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    Alan Yk7 時間 前

    6:32 korea is arguably the worst region in 2020. this dense sett support coudnt even chain cc properly. he didnt try to deal damage during Galio taunt then knockup for vlad but in place instant E and ult , not able to E after ult giving vlad a chance to W. its aghast people played it out like bronze iron shit players in master tier.

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    Gleb Grozin8 時間 前

    honestly shaco got the kill on galio because of his flash w

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    The Unknown8 時間 前

    guys the music i need it feels like a real blood lord

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    11 2110 時間 前

    Hi editor, can you please add one more hashtag wish lane matchup? like #vsgalio for this game. Its will help us to sort videos and probably learn how to vlad

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    Elfin10 時間 前

    never realised you were a doom fan nice content keep it up!

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    Tai G.G.11 時間 前

    9:38 Scream He - man,best part xD

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    Серкан Шефкет11 時間 前

    The j4 ult lock you down to deaths. Thats your faith since you have been destroying innocent koreans!

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    Ghostslit 神11 時間 前

    We shilling guys

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    Lucius Revere11 時間 前

    😠😠 why Vlad do heal and damage borken champ

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    John Dessa11 時間 前

    8:47 looked like panth killed the wukong

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    omer sahban12 時間 前

    Why is he smurfing every game (at least the ones he uploaded) and still d1? no hate, just wondering why he isn't grandmaster or challenger yet if he is smurfing this hard in high diamond.

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    Creed Game12 時間 前


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    DeplioS12 時間 前

    How do u guys feel about replacing Protobelt with Spellbinder?

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    Dávid Pap12 時間 前

    Early video PogU

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    Hasan Deliktas12 時間 前

    You are the best ADAMSIN CALVIN

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    Lord- ksa12 時間 前

    Enemy team why do we hear boss music ?

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    TDK12 時間 前

    early video pog

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    Bogdan Albu12 時間 前


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    Reverax12 時間 前

    Absolutely love the bloodborne music, you're probably a fan too? :) I was wondering if you still do any vladimir coaching? Love the content, thanks!

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    ray12 時間 前

    daddy elite

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    ReZerø12 時間 前

    3 in the morning here damnnnn hard chilling

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    kwonsolo12 時間 前

    8th comment baby! Thanks Elite for the best video

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    Uh Hablo Inglando?12 時間 前

    we chilling nyxrit

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    amo um garoto12 時間 前


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    Athul Santimon12 時間 前

    not even first

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    Jim Groudis12 時間 前

    early upload again..i love it tho

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    Kevin Pellegrin14 時間 前

    editing in this vid was insane HAHA love it

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    Verkaufung14 時間 前

    Was ein eherenmann kekw

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    Jude15 時間 前

    can i have this guy's classical music playlist?

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    Killa Nigga16 時間 前

    The Reason Kindred was pinging Him back at 9:25 was cause She wanted Her passive to finish so that She would get a stack.

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    Mister L16 時間 前

    can you do a guide of combos and situation runes pls? i'm trying to improve my vlad skills

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    Franek Dolas19 時間 前

    actually kindred was right. you play amazing vlad but your gamestyle and decisions sometimes arent that good :) thats my opinion

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    HaloMajster2220 時間 前

    Okay, Elite, with the chosen reason, I was banned from chatting, which offended you, that as I wrote that the bot was abused by mid and by top and by jungler and from such Xd turn on and you hurt this nw from where you came from without reason I got the ban on twitch czat

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    Khalil Dermoumi20 時間 前

    So someone please explain the build path

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    yasuo is my step sister von21 時間 前

    Dnt pool instantly when u ult pls

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    Benjamin W.22 時間 前

    1:31 know the feeling much too well XD

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    Arthas Menethíl23 時間 前

    in TR, every Diamond+ game is hard mode.

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    Jing Wang日 前

    www.bilibili.com/video/BV1GV411o7ot?p=2 watch this Vlad Elite.

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    Victor日 前

    I think you go ap if you snowball since you can OS with your combo, but protobelt is an overall safer and more reliable choice

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    PayedTags日 前

    ngl i think heimer is broken

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    Gabriel Hutcheson日 前

    “I play League on hard mode.” *gets early game first gank three man gank* “Wow because I really have to work hard to convince my ego this is hard mode!”

