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    Like 👍👍👌

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    Ricardo Lomelí3 ヶ月 前

    It wasn’t too bad as I expected.

  3. author

    Colin fleetham3 ヶ月 前

    You know the titanic split in half before it sank this is why

  4. author

    LGKids4 ヶ月 前

    Your singing notes that have never been invented! Lol! Peace!

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    Nibiru Planet X5 ヶ月 前

    Sounds like tortured cats.

  6. author

    AuntFanny6 ヶ月 前

    At least the tune is recognisable, I have no idea what a lot of them are supposed to be singing.

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    Miguel Rodriguez7 ヶ月 前

    I rather listen to a jackhammer and a jet engine on afterburner (at the same time).

  8. author

    Galaxy wars gacha videos lol7 ヶ月 前

    Is she screaming or singing idk anymore 😂

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    Gudboi7 ヶ月 前


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    Reggie Wagstaff7 ヶ月 前

    If Simon had taken out a gun and shot her, no jury in the world would have convicted him.

  11. author

    rose_ gold_tea8 ヶ月 前

    FBI! open up! we got a horrible singer terrorising people! HELP!

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    Alyssa Morris9 ヶ月 前

    Hahaha how embarrassing

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    Carolyn Ecklord9 ヶ月 前

    This is molly 👩🏽 She is 👕 Homeless 👖 She always dreamed Of having a house and A phone and clothes And a job if we get 1 like=5 dollars being donated to molly let’s make her dreams come true!

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    ßlackßean8.10 ヶ月 前

    She look like someone who drinks alchohol every day

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    Miguel Rodriguez10 ヶ月 前

    She's gonna be as big as Celine.

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    carl Files年 前

    Stop messing with that girl she tried her best she has a speech problem you did your best that's all that matters

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    B HAPP E年 前

    I am ten years old I sing better than her

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    Garou werewolf年 前

    suazanne gay gay

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    Abigail Dimas年 前

    Omg the worst singing I ever heard

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    Sven Figueroa年 前

    This woman sucks. Period. I am not even interested in her pussy. Imagine that. Total turn off...

  21. author

    Sven Figueroa年 前

    This woman is obviously not all there. Maybe slightly retarded or something. Sorry

  22. author

    Madison Beam年 前

    Sound like a goat 🐐

  23. author

    Lyca31年 前

    I'm 28!!! 28? she looks 38. I did kinda feel for her though. She seemed sweet and super nervous.

  24. author

    David Rodriguez年 前

    Hahaha ha ha. !

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    Martin Christensen年 前

    just say she’s not a great singer no need to be a dick I’m sorry I’ve just seen to many mean judges yes she’s really bad

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    Kory Jaypaul年 前

    O my goodness, I jct realised that I'm a whale. I'm always singing and it's terrible than this( she is a goddess compared to me) If u guys call this singing bad then I will never sing again

  27. author

    Kory Jaypaul年 前

    O my goodness, I jct realised that I'm a whale. I'm always singing and it's terrible than this( she is a goddess compared to me) If u guys call this singing bad then I will never sing again

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    Ali Hasane年 前

    gonna have nightmares :|

  29. author

    Ali Hasane年 前

    i feel bad for her but goddamit they are trying so hard to not laugh :))

  30. author

    Emma Cope年 前

    i thing people should stop saing she is bad at least she trided do you aggre like if you do

  31. author

    Tanisha Bakare年 前

    She’s not even a singer lol

  32. author

    Happy Tube年 前

    Wtf!!!its raining again because of her voice

  33. author

    brian hua年 前

    needs some lessons and shes perfect

  34. author

    brian hua年 前

    i feel so bad

  35. author

    Kian Taylor年 前

    I liked it 😊

  36. author

    Jaya Krauser年 前

    She’s better than I’ll ever be. I feel bad because the judges laughed

  37. author

    Geraldine Lopez年 前

    2:04 the titanic sank because of her horrible voice

  38. author

    Geraldine Lopez年 前

    2:00. Lol

  39. author

    Raphael Joseph年 前

    At least she gave effort into it.

  40. author

    Raphael Joseph年 前

    At least she gave effort into the song.

  41. author

    Geraldine Lopez年 前

    1:59 lol

  42. author

    Geraldine Lopez年 前

    2:04 the titanic just sank again

  43. author

    Mary Lee年 前

    so it's not me? nice

  44. author

    『David West』年 前

    My name is jeff

  45. author

    Kermit_Shooter年 前

    Ew her teeth.

  46. author

    Secret identity年 前

    She's so adorable tho

  47. author

    crunchii •年 前

    I thought this would be a video of me

  48. author

    Zoey Coen年 前

    It's weird how these people are delusional.

