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    monserrath herrera20 時間 前

    me mori de ternura 0:44 min i died she is so cute

  2. author

    Javionfields12220 時間 前

    Who seen the Taylor girls at 1:16 🤣

  3. author

    Jebdhdk Ifhufrh20 時間 前

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this

  4. author

    Debra Rogers20 時間 前

    I love Mrs. D! She knows how to teach dance and the reason she is so successful is because she pray before she slay.

  5. author

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ20 時間 前

    “ jo jo with the bo bo was a no show 😂

  6. author

    ally burnett20 時間 前

    It didnt look close at all to hitting her in the face...I think thats the excuse for falling. Presley was right to say she felt like she was in spacing.

  7. author

    Ayisha Anderson20 時間 前

    🤦‍♀️so much unnecessary drama because nobody wants to be the person They worse than kids

  8. author

    PlayToys with Sara and Qader20 時間 前


  9. author

    Amber's world20 時間 前

    Abby is being so extra

  10. author

    Abrielle Smith20 時間 前

    I love you Abby go grl

  11. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    Shopping. Na they all going 2 b rocking that orange jumpsuits.

  12. author

    addison tube20 時間 前


  13. author

    Abrielle Smith20 時間 前

    I'm. Scead now she looks nice call her fa. Beaver I'm am to

  14. author

    Chelseaxamber c-e20 時間 前

    Jess and jill were being bot hes to wash and brynn during yadiels diet with her..

  15. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    Stupid kids mann! Smh we have 100 hits more than Beyonce! U guyz are frauds!!!!!!!! N crooks u are going 2 jail 4 burglary n home invasion n stolen property.

  16. author

    Abrielle Smith20 時間 前

    Uhh. Iss she really going to yell if I jon thje team🧐😡😤

  17. author

    Jada Branch20 時間 前

    I love this dance

  18. author

    J d Gang20 時間 前

    I am 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  19. author

    Kenneth Vega20 時間 前

    No wonder screech became an alcoholic

  20. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    They fin 2 go 2 jail da 3 stooges. Smh stupid kids.

  21. author

    mili20 時間 前

    dr.holly crying made me sad :(- what she said is true honestly holly nor nia never get defended or backed up like every other girl does.

  22. author

    John laurens in da place 2 be20 時間 前

    Maddie: "If it was zac Efferon, i would kiss him me:HAHAHA Girl same

  23. author

    Cassie Lin20 時間 前

    Abby when the girls win: they were looking at Maddie Abby when the girls actually didn't win: it's Kendall's fault Like what?????!!!

  24. author

    Forever Fam20 時間 前


  25. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    If others only knew u dont have 2 be a lier nor a rebel 2 b cool. All u have 2 b iz yourself. If others like u 👌 n if they dont who cares its thier prerogative n not yours people need 2 understand famous. Popular people got problems 2. Thier life iznt all glitz n glamorous as one thinks. Some are lonely. Some pop pills cause they cant deal wit peer pressure. 2 much others expect from them that many lose control of how one iz truly supposed 2 b or live! Smdh.

  26. author

    McKenna Smith20 時間 前

    if this is super interesting to you, I recommend reading the book burned by Ellen Hopkins. Its about a girl in the LDS, but its also a love story

  27. author

    Luanne Henderson20 時間 前

    All the girls are so kind to each other and supportive if they mess up. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate them.

  28. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    Who!!!!? Leaves thier door open. Um idiots. Paris hilton1# would have gates that noone can get by. 2 camera's everywhere. 2 bodyguards. 3# the maid would of opened da door. Smdh

  29. author

    Ego Trio Gacha20 時間 前

    I feel like they all do fun things like the kids and Abby do fun things just off camera. I’m not saying they don’t have fun but like.. you know

  30. author

    Frost ALDC20 時間 前

    I could tell Chloe was a little pained which broke meee and Maddie was Intro it but not really.. this duet wasn’t the same. I love and hate it because if the drama but you can’t deny they’re magic when they dance together🥺💕

  31. author

    Alana Higgins20 時間 前

    Does no one understand that this style is Jazz therefore very hard. Dancing with facial expressions is hard enough ad it is but if you're doing a genre that's known to make you out of breath and be hard you won't bother.

  32. author

    Its_ Kiki20 時間 前

    Cathy is so underrated but Abby is so iconic

  33. author

    Høñëÿ Čåñdÿ20 時間 前

    Melissa only stood up acting happy in front of the audience because she doesn’t want people to know how bad of a mother she actually is.

  34. author

    TaraRockRevival BeBe20 時間 前

    Wow look at Ava’s ab muscles, amazing! Hard work 😓

  35. author

    Lovley Lavender20 時間 前

    44:41 Girl, look at yourself. 🤣🤣🤣

  36. author

    Felicitas Bautista20 時間 前

    Im 8 and my mom lets me drink Coffey

  37. author

    Georgiana Taylor20 時間 前

    Go Makenzie

  38. author

    NATURAL NIVIA20 時間 前

    People Dont Move! Dont Blink! 🤣🤣😂

  39. author

    Abrielle Smith20 時間 前

    How is m 8 wean be friends for a lifetime

  40. author

    Amber's world20 時間 前

    Melissa's face though 😂 absolutely priceless.

