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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
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  1. author

    maddie K時間 前

    A free coffin with every purchase... dang those things are expensive thats a good deal.

  2. author

    Night Wolf時間 前

    One more thing how do they live?

  3. author

    Sans From Underman時間 前


  4. author

    maxrex100時間 前

    Can i point out that the ancient builders and ancient none drowners died and the dumb villagers survived ?

  5. author

    Trey Corthell時間 前

    OMG matpat, u need to see this, it is a petscop sequel!!!!!

  6. author

    kishore almaji時間 前

    i rubbed my monitor with my thumb twice on the left side of susan wiki wiki's head.

  7. author

    GoldenFlare 4fun時間 前

    Just a few questions i thought of in my brain. 1.If Micheal Afton became purple guy in Sister Location and that springtrap cut scene begins with "father, its me Micheal" wont that make Micheal Afton Springtrap? 2. If thats true than the purple guy in FNaF 3 breaking the robots couldve been Micheal trying to undo what his father did. By breaking the Animitronics he freed their souls but they thought he was William.

  8. author

    Night Wolf時間 前

    So there is the drowned, ender man, pig man, and creepers, but where do the skeletons and silver fish fit in all of this?

  9. author

    MichaelRunningDeer時間 前

    HAHAHA the middle class need public services what a moron public services hurt the middle class not help them you need to do some research on that not saying the whole video is wrong but that was a horrible analogy.

  10. author

    Duncan Donuts時間 前

    Of course Scott was a top donor

  11. author

    Jaxon Rogers時間 前


  12. author

    nhandspiker時間 前

    Mat pat you should make a new channel called toy theorists

  13. author

    Stephen Sanchez時間 前

    This is good

  14. author

    The Eyelidman 2時間 前

    You should've asked Why cant they bury etika at youtube headquarters

  15. author

    Tyler Parsons時間 前

    He doesn’t even give a reason why phone guy dying doesn’t mean he can’t be purple man he just starts talking about the ending

  16. author

    Logan Campbell時間 前

    He’s hear he’s ther he’s evrywer who you guna call psychic frend fredbear 😂😂😂😂

  17. author

    Epic Noggin Gaming時間 前

    5:45 ohhh so thats what happened to nugget he got stuffed in a bod kinda like charlie from fnaf DUN DUN DUUUUUN

  18. author

    maxrex100時間 前

    When you're a muslim and hear matpat butcher every arabic word he says feels bad man but still i found how he said them to be hilarious 😂 god bless you matpat

  19. author

    Logan Campbell時間 前

    I love the pulpit or fredbear

  20. author

    panda puppet時間 前

    Spiring theory

  21. author

    Cheezy Wunder時間 前

    My favorite animatronic is music man

  22. author

    Conrad Ruben Sepp時間 前

    What happens when you put a conduit near the drowned? Do they become normal again, beacause that would 100% prove this theory?

  23. author

    kishore almaji時間 前

    Susan Wiki Wiki looks great!

  24. author

    Chrissko時間 前

    Your welcome

  25. author

    CharlieWasHere時間 前

    Loving these Minecraft theories

  26. author

    Joel Varghese時間 前

    Hey Matpat, are you going to do Theory on FNAF special delivery

  27. author

    Abigail Marr時間 前

    why would coppa do this

  28. author

    Sarah Craft時間 前

    Yo, MatPat make a world without an ocean and have fun looking around at the land. I did it back in 1.11.2 so you can probably do it in any version after then.

  29. author

    ethan wallen時間 前

    Cell membrane

  30. author

    Feuer fackel時間 前


  31. author

    Dinossauro de Caneta時間 前

    You had gone too far matpat...

  32. author

    ROBZOMBIE_88時間 前

    He tried to warn us

  33. author

    ChadDad123時間 前

    Good points all around. This is ridiculous. Maybe simultaneously upload to another platform to help it take off.

  34. author

    TXTN 833時間 前

    do a theory on terraria

  35. author

    Mr. corrin Miscellaneous時間 前

    It isn’t protecting us or kids, it’s protecting its money

  36. author


    I didn’t even know there was a extended story for Minecraft WTF now I want to play Minecraft again I’m going to complete my collection now sounds nerdy but it brings back memories reading the books

  37. author

    محمد الصوالحة時間 前

    make a theory about Herobrine

  38. author

    Joshua Holding時間 前

    Is Minecraft just a book that came out as the final story and had the author give MatPat the job to create prequels? And the first/final story is a happy one. MatPat makes the sad stories...

