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11 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    lexi's life2 時間 前

    millionth time watching this... and counting ✌️

  2. author

    p.cnutbutter2 時間 前

    How does everyone afford these things

  3. author

    Eve Brittain3 時間 前

    i really wish people gave maniac more attention, i think it's the most beautiful thing

  4. author

    bilishu aliss3 時間 前

    I saw the title and immediately said “ BOB’S BURGERS” but thats because I’m a loser 😔

  5. author

    Justice Blue3 時間 前

    very tired of the lack of diversity in critically acclaimed shows. I would love to be able to see black people and POC as the lead in these types of shows without having to watch them on black specific channels.

  6. author

    Jason3 時間 前

    Amazing girl

  7. author

    Shannon Perrin3 時間 前

    You should definitely watch Euphoria and Girls. Euphoria is so well shot and it probably has the most interesting and well-written characters I've seen in a while. Also, Girls just tackles so many issues and things that women can deal with in their early adulthood. I know it's by Lena Dunham and she's fairly controversial but it's still a great series nonetheless.

  8. author

    vale lavra3 時間 前

    the end of the video made me tear up (ok lets be honest, i teared up like 3 times during the whole video) but i just wanted to tell you that i love your content so much, you are one of the few youtubers that i watch and instantly feel better about life. thanks for sharing your life (or at least snippets of it) with us!

  9. author

    Chourouk Zarkaoui3 時間 前

    You REALLY REALLY need to watch two other blowminding tv-shows “Killing Eve” and “Ad Vitam” (the second one is an French production)

  10. author

    bit of a mess3 時間 前


  11. author

    Jaded Shakur Kent3 時間 前

    Hey thanks for just talking normally no drama just life I so appreciate it ..I was freaking out and nervous for nothing in particular and sitting and watching this helped calm me down ...thank u ..simply thankful for this 🙂

  12. author

    Alexea Malaletkin3 時間 前

    "Callbacks (or lack thereof)" is LA apartment hunting in nutshell

  13. author

    Arabella Stringer3 時間 前

    The dislikes are from interior designers mad about her making her own amazing ideas

  14. author

    danixdanny3 時間 前

    How have I only seen this now? Was this video privated for some time?

  15. author

    Josephine TCHENBERDJIAN3 時間 前

    I am literally 95% sure the last time I watched this video there was a problem with the paste she used to stick her wallpaper to the wall. Like it was clumpy or something. Please someone tell me I’m not crazy.

  16. author

    Hannah3 時間 前

    if only dress code didn't exsisted...

  17. author

    diamond jada3 時間 前

    “who hurt me” 😂😂😂

  18. author

    zewdae4 時間 前

    ik this might seem like too surface level of an observation but im p sure that women's sexuality and the influence and hold that sex has on everyone walking, living, and breathing on this earth was a p huge theme in Fleabag,, how when everything in her life seems to be crumbling or she thinks she's a living pile of shit (she has a whole monologue that's p fantastic,talking abt this) her body and the validation of sex; 'knowing that someone wants your body', can feel like all she has left. Sex is an escape, it's a tool, it's a doom's-day device, it's love, it's not giving a shit, it's giving too many shits but i think a lot of the nuances that young adults (20somethings-30s), young women -too- edit: *_especially_* , experience within the world of sex are explored and fleshed out in a really attention-grabbing way.. idk just my two cents..

  19. author

    Muriel Moloney4 時間 前

    Your success lies in your realism. Never change

  20. author

    sincerelyniki4 時間 前

    no one : me : rewatching every video : )

  21. author

    Muriel Moloney4 時間 前

    When I was in college I lived in one room with a cold water tap and broken window. I loved ur college videos where you shared your roorm with 2 other roommates. We need more life struggle videos like yours. So realistic but uplifting

  22. author

    Marj Becker4 時間 前

    This is my first time watching ur channel and I love ur personality

  23. author

    Muriel Moloney4 時間 前

    I love ur channel cos it is so realistic. I am addicted. Brilliant recommendations

  24. author

    Lashe Dare4 時間 前

    I am sad cause i know I will never have enough courage to wear these or never will I wake up this early and pick out an outfit that is not sad to look at

