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    Brandon Mendez9 分 前

    9:00 fake

  2. author

    Alexander13 分 前


  3. author

    Galaxy Playz14 分 前

    I can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than a minute and I’m 8 years old

  4. author

    Georgina Andrews17 分 前

    He made 2 dollars

  5. author

    Konoha21 分 前

    Wait I clicked subscribed and it turned to 2 million in your 2 millionth sub

  6. author

    Stri Ker42 分 前

    You got scammed That bitch lied to you to get more cash

  7. author

    Cassidy Mills44 分 前

    One day in class I asked my friend "Hey you know that Tic Toker Sebastion Balls?" She was like "What? Who?" I said "Sebastion Balls, the orange dude?" Then she said "yOU MEAN SEBASTIAN BAILS?" *tHaT'S wHaT I cAlLeD hIm-*

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    Hunsah Qaiser57 分 前

    i love your videosssssssssss

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    President Shrek時間 前

    “Bad guys”

  10. author

    President Shrek時間 前

    Just look at the amount of likes compared to the amount of dislikes

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    01 Korismo2 時間 前

    Anyone else here that can solve a Rubik’s cube?

  12. author

    Matt Boswell2 時間 前

    I love your video

  13. author

    President Shrek2 時間 前

    Just a normal addict

  14. author

    Alberte Hauberg2 時間 前

    spy ninja hehe

  15. author

    President Shrek2 時間 前

    That intro gave mmy grandma a heart attack

  16. author

    PotatoFNM OCE2 時間 前

    I’m on at 1.99 mil

  17. author

    Vilde Christoffersen2 時間 前

    I am from Norway and I've never heard of them lol

  18. author

    Jo Jo2 時間 前

    I love you ssssssss...so much . That part got m e

  19. author

    FADESnipezz1013 時間 前

    It would be cool if it was real

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    Aioli3 時間 前


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    Beyazit Esen3 時間 前


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    sharpest gamer ever3 時間 前

    its good . in 2 days on cfop method i now solv it in like 45 secs

  23. author

    DireAce 13 時間 前


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    Nic Halabicky3 時間 前

    This is just another really frustrating case of a parent blaming their horrible parenting on video games because it’s a convenient scapegoat and it’s much easier than actually taking the necessary action to correct their child’s shitty behavior.

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    KG _YT4 時間 前

    This is like Logans Paul vlog.. JK

  26. author

    Suntrees4 時間 前


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    insxnct pxnder4 時間 前

    3:50 rugs rover gets stolen😂

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    Grelly Beans5 時間 前

    Ryan can u buy me a nintendo switch? 😭😭💗 I love you I always wanted one but im brokeee. No, my parents just dont wanna buy me one and im only 14 :(

  29. author

    ExtinctAsteroids5 時間 前

    What happens if it cracks?

  30. author

    Ghost Frappé5 時間 前

    When you can't build it, just photoshop it right?

  31. author

    Mr. KMM5 時間 前

    I mean your funny and I like you but I wouldn't freak out if u hearted my comments, get rekt noob.

  32. author

    Zelix5 時間 前

    9:24 I understand why you're a JPreporterr and not a weatherman

  33. author

    Mack Peters5 時間 前

    🍰 Cake🍰 2m subs Real sub count 1.99 subs

  34. author

    Th0rp3d05 時間 前

    Bring this back!!

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    Christopher Aquilano6 時間 前

    Ryan: If anyone just saw what I was looking at they would be like "what r u doing" Like about 54 year old mexican man: *looks at ryan and thinks "what r u doing" * *scratches arm * xD Btw idk if he's mexican I just thought he looked like a mexican person and no offence if ur mexican

  36. author

    Trevor Keeling6 時間 前

    2:30 or ya know.... hes black lmao

  37. author

    シfrizlez YTシ6 時間 前

    I seen your what rimes with orange video on for you

  38. author

    Emily Angel6 時間 前

    Watermelon that’s all I can say because there’s too many fruits

  39. author

    Hilary Terew6 時間 前

    horse riding is my forte (not joking)

  40. author

    Air of Slytherin6 時間 前

    Just kick him in the shins 👌

  41. author

    tara sahoo6 時間 前

    I can do this in 3min

  42. author

    Emilio Cano6 時間 前

    Great Humble approach(15:34). The Kid is strong in the Force

  43. author

    Alec Rodriguez6 時間 前

    Justin would win. Yall sawft.

  44. author

    robin king7 時間 前

    i bairle get any one

  45. author

    Ms. Army7 時間 前

    That commercial he made was the best thing I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  46. author

    QuiverXD7 時間 前

    Literally just ended the "cya next time, on disney channel" then again autoplay comes in play "I tried 5-minute crafts girly" Ryan: Welcome back to disney channel, you're watching me coincidence?

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    Cosmic Gamer7 時間 前

    Lele Pons is my favourite youtuber J.k you are how do you do a smiley face

  48. author

    sausy mcgee7 時間 前

    Omg lol

  49. author

    Nadia Korfe7 時間 前

    We love it when you work hard

  50. author

    Addison Arrieta7 時間 前

    um mm i hope you realize the reason it was black was because it was stain for your shoes so like the older stations men would go to to get their shoes shined that's what that stain was for and i can in different colors because of the different colors of the shoes.... just for anyone wondering...