  39. author

    ChadDad123時間 前

    Why wouldn’t you be able to make that 80% back off of more un-targeted ads? From what I understand they will be related ads, not user targeted ads.

  40. author

    Leah Hooker時間 前

    .....I don't like this....I'm usually fine with MatPat explaining how my find childhood memories are built up of lies and mass extinction but this one makes me feel....weird. (●__●)

  41. author

    Jaylin Broan時間 前

    Ya'll, having a long, detailed response is not deflecting, She's explaining what lead to the company's choices and gives insight about the things the youtube team is doing that are both helping and hurting the gaming community. Ya'll just have short attention spans.

  42. author

    Dmitrii Ustiantcev時間 前

    I did it but idk how to record

  43. author

    Gayla Apollos時間 前

    I'm really scared about this mess. I'm new to creating a channel, it's not very big and I don't think I can do anything to grow because of this, I don't think ANYONE who's starting out can grow after this. And when I opened this video and it looked like he was on the verge of tears the entire time, I almost cried. I want to delete my account just so I don't pay any money I don't have. I'm graduated from high school, and I don't have a job, how am I supposed to pay JPreporter, let alone COLLEGE? I just want to cry... What do we do?

  44. author

    Hack pack siri時間 前

    If ur looking for Sam thing new go back to five nights at Freddy’s 1

  45. author

    Zakkyboy1時間 前

    Goodbye storytime animators. Goodbye gaming channels. Goodbye unfinished Godzilla animation. Goodbye 99% of youtube

  46. author

    fbi時間 前

    actually mario is just too small not the citizen are too big

  47. author

    beefy potato時間 前

    Omg matpat the echo!

  48. author

    Odd Khan時間 前

    man she's dodging like agents from the matrix

  49. author

    Jett Ryker時間 前

    wait... in pair with his other mc videos it makes sense. to escape some went to the end (enderman) some went to the nether (pigman and wither skeletons) and some refused to leave (drowned).

  50. author

    Martijn Alblas時間 前

    I knew it was evil

  51. author

    MsKaryCat時間 前

    There have been lots of new videos released, when will you make a video on them?!!?!

  52. author

    Savitree Jaggernauth時間 前

    What if when they checked the fridge it was a couple of months later

  53. author

    A strange Guy時間 前

    So Jedi's are just ADHD kids that didn't took their medicine?

  54. author

    Miles Greene時間 前

    Do Another MTG video!!!! Pls!!!

  55. author

    Devin Syre時間 前

    Somebody: * dies * One week later Drowned: oh.........well this is my life now

  56. author

    nicolas zanni時間 前

    but... who placed those chests? and how did the drowned civilization got their maps from?

  57. author

    Kasper Jensen時間 前

    Will you make a theory about the knightfall protocol in Batman arkham knight

  58. author

    Joseph Filyau時間 前

    MatPat... You said "Determination, when using it properly, can change fate". Undyne was gonna die in the TRUE GENOCIDE run, then she didnt die in one hit.

  59. author

    FinnyGnat plays時間 前

    After watching all these theory minecraft doesn't seem so peaceful anymore

  60. author

    Willow Scorpious時間 前

    It was all lies... Scott trolled you

  61. author

    Braden Chastanet時間 前

    10:07 st.lucia flag 🇱🇨

  62. author

    1000 subs No videos時間 前

    I don’t know matpat, this theory seems a little fishy.

  63. author

    dirkshimada時間 前

    rip to the drowned but im different

  64. author

    I’mamuffin時間 前

    I’m surprised mark and dawko weren’t invited, there the *KINGS* of fnaf

  65. author

    Salty Cracker時間 前


  66. author

    CoSmics jxshy時間 前

    I have a theory instead of before/after how about meanwhile

  67. author

    Yash Shah時間 前

    Why is the hour hand moving faster than the minutes hand at start? Hmmmmmmmm...

  68. author

    Ana Jelic時間 前

    COPPA needs to die

  69. author

    Jaylin Broan時間 前

    I'm not surprised that JPreporter doesn't push gaming content, it's basically pepole watching other people consume a product, and while some gamers provide meaningful commentary, discussion or criticism, I can't think of a reason to really push that sort of thin. How are you supposed to market it? I guess you could compare it to political channels where people talk about someone else's claims or posts. It's something a lot of people consume, but it's not exactly marketable. , people are alread yreally into it and I believe that it's largely watched by children and teenagers who don't have much money themselves. People who like to watch games find their content easily enough if the community's popularity says anything about it.