  25. author

    Maria Alessia4 時間 前

    4:15 *niki* *demar* *is* *quaking*

  26. author

    Noah Force4 時間 前

    BOO you edit hehe loser

  27. author

    Tanya Shishir4 時間 前

    i love Ashley and this is not a hate comment but it's really ignorant to think that housewives have no job or no purpose in life, my mum works her ass off to take care of the family and she doesn't even get breaks or weekends, her job is as hard as a working woman, i can't take anyone disrespecting housewives like that

  28. author

    Sam Lowry4 時間 前

    Please watch Mike Birbiglia’s stand ups on Netflix. So so so good. They all play like romantic comedies with tangents along the way. All very funny but VERY bittersweet. 10/10 would recommend

  29. author

    Sam Lowry4 時間 前

    Please watch Mike Birbiglia’s stand ups on Netflix. So so so good. They all play like romantic comedies with tangents along the way. All very funny but VERY bittersweet. 10/10 would recommend

  30. author

    Ashley Rahman4 時間 前

    U should watch a movie called I, Tonya i don’t want to say anything in case I spoil something. (It’s on Netflix) it’s a every empowering story it also follows the theme of ur depressing endings :) (soz it isn’t a show )

  31. author

    Saskia. H4 時間 前

    Ashley, you HAVE to check out Westworld. In my opinion it’s one of the best shows of the decade and for some reason it’s somewhat overlooked. The female characters are incredible and the plot is overall fantastic.

  32. author

    Ballet Music4 時間 前

    Am I the only person who wonders Ashley surname?

  33. author

    Sara Filipa4 時間 前

    TAYLOR SWIFT! Binge watching this channel just keeps getting better and better

  34. author

    tata saakashvili4 時間 前

    You should check out The Legion. It's set in 60's and is about people who have powers and it's so weird and interesting.

  35. author

    Zehra Sivac4 時間 前

    Why is nobody talking about Malcolm in the middle or the big bang theory?? They're my 2 favorite shows tbh

  36. author

    Carol Mccoy4 時間 前

    Terrible comment, Maryland- the least significant State.

  37. author

    MaroussiaCover4 時間 前

    I highly recommend She-Ra and the princesses of power for women empowerment ! I started this show like 5 days ago and I almost finished and honestly I love it even though it might be destined to younger people. But honestly I love the drawings, the plot is kind of predictable and common but still refreshing and all the characters are touching (+ there are like 3 important male characters and all of the other important characters are female and this is sooo good). There are some representation going on as well so yeah you should totally give a chance to this show <3

  38. author

    HollyW4 時間 前

    You NEED to watch The Americans!!! Keri Russell is INCREDIBLE in it and it's honestly the most brutal, emotional and realistic yet insane show ever. It definitely dersered way more attention than it got!

  39. author

    Deborah Meikle4 時間 前

    everyone has said it already but lets just say it louder for the peeps in the back - WHAT A FUCKING INSPIRATION FOR 20 YEAR OLDS TODAY like Jesus... this making me feel all kinds of ready to get my shit together and realise how seriously grateful I should be... and thing is you don't even walk around boasting at the amount of work you have to do, you just talk about it like its normal and just wow- so fucking refreshing honestly

  40. author

    Nr 214 時間 前

    when you don't have this much clothes

  41. author

    L W5 時間 前

    i can really recommend the netflix special from hannah gadsby, its very funny and emotional

  42. author

    Beatrice Cook5 時間 前

    lovesick on netflix is good and also just sort of a Nice and Calm watch

  43. author

    Ellie Cochran5 時間 前

    “ *when* i win my oscar “

  44. author

    Emily Sammons5 時間 前

    The secret to a last minute Halloween costume is run to a store, buy a tiara, throw on a pretty dress, and you’re a princess 🤷🏼‍♀️

  45. author

    Hatty Horscroft5 時間 前

    So much love!! I cannot relate more to you!!

  46. author

    Hadeel Ayyan5 時間 前

    everything about this video made me feel extremely warm

  47. author

    Bhuwna naik5 時間 前

    3:46 the answer is Blair Waldorf.😬

  48. author

    Ilse Rooijackers5 時間 前

    anyone just love the word funky? no? just me oh okay

  49. author

    Erica Dragon5 時間 前

    brooooo what about scrubs?

