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    CAD Jewels時間 前

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    DO EIXO2 時間 前

    I like this comment section in this video

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    Sidavit Na6 時間 前

    can sombody tell me what software was use to to render this masterpiece?

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    Andrew Makin8 時間 前

    not from its place. from architects place. not humble, not respectful. mind is alternative reality. place of delusion.

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    Lucas D8 時間 前

    could she speak more clearly please

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    FPVREVIEWS10 時間 前

    Same principles as desert plants trapping and retaining airbourne moisture, nothing new there... But the design and implementation are superb IMHO Well done!

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    diane dzierzynski16 時間 前

    Very thoughtful and the fore-telling of a possible future, if we decide to go there. However, since the initial spread of drones through the general population ...and Amazon...what has been lacking is a serious evaluation of what this could mean for our bird population, already under such duress that it is estimated we have lost over one-third of our bird population over the past ten years. Imagine what a widespread use of drones would do.....birds would disappear from the skies where drones roamed, Fantastic for people who want to hear a constant 'drone' made by mechanical wasps instead of bird songs and chirps. Just because something can be done doesn't mean it has to be done...................... Perhaps our civilization is being built on machinery , not on what the human spirit would truly desire and profit from. Surely we can find ways to transport packages and ourselves without destroying those things necessary for the human soul.

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    mr2nut12317 時間 前

    Can I buy one of these to live in please?

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    Business innovation17 時間 前

    Project: "Water and electricity are available to everyone ".

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    fritz eder20 時間 前

    I think we can have a cool cooperation:

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    fritz eder20 時間 前

    I guess we can have a cool cooperation:

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    Marcus Timothy Santos日 前 of its kind amazing

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    arQuimetáfora日 前

    The best project awarded and then rejected, These attitudes are due to architects Toyo ito and Kengo who are neither honorable nor respectful of art. Toyo ito, Kengo and the Japanese governments are art killers. Zaha hadid I win the contest that should be respected.

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    arQuimetáfora日 前

    that usurper project is very ugly

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    R. Dehariya日 前

    Where to buy

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    Patrick Mailey日 前

    They should have left it alone, I don’t want to go back and not recognize anything. I’ve been visiting for 25 years but I haven’t been for about ten but the memories, I don’t want it to change. Best museum in the world. There’s something about it when you step inside words can’t explain

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    David Léspar日 前

    what about this?

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    Ravshan日 前

    honestly its a bit difficult smth but first imprassion was amazing. But now i suupose sometime should be gone to accept such techs into usual life

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    adriana日 前


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    Roman日 前

    *Dezeen* Nice!! video

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    db berns日 前


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    Emmeline日 前

    loved it

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    Pod日 前


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    Soul Collector日 前

    Has Final Destination vibe

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    Polina Nyakova日 前

    Hold my smoothie I'll invent heepsters lift.

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    Coby Date2 日 前

    Good job Stephen, keep going^^

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    Максим Чех2 日 前

    We live in a society...

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    mushfequssaleheen2 日 前

    Inspiring !

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    Bruno Garcia2 日 前

    Wayoming style!

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    Ocodo2 日 前

    As an architect i feel offended, it's hidious.

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    talib alhashim2 日 前

    So ugly

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    Hessam Ranjbar2 日 前

    I wish you showed more of the actual building.

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    Optimus Phoenix Prime2 日 前


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    Jacob2 日 前

    You can walk faster......

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    Emmeline2 日 前

    loved it

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    NaDa SaUd2 日 前

    Love it 😍❤️

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    Matt Viel2 日 前

    But there is this "leader" that claims turbines cause cancer. He also says disinfectant being injected cures COVID-19, so...please move forward with your tech.

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    pandu pujo2 日 前

    Adorable simple concept toward smarter urban mobility to promote public transportation

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    Christopher Farley2 日 前


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    Bella Jarns2 日 前

    666 Anti christ

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    Christopher Farley2 日 前

    love this

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    Emmeline2 日 前

    loved it

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    Emmeline2 日 前

    loved it

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    Royalte Luis2 日 前

    What if it’s cloudy and there’s know wind blowing . For a week , your gonna be living in the dark

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    David Kwantwi-Mensah2 日 前

    Second lol

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    Cipla kids2 日 前

    It is very helpful for villages...

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    Robert Augustas Williams2 日 前


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    Christopher Farley2 日 前


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    Hsiao Fhong Tan3 日 前


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    Vixinaful3 日 前

    Just happens to be shaped as a pinecone and have the same colour..pinecone in your brain. Wonder why, hmm? It has a fukn killuminati stamp all over it. Theyre celebrating adrenochrome.

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    Maupin Maupin3 日 前

    Don't forget the horses.

