Hello everyone! I'm Askari and I make Lion King videos!

Wondering what this channel is about? For me is more than just a channel, this is a special place where I create Stories, Fictions, Theories and much more about The Lion King. I made this channel with the purpose to share and transmit the emotions that this movie and each character give me every time. Apparently a lot of you are liking this!
I do NOT try to claim any of my stories or theories as canon, it is all figment of my imagination :)
Remember: My videos take a lot to make, (have to write the story, record, contact artists, edit etc...) and it could take 1 week or more of work just for 1 video! So you know, be patient, I know you'll enjoy it once uploaded ;)
If I use fanart I always try to find a proper source to credit the artist, but sometimes things slip through. If you think I have used your art without your permission please let me know by email.
Now I shut up!
Enjoy the stay ^^
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    Cassia LLanos12 分 前

    I consider Kopa as a headcanon to me :) I agree, he fits so well.

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    Farbin K.E時間 前


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    Tannika Jadoo3 時間 前

    I like mufasa better then taca

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    Stefi Flori4 時間 前

    can u make nala's story? or sarafina's story ^w^

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    Bona Ato4 時間 前

    I will like to know nukas parents

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    Mohammad Khan4 時間 前

    please do a video about sky warp

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    Arindam Pal7 時間 前

    Mohatu's story

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    Leala Grace9 時間 前

    uh huh

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    Aruna Agrawal10 時間 前

    I love the movie ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Jake Gazo12 時間 前

    Upbeat lion king 2

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    Jake Gazo12 時間 前


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    Kalunga Mumba12 時間 前


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    AJ Bautista15 時間 前

    Who are parent mufasa and scar

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    Stephen Abel16 時間 前


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    love song Rint16 時間 前

    Well i know someone who watched kopa's story

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    luciana macedo17 時間 前

    Podia ser Ele falando em português

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    Sandrix Hozart20 時間 前

    Omgness, Pumba's family? ♡♡♡♡♡

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    Natalia Merkulov20 時間 前

    I. Only thought Simba had a mother. And. Father

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    hardik Rohit21 時間 前

    Can you make Story on simba and nala

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    Michelle tanaleon23 時間 前

    Even scar and Mufasa has a fight because scar tould mufasa the truth that he wanted to be king

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    Michelle tanaleon23 時間 前

    Make onther story about scar. Even remember the other scar story you made. But scar and mufasa weren't brothers.

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    paws-wildcraft 157 punkin日 前

    thats acsally good for kopa i like it

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    Jay's Lego Studios日 前

    Can u do Kopa's story please?

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    Gustavo 1996日 前

    Oh oh god

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    Gustavo 1996日 前


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    Runganga Amon日 前

    What 🤔🤯🤓🧘🤸🛌🌸🎇

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    Yeet Feet日 前

    Its really a diarchy, not much so of a monarchy

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    Regina Colon日 前

    that 's not my Nuka , because I think Nuka was a healthy cub , I think he was born when the lioness need food and try 'd to trade food with other's lions pride .

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    Amazing Castle日 前

    Can you do The leader of the Night pride Please

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    irfan Muhammad日 前

    If simba has a brother how come simba’s brother in the movie

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    Shruti Karol日 前


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    mohdmasni zaidi日 前

    if chaka is simba son simba have 4 son

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    mohdmasni zaidi日 前

    but you say kopa is 1 born

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    Nayem Shahanor日 前

    yes i want it

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    My Miss Agnihotri日 前

    Please try again to find more about scar and zira and their cubs

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    庄景捷日 前

    There is no way the strang lion is Nalas father because scar is her dad

  38. author

    abhijit bhattacharyya日 前

    He can not be nuka's father. If he is nuka's father then nuka will be of scar's age

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    abhijit bhattacharyya日 前