  50. author

    tinnn __5 時間 前

    movie recommendation for those who like the maniac and black mirror: the platform. it's a spanish film about a reality/future where there's a prison with different platforms and you get to eat what ever the people before you didn't eat. it's quite dark and really makes you think so maybe don't watch it at night :D

  51. author

    mc name5 時間 前

    rewatching in May, hearing "2020 FUCK IT" brings forth a whole new mood

  52. author

    SOKAD1235 時間 前

    Thank you for the very honest opinion :) It resonates with me and my opinion for sure :)

  53. author

    Alani Rajah5 時間 前


  54. author

    Broadway Bookworm5 時間 前

    I love how you assume I have suitors and that they bring me gifts

  55. author

    Sarah Steadman5 時間 前


  56. author

    Natasza Mikołajczak5 時間 前

    I love Ashley, but there is just one thing that bothers me. OH MY GOD, why can't she pronounce women correctly!? It's not the same ans woman! Also, so happy to see someone praise Fleabag, amazing show. Lots of love on the vid!

  57. author

    maud x5 時間 前

    but... WHERE is the show "FRIENDS"????!!!!!

  58. author

    Sara Ikenberry5 時間 前

    Ashely watch twin peaks!! David Lynch is dark/quirky/mysterious and really a genius in his own way. Also the show has a healthy 30 episodes that are around an hour each I believe!

  59. author

    Lingling 405 時間 前

    Trevor noah has the best Netflix standup specials!

  60. author

    Holly Stroman6 時間 前

    Honestly I think Ashley needs a podcast about litterally anything because I could listen to what she had to say for quite some time

  61. author

    Scott King6 時間 前

    Anyone else immediately look for that first yt channel?

  62. author

    Mary Östgren6 時間 前

    the ikea flags waving in the background in the end <3

  63. author

    Nika Nanika6 時間 前

    Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  64. author

    Breanne O'Reilly6 時間 前

    ok but the quirky culture is so annoying here is some starter words and sentences to understand the language :) "i look like a potato" "literally" "i am literally a potato" "sis" "I'm so broke" now for some effects! swirly effect fish eye effect now for some music! aesthetic music qUiRkY jAmS

  65. author

    Liz Nonato6 時間 前

    Finally some good indications, also love the voice and way that Ashley talks about the things she is passioned about

  66. author

    Maia Rigby6 時間 前

    I am BEGGING everyone who sees this comment to watch money heist on Netflix. PLEASE

  67. author

    Captain Howdy6 時間 前

    East LA born and raised. Best city on earth. Y’all don’t like it? Good riddance! 😌

  68. author

    Morgane Kuyl6 時間 前

    omg also watch fresh meat!! super hilarious, weird, british, college lyfe, crashing-esque vibes

  69. author

    Shanaia Rebeiro6 時間 前

    Haunting of Hill House is extremely underrated. She deserves better. The editing is impeccable. Same goes for Umbrella Academy.

  70. author

    Erin Brown6 時間 前

    ASHLEY!!! If you haven't seen it already watch Pen15 on hulu! It's basically a coming of age comedy series about 2 girls in middle school (who are actually played by their 30-something y/o selves), it's only like 8 episodes and it's absolutely hilarious. Also I can't wait to check out your recommendations!!

  71. author

    Morgane Kuyl6 時間 前

    THANK YOU for mentioning CRASHING!!!! Not enough ppl know it

  72. author

    Madhuri Ravi6 時間 前

    Hi Ashley, Since you liked big little lies, I'd recommend another show that sort of has similar themes, called Dead To Me on Netflix. It's about this frustrated, short tempered widow whose husband is killed in a hit and run. She meets this other woman in a grief group and they really hit it off. And the reason I find it cool is it has that sense of "oh shit everything is going to fall apart now" kind of tension, but parallel to that action you have an exploration of female friendships, loss of a loved one, how people react under pressure, especially 40 something women and that whole side of this. I'd love to know if you find this interesting. Your videos are a fun watch, and they've made me appreciate dressing up and thinking about clothes aesthetically a whole lot more, simply because you derive such genuine enjoyment from it and it comes through. :)

  73. author

    Nellie Figueroa6 時間 前

    Who the heck are you hanging out w?