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    Tarkan Kayli3 日 前

    Some solid points, almost Too down to earth for someone in the next level...

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    Danyaahl's Vision3 日 前

    Meanwhile a black man named moses created the first machine to create water out of thin air. But not gonna talk about that.

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    Danyaahl's Vision3 日 前

    So you stole the idea from africa along with everything else you steal from africa.

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    Emmeline3 日 前

    loved it

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    Noel C3 日 前

    0:10 changing the phone sex game forever

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    Jay J3 日 前

    wow... greatest master piece right there.....

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    Mark Turner3 日 前


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    The Guy With a Y3 日 前

    How...... revolutionary........

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    Emmeline3 日 前

    loved it

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    Pat Carney3 日 前

    This is so exciting ! I knew Beatie Wolfe as one of my favorite singers but had no idea about her creative work on the actual physical albums!. And her pioneering work on the technology with NASA into space is truly fascinating. Wonderful JPreporter not to be missed!

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    Design Doodle3 日 前

    My lecturers in the architecture school used to say how unnecessary her architecture was. I came to realization over the years that 1- she is a true artist 2 - she was good at marketing - simple. I think if we have strong convictions (how we think the world should be) + the willpower to persist in face of difficulties we all probably can be some type of Zaha manifestation, not like her but unique in our own ways. I think Zaha is great inspiration not because of her architecture but because of the way she went about pursuing what she loved.

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    Casius CBU3 日 前

    geothermal power plant all over safety first knowledge and splendour there are many including various themed libraries

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    J H4 日 前

    May her inspiration carry on for a new world of great architecture. Visiting her buildings in person is a truly memorable experience

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    Argoncor4 日 前

    This is a very nice chair

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    Ery Irwanda4 日 前


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    Julia Rogers4 日 前

    spider web lamp

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    지원Jiwon4 日 前

    Hello, we are contacting you from a Korean-American Magazine called Megook-Unni. We would like to ask your permission to use your video! We are going to leave credit for your video as well. Please let us know. Thank you :)

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    Lena Schiller4 日 前

    So creative and inspiring!

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    Carlo Hermelijn4 日 前

    8:16 Then you wonder why a big white sign is placed there. Any shot or photo taken from this location is ruined.

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    Emmeline4 日 前

    loved it

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    .Peppe. Gaming4 日 前

    The first step to the capsule corporation !

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    Catherine Rein4 日 前

    How beautiful. Let's hope that love and care and beauty spreads across the globe in these frightening times. Thank you.

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    행복하게_매트_4 日 前

    True 😔

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    행복하게_매트_4 日 前

    😻😻 this is amazing 🙏🏾

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    leni riversea4 日 前

    Muy bonito diseño, sin duda aporta un toque de distinción a la zona. Respecto al "concepto", ¿cuál es? ¿salir a correr, ducharse delante de desconocidos y zamparse una bio carrot cake?

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    Bharat Arvindan4 日 前


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    Ithad Beenso5 日 前

    Neat... now a youtube from 4 years ago about a car in a youtube from 6 years ago. Moving right along...

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    Lindsey Beck5 日 前

    This was great. Thank you so much for posting this Dezeen!

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    NoDramaQueenmillennial 19865 日 前

    This is truly remarkable,I would to have one done ,but my question is it safe on the body??.

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    Str8representing beats5 日 前


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    enzo rios5 日 前

    Does anyone know the useful life of this equipment?

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    Tarkan Kayli5 日 前

    Car design is where i want to be really.. The rest was mere reality..

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    En G25 日 前

    That's a lot of effort.

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    Thomas Powell5 日 前

    No moremoney

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    Thomas Powell5 日 前

    Hell yeah true identity

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    ahmet taha özyalçın5 日 前

    when the sun up, you cant really make anything (reading or working) on downstairs im sure of that

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    Arquidomos Medellin6 日 前


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    best6 日 前

    the end of life.

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    Rajendraprasad Padhi6 日 前

    We have started bulk manufacturing of this in India.. About 50,000/day..

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    Martin20356 日 前

    Thank you for this festival! It is so cool to see Dezeen collaborating with CAMP of Prague, where I live. 🙉

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    At Me7 日 前


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    Niiles Punkari7 日 前


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    Ms Dinamite7 日 前

    watched this 3 times and my brain is going in a 100 different directions. A contemplation and exploration of so much uncharted territory concerning art, its forgotten value to us, and our place in this very frenetic world today. An example of the power of the Original and Individual - deeply moving and illuminating stuff!

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    Naburju Design7 日 前

    Nice product. Look elegant.

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    qweqw7 日 前

    UGLIEST building I ever seen

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    Buhle Ntanzi8 日 前


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    Simon Hindle8 日 前

    I really like Adam a true taste maker