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  1. author

    JackTheLotuz 123 時間 前

    "a new super Saiyan" shows broly, uhhhhh sry son but broly isn't a new super Saiyan. Sure he got revitalized and has a new origin story but that's it. He ain't new. He old

  2. author

    Tee Phutson3 時間 前

    NO Uzimaki Khan? how dare you

  3. author

    Scully Sully12 時間 前

    Trailer kind of spoil too much of the movie, especially Gogeta, should've kept that hidden.

  4. author

    PriMaLSunrise19 時間 前

    There will never be a feeling like this again. Watching this is the first time I genuinely cried with excitement and sadness. Absolutely incredible. 11/10

  5. author

    tototititi日 前

    WTF talks too much and exaggerates its reaction

  6. author

    Sam V日 前

    April 26 is my birthday....last year it was endgame and this time it's only gonna be netflix because of quarantine!

  7. author

    Hprost12 日 前

    Everyone on Zoom during COVID-19

  8. author

    ItzSpoons2 日 前

    Their reaction to Lando deafened me

  9. author

    Jordan Young2 日 前

    You can tell that deku did not hold back by what he was saying. He said he will surpass bakugo and he said he used all his power so ha. Bakugo is strongest in the class

  10. author

    Jordan Young2 日 前

    Deku did not hold back because he said he is not going to hold back

  11. author


    I cry when Iron Man die

  12. author

    { Triple [Z] }2 日 前

    This number is how many times you heard Oh My Gosh in this video | | \/

  13. author

    JohnSon Adam3 日 前

    You guys can't ignore this cuteness

  14. author

    Khairul Hakim3 日 前

    I hate those 3 niggas. Fake reaction as hell

  15. author

    Ammar Firdaus3 日 前

    Bacof amnjinf

  16. author

    ナリリュウ3 日 前


  17. author

    Rihand Parde4 日 前

    When Broly rises *pure goosebumps everytime

  18. author

    Fool Slayer4 日 前

    "Eyes, lungs, pancreas... So many snacks so little time." I love that.

  19. author


    Look spiderman haha so happy

  20. author

    Mahesh Tantri4 日 前

    The Mighty ultimate worrier Gogeta

  21. author

    Elias M.4 日 前

    They spoiled the sh*t out of people by the 5th trailer it’s sad. It would’ve been way better to be surprised in the theaters.

  22. author

    Seni Goku4 日 前

    This is the badass

  23. author

    Danguard4 日 前

    8:28 Don't worry, it's normal to feel like that when watching ths :V

  24. author

    Virgas5 日 前

    Is this a meme?

  25. author

    Dragon ball canon5 日 前

    Did nobody noticed toriyama in the thumbnail?

  26. author

    Mr. Nobody6 日 前

    When quarantine is over it would be awesome to re re release endgame i will 1000% go and watch it again

  27. author

    Karnika Jeena7 日 前

    This reaction was superb. If there was a reaction mashup to the episode where naruto meets his mom and her death scene would be so amazing. Everyone would be crying then

  28. author

    Gabriel Alessandro7 日 前

    This fight is so well animated, absolutely insane

  29. author

    Alex Parikh7 日 前

    I like it.

  30. author

    Гагик Мнацаканян7 日 前

    Реакция в маске паучка бесценны да и и у всех реакция бесценно

  31. author

    Dawensly Miguel7 日 前

    lol that one guy that was screaming made me laugh

  32. author

    Cake Mix8 日 前

    Every now and then I come here to feel a little less alone

  33. author

    Marcia Pze9 日 前

    Thank you for this! Glad you liked my reaction!!

  34. author

    Gabriel Heath9 日 前

    if you read the Dragon Ball Super manga Super Saiyan God Vegeta is no surprise

  35. author

    N-Gin & TonicTM10 日 前

    I love it when Venom starts talking, and everyone just goes into silenced awe.

  36. author

    Victor Nova-Lopez10 日 前

    This is cancer

  37. author

    Godzilla10 日 前


  38. author

    j&j mallari10 日 前

    Broly is more stronger than kale

  39. author

    emily yulnina11 日 前

    They are not watch after scane ending song:')

  40. author

    Anya Cruz11 日 前

    Me and my classmate in online class

  41. author

    praveen -11 日 前

    Feels bad no one understand why Endeavor hated the scene of all-might. Imagine working hard to be number one with everyone telling you it's impossible to reach your goal. Even after all these hardwork and even destroying his family just to realize your goal is not what it seems

  42. author

    Богдан Николаев12 日 前

    Nobody was ready for Gogeta

  43. author

    ジョーカー怪盗12 日 前


  44. author


    Será q a segunda tep vai ser a última?

  45. author

    hello hello13 日 前

    When your in the online class but you put my hero academia on the teachers screen:

  46. author

    godzilla el pro14 日 前

    El n hombre a anña

  47. author

    상어의재밌는게임15 日 前

    스파이더맨 시선강탈 오지네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  48. author

    悲鳴嶼行冥15 日 前


  49. author

    Justus Landeck15 日 前

    och junge was sind das für dumme Leute

  50. author

    El ozuki15 日 前

    Que retrasados, encima dicen que es verdad xd

  51. author

    Nin The Frog16 日 前

    my head hurts trying to understand what they were saying

  52. author

    splinter36016 日 前

    One of the best anime episodes ever. Pure emotion.