  49. author

    Kylie Nielsen年 前

    My Ears Will Go On Not My heart will go on lol

  50. author

    انوشات تي في / anochat tv年 前

    R. I. P Celine Dion legacy

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    Chiara P年 前

    Her voice range is not bad I thing she maybe one time can sing but she need more practice (excuse my grammatic but I can't speak English very well😄)

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    Nelson Robert Willis年 前

    She's nowhere near as seemingly tone deaf and out of key as many other bad auditions I've heard on these shows, but her tone is not what I think most people want to hear. Her pronounciation also seemed really weird. I wonder where she grew up.

  53. author

    iiTatiolii Lopes年 前

    Aww bless her soul

  54. author

    Fregorey Gag年 前

    I feel like she could do good with like 6 months of vocal training

  55. author

    Kain Tae年 前

    Damn, that girl got some vibrato going on her throat

  56. author

    Myron Ma年 前

    In the china, peoples will save these video, and record their sound line, then remix it like music.

  57. author

    Lizmarie Portorreal年 前

    The judges had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. author

    Tatu年 前

    Is the worstest singer i see in my life

  59. author

    Luna the cat年 前

    That's just mestap

  60. author

    thAt thInG年 前

    Look she's already holding her tears..

  61. author

    thAt thInG年 前

    okay.... Dont laugh. And also dont say she's ugly! My Gawd

  62. author

    thAt thInG年 前

    DONT LAUGH O MY GAWD! And why did you named it the worst singer? She's not the worst singer.. And the others comments.. Isnt that a mean? Its like being Bullied when your that girl.

  63. author

    thAt thInG年 前

    Dont be mean.. maybe its just singing is not her Talent

  64. author

    Falcon Heavy年 前

    Press 2,3,4,5 and 6 for music.

  65. author

    U年 前

    la hackearon

  66. author

    Carøline年 前


  67. author

    WDW is my Life年 前

    What is she even saying?!😂😂😂

  68. author

    Gonzo the Great年 前

    I've heard cats fuck in a dumpster with better harmony.

  69. author

    ineffably sherlocked and loki'd年 前

    Idk why but i felt bad for laughing

  70. author

    Harshine song covers年 前

    Her singing is so cringe that it made me laugh so hard like that sing that Patrick star made from a spongebob squarepants episode sing a song if Patrick where spongebob and Patrick put Patrick’s song and then all the fish people start hearing it then they start to cringe😂🤣

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    GucciGaming年 前

    She's Scottish? I'm Scottish?

  72. author

    itz.k4y年 前

    She has an accent

  73. author

    Raddycal年 前

    I knew my friend's mom is gay.

  74. author

    Xx_Galactic Wafflez_xX年 前

    So cringy

  75. author

    khadijah sooknanan年 前

    She sounds like a sheep and kid combined. Trying to sing. Oh god, that was bad

  76. author

    Imtiaz Ahmed年 前

    i fell titanic again sank😉😉😉😉😉

  77. author

    Waaayyyshel年 前

    You really have nothing...

  78. author

    Waaayyyshel年 前

    Wow.... she's better than me

  79. author

    Farhan Anjum年 前

    Even Fergie’s national anthem was good than this

  80. author

    Lord Vaishnav The Great年 前

    Florence Jenkins xerox

  81. author

    I was a mistake.年 前

    She's the reason why the titanic sank.

  82. author

    shawna stone年 前


  83. author

    Damo live年 前

    Ha ha funny

  84. author

    AHS y demás ;v年 前

    I sing most worst than her

  85. author

    Xx0Niamh0xX年 前

    Simon looks so different then lol

  86. author

    Sangpu Zou年 前

    yeah..she's horrible but lets give her a clap for her confidence..really..its hard to be able to stand out and perform...and This is not sarcasm

  87. author

    Angelica年 前

    Don't get me wrong but her sound is like a cruciatis curse

  88. author

    GucciGaming年 前

    Me:"clicks on video" Me:"ooh what's this" Me:"hmm maybe she might be better than me" The Girl:AHHHHHHHHH Me:"OMYHOLYFLIPPING EGGROLLNUTSHELLCHICKENFARM WHAT IS THAT" ME:"EARS ARE SEVERELY DAMAGED" r.i.p Me

  89. author

    wWaidi年 前

    Still better than me

  90. author

    Stardust Milk年 前

    Eh, better than my family including me

  91. author

    Kamille Hobbs年 前

    I'm worse

  92. author

    Shreyam Jana年 前

    Hahahaha I feel bad

  93. author

    queenvclvet年 前

    have you never heard jacob sartorious

  94. author

    Samson Gonson年 前

    I never imagine that stupid people are also there in Western world.....Easter world is much better than dis

  95. author

    fun with tanisha年 前

    She is amazing with a high note. Pls like if u agree

  96. author

    Crazy Friends年 前


  97. author

    Jackie Michaca年 前

    *when youre voice cracks*

  98. author

    Dream catcher年 前

    i feel sad for her

  99. author

    Javi Rodriguez年 前


  100. author

    Sis Jasmine年 前

    Simon was everywhere, American Idol, X Factor,American (?) Got Talent