  74. author

    *That one Human who's gonna rule you all*6 時間 前

    We stan a non functional, plant mama, uses-a-patato-to-measure-starburst, would literally frame her husband for murder, claims to be an adult when we all know she's really just 4, QUEEN

  75. author

    Lexi Ray6 時間 前

    I had cudaroy overalls that were a skirt bottom they were like a mustard yellow but had some orange in them too and I was so obsessed. And just the other day my mom fucking took them and threw them away....they just started to fit perfectly. I’m pissed but idk where they are.😤

  76. author

    murrmiauh h6 時間 前

    I would recommend Adventure Time. I know it's a kid's show but that show is my favorite. The beginning is kinda childish but it grows as the main character grows. The plot is really well developed and they have thought of everything. The story tell abt a kid named Finn who is the only human alive in post-apocalyptic world where its been divided into 4 sections; candy, slime, ice and fire. It also tells abt other people in the show and how so called evil or chaos incarnate wants to destroy it. please watch it : ' )

  77. author

    Myr6 時間 前

    lol, the french song is low key creepy ''I love earing the scream of the victims we drown''.

  78. author

    Ava Jallali6 時間 前

    Ashley it's so insightful what you are saying about hiding stuff especially your feminist side when dating. I also don't and it really sucks. Will watch jigsaw.

  79. author

    Sisu Garcia6 時間 前

    i am very shocked at how similar our tastes are! i will be watching anything i hadn't already watched, which tbh was not very many things since i have seen and loved most everything you talked about!

  80. author

    Sara Landry6 時間 前

    chris d'elia's netflix specials are violently chaotic and i would definitely recommend

  81. author

    Nathali Rebolledo6 時間 前

    I want to move to New York so bad 😭.

  82. author

    Cori Z6 時間 前

    8:28 her face... I'm squeaking (Because that's how I laugh)

  83. author

    toni r6 時間 前

    i need another one of these

  84. author

    Martina Forno6 時間 前

    omg i love your recomendations please do more i would literally watch 2h of you talking about films/tv shows

  85. author

    Nicole Martinez6 時間 前

    you mentioned shows that make you laugh in one scene and cry in another and i think the show Barry is the perfect example of this! you should check it out!

  86. author

    rodrick heffley6 時間 前

    Some of my faveourites are : avatar last airbender , seven deadly sins , atypical ,money heist, sex education

  87. author

    Sophia Kiriakides6 時間 前

    you'll be a party star girl!

  88. author

    pragya saini6 時間 前

    That was some really gud work and I absolutely loved ur sense of humour really, u seem fun and also swt. Loved watching this video.

  89. author

    Jessica Mullins7 時間 前

    I love all of your content 💕

  90. author

    Elise Gwon7 時間 前


  91. author

    XxSophiexX7 時間 前

    I LOVE all of these outfirs classmates always think why the heck are you wearing a shirt on a dress ;-;

  92. author

    Alessandro S R Lima7 時間 前

    Well I live with my wife, and I still working since the pandemic was started here in South America, and I'm working at my home, more precisely in our bedroom. But still works, and it's hard to avoid my cellphone because I need to talk with my coworkers and my bosses. I think this tips its function just for creative people....and I'm indifferent way...But it's pretty good to think or be careful with you workday.

  93. author

    where's my hydroflask7 時間 前

    This is the big sister I want😔 the kind that’s uncensored and open

  94. author

    Raina Soleil7 時間 前

    Based off of the shows and movies you’ve listed, I know you would love Normal People (Hulu), it’s raw, honest, and just beautifully composed. It also has a truly dynamic female lead, as well as a sensitive, dynamic male lead. It’s a must watch! And based off of Big Little Lies, I think you’d really like Sharp Objects. It’s a limited hbo series based off of a book written by Gillian Flynn, who also wrote Gone Girl. And for comedy specials, there is a really good three parter on Netflix called Middleditch and Schwartz, it’s some of the best improv I’ve seen.

  95. author

    ogie387 時間 前

    These prices are so damn ridiculous

  96. author

    leave me alone you waste of life7 時間 前

    Omg can you please make an updated what to wear on hot summer days video it's been sooo hot where I live 😅

  97. author

    Adeline Carter7 時間 前

    This video is so interesting. I think I can recognize in some of your thoughts something that I (over a year later, in quarantimes) see in myself a lot. Either I'm on my phone or I'm not but I feel a constant need to do something. Even when I don't want to work, I feel like I have to be doing laundry or cleaning my room or doing something useful. Like I always need to be productive or distracted.

  98. author

    Stormcloud7 時間 前

    Step one: have clothes

  99. author

    Kassey Adams7 時間 前

    Bates Motel is a show that I find is underrated especially because Freddy Highmore is a great actor :)

  100. author

    blood stream7 時間 前

    Another liberal arts major who can look forward to working in McDonald's 😆