  10. author


    🔥 I feel reinvigorated 0:46 💓 👇 👇 👇 👇❣

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    Jaq Lopez3 時間 前

    Budget: Over $200 million Box office: $874

  12. author


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I got such positive feedback about the film 1:52 ❤🔥💞 👇🔥

  13. author

    Risangster4 時間 前

    Where is the lil dragon

  14. author

    Brawlking 334 時間 前

    Omg that is so cool

  15. author

    Joshua Graham5 時間 前

    I teared up watching this film. The flashback scenes are actually really emotional.

  16. author

    Rahmat Rizkyy5 時間 前

    Bagi link downloadny dong :v

  17. author

    Raven Barrun5 時間 前

    Where's Shang and Mushu 😭

  18. author

    Sinem Kumsalx5 時間 前

    Hermione? 💞❣️💞❣️❣️ I love you Hermione 💞🍓🍭 I love you

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    MARY. G. A.5 時間 前

    Anong aso yan gusto ko bumili ng ganyan 😊

  20. author

    Nula Lenin5 時間 前

    Didn't this boy played the role of young Shaun Murphy in the good doctor?

  21. author

    Raven Barrun5 時間 前

    My most favourite Disney movie till I was a kid 😍😍😍 so excited to watch this 😭😭

  22. author

    James Christopher Cirujano6 時間 前

    Well... I'm waiting for the kids who watch this to see the real wild, where dolphins kills the mother's young so they can copulate again or elephants trampling over lion cubs, so they don't grow up as snowflakes. They should've gotten Sir David as the narrator or Morgan Freeman instead though...

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    Renias vA6 時間 前

    Why oh why won't Disney stop doing this? Rewrite history to make it as politically correct as possible, the highest dose of uncanny valley shit one can imagine and all of that nightmare fuel just to grab more cash..... What's next? A live action version of Fantasia with a lesbian one-armed asylum seeker from Kongo as Mickey Mouse? Instead of Tschaikowsky and Beethoven they use Post Malone and Drake for the soundtrack? I'm already worried about the p.c. version of Arielle they wanna force on us next year.....

  24. author

    Extreme play6 時間 前

    Lmao the captions says Arrietty I'll never forgive you XD

  25. author

    METAS MARGIE7 時間 前

    When will be the moved date of showing?😑🤨Cant wait to watch...

  26. author

    Rex Rig7 時間 前

    Tell me why evry1 hating this movie?

  27. author

    Kid Kid8 時間 前

    Viet Nam in 1:20

  28. author

    Taajwar Pope8 時間 前

    Bad News: we have to wait to Jungle Cruise until 2021 due to Coronavirus.

  29. author

    Pia Mangamoon8 時間 前

    As the Artemis Fowl books are my favorite ones for 9 years now, I'm not gonna watch this shit. Had to quit the trailer at the half.

  30. author

    Maru8 時間 前

    looks like MIB for kids lmao

  31. author

    Justin Ayers8 時間 前

    900+ trailer views add new audio give yourself goosebumps hype for REAL pC's ONLY Dead Pirates wood jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-cD1Rrfc0y-M.html

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    Jeet Roy9 時間 前

    Please release Disney Plus streaming platform

  33. author

    SHINee's Noona9 時間 前

    I want to watch it 😭😭

  34. author

    lili9 時間 前

    Lowkey hated balto after watching this😂 but honestly thanks to all the dogs that helped those children even balto!💕

  35. author

    James Trump10 時間 前

    I will never watch Disney again if Jessie J and her version of reflection Isn’t on the soundtrack. I’m over at Christina Aguilera could not sing that song today if she tried. Jessie J just one China’s biggest singing contest!! And saying reflection better than Christina Aguilera ever could! At least Mulan is Chinese too bad for Ariel she will never sell in China or America. Who’s gonna buy those dolls? 13% of the population?

  36. author

    nicole wan10 時間 前

    88 CCP mulan

  37. author

    nicole wan10 時間 前

    88 CCP actress!!! brainless ppl would watch

  38. author

    nicole wan10 時間 前

    88 ccp actress

  39. author

    Damian Prusik11 時間 前

    Never more here - so much for the future,

  40. author

    Streetsdisciple00111 時間 前

    Mulan will bring honor back to China after this pandemic

  41. author

    Dalon Beavers11 時間 前

    Is butler even russian? what the hell. when in the book did holly ever join Artemis's side. his dad is supposed to be missing an arm somewhere in the arctic. also I cant find Artemis foul in the trailer did they forget to put the main character in the trailer?

  42. author

    Justin Ayers11 時間 前

    HYPE FOR THE FILM ANYONE ELSE? Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ApXoWvfEYVU.html The Girl and the Dreamcatcher - Glowing in the Dark jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-5_ncIrrM8S0.html Boogie Man Bruno Mars 80s Instrumental jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-0Ofqnzn7LQI.html Arrietty's Song jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-scUyXaWMyAk.html

  43. author

    Joseph McFarland12 時間 前

    I have one thing to say about this movie, D’Arvit.

  44. author

    K12 時間 前

    the actress is so scandalous, can't watch thinking about what she did irl, fake ass artist

  45. author

    K12 時間 前

    piece of shit

  46. author


    🙄👎🏼 walt is rolling in his 👉🏼 ⚰️

  47. author

    adam sanchez12 時間 前

    Loved this movie!!!

  48. author

    BadAssEngineering12 時間 前

    *Where is MUSHU ???*

  49. author

    Zavier13 時間 前

    Take the damn cookie Edgar

  50. author

    Pia Morales13 時間 前

    Bro dis is a *Studio Ghibi* movie that was made 10 years ago (I’m pretty sure)

  51. author

    Maximum R-13 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-AW_P3IsTTPA.html jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-w1qUvFxrW9A.html jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-LsiWgFckF_w.html jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-jotioXU3EAw.html

  52. author

    Cody Munding13 時間 前

    About your whole May thing...

