Royal Family
Royal Family
Royal Family

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    KelvinBando Vlogs48 分 前

    So many lies were said .. No 🧢

  2. author

    kenziebear52 分 前

    I think it’s funny that whenever clearance proves a point that queen is talking about him and then she denies it the video PROVES IT

  3. author

    Monica Jackson時間 前

    Armon: he being bad Queen:shut up😂😂

  4. author

    Latasia Wright時間 前

    “What’s that on your neck” LMAOOO CLARENCE BYE😭

  5. author

    De Anna Taylor時間 前

    Pack lite 🤣

  6. author

    NANCY L Cabrera時間 前

    Nooo lis

  7. author

    Audrey Mcclain時間 前

    Queens looked the best

  8. author

    T HALL2 時間 前

    house 2

  9. author


    I love pats energy 😂😂😂

  10. author

    Mr JEFF2 時間 前

    2:43 got me dyin

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    Aliah Babyy3 時間 前


  12. author

    dacoda lanae3 時間 前

    my younger brother who 14 snuck 2 ear piercings after my parents told him no now he on punishment for 2 months 😂😂

  13. author

    T HALL3 時間 前

    you guys are smart to may also need to cut back on the drip a bit and save

  14. author

    Shyla and Her crazy life3 時間 前

    i want pancakes now lol

  15. author

    T HALL4 時間 前

    when are you guys getting married??? a home purchase is a big deal to be just boyfriend/girlfriend! Just do it already...yall are too sweet together

  16. author

    Sheena Bailey4 時間 前

    U forgot to pretend to hide the Camera😂

  17. author

    Ty _Tutorial4 時間 前


  18. author

    Tametria Willis4 時間 前

    Queen: He touched my inner thigh Mod: INNER THIGH 😂😂😂 His face expressions be hilarious

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    Kaybreonna Fletcher4 時間 前


  20. author

    Kaybreonna Fletcher4 時間 前

    Queen is beautiful in so many ways

  21. author

    The Life4 時間 前

    Most definitely house 3 💕

  22. author

    Cenerria Roper4 時間 前


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    N Y5 時間 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Bro when they started talking to store person 😂😂😂😂😂😂dawg they T’d Up real quick

  24. author

    g6 時間 前

    Cj look like queen.

  25. author

    ickyjess7 時間 前

    “ yeaaaa I told him everything 😬🙂”

  26. author

    Valeria Barron7 時間 前

    Team clearance yerrrrrrr

  27. author

    Krystal Mazelton9 時間 前

    U just hit me 55 timesss🤣🤣

  28. author

    itzthatgirlnyny12 時間 前

    when she pushed him i was in TEARS 😭 !

  29. author

    Khali Alise12 時間 前

    I say the 2nd house, you could always build a pool and still have the yard space on the side of the house 😌☝🏾

  30. author

    Grace Rogers13 時間 前

    ddg was laughing his ass off

  31. author

    Ronnieimvu_baddie 214 時間 前

    Who’s here from 2020❤️

  32. author

    Mr.Kelly41214 時間 前


  33. author

    Destiny’s Tings15 時間 前


  34. author

    Claws ByJas15 時間 前

    House number three is so grand , I love it

  35. author

    Claws ByJas15 時間 前

    Build one

  36. author

    Angeleyez Wilson16 時間 前

    Queen going to kick some ass.. lmbo .. That was a good prank ..

  37. author

    Giovanna Galvez16 時間 前

    Clare is like about to pass out he hates life lmaoo. He don’t want no baby with queen he over it

  38. author

    Sunshine16 時間 前

    I missed watching her cook 😢❤️

  39. author

    MessiahN Withers16 時間 前

    Bruh if u agree like but shouldn’t cj and legend get wet curls

  40. author

    Sunshine16 時間 前

    I fell on my neck 😂😭

  41. author

    D'Anthony Hughes And Laquil Tv17 時間 前

    They funny asf

  42. author

    D'Anthony Hughes And Laquil Tv17 時間 前

    Clarence 🤣funny asf

  43. author

    D'Anthony Hughes And Laquil Tv17 時間 前

    Ddg high asf

  44. author

    D'Anthony Hughes And Laquil Tv17 時間 前

    Hell naw

  45. author

    D'Anthony Hughes And Laquil Tv17 時間 前

    Boom Boom Boom

  46. author

    Trinity world18 時間 前


  47. author

    Na'Sir Fate18 時間 前

    10:36 Trey GMC😂😂

  48. author

    Jamie Pfeiffer18 時間 前

    Is that fashion nova😹😹 your thighs are busting out lol 😅😅 your def not going out like that !!! Queen ur not going out like that !# your half Naked hahaa

