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Get SchooledGet Schooled

Get Schooled

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Slip Up

24 日 前

Copy Cat KidsCopy Cat Kids

Copy Cat Kids

25 日 前

  1. author

    Sarah Morrison13 分 前

    This episode broke my heart............... I’m sitting here like worried about rent and there talking about how much money they keep in their pocket but have a billion in the bank

  2. author

    Dona Dodo14 分 前

    I really want to be in the show to show the world what's my dream and support me💞 pls 🙏

  3. author

    Joel Gomez14 分 前

    Ellen is a nice type of evil haha I adore her!

  4. author

    Nazmiye Tafrali14 分 前

    justin, is so.. cute fml

  5. author

    ChuuBerry14 分 前


  6. author

    Nina Ward J15 分 前

    i love ellen hair.. here.

  7. author

    Mystery Meat Soup15 分 前

    Can we just...end the simulation? Is there anyway to tilt that asteroid a little bit more towards us???

  8. author

    Will Hanley Reed15 分 前

    How could she have dated brad’s ex? They are both girls!

  9. author

    Stephen Kohonen15 分 前

    She's awkward AF. She'll probably never be on Ellen again that was the most boring interview ever

  10. author

    Ashley Jones16 分 前

    Hey it's the fire guy

  11. author

    shrizzle17 分 前


  12. author

    Amy Brennan17 分 前

    That's delicious so what are you saying

  13. author

    shogo fei17 分 前

    I love Jackie chan 💯💯💯💯 Woooowww I Didn't know he could like that 😍😍 Wooow

  14. author

    Patrick Nickerson18 分 前


  15. author

    Zoldeng19 分 前

    It’s amazing how she could actually just get the richest person on the planet to her talk show

  16. author

    Amberxxmoore20 分 前

    She’s really good

  17. author

    Fatma Yaya20 分 前

    This vid is so wholesome

  18. author

    Jay Benjamin20 分 前

    Love her happy energy.

  19. author

    Jennifer Coleman20 分 前

    The president is a coward and bully

  20. author

    say liljayy21 分 前


  21. author

    Army Arianator22 分 前

    Catherine is yellow

  22. author

    Leon Anderson23 分 前

    This is sad, she’s always going to be a young Rachel Green to me that always pushes her hair up when she’s nervous.

  23. author

    Kimberly Cator24 分 前

    My pitty would kiss anyone to death, no apple sauce needed and their the sweetest breed...wasn't a fan of him saying that..

  24. author

    Delusional •_•24 分 前


  25. author

    Neve24 分 前


  26. author

    Fernesha Mitchell24 分 前


  27. author

    Blake Coston25 分 前

    I'm not a cat person. I don't find them cute at all lol

  28. author

    A. N.25 分 前

    Ateez !!! <3

  29. author

    Jaan25 分 前

    Well done! An astonishing 0 pull ups

  30. author

    Diane Trujillo26 分 前

    Is it just me... or there’s somebody else that feels like this video already existed like one year ago😰?? Someone?

  31. author

    Tatiana Medina26 分 前

  32. author

    Rani Ravnsfjall28 分 前


  33. author

    H A28 分 前

    Trump has ruined the respect for the office he occupies. Such a shame.

  34. author

    Almudena Carnero28 分 前

    Gana my bola de navidad puse. Tiempo ajedrez oye. Me un tirolés ya te diré ok. Te. Call me eapage uy esta uy kien esta ay oye olimpi anil saludos me algo grc grc grc.

  35. author

    Rahma Ismikhan30 分 前

    Hello there Mr.future President Om Calen.I missed your comedy and actions. Thanks Ellen for bringing this guy.Everything was just amazing and fun to watch.Lot's of love to you Ellen from Kenya. Rahma

  36. author

    Almudena Carnero30 分 前

    Broder loui. Talkin alo Madrid alo. Bruclin mundi Europa. América te call me espage despega leches.

  37. author

    Fatima Soza30 分 前

    I love rose

  38. author

    William Martin31 分 前

    Can I have the piano!!!! 😬

  39. author

    Marwa Ashmar31 分 前

    Love you bts I'm a big fan of you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗😉😚☺️

  40. author

    Epona12431 分 前

    All those Hollywood promis are satanic. Many are paedovores. Pitt is a communist and promotes the globalist agenda. Creeps.

  41. author

    Robert Murphy32 分 前

    Ellen, my dog leaves more talent in tightly coiled piles. And your breath smells like fish.

  42. author

    Sad Sloth33 分 前

    Ellen sounds like a goblin

  43. author

    Nadia747434 分 前

    Angelina I love you but how could you let this man go ?? howwwwww😭😭😭😭

  44. author

    NLChannel34 分 前

    Sooo.. Would she becoming an enemy of the states?

