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FeDsax98 INTRO!FeDsax98 INTRO!

FeDsax98 INTRO!

8 ヶ月 前

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    АС милан3 時間 前


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    Wanda Garcia3 時間 前

    I I'm agree that no one better than Park Hyo Shin, but this video is missing a really good one sang in ICSYV by an IMFACT idok group member and the boy really deserves to be on this video. So please... Can you edit it and add the boy from IMFACT?

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    Jamisha Griffin4 時間 前

    I go to that church !! :)

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    Orion Harmon4 時間 前

    6:10 This guys sounds pretty good and after that he made an incredibly high note he did. 😲🎤🎶🎵😍✨💖💗💓💞💕

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    loveinspired74 時間 前

    The animations jumping up and down with each artist... along.with the A through G registers bouncing all over the screen is KILLING ME!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    leshredder4 時間 前

    Imagining singing 🎤 heavy mental like a bird 🐦 with whistle register

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    Jae Encontro Villados4 時間 前

    1) Charice 2)Dimash 3)Katrina 4)Mori ❤️❤️❤️

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    Francine Souza5 時間 前

    Dimash 💜💜💜

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    Santiago Farias5 時間 前

    perrie was obviously the best😍

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    Esperanza Martinez5 時間 前

    ¿Cuántos están aquí por Dimash? ❤

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    dyasious5 時間 前

    well, "over-anything" is always bad.

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    Rodrigo Dutra5 時間 前


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    Simone Brantley5 時間 前

    Over doing it makes it worse for yourself

  14. author

    Simone Brantley5 時間 前

    Trying to outshine the next person need to stop.. can't sing in the first place... yelling and screaming

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    Norma Mengual6 時間 前

    Ninguna se puede comparar con Dimash ni en voz ni en presencia escénica, carisma, técnica y musicalidad , Dimash es mucho mejor que todas juntas

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    Jerry Arispi6 時間 前

    The ambulance killed me lol

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    Jamisha Griffin6 時間 前

    the person that was singing on 3.03 she was amazing to me . and the E5 was good . !!

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    Fancy_fan_of_gab Xx6 時間 前

    What about Naya’s whistle notes in Smooth Criminal?

  19. author

    YvxN R6 時間 前

    El chino pleyadiano

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    Cloud Raven Hasigan7 時間 前

    When it comes to sustain high notes-- Katrina Velarde

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    Sam Wui7 時間 前

    I'm so glad you added Chrice in there lol

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    Paula Andrea Villa Martínez7 時間 前

    Now his highest note is a D8

  23. author

    Greater Mark7 時間 前

    fucking great video, thanks for your time

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    Jennifer Giacinto7 時間 前

    All the women were fantastic, especially Morissette. That child blew my mind with his voice. As fabulous as they all were, it was Dimash that totally slayed it! He did a very impressive run with it that included him hitting beautiful staccato C#6 notes. 👽👽👽👽

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    Malik Fellah8 時間 前

    Imagine if one them was your neighbour. HONEY !

  26. author

    Nawal Salman8 時間 前

    Wowwwwwww adam lopez

  27. author

    Igor Jezerski8 時間 前

    Dimash best of the best forether!!!

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    TheRealLeddy8 時間 前

    I personally think Pia Toscano's cover was the best.

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    Fátima Pinto8 時間 前


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    Sophie Mason8 時間 前

    What band is Tatiana from I NEED their albums O.O

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    Demetria Davis8 時間 前


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    Sannija Puriņa8 時間 前

    Only Dimash

  33. author

    kacmog8 時間 前

    Not even close to the Master, Dimash your the God of vocals!

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    Anna Müller9 時間 前

    Well I mean we all knew it was gonna be mostly Amber. That woman can sing better then I can fkn breathe.

  35. author

    Anastasia Good9 時間 前

    Все хорошо спели 👍🏼

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    꽃.디아9 時間 前

    Sohyang is actually the most powerful one I've seen so far

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    lla francyy9 時間 前


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    Funny is promised guaranteed9 時間 前

    my mom: throws a spider on me Me: 2:30

  39. author

    Viviana D9 時間 前

    Are people just not gonna talk about the last clip like holy shit I felt like I was ascending to heaven

  40. author

    Jake Giguere9 時間 前

    Those kids singing Jessie J were on another level, but I would’ve totally been impressed if it was an adult man.

  41. author

    Alex Shuysky10 時間 前

    David Phelps is the male version of Celine Dion! The have similar ways of singing certain words.

  42. author

    adalia 19510 時間 前

    So Hyang A5

  43. author

    Anca Mirela10 時間 前

    I laughed so hard! Showing off too much it's not good. They are all talented singers, so why do they still need to look for validation of their vocal skills?

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    ER TURAN10 時間 前

    Kz Готовит второго Димаша Есета Алжанова )))

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    Morgan Stewart10 時間 前

    I was waiting for Celine and thank God she was in this video😏 EDIT: you didn't put her best D5 smh

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    Dearly Dears10 時間 前

    Dimash is the winner among all females and one pre-puberty boy here.....because not only he can sing high notes as superbly as them all....he can also sing bass and baritone which none of the other singers here can.

  47. author

    Fiorela Espinoza10 時間 前

    Dimash kudaibergen

  48. author

    Oompa Loompa11 時間 前

    mariah carey the blueprint.

