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  1. author

    Battolu56 分 前

    5:40 Kyrie didnt just take that man's layup, he took his number too

  2. author

    KvnDWr57 分 前

    7:02 - you know it's real when dude is getting doubled on a step-back from the edge of the logo

  3. author

    John Dough57 分 前

    The Lakers Organization has drafted a whole lot talented players for the NBA. Peace

  4. author

    Miguel Arredondo58 分 前

    Harden workedon his spot up 3pt shot

  5. author

    jack johnson59 分 前

    The reporter at the start of the vid sound like shetrynna have Barrett Jr

  6. author

    The Saucy Tiger59 分 前

    You guys forgot LeBron restoring his hairline Just for the jokes

  7. author

    Why the Race Card is Played時間 前


  8. author

    Leo Morales時間 前

    14:00 looks like something DWade would do

  9. author

    KvnDWr時間 前

    4:10 - that footwork is orgasmic

  10. author

    charles yam時間 前

    Don't ever pick up Zion, you'll be on a poster.

  11. author

    AristotleXraven時間 前

    Raptors bench looking strong af

  12. author

    aa. gg.時間 前

    Pels pulling off those 1 point games

  13. author

    H. Lux時間 前

    Lakers will destroy this team haha can’t wait!

  14. author

    FÏÎÌTŽŹŻÖÖÖ 35時間 前

    Iutffvkutt 1000 comment

  15. author

    b4c0n88時間 前


  16. author

    SPORTS MEDIA enthusiast時間 前

    Theres someone who dislike this video..

  17. author

    Johnny Huang時間 前

    1:44 nasty pass

  18. author

    Reggie McCoy時間 前

    Die Hard Laker Fan Says I Love That Tip Off and Move Westbrook Did When He Caught The Ball Out Of No Where Dang Number 4 Had Both Players Jumping With A Fake Nice Job Sir Much Love And Respect

  19. author

    whip tater時間 前

    JJ still got that 3-ball money gonna be hard to replace

  20. author

    Joshua Howard時間 前

    I like this baller Bucks betting game thingy 🔥🔥💯💯 should do it more as the season progresses 😆😆👏👏😤😤

  21. author

    Drewskeez時間 前

    2:26 Holy crap, those cameramen in sync on the right though. 3:15 Also it looks like Kawhi got hit pretty hard :(

  22. author

    Used Burrito時間 前

    Tbh the Knicks have a decent squad they just need time

  23. author

    HTO時間 前

    Very high floor

  24. author

    Demetrius Waller時間 前

    Lol I work at ups n I be in truck throwing the boxes behind my back

  25. author

    Joshua Howard時間 前

    Same thing I was thinkin, that’s a weird azz name 🤣🤣

  26. author

    Jessie Lopez時間 前

    Coby White will be better.

  27. author

    DaKermitFrog時間 前

    Next time harden starts dribbling though his legs, just walk up to him and push him to the floor, make him know he's not gonna keep that shit up.

  28. author

    Tic toc Motherfvcker時間 前

    Iverson: the preseason????

  29. author

    Jessie Lopez時間 前

    This is good but come on. If it’s not at least 20pts or 10ast. Why we even taking about him ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  30. author

    Avin Das時間 前

    that boy Derrick Jones Jr floating

  31. author

    Joey Burgess時間 前

    thanks but like carson edwards

  32. author

    Chris Thomas時間 前

    Damn they playing again

  33. author

    高聖普時間 前


  34. author

    Joshua Howard時間 前

    Icy 🔥🔥💯💯❄️❄️🥶🥶😤😤

  35. author

    Killface Del時間 前

    I think was crazy is Luka is also a net positive defender and only improving.

  36. author

    greg ross時間 前

    Point God Grace's us with a sample of his game

  37. author

    Joshua Howard時間 前

    49:47 🤨🤨🤔🤔🤣🤣

  38. author

    Seven Mill時間 前

    "We Don't Bow Down" Ya heard me!

  39. author

    Ryan Taylor時間 前

    They should take this show to China

  40. author

    Darian Hercule時間 前

    Best player to ever play, but not the greatest 💯

  41. author

    Joshua Howard時間 前

    Did bro just say Malik Monk is ass 🥶🥶

  42. author

    king jelly2 時間 前

    The Play of the Game at 0:26

  43. author

    DaFreshLab2 時間 前

    Rj Barrett is a ball hog just like he was at Duke

  44. author

    Jaypee2 時間 前

    *Johnny Sins joined the chat bois* 3:40

  45. author

    reynoldmn2 時間 前

    Yall really sleep because it's preseason but watch the Mavericks this season are gonna be nasty

  46. author

    Ruairi Corroon2 時間 前

    this season boutta be crazy

  47. author

    andy pandy2 時間 前

    Nick Young you a fool for that one. LMAO

  48. author

    Shakeed Washington2 時間 前

    Yo, just about all of these cats could still in college playing haha that will always be crazy to look at

  49. author

    king james2 時間 前

    Kawhi and giannis are better than James, change my ming

  50. author

    Abel Lai2 時間 前

    Commenator: "Jokić'll shoot the 3" Jokić is 3-4 feet inside the 3-point line

  51. author

    ChubbyChick192 時間 前

    My SIAKAM😘

  52. author

    m2 時間 前

    I can see Boucher has put on some weight. He's still skinny af but he looks stronger than last year 💪

  53. author

    Alex Saug2 時間 前


  54. author

    king james2 時間 前

    Idc no pg-13

  55. author

    Tyler Grant2 時間 前

    shot clock shit dumb

  56. author

    Kevin Patel2 時間 前

    Lols - LBJ is the best

  57. author

    F III R2 時間 前

    Not even trying to discredit ZN. But I'm starting to think that Poole is the problem.