    Now my story , when the pride lands was fairly known there lived two lion and lioness . They had two sons named Mohatu and Choyo . They were biological brothers . Choyo was older than Mohatu ,but Choyo and Mohatu's father declared that Mohatu will be king . After their father died some years later , Mohatu was declared the king of the pride lands .Choyo was filled with jealousness as he could not be the king of the pride lands . Some days after a drought came and many animals died due to the lack of water. Mohatu said that all of the animals should share their water with each other. But Choyo did not shared his water with other animals . Mohatu filled with rage banished Choyo from the pride lands . After some years Mohatu died and Ahadi became king . Choyo mated with a lioness named Aminali and had two sons named Kuzimu and strange lion . Kuzimu mated with Azola and had a daughter named Zira . Choyo returned to the pride lands and saw Ahadi was the king there, he told Ahadi the full story of him . Ahadi was surprised to see Choyo . Choyo got a chance to get revenge of him by using Scar as his successor . He told Scar that he was his grandfather Scar was filled with jealousness as well as anger to hear Choyo's story . Choyo was very old and said that if Scar took his revenge then only he will get peace aand he died . Scar vowed that he will never rest until he had avenged his grandfather and that's how scar killed mufasa and the dark years came to pride lands . This was my story hope you liked it ☺️

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    Hailie Roblox日 前

    Zira got what she wanted he became king

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    Cassia LLanos日 前

    I like the second theory😀

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    Terry Pak日 前

    Can you do a video about nala?

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    Kia Reid日 前

    Do atheroy of. Mohathu grand pa

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    Timothy Shattun日 前

    Who is the lost son of simba

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    Angel Gaha日 前

    Can you do mufasa,s story

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    Gretel D'souza2 日 前

    At the scene 5:23 we see a lion. It could be the mysterious lion from his other video but, this new pride could very easily be a new source of theories as to the outsiders as well. Maybe it could be where zira kovu vitani or nukas parents lived. Wut do you think?

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    Jericho Lacey2 日 前

    Tangle mane hey. I didn't know there was a rogue lion character in TLK. would've been great to see him in the movie.

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    Maya Yaqout2 日 前

    , orjdmxhn4ujj😃😃😃🌹

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    bangarigalla surya2 日 前

    iam sathvik

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    Prasanna Kumar2 日 前

    did kion lost roar after using it on kopa and

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    Pain YT2 日 前

    Um Where is kion?

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    mohdmasni zaidi2 日 前

    its perfectly hes brother

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    mohdmasni zaidi2 日 前

    he`s zira brother

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    pushpa jha2 日 前

    It is adorable 😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😍

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    mohdmasni zaidi2 日 前

    i think ahadi is mohatu son

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    Prakash Ghimire2 日 前

    From which country you are ?😎

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    Badger7b42 日 前

    How was he killed

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    Sunita Tumbapo2 日 前

    i love lion guard

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    jancy philomena2 日 前

    Pahadi mother name is Nandi

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    Wolfi Sheby2 日 前

    Waaaaa i saw the video of a video that zira killed simbas child and i saw kion Attack zira kion won he used his best roar and flinged her i said she discovered that i hope zira dies thatxhurt my heart Sooooooooo bad im about to cry i type in ziras life when i did it i watch it it was so sadness 💔 😢 i dont like it i watched a lot it just did why is she evil 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it was simbas child💔💔💔💔💔💔💦💦💔💔💔💔😖🙁😭😭

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    Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio2 日 前

    Hearing the announcer sounds kinda creepy, but on the other hand, he almost sounds like the Indian actor from 'Big Bang Theory'; Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh "Raj" Koothrappali

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    Kamilah Baptiste2 日 前

    I like theory 😁👌😁 3

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    Kamilah Baptiste3 日 前


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    Kurt Scicluna3 日 前

    this kid gotta get 100k

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    Kurt Scicluna3 日 前

    i watched this after i watched selfish lion LOL

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    Runganga Amon3 日 前


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    Farbin K.E3 日 前

    Did The lion king characters have a toilet and did humans build it pls make a video about itt

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    Laina Kujinga3 日 前

    What kind of husband is this belonging to ziras mother

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    Laina Kujinga3 日 前

    Can you make stories about all lions

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    Laina Kujinga3 日 前

    This is so touching make me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    hassana lukat3 日 前

    can you make a video about kion and rani

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    diyana manpower3 日 前

    If scar did not get a scar who would be good So bad so sad

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    diyana manpower3 日 前

    Next theories about mohatu's parents Actually who are mohatu's parents askari please decide and make a video

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    christabel.o. j3 日 前

    I want to ask who is Nuka and vitani and kovu's father???...

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    Candace W.3 日 前

    i like number 4

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    Gil Sousa3 日 前

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    Gil Sousa3 日 前

    Hey do hef kovu and kiara hef cubs