  70. author

    herrscher of sweets時間 前

    When you are tweleve and a half and is supporting youtubers because in the sea of honkai time isnt real

  71. author

    I quit Due to COPPA時間 前

    2006:JPreporter gets made 2010:we added demonetization no swearing and stuff *9 years later* 2019:nothing happens *12 months later* 2019 December:WARNING if your content is kid friendly you will get charged 42,000 starting 2020 *FTC doesn’t have a phone* 2020:every single JPreporterr quits (unless they curse) *everyone moves to twitch* *youtube shuts down* Me:well COPPA and the FTC are flipping bad *moves to twitch* Me:Eh *10000090000 years later* *some new platform is formed it’s called youback* *50 billion creators move there* *COPPA sues each creator 1000000000 dollars* Everyone in life: I quit

  72. author

    Church of Shigechi時間 前

    So...afton is diavollo

  73. author

    Samuel Adams時間 前

    11:31 That is a commen fruit From dark souls 2

  74. author

    wh時間 前

    There are more than four children dead. There are more, than four children dead.

  75. author

    Freddy Foznose時間 前

    Nope not happening this can’t be you can’t quit I will miss you 😢

  76. author

    the rose vianne時間 前

    Congratulations for 12.2M subs ●v●

  77. author

    Chancey C時間 前

    Fritz and Jeremy were 2 of the night guards. Except Fritz got fired after a day for messing with animatronics

  78. author

    Grant Fehribach2 時間 前


  79. author

    T-Bone2 時間 前

    I've been on JPreporter since 2006. I've been forced to delete over 20 videos. To prevent being demonetized again.

  80. author

    plutonic bomb2 時間 前

    Coppa has RUINED my life I've always wanted to be a youtuber all my life, I don't think I can't though now I'm actually really upset I've been planning to be a youtuber my whole life.

  81. author

    XDarkGamerx1983z 12322 時間 前

    Lol mat pat brings theory’s out of his mind then so it to us then we agree randomly -_-

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    TubyconB2 時間 前


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    Juan Vitor2 時間 前

    this theory actually seems legit

  84. author

    Sai Wong2 時間 前

    A suggestion, since JPreporter has a way to sweep videos to search out "kid friendly" videos. Couldn't JPreporter creators manually trigger a sweep of their new videos before they upload them to the platform and accept the results as to whether the video is kid friendly or not. If FTC and JPreporter work together to agree on the sweep algorithm and accept how it categories each video, then videos manually swept cannot be fined. This takes away the need for JPreporter creators to guess if their videos are kid friendly or not. A manual sweep will make that determination for them. If the JPreporter creator disagrees with determination they can edit their video and resubmit it another manual sweep.

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    Gretta Mob2 時間 前

    8:22 sans

  86. author

    kelsea mae2 時間 前

    he really said nighty❤️❤️

  87. author

    Jorge Pineda2 時間 前

    I know a little of that in Latin cause I’m learning it for my high schools language course

  88. author

    Australia Countryhuman2 時間 前

    Was I the only one who saw nugget from kindergarten in the golden nuggets

  89. author

    shmuckypumpy2 時間 前

    Hopefully my one video isn’t kid friendly

  90. author

    42Bradaction2 時間 前

    If the ocean ruin was initially above ground though, how does it explain fish like guardians, would the drowned make more efficient humanoid like creatures, also wouldn’t the guardians attack the drowned, since they were made before the drowns transformed?

  91. author

    Karn Maassen2 時間 前

    Got gu

  92. author

    Animemetions2 時間 前

    Dumb theory but, if the animatronics were on free roam during the bite of ‘87 why was fredbear standing in the normal position? I think there were not one but TWO bites of ‘87.

  93. author

    SansBigBoned2 時間 前

    Don't worry guys, JPreporter is saved!

  94. author

    Amaan Ali2 時間 前

    Just get rid of adds

  95. author

    Puppet666 Springtrap6662 時間 前

    I have theory that Springtrap and scraptrap are Michel Afton and the crying child due to they can not be William Afton

  96. author

    Ultra Beast2 時間 前

    CCCXVIII is 318

  97. author

    L G2 時間 前

    I get the fact that they're trying to keep kids safe from the crap that some people post on JPreporter(especially the well-disguised crap), but the thing is, they can only go so far. The responsibility SHOULD be on the PARENTS to help guide their children away from bad content. Instead, however, a lot of parents DON'T, so therefore the government has to step in and try to legislate morality. And THAT is ALWAYS a bad idea.

  98. author

    Creeper MLG2 時間 前

    Who else hates it when he doesn’t do the actual good intro

  99. author

    Michael Luzier2 時間 前

    To charge at an airport, bring your own portable battery pack.