  49. author

    aleijha johnson18 時間 前

    it’s the “ima go put on this hickey” fa me 😭🤣

  50. author

    B2K _TEZ18 時間 前

    Wow look nice

  51. author

    Tracy Jagroop18 時間 前

    Get a house with a pool😊❣❣❣❣

  52. author

    Kickin it With Kaye18 時間 前

    She did not say she look like a Bible character lol

  53. author

    Kickin it With Kaye18 時間 前

    Everytime he said that wine was bussin I was dead

  54. author

    Queen Kaekae19 時間 前

    Team royal fam

  55. author

    alexis Mitchell19 時間 前

    The second one is more better

  56. author

    Hissa jean20 時間 前

    20 Thumbs up for keeping it all the way real about the credit. I like house 2 & 3.

  57. author

    Kion Murray20 時間 前

    In every video. What you tryna order

  58. author

    Nigeria Betillman21 時間 前

    Queen: lBro you ain’t gon say nothing are you” MOD:😐

  59. author

    Trinity Brown21 時間 前

    Post notification gang‼️‼️‼️

  60. author

    Gina Hope21 時間 前

    I like the modern house but you always say you want a big house in the third house has a pool which is a plus, remodel it to your taste and ya'll will be good go with your heart you have to live there!

  61. author

    Trinity Brown21 時間 前

    Bacon all the way!!!

  62. author

    ann jiles21 時間 前

    U know why there killin us? Cause there scard. They are seriously scard. They do not like us. They may not know it but they are

  63. author

    Pretty Brown Bird21 時間 前

    If this was real the radio would be on

  64. author

    MyEisha Truesdale21 時間 前

    "Do you wanna be single by accident?" 🤣🤣🤣

  65. author

    Trecell G22 時間 前

    CJ "mommy I got this " lol

  66. author

    Kash Khloe22 時間 前

    House number 3 more for the kiddos to do plus the pool and you guys can upgrade what you don’t like about it style it on your own .

  67. author

    keisha wilson22 時間 前

    Mod made that LITTTTT! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. author

    Mindy Vachon23 時間 前

    Queen I feel u my son is 12 he has same hair as Cj but alittle less frizzy because hes half white.. But it kinks up like crazy all the way down his back and so THICK and pretty he hates it and IT Us ALOT OF WoRK he still cry and Like you so sad to see it go..Thanks for the Video maybe I'll see how good it looks and it will push me to let my son grow it but 12 years of growth is ALOT...

  69. author

    Charlene Marhefka日 前

    Mod looked like a scared little boy

  70. author

    Jessica Blake日 前

    She really kissed the hair I am done

  71. author

    24hrsss日 前

    clarence look just like legend 🤣

  72. author

    Abby Dugless日 前

    Queen u to link back up with jazz and do a part three to prank calling fast food

  73. author

    Titi God’s child日 前

    “I fell on my neck”are u serious??😂😂

  74. author

    Jessica Blake日 前

    Lmaooo cj know queen cooking off bat

  75. author

    Sade Dickson日 前

    What does Clarence do????

  76. author

    Hailey Marie grande日 前

    Clarence was finna pack lite LMFAO

  77. author

    Yakeline Umanzor日 前

    Are those mood lights or moon lights ?

  78. author

    Chrissie Compton日 前

    was she tryna make it seem like boogie was the one that touched her? that would've been mad funnnyyyy!

  79. author

    Brianna Correy日 前

    The second i heard entanglement i diedddd

  80. author

    Leshayla Aahlee日 前

    This was funny af!! Y’all had me in tears.. lmao!

  81. author

    Junk Mail日 前

    Patty look concerned asl

  82. author

    Justice Beee日 前

    I just took a shower a long one 😂😂😂😂

  83. author

    Sapphira Warren日 前

    Who else rewatching bc they stuck it the house15:22-15:30 freaky freaky

  84. author

    kaylynn03日 前

    LMAOOOOO “i told him everything”😭😭😭

  85. author

    Bella 441日 前

    House number 3 with the pool

  86. author

    Ashanti Louis日 前

    "I think I fell on my neck" that's some bs with there. fell on my neck. u better break yo shit

  87. author


    Keep these coming, more workout vids‼️

  88. author

    Shenekua Stallworth日 前

    I just want a freaking couples video we don’t even get to see just queen and Clarence anymore. Y’all still owe us challenges 😫

  89. author

    Yeya Encarnacion日 前


  90. author

    Yeya Encarnacion日 前

    Do prank calls

  91. author

    Nadia Johnson日 前


  92. author

    Renee' Nash日 前

    Girl I love that you made this video when you started talking about credit because its so true mad reinsurance

  93. author

    WCKHRT日 前

    What’s on ya neck?

  94. author

    Miah NYC日 前

    Queen’s laugh makes this video 10x better I’m laughing so hard I’m crying 😭 😭

  95. author

    Yung tee9日 前

    What is that.a cock-roach”😭🤣

  96. author

    Jasmine Moore日 前

    I chocked on my food for this

  97. author

    M. Monique日 前

    “Queen beat it....” 😭😂😭😂

  98. author

    M. Monique日 前


  99. author

    Brooklyn Johnson moore日 前

    Did y’all need a mask???

  100. author

    Paulo Paulo日 前