  45. author

    Ryan aiello34 分 前

    I wish this wasn't staged

  46. author

    Gemma Aboagye34 分 前

    Omg she's beautiful

  47. author

    Ahlaam Mohamed35 分 前

    Cereal first then milk sub if its true

  48. author

    DemonCowz36 分 前

    1:13 anime girls be like-

  49. author

    Evelyn BLINK36 分 前

    3:15 *Camilla* is that you?😂😂 Sorry she just looked similar

  50. author

    Fanscap37 分 前

    I Love her

  51. author

    Ed’s mock’s and Review’s37 分 前

    just one minute

  52. author

    Yancy Nunez38 分 前

    She def not into American shows .

  53. author

    Fares K38 分 前

    Hmmmm maybe because Jen always a guest in this show

  54. author

    M Harrelson38 分 前

    ellens player. facts.

  55. author

    SophieSophs38 分 前

    This was so good melissa is just so adorable love her !!!

  56. author

    Robin Moody39 分 前

    Great SHIRT by the way!

  57. author

    shimmy pun40 分 前

    Justin beeber

  58. author

    88ntil40 分 前

    Ellen is my mom

  59. author

    Bento not dead Da best42 分 前

    When she’s playing bagpipes and can’t even get the reed going xD

  60. author

    meg42 分 前

    Sorry had to dislike because Lele Pons

  61. author

    SophieSophs42 分 前

    Melissa is such a good actress this all seemed so real 😂

  62. author

    Galadriel Godriforth43 分 前

    "How many men?" *raises hand*

  63. author

    Hannah Elisabeth43 分 前

    Kristen looks sooooooo pretty here😍💕✨

  64. author

    Betsey Terry43 分 前

    I am heterosexual, but Ellen is beautiful.

  65. author

    juan sebastián Sterling44 分 前

    This song deserves 5 minutes more. I love it

  66. author

    V V44 分 前

    What is the name of the song? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP I LOVE IT!!!

  67. author

    ChildOfBeebo45 分 前


  68. author

    Javval Carr45 分 前


  69. author

    Anna S45 分 前

    i peed myself when his pants came down

  70. author

    Erica Green46 分 前

    This is awesome

  71. author

    ELMO47 分 前

    Is it just me or is kylie sniffing loads. Coke head confirmed

  72. author

    Rachel's Fuel48 分 前

    Kalen is the best thing since a new good man! Can’t believe I just found out funny

  73. author

    moobyworldmine49 分 前

    How amazing, saw his wife at 9. Best wishes to him and his family. What a beautiful story.

  74. author

    Anxious Bicorn49 分 前


  75. author

    S6 Emmz50 分 前

    OMFG 2:40-3:07

  76. author

    blauewassermelone50 分 前

    I would never have imagined that someone on Ellen's show could be funnier than Ellen

  77. author

    Claudia Whitfield51 分 前


  78. author

    Julianne Mcculloch52 分 前

    Praise God

  79. author

    Gina52 分 前

    The house didn’t look that scary

  80. author

    Audrey K. Rice53 分 前

    Camp rock

  81. author

    Nazmus Sadat53 分 前

    This just made my day!😂😂😂

  82. author

    sissi ELN53 分 前

    Ellen is so dominant

  83. author

    Therese Ember53 分 前

    I love Melissa McCarthy!

  84. author

    steve conn54 分 前

    You can see him for split-second as an extra in the party scene in Less Than Zero.

  85. author

    Kelly c54 分 前

    What a troll 😂

  86. author

    Kevin Douglas55 分 前

    Ellen soo f n funny 🤘🤘💯🇨🇦Ontario Kingston

  87. author

    Smellzke 20955 分 前

    Trending trash 🗑

  88. author

    Jack Mad rate55 分 前

    2022 Beyoncé following none

  89. author

    Valentina Sanpedro55 分 前

    Rachel berry troll

  90. author

    Polo Surf56 分 前

    Crowd looks so fake

  91. author

    egosandro58 分 前


  92. author

    jose luis pinzon C58 分 前

    She starred in camp rock 1 and 2 , some years ago

  93. author

    Uchenna Duru58 分 前

    She’s dating YBN Cordae

  94. author

    Aichata Keita59 分 前


  95. author

    J Price59 分 前

    Sean hayes 🍸😘🌞

  96. author

    Joe Neumeister59 分 前

    A woman of Not many words :) She is sweet :)

  97. author

    The S259 分 前

    Yeah that shot!!! And also after long time came home happy after the Movie!

  98. author

    Lerato Mashiane59 分 前

    I wish ronda would come back to wwe and ufc

  99. author

    Zachary Walker時間 前

    It's too late😆 The candidates are already debating...

  100. author

    Jason Wigmann時間 前

    Ellen, you are the sweetest soul.