  53. author

    ZONT TM17 日 前

    17:19 that is thatt

  54. author

    cheese grater17 日 前

    I'm sorry but how can ANYONE watch these large fucking mashups it's just tens of voices over each other lol

  55. author

    Tnv Madhav17 日 前

    I lost my shit when he points to the camera(deku) and shouts you will be next

  56. author

    Random Entertainment18 日 前

    Ahhhhhhhhh I can't keep up with so many reactions, it's...its to muchhhhhhh!! 🤯

  57. author

    Darkshadow 46918 日 前

    0:21 that blue face dora. What is that 😂

  58. author



  59. author

    sr pepo18 日 前

    Este versus practicamente se describe con la siguiente palabra: FAVORITISMO A MARIO

  60. author

    JaMoN Hc18 日 前


  61. author

    xX GOGETA Xx18 日 前

    Screw the trailer I’m in the music!

  62. author

    CK Mimi18 日 前

    Online school be like;

  63. author

    大島大和19 日 前


  64. author

    sapru K.S20 日 前

    Even in 2020 march, I can still feel it.

  65. author

    Данил Синюков20 日 前

    Сори,но Лиз за человека паука.Тк меня бесит его наигранная реакция

  66. author

    King Rahzar20 日 前

    I'm not sure if it's been said but I'd rather call the yautja race a buncha poachers

  67. author

    Sml Reupload21 日 前

    All Might: United States of Smash That one dude: THATS A RAP, I SAID THATS A RAP

  68. author

    sathika duangkun21 日 前


  69. author

    КтО тО жыВоЙ22 日 前

    Я конечно фанат человека паука но тут он выглядит дебилом

  70. author

    Weed22 日 前

    This feels like trying to fall asleep while the guests are over watching tv with your parents. The door is slightly open because you're a bit scared so you hear all that drunk mumble

  71. author

    HAWK SMOKIE22 日 前

    Yo yo

  72. author

    Eri23 日 前

    I know that reaction videos are cringe but why am I still watching it?

  73. author

    L.A. Prodigy23 日 前

    Not much of a person who watches reaction video, but this reaction is special

  74. author

    xSoporific23 日 前


  75. author

    Harmonial24 日 前

    How the fuck do yall watch this lol, can't focus on shit

  76. author

    Justice Chukwuemeka25 日 前

    What do you mean "it's only 8%?" You can say that because you have seen the potential of Deku's power. What about the Potential of Bakugo's power? Hell, Bakugo might be using only 5% of his power for all we know in this particular fight. Who said his power does not have a 100% value? As long as the story is concerned, Deku lost fair and square against Bakugo. If you can't use 100% of your power, it only means you are not that strong yet. Deku will get strong, but so will Bakugo.

  77. author

    Heartless Dark25 日 前

    Why there's no end credits?! 😕

  78. author

    Joan Ventura25 日 前

    7:39 - 7:55 was one of the most epicest moments of this fight.

  79. author

    Jevontee Brown25 日 前

    Can you do spawn gameplay

  80. author

    Christian Amorevole25 日 前

    What's your fucking mind problem?

  81. author

    [AfroGamer] FIRE ON STORM BLAZE MYSTIC25 日 前

    The suit white and read similar tobey spiderman

  82. author

    NËØ GØT MY BĀCK26 日 前

    7:39 8:40 9:23 badass momment

  83. author

    FearItself IV26 日 前

    I still cant with this scene... omigosh the emotion and power... i tear up every timeee

  84. author

    Sebas Zevallos27 日 前


  85. author

    Karate Kid27 日 前

    Wow lot of people

  86. author

    吉田ひかり28 日 前


  87. author

    HadesObsidian28 日 前

    Lol I can always hear Tyrone's voice in all these, doesn't matter how many people they mash up.

  88. author

    Pasang Dorje28 日 前


  89. author

    xSoporific28 日 前


  90. author

    the colossal victorious titaH28 日 前

    Reaction Plus Mashup you must hurry and take my reaction video about the last DLC character for mortal kombat 11 spawn and yes you have my rights to take my reaction video as a reaction video for your channel here take it hurry ok here mate -

  91. author

    nader nader28 日 前

    All girls look ugly

  92. author

    D' YONKOU29 日 前

    Venom 2. R u kidding me, all scane was taken from the first venom film

  93. author

    Primepro29 日 前

    This episode was so amazing and beautiful

  94. author

    Yashiroヶ月 前

    Tem um brasileiro aí no 4 Eu acho

  95. author

    もちもちもっちりヶ月 前


  96. author

    Iz Magzヶ月 前

    *travels to the past* *watches the trailer with people* "hey man why are you cryin" "nothin.. just reminincing the memories before knowing the truth"

  97. author

    عبدالله احمدヶ月 前

    The best thing in ths video this girl who's open here mouth all the vid

  98. author

    Spick Crackerヶ月 前

    Instead of “Endgame,” should’ve called the title “Avengers Assembles”

  99. author

    Dems Nalesヶ月 前


  100. author

    Jesse Gloriaヶ月 前

    Argentina tv shows