  41. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    I thought youre father waz important. He iz stupid. Parents are alwayz important. This! Girlz a gold digger. N a rebel Shes rebellious

  42. author

    21 phandoms! At the disco20 時間 前

    The new moms are atrocious and ruined the show, attacking Gia? A child..

  43. author

    Irvin Cobarrubias20 時間 前

    Awww when Christy hugged Paige was so. Heart warming ❤

  44. author

    Lovley Lavender20 時間 前

    I love Holly. She was by far the best mother on the show. She never cursed and was happy for every girl and stuck up for all of the girls. When Brynn got a spot on the team, Holly congratulated her while Jill and Jess were doing everything thing they could to get her off the team. She also stood for what was right without taking anything too far. And to be honest , when ever she got in a fight with Abby, as far as I'm concerned she never said she would "leave the team" showing that unlike any of the other moms, she was the real loyal one to Abby. Just my opinion.

  45. author

    iLeona29620 時間 前

    What is this show even about? Usually I get a sense of the show from the movie but this one I don’t at all

  46. author

    Bxsiic Hxney20 時間 前

    *so basically brynn called kendall a brat..*

  47. author

    Alex Smith20 時間 前

    3:44-3:46, why do I find that hilarious😂

  48. author

    C B20 時間 前

    I love how Melissa says “now I know how the other moms feel when Abby compares their kids to other children” when Abby literally does that to Kenzie ALL THE TIME .. like is kenzie irrelevant or what ??

  49. author

    Linda Kadiwa20 時間 前

    Jojo is a good dancer she is the best look where she is now she is a pop star and a hip hop girl she is the best 🎀

  50. author

    Antonio Martinez20 時間 前

    Less laggy

  51. author

    Worldwide Tomato20 時間 前

    "you don't even know how to stand" "do you know how to stand?" "of course I do" that didn't age well-

  52. author

    Katie Shang20 時間 前

    The thing is Abby asked them to say "Electricity" as if thinking they were stupid and couldn't say it Wait-What?

  53. author

    Good girl for Matt20 時間 前

    They are my favorite enemie duo ever

  54. author

    Ashley Garza20 時間 前

    Why he worry about Megan when he on messed up street ... and he not even hitting the cig right .! Young kids want be grown now days

  55. author

    Anna B20 時間 前

    Jill sounded so entitled when she was saying ‘’Ashlee should be great fun to dance with OUR girls’’

  56. author

    Katie Shang20 時間 前

    Everyone Else: Paying Attention to the Dance Me: Trying to focus on the words. *tHe sKy wAs So bLuE iT wAsN t bLue aNy lOnger* Me: Ok-OKay - Wait what?

  57. author

    BTS FAN20 時間 前

    I’m upset Asia didn’t win

  58. author

    My Obsession ღ20 時間 前

    bruh how i can only do 0:06-0:15 I-

  59. author

    Fraser Cochran20 時間 前

    “YOUR DAUGHTER WILL NEVER EB A STAR” Boy, she got that one right

  60. author

    galaxy 4420 時間 前

    I was starting the like Lila, but then she tried to take Jordannas man. Shady

  61. author

    Worldwide Tomato20 時間 前

    like: candy apples comment: dance moms

  62. author

    alex and bo live20 時間 前

    This is like dance mom right

  63. author

    Gina Tale20 時間 前

    why is no one talking about how beautiful teresa's dress in the second part of the competition was

  64. author

    galaxy 4420 時間 前

    I think Elena has very classy taste. She never looks trashy

  65. author

    Julia Vargas20 時間 前

    The truth will sett u free!!!! As well as those that didnt deserve 2 go 2 jail.

  66. author

    wolffixs devil qeen21 時間 前

    *eath exploses* Jill: PeRfEcT pLaCe FoR My LiTtLe KeNdAlE♡

  67. author

    Lisa Crane21 時間 前

    Asia lol

  68. author

    Dayanara Aniceto Carranza21 時間 前

    yeah lets get brynn to carry nia into a trick!

  69. author

    TheAnimalLoversClub21 時間 前

    Cathys a snake That’s an insult to the snake

  70. author

    Lisa Crane21 時間 前

    Ava’s so cute❣️❣️❣️

  71. author

    Mikal Bates21 時間 前

    I'm sorry but Rap music is very overrated and getting old. I miss real singing.

  72. author

    Darla Paulino21 時間 前

    awwwwww omg

  73. author

    Becky21 時間 前

    They win all I hear is Melissa saying yay lol

  74. author

    Shay21 時間 前

    Emily is bitter and jealous because Asta has a good looking man that adores her. Emily's toxic that's why no man want her. They just fake like her for a free ride. Asta has the real thing. Emily's has serious mental health issues.

  75. author

    EmmaRae Dunn21 時間 前

    Ok I don't believe in God and im honestly watching this to see how people with different beliefs think and the thing with Kolbys family seems a bit extreme and idk if it's just me being an atheist or if it really is extreme

  76. author

    Rivaldo Serrano21 時間 前

    Bri could easily be a model, why she trippin over a discounted bill gates

  77. author

    Kasie Horan21 時間 前

    I love dance moms

  78. author

    Dayanara Aniceto Carranza21 時間 前

    Her costume looks like Nias outfit when her headpiece fell out, Nicaya, you copying?

  79. author

    Jojo Gaming21 時間 前

    Abby's hair is goals

  80. author

    Hello Hi21 時間 前

    See Abby can be nice x