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  1. author

    Emma59 分 前

    AN ICON.

  2. author

    Alexandre Borges59 分 前


  3. author

    Richard Velazquez59 分 前

    Is it just me or his smile contagious ?😂😂

  4. author

    GlitterGloss!時間 前

    Do the Jonas brothers

  5. author

    Mr Budget時間 前

    Bruh I thought Brian will be the only rapper who doesn't flex on their essentials 😂

  6. author

    Carolina Maisto時間 前

    She is the best ❤❤

  7. author

    Kentre1l時間 前

    It taste good.😁- Lil Uzi Vert

  8. author

    Lázaro Murad時間 前

    so these are "swavorski crystalz" hahahahaa

  9. author

    Nati時間 前

    Bruh his voice is naturally auto tune

  10. author

    Tevin Edwards時間 前

    This is mtv cribs 🤣

  11. author

    Brianna Tomlin時間 前

    Uzi so philly and cute🥰

  12. author

    macoy65時間 前

    Vaya FUMAOOO

  13. author

    alex7sk時間 前

    I’d let lil uzi give me top

  14. author

    Cooper Carr時間 前

    that dog needs a cut he bout to start sweating

  15. author

    Edson Salvador Garcia時間 前

    La cadena del diablo y Jesús ya no tenía un diamante

  16. author

    Aiden Muvinski時間 前

    Why is there an insurgent in the back.

  17. author

    David Fuxjaeger時間 前

    This guy lookin like a alien. Wtf???

  18. author

    mr bungle時間 前

    ʟɪʟ Lᴜᴄɪғᴇʀ ᴀʟʟ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ʜɪs ʙᴀᴋɪɴɢ sᴏᴅᴀ ᴛᴏᴏᴛʜᴘᴀsᴛᴇ

  19. author

    Marcus Maguire時間 前

    He right abou the toothpaste tho

  20. author

    Taee B時間 前


  21. author

    XxSavagexX時間 前

    What is wrong with his eye

  22. author

    applefellfar時間 前

    Sarah Paulson needs a master class

  23. author

    Ethan Smith時間 前

    Uzis so humble. How could you hate this man?

  24. author

    Sam James時間 前

    Im pretty sure chance is a woman’s Cologne

  25. author

    marjaflood時間 前

    Qué guapo 😍

  26. author

    N_Boi時間 前

    Water and oxygen?

  27. author

    Onnethox時間 前

    These brands must feel like winning the lottery with all them co-signs 📈📈📈

  28. author

    RIP ETIKA時間 前

    No one cares, we want Frank back

  29. author

    flower butt時間 前

    He didnt even stop smiling 😂

  30. author

    Odd Lynn時間 前

    3:28 god I love him

  31. author

    Thizzkid時間 前

    I thought that was playboy carti on his shirt

  32. author

    The Fluids to Life.時間 前

    I’m surprised he survived as a kid if he couldn’t live without these.

  33. author

    ahaha asia時間 前

    3:31 when I bring ethnic food to school

  34. author

    Caninymous時間 前

    Man really said "moistest"...

  35. author

    thelegend 27時間 前

    Other rapper: I always have my chain Denzel: Gotta have my juice

  36. author

    Swayzz hamza時間 前

    My man is talking about grills but look at his gap lmao

  37. author


    Do Chief Keef

  38. author

    G3T EM AUSTIN時間 前

    Uzi: unreleased music

  39. author

    Abe時間 前

    He's a very good speaker and I've always enjoyed his interviews. Better drop eternal soon

  40. author

    Liam Gelston時間 前

    Inject this in my veins

  41. author

    Cristian 1時間 前

    Ten things we cant live without: Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake Eternal Atake

  42. author

    FunWithAJ時間 前

    Unpopular opinion here but honestly I didnt really like her actress until she was in the people vs OJ. Have seen every AHS season but hated her on that show. She always felt whinney.

  43. author

    A J時間 前

    Say lil uzi vert real fast

  44. author

    Don't Hop On The Spot時間 前

    One thing uzi cant live without Dropping eternal atake

  45. author

    C Roc時間 前

    This gon have everyone changing there “drip” lmao

  46. author

    Yaya rnb時間 前

    2:50 when my math teacher see my test

  47. author

    Yashua Antonio時間 前

    1) drogs

  48. author

    Aka Cece時間 前

    calls it a plane white tee, shows the tag..... u really paid for a dolce gabbana tee 😭!?..... that's tuff uzi 😂💰 big bank!