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    leo carato日 前

    This illaoi was soo brainded, its crazy Just as u expect from illaoi abuser

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    Dymhar Guanzon日 前

    wtf eminem is that u?

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    Chopin Friedrich日 前

    Congratulations on 100k subs!

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    Kuma日 前

    Swiety karp

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    Dragonear Tfm日 前

    Soy español y aun asi juego bien con vladi gracias a ti bro , nuevo sub

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    Majesticals Agario日 前

    I think KR out of all region have the most meta abusing players ever. Like they will pick the best champs for their comp and according to enemy comps and pick top tier champs more than any other region. They dont have many champion enthusiasts and loyalists. Like how many times have we seen yuumi in ur games and how many panth against u, its legit crazy. What are ur thoughts on this?

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    aBanabis日 前

    it is a good build. i agree. tis a shitbelt. 60 ap. bleh

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    Mikhail日 前

    Mad game!

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    Julius Kazunaga日 前

    The long succ ? 4:09

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    sdfsdf sdfsdfds日 前

    Why u start dorans ring

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    olaolapepsiman日 前

    Nice ahegao thumbnail

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    Mehdi Haitame日 前

    Finally a new video it 2AM

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    Petar日 前

    Great video as always, you inspirate me to play vlad and play lol like chess

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    Damn masters again pog

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    Creed Game日 前

    no one : literally no one : 01:31 me watching calvin miss cannon minion at 4 a.m.

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    Creed Game日 前


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    Tim日 前

    great content keep it up bro

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    Tim日 前

    amazing content bro

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    WV37日 前

    Hi, can someone tell me how the fuck do i lane against zilean? Shit's cancer

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    Hüseyin Küçük日 前

    Give us a guide video about vlad pls

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    Let’s get 0 dislikes on this vid!

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    congrates on 100k <3

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    I was about to sleep but okay one more

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    Uploading vid at 4 am

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    abder hman日 前

    Hard mod was good

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    wgdateme 345日 前

    how even vlad counter heimer

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    Messias日 前

    Zac play very nice

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    Sloppy Walrus日 前


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    the great Django日 前

    Gratz on the 100k subs!

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    Alguien que hable español ?

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    I'm inviting 1v1 for you...

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    xela23 mola日 前

    cut that hair men, damn, i feel weird only by look at u

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    we have those biscuits here in portugal.

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    Congratulations on the 100k bruv

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    9:14 elise e dodge holy shit :D

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    Congrats on 100K homie

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    Arek Bodziony日 前

    When we want to buy liandry, spellbinder etc, some1 explain please?

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    Finnally 100K congratulation bro !!

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    Gläser日 前

    tired?? CORONA!

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    Shuku2 日 前

    Microwave food tastes better if you call it Microwife food. Trust me it works

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    Alp Şahin2 日 前

    You look like vlad How can you put black on pp

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    Javi Meg2 日 前

    100k bb❤😘😘😘❤❤❤

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    엘붕이 850판하고 다1이노 ㅋㅋ tf따라서 집가자

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    100k on youtube Pog

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    100K my love, keep it upp

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    100K Congrats :)

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    sohaib channel2 日 前

    Hi Elite500 , i'm Actualy a Fan of you and your Vlad Skills , the Only Reason why i started playing Vlad is Because of you , and now there is just one Little problem , Yesterday you Banned me From Chat , which Made me sad , i know you Didn't Ban me for no Reason , the Only and the first ever time that i ever got Banned was from Solorenekton's Twitch Chat , i was telling him to ban me cause i found it funny and he did ban me , so i watached him for a couple of Minutes and the i Unfollowed him + he plays some champs i don't want to learn , but you , you PLay Vlad and Kassadin , Two Champs i love to Watch and play , the reason why you Banned me was because you were playing Kassadin vs Katarina MID and your Team was Losing the Match and after a some couple of minutes , you Went BOT to Clear the Wave, there you saw the Neekoand you Chased her , you were Gonna Kill her but then she Ulted and Killed you instead , then i wrote "INTING" in the chat , the chat was so Quite for some Reason and when i wrote "INTING" yuo Saw it and you Banned me , after you Banned me i realised that you weren't Happy about how the Match is going and me saying "INTING" just Made things Worse , so all i'm Asking right is : can you please UNBAN me , i really love Watching you , (sohaibchetbi14) this is my twitch Name , thanks

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    Vlad lord🥰