  53. author

    xzavier beamon13 時間 前

    This looks bad Although the action looks like it might be alright even if it is cgi heavy

  54. author

    xzavier beamon13 時間 前

    Who the fuck is this for

  55. author

    Sriracha Chan13 時間 前

    Aint that da papa from parasyte

  56. author

    Michael Beidleman14 時間 前

    What idiot signed off on this...?

  57. author

    winniegunz14 時間 前

    My nephew is terrified of him lol

  58. author

    Forest Decon14 時間 前

    Disney, please don’t step on the throat of my child hood... How many originals are you going to ruin before you start listening to people..

  59. author

    Brood Mother0414 時間 前

    1:37 the witch becomes empress that new but still I like this new way for the witch to become the main villain of this movie

  60. author

    Marcus Sharp14 時間 前

    Man this sucks, can we start a petition to feed whoever created this a tunnel blue spider

  61. author

    NAÛT14 時間 前

    Everybody gangster till Ip Man starts fighting.

  62. author

    Aarohan Balasubramanian15 時間 前

    Why don't movie studios ever follow the source material , I mean how difficult is it . I mean look at Harry Potter and how successful it's been .

  63. author

    Jammel Amascual15 時間 前

    Guys hear me Maybe this is not artemis junior, but rather the third. Since it has already been established that his father was a protector. Pls let this be the case

  64. author

    HLH15 時間 前

    I will always love this movie!!!

  65. author

    Kehinde Ojo15 時間 前

    Artemis Fowl: An Odd Squad Story.

  66. author

    •Infinite Hype•15 時間 前

    I really wanna watch elephant and hear Meghan narrate

  67. author

    Samurai JackOff16 時間 前

    Shape shifter? AKU!

  68. author

    Tobias Hamilton16 時間 前


  69. author

    Lead_Marie17 時間 前

    We watched this movie on the last day of 4rth grade and I balled like a baby. amazing movie

  70. author

    Camden Mould17 時間 前

    Can someone help I don’t even know what book this is based off

  71. author

    Camden Mould17 時間 前

    I just looked at the cast and realised commander root and trouble kelp were girls😕

  72. author

    Nike Land Drum17 時間 前

    Meghan is not my favorite. I might not know her, but here's my opinion of her. I feel she's fake, I could be wrong, but she comes across like she's trying to hard. I know it's just a voiceover but I don't know, I just want someone else to narrate this movie. Love Natalie Portman though, she's a talented actress. Meghan doesn't want royal responsibilities but she'll continue using the Royal title? No hate here, just an opinion.

  73. author

    Konatada17 時間 前

    This has the potential to be very good. Let's hope they don't fuck it up.

  74. author

    impossibleisfaby18 時間 前

    This is just another hollywood movie. Cause from Disney I see nothing.

  75. author

    impossibleisfaby18 時間 前

    Nope nope nope

  76. author

    goldgreatdane118 時間 前

    you know when i heard rick riordan was approching disney plus about starting over on percy jackson i was excited. Now i really hope that doesnt happen.

  77. author

    Mas Boil18 時間 前

    I want to see johnny too😭😭😭😭

  78. author

    sarah ibrahim18 時間 前

    Are the directors or scriptwriters bipolar or something because the trailer, teaser, and featurette are completely different

  79. author

    D T18 時間 前

    0:40 sounds like a scam tbh

  80. author

    Gossip Queen 10118 時間 前

    1:48 GUYS YOU SAW THAT!!! 😍😍😍 I don't even care I'm so excited for this film I can't wait to see my girl Mulan. People complaining it focuses more on the story plot than the actual people because it didn't get to tell mulans story properly.

  81. author

    D T18 時間 前

    So is it good?

  82. author

    Nathalia Daniel18 時間 前


  83. author

    Gossip Queen 10118 時間 前

    2:00 EKKE MY GIRL MULAN IS SLAYING 😍😍😍 I literally adore Mulan she is one of my favourite Disney princesses ever! I'm defiantly watching this

  84. author

    BlobBlubCheezy YT18 時間 前

    I remember being hyped to see this but it was so bad....waste of time don’t watch this

  85. author

    Concordia B18 時間 前

    I like this movie verymuch greatest movie ive everseen thanks togo

  86. author

    Юра Свіщов19 時間 前

    Heyyyy, now u should film nem Percy Jackson adaptation if even this book can bring u some money.# DisneyAdoptPercyJackson

  87. author

    Kush Minister19 時間 前

    when he called her ami i died, when she said her bit i died even more

  88. author

    Sarah James19 時間 前

    I liked the Percy movies as a stand-alone. They sucked but it was fun. But please ... Eragon was the worst when it came to book to movie adaption.

  89. author

    Jakob Peter Raahauge19 時間 前

    Why didn't anybody tell me Gong Li was in this one - now I wanna see it!

  90. author

    Katie19 時間 前

    I cried throughout this whole movie.

  91. author

    CHINES VIRUS20 時間 前


  92. author

    TheOverlord81820 時間 前

    Disney logic, a cropduster could be faster than a damn *SR-71 IN THE ATMOSPHERE*

  93. author

    emma24ism20 時間 前

    Soooo, the names are really the only part they kept??? WTF??? Where is his mother in this story? WHAT!?!? OMG, so disappointed already😭

  94. author

    Ruby Chung20 時間 前

    0:20 a burt rutan long ez a varieze or a defiant

  95. author

    Guylene DORE21 時間 前

    A voiir

  96. author

    Ali Baba21 時間 前

    How’s her after COVID19 💆🏾‍♂️2020/6/April, Libya 🇱🇾