  58. author

    tka0606812 時間 前

    Against Lakers C team.

  59. author

    Wisely Chen2 時間 前


  60. author

    Auc 2.02 時間 前

    Knicks starting lineup PG:Rj Barrett SG:Trier SF:Kevin Knox PF:Julius Randle C:Mitchell Robinson 2nd Unit: PG:Dennis Smith Jr SG:Frank Ntillikina SF:Wayne Ellington PF:Bobby Portis/Marcus Morris C:Taj Gibson

  61. author

    YT2 時間 前

    I suspect India wasn’t rooting for Indiana. These games seem fruity

  62. author

    Keith Harris2 時間 前

    The ex-Lakers put up a show! Randle, Hart, Ingram, and Ball getting it done.

  63. author

    pj tor2 時間 前

    4:59 is the historic day when the NBA no longer calls a carry. His first name should’ve been Mariah with that one 🤷🏾‍♂️

  64. author

    Rich Hustle2 時間 前

    isnt that a carry at 5:08 or they just dont call carries anymore

  65. author

    RS_ brazy2 時間 前

    I really just came to see lecque

  66. author

    Air Bacon2 時間 前

    Literally the most pointless jersey swap ever 😂

  67. author

    KILLE’M2 時間 前

    Dallas was mad underrated this preseason

  68. author

    Solowkey _Chris2 時間 前

    Who else was just staring at the shot clock thing on the court for the first 2 minutes

  69. author

    Cricguru 882 時間 前

    You almost need to watch these highlights several times over. Kawhi's positioning is just unbelievable, and his situational awareness and ability to execute a seamless defense-to-offense transition is admirable. Easily the best player going right now if we are talking all-round.

  70. author

    Laura Jimenez2 時間 前

    Its a little mouse....KRAUS!!!!!!!

  71. author

    Sheldon Earthstein2 時間 前

    Rocks look like a group of fine players; but do not look like a Team. No Finals again this season.

  72. author

    DNellz442 時間 前

    This season will be so fun to watch!

  73. author

    Laura Jimenez3 時間 前

    Admit it the LLLakers are overrated

  74. author

    Richard Ortega3 時間 前

    Ahh man rockets had the best team

  75. author

    Richard Ortega3 時間 前

    One of the best the dream

  76. author

    Richard Ortega3 時間 前

    The dreAm

  77. author

    aaagggmmmsss3 時間 前

    Feee Huuung Kouong

  78. author

    Jay3 時間 前

    Kendrick Nunn, best SG in miami heat history.

  79. author

    Top-CityTopher3 時間 前

    nuggets gonna be the 2nd best team in the west....and MPJ has a good shot at rookie of the ROY

  80. author

    Jay3 時間 前

    Harden and Westbrook had to team up just to stop Kendrick Nunn smh

  81. author

    Indra Gunawan3 時間 前

    While Ewing couldn't match Shaq's raw energy and strength, he was craftier and already had those sweet turnaround Js

  82. author

    Cameron Mason3 時間 前

    Thumbnail though

  83. author

    el herv3 時間 前

    I just laugh every time harden score..this guy is a JOKE

  84. author

    Mario Niola3 時間 前


  85. author

    On The Move3 時間 前

    Its Tacko Time

  86. author

    Michael Power3 時間 前

    His stroke is nice 👍

  87. author

    The Hawk3 時間 前

    Still not moving the ball around enough man....Isolation will be the silent killer once again.

  88. author

    Kimmuel Weatherspoon3 時間 前


  89. author

    Zamiul Haque3 時間 前

    This is going to be a great season, the only regrettable thing is that there will be no Starters :(

  90. author

    DwadeFL4SHMV33 時間 前

    Tacos first time checking in and The we want taco chants from Orlando shoulda been here

  91. author

    Kevin Pardini3 時間 前

    Its only the preseason, but did lonzo learn how to shoot. Need to see him stroking his shot in an actual game.

  92. author

    GSHeverything _273 時間 前

    Kendrick Nunn dropped 40pts too biased MFers

  93. author

    GSHeverything _273 時間 前

    Kendrick Nunn cooked his ass, that guy has no defense man, all the play is ISO ISO ball

  94. author

    M.Wade3 時間 前

    10:18 Luka with the meannnnnnnn carry lmao

  95. author

    Mr tall guy3 時間 前

    He will be so good I love to see him smile and but why bol bol why ru shy just plz be yourself and you will be amazing in life- aedan Johnson 2007-2019

  96. author

    Dee EAZY3 時間 前

    These new guys wastes no time adopting the knicks losing culture. Smdh..😂😂😂😂

  97. author

    Ryan Cola3 時間 前

    He's disgusting

  98. author

    J L3 時間 前

    Nice Airball Man

  99. author

    764 Play3 時間 前

    Stud alert

  100. author

    Gypsy Biss3 時間 前

    Dennis Smith, Alonzo trier, Kevin Knox, RJ, and Julius randle. It’s gonna be an exciting season!!