  49. author

    BryxzyPoo時間 前

    #1 he can’t live without flexing on insta😭

  50. author

    Jomo WC時間 前

    whats the exact cologne name?

  51. author

    Genther 3408時間 前

    Such a nice guy

  52. author


    Siik Lil uzi very and I have the same fave little bites.

  53. author

    Lispy Larry時間 前

    Bruh I never realize u til now axe was deodorant, thinking it was to smell fresh

  54. author

    Bot Whale69時間 前


  55. author

    Chris Foster時間 前

    You’ve just ruined David beckhams back tattoo....all I see now is a diver.....

  56. author

    9,999 Subscribers Without Any Video時間 前

    Leaf 🍂 he means by weed 😂

  57. author

    Patrick Harmon時間 前

    lil uzi: *moves up on a chain of colognes* also lil uzi: “i don’t know? it’s deodorant. i don’t wanna think about it.”

  58. author

    shucksful時間 前

    When you see rappers doing a full video of product placements, you know the END is near. GTFO!

  59. author

    MGJR96時間 前

    You have to be on another leave to rock girl cologne

  60. author

    gack chis時間 前

    Does he eat toothpaste?

  61. author

    Simple 1時間 前

    What's the song 4:37

  62. author

    Evan Ward時間 前

    TrY iT

  63. author

    Ty Rel時間 前

    Hands down the best one so far. HAHAHA

  64. author

    Wiggsplitz Machete時間 前

    He must live without a mirror, his face is whack, what a d bag!

  65. author

    Tonic Water時間 前

    I have the same phone as 2 chainz

  66. author

    Jaiden F時間 前

    We all love uzi tho

  67. author

    Nada #Army時間 前

    Please bring Benedict Cumberbatch in this show plllllllllz!!!!!!!!he doesn't have any social media accounts

  68. author

    Pumpz ツ時間 前

    This dude ended the phone war 💀

  69. author

    A A時間 前

    Kool aid

  70. author

    mii 12時間 前

    3:43 he spit some fire. 🤑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. author

    sang p時間 前

    This is just a promotion ad lmao

  72. author

    Micc0 Gamer時間 前

    Guy says 100000 two chains looks down at the dog slowly lmao

  73. author

    Code Red時間 前

    6:00 Ight imma head out

  74. author

    Rivers_ 6ixx時間 前

    Buju b🇪🇹💯 Rastafari

  75. author

    Parvez時間 前

    His face looks like the wall on the school toilets

  76. author

    Jemini時間 前

    Blistex is the Android to Carmex😂

  77. author

    X SydKick時間 前

    He is my birthday twin, anyone else? July 31

  78. author

    toko2000 Odishvili時間 前

    with 11 shots i could scord with my off foot

  79. author


    His garage looks like my gta 5. Garages

  80. author

    Bob Rulez時間 前

    Low key... Those muffins fire ASF tho

  81. author

    Zane時間 前

    If iPhones are Bics, Samsungs are like Clippers.

  82. author

    matthew yemane時間 前

  83. author

    matthew yemane時間 前

  84. author

    Zalia Crimson時間 前

    That first beat is insaaaaane.

  85. author

    lil texac0時間 前

    Uzi can advertise any item 😂😂😂🔥

  86. author

    CarFectionist時間 前


  87. author

    Djgoson時間 前

    I hate Lil Uzi vert Lucifer and he killing himself at 27

  88. author

    ts. 03時間 前

    Keep saying lil uzi vert quite fast you should hear lucifer

  89. author

    Jack Guess時間 前

    This man prolly smell like a girl

  90. author

    Kyler Bascom時間 前

    F uzi

  91. author

    Jai時間 前

    Anyone else hate her crying?

  92. author

    Daniela Carrasco時間 前

    Alguien sabe donde puedo conseguir este video sub español?

  93. author

    lauren kay時間 前

    a snuggie w no arms haha

  94. author

    Watchoutluhboirj時間 前

    “Try it” 🤩🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  95. author

    Watchoutluhboirj時間 前

    “Try it” 🤩🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  96. author

    Mc Nipps時間 前

    He seems depressed or something

  97. author

    Onii Ponii時間 前

    Why does she look half bald

  98. author

    Trippie Redd 1400時間 前

    Do blueface

  99. author

    Onii Ponii時間 前

    Kylie my dog's name is lady this is offensive i am very sad now

  100. author

    Caroline C時間 前

    I couldn’t help but smile throughout this entire video. his smile is so contagious