  51. author

    Allison Douglas7 時間 前

    omg lol

  52. author

    Littlefungirl 20007 時間 前

    He’s like they kid from Charlie in the chocolate factory

  53. author

    Sebastian Padilla7 時間 前


  54. author

    Why da hell is Yoongi so cute7 時間 前

    Ryan's fake laugh got my stomach hurting more than when I watch Lele Pons video😆

  55. author

    sausy mcgee7 時間 前

    Nice poster

  56. author

    josiah belcher7 時間 前

    Great now I peed 🤣

  57. author

    Jade Ortiz7 時間 前

    Your throwing the trees dead family off of a cliff right in front of them

  58. author

    Wow That's Weird7 時間 前

    Hey Jaida

  59. author

    King Dane Playz8 時間 前

    This comment section is gold . None of the comments are like this " blah blah curse till 2689 blah blah Like to deactivate blah"

  60. author

    Castiliya Asir8 時間 前

    "undies lol"

  61. author

    mel k8 時間 前

    5:25 IM DEADDD

  62. author

    Chris Augustin8 時間 前

    Nothing rhymes w/ 🍊

  63. author

    mel k8 時間 前

    omg i can do a flip too... *AM I A SUPERHERO ?*

  64. author

    Smitefist8 時間 前

    Spy ninja

  65. author

    Clci Kylo -_-8 時間 前

    omg lol

  66. author

    The_Hawk8 時間 前

    i gotta jojo virus

  67. author

    Anthony Seth8 時間 前

    ive done that i didnt eat for 3 days

  68. author

    Monkey8 時間 前

    I thought that was tfue

  69. author


    Let’s put knifes on his bedroom floor and put the sealing on fire so he has to step on the knifes and cover the door with a dildo

  70. author

    Gabrielle Pattie9 時間 前

    How is he eat chick flia on-a Sunday WHAT

  71. author

    Neo409 時間 前

    Did my man's just tell Mexico to keep swimming

  72. author

    Iƚȥ ყσ Ⴆυɳɳყ9 時間 前


  73. author

    Walter9 時間 前

    Cop: pulls lighter out of pocket Ryan: A drug thing

  74. author

    S A M U R A I X9 時間 前

    Only OG's remember ryan use to hate Tiktok

  75. author

    Kono Vitsu9 時間 前


  76. author

    Senior Partner9 時間 前

    People are skeptical because highballing was a common practice by scammers in craigslist which was frequently used to scam sellers and take their items.

  77. author

    Yelida Akinci9 時間 前

    U DONT NOW WERE MİLLİNG Of DOlErs are bruh

  78. author

    GamingChannelDiego//GCD9 時間 前

    i sent this from my submarine mexico is sunk completely nothing else is left. T H E U.S I S N E X T

  79. author

    Daniella Krasney9 時間 前

    T is 10pm and I am SLEEPING 24 HOURS OvErNiGhT🥴🤯🤬🤫🤗

  80. author

    AG Wilheight9 時間 前

    I literally remember these Fred videos. Like I specifically remember those scenes from those videos

  81. author

    Lrthy9 時間 前

    1.99m subs

  82. author

    two triplethree9 時間 前

    ngl i hope she dies from the new juuling disease thing

  83. author

    Nick Rubin9 時間 前


  84. author

    John Jr Floyd9 時間 前

    U lied to the women so delete ur channel

  85. author

    Scarlett Oros9 時間 前


  86. author

    A180CombatBowser Game pro9 時間 前

    gamesarent really the cause sometimes they are but not all the time but YEAH BAN FORTNITE ITS TRASH

  87. author

    Patrick Huber9 時間 前

    I like collins

  88. author

    two triplethree10 時間 前

    cool whatever happens

  89. author

    gordo__10 時間 前


  90. author

    two triplethree10 時間 前

    5:11 his hair looks like just about all of my male character’s hair. i don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

  91. author

    A180CombatBowser Game pro10 時間 前

    what was that intro

  92. author

    A180CombatBowser Game pro10 時間 前

    turn on captions 8:07

  93. author

    Kxllrus10 時間 前

    Ryan your raw at track Im not the best at track and cross country im decent

  94. author

    WalnutTime10 時間 前

    Him: **gets frustrated with algorithms** BLD solvers: first time?

  95. author

    Truly Greg10 時間 前

    You want the thooth? You can't handle the thooth

  96. author

    Bitter Sweet Gacha10 時間 前

    “Thooth” There I said it

  97. author

    Original Demogorgon10 時間 前

    By watching this video I now know how my sister is messed up Because she watches those dumb ass Anime videos

  98. author

    Liam The Lamb10 時間 前

    Ryan: “It literally apple juice” Me: “the bottle says orange”

  99. author

    tonic toad10 時間 前

    Is that yoda

  100. author

    AG Wilheight10 時間 前

    I have a very big confession to make😂 I watched Reaction Time when I was 15. I literally thought reaction time was my age. When I found out he wasn’t I was very confused as to why he acts the way he does. Like, as a 15 year old I thought this dude was 15-16 and just not very mature. I was wronggg.😂