  49. author

    ER TURAN11 時間 前

    Dimash A1-D8

  50. author

    ER TURAN11 時間 前

    Dimash A1-D8

  51. author

    violet moon11 時間 前

    Only Pakistani singers have true vibrato

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    socrat Bumburidi11 時間 前

    Посмотрел все отрывки, до Димаша никто не дотягивает

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    robbin eriksson bursell11 時間 前

    List there names ffs

  54. author

    Moiseis Souza11 時間 前

    NA MINHA OPINIÃO, Dimash é o cantor mais completo da atualidade (em termos vocais)!!!

  55. author

    Сергей Рухов11 時間 前

    Великий певец!.. :-)

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    Roberto Lalals12 時間 前


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    mehdi kazemi12 時間 前

    WE HAVE 2 seperate things; there is a real voice and there is a shadow voice. real voice is a combination of head and chest voice and is the real voice but the shadow voice is not real. if we use from shadow voice we can go to high nots(a6-b6..) but it's not important as the chest voice. dimash goes to highet notes with his chest voice and this is the difference.

  58. author

    Hoybie R.12 時間 前

    Mori has a new cover of Fly Like a Bird and I find it great too 😍

  59. author

    Sharon Parson12 時間 前


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    superstartodd13 時間 前

    Where’s Patti?? Every time she performs, she over sings.

  61. author

    Rachel Video13 時間 前

    Dimash is the best!!!!!

  62. author

    Ryan Wong13 時間 前

    May be unpopular opinion but I rly liked Pia Toscano’s rendition :3

  63. author

    Tad Ka13 時間 前

    only Dimash gave me goosebumps.

  64. author

    Kiky Sabun13 時間 前

    Charice lebih tenang dan gak goyang nadanya, sedangkan dimash cari aman dengan menghentikan dinada tinggi lalu lanjut

  65. author

    Caleb Daniels13 時間 前

    What about Keke Wyatt?

  66. author

    솔라Heavs13 時間 前


  67. author

    Kiky Sabun13 時間 前

    Charice better good

  68. author

    Salma Draws13 時間 前

    YES FAOUZIA! This girl has stunning amazing vocals please go check her out you'd be mind blown

  69. author

    Martin Siu13 時間 前

    Only Dimash

  70. author

    MKaya Bun14 時間 前

    I would love to hear sejong gugudan to sing this

  71. author

    meme#09 Conllve14 時間 前

    Of course Charice is the best singer to sing all by myself she give the right justice for the version of that song. Even the original singer and writer of that song agree. She still the one and we miss her. Just saying😊😊😊❤❤

  72. author


    Without even watching bruno marz wins 😅😅 And i was wrong in the end ...

  73. author

    Nilza SB14 時間 前

    Dimash the BEST

  74. author

    Vanessa Vizicicanici15 時間 前


  75. author

    Bpix Kal El15 時間 前

    grabriels one was crazy

  76. author

    Cheyenne Turner15 時間 前

    Why did I start tearing up at 4:17?

  77. author

    Dominic Wells15 時間 前

    Poor kid. His parents didn't even gave him a proper name. 2:50

  78. author

    Naimas Pinoy Recipes15 時間 前

    Omg KATRINA VELARDE You are the best girl!

  79. author

    Burn channel Baby15 時間 前

    I mean its not about high pitch its ALL ABOUT THE EXECUTION of it.

  80. author

    Burn channel Baby15 時間 前

    Nothing compared to ORIGINAL....

  81. author

    Naimas Pinoy Recipes15 時間 前

    Omg, JONA VIRAY! Sing girl!

  82. author

    Naimas Pinoy Recipes15 時間 前

    KATRINA VELARDE IS A BEAST! Lung power girl!

  83. author

    Tursyn Doschanov15 時間 前

    Димаш N1.

  84. author

    ChimChim_Mochi15 時間 前

    I come only for Dimash, he have a BEAUTIFULL voice

  85. author

    Fanuel Kailuhu16 時間 前

    Charice, Morisette and Cathrine😍😍

  86. author

    Fanuel Kailuhu16 時間 前

    Omg, Katrina...😱

  87. author

    Brill Seo17 時間 前


  88. author

    Brill Seo17 時間 前


  89. author

    Sigrid van Osch17 時間 前

    The last one was way over the top but she NAILED it!

  90. author

    Brill Seo17 時間 前


  91. author

    Brill Seo17 時間 前

    These guys are AMAZING

  92. author

    김카리나17 時間 前

    *stan ailee, stan best vocalist.*

  93. author

    Brill Seo17 時間 前

    5 Filipinas in the row💁‍♀️

  94. author

    Tiffany Simborio17 時間 前

    From C6 C#6 D6 E6 Ohhh Niiiiiight

  95. author

    Christian Joris Castillo18 時間 前

    Morissette, Charice, Angeline and Jona...very soulful. Katrina V. Lung power!!

  96. author

    DEXTER DION18 時間 前

    From Philippines Park KiYoung and Sohyang I admired them such a true FRIENDS DIVA

  97. author

    리오오18 時間 前

    솔직히 박효신 다음은 박혜원이다..

  98. author

    Joshua Tianchon19 時間 前

    Charice, crystal clear and powerful high note.

  99. author

    surmila singh19 時間 前

    These people are very very talented to execute mariah's song like that .....

  100. author

    Mister Toitle19 時間 前

    Asian singers are so underrated because of fucking Hollywood standards.