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We're Sorry....We're Sorry....

We're Sorry....

12 日 前

  1. author

    Allison’s Amazing gaming日 前


  2. author

    Gab Pascual日 前

    Team cavin

  3. author

    Kiara Saunders日 前

    Kiwi is a good name

  4. author

    Mayci日 前

    my name's mayci...

  5. author

    Jaylin chavarria日 前

    I feel like it is time to get out of their business and mind our one

  6. author

    Jessica Eliana Subrata日 前

    Josh: - Puts bathbom - Me **Remembers what happened last time** **Last time the water turned green*

  7. author

    Zoe Ng日 前


  8. author

    Maliah Christopher日 前


  9. author


    When Josh said I can't live without my best friend I felt that 😭💔

  10. author

    Kate N日 前

    Josh: it is probably at 400,010 by now Me: y’all are already at 1milloin! Let’s go!

  11. author

    Gwen Lo日 前

    Why is josh so nice!

  12. author

    Brent Miller日 前

    Apple juice table 😂

  13. author

    K Mendoza日 前

    No matter how many times I watch this, I LOVE HOW JOSH JUST SAYS “I’m gonna be a dad” AND THEY BOTH GET SO EXCTED, HUG AND BRO EACH OTHER

  14. author

    Jessica Eliana Subrata日 前

    I dont have cramps on my period lmao. Im so lucky

  15. author

    Sára Iváncsik日 前

    I think the bikes name should be Emerald

  16. author

    Neo_tural日 前

    I like how the dislikes are 911

  17. author

    Emma Marshall日 前

    You should do the scandalous outfit prank in your new house to see how far he will go with no parents around

  18. author

    Rachel R日 前

    This video making us all feel single! 😂❤️

  19. author

    Sadie Beazley日 前

    I’m watching this at 1:00 am I’m sooooo scared rn

  20. author

    Marlowe Lia-Paige Donato日 前

    I can bet once they get together they are going to do a “ I want a divorce” prank 🤭

  21. author

    Abryanna Hawn日 前

    me on my period waches this also me gets cramps

  22. author

    donut lover日 前

    I'm still getting bullied😭😭

  23. author

    The Graham Fam日 前

    “It’s like my whole body is aching rn.” Girl, mine feels like I’ve got a bed of needles shaking around my stomach, and when I move it feels like I’m ripping open. The more you know, guys!

  24. author

    Ian Gacii日 前

    What? 2014?

  25. author

    Evey Gerace日 前

    Point She talking crap about piper when they use to be good friends like wow

  26. author

    Heidi Marie日 前


  27. author

    Alauna Faust日 前

    Team jatie baby!!!!!!!!!

  28. author

    Zack Mackay日 前


  29. author

    Presleigh Anderzak日 前

    “Rollerblading with my friend” what ab social distancing? This is the reason why they extended our lock down 😂😂😂😂

  30. author

    bilias hour日 前

    Why would they get engaged and buy a house if their relationship wasn’t good to start off with

  31. author

    Noel Roll日 前

    Ya'll need a puppy!!!!!!!!

  32. author

    Nyeda Hineline日 前

    Buy him one of those things where it makes him feel the pain of the period 😂

  33. author

    Kylie Cassady日 前

    I feel so bad for you and you don't deserve this.

  34. author

    Anna Marie日 前

    For some reason I always have super bad cramps on my period. 😩😩😩

  35. author

    oval日 前

    you should do the wearing a scandalous outfit to him in your new house to see if he will catch on since you did it before

  36. author

    Amy Sword日 前

    Awwwww he is so cute. I want someone to do that for me when I feel that way.

  37. author

    Lucia Rodriguez日 前

    I don't like coco to be honest

  38. author

    Trashy Likes Cartoons日 前

    *me watching this with actual bad period cramps* :')

  39. author

    Clarissa Delgadillo日 前

    Popcorn 🍿

  40. author

    Animal Sisters日 前

    Do the real test!

  41. author

    Sooz and Tess Erixon日 前

    Maybe name the bike emerald

  42. author

    Julia O’Brien日 前

    OMG Josh was so sweet/cute😍❤️

  43. author

    Mira Yasin日 前

    "Cramps" desc

  44. author

    Michelle Diaz日 前

    Im on my period and this video made me cryy

  45. author

    Nate Gate Gaming日 前


  46. author

    Savannah Musch日 前

    My bf like doesnt even get near me. He walks out the door. If only I had someone like Josh Jatie. You guys are very special. I love you!

  47. author

    Shakeira Ainsworth日 前

    chocolate always works. always get her chocolate::))

  48. author

    Grace Young日 前


  49. author

    D Watson日 前

    I want to see how her hand is in the next video on jatie vlogs

  50. author

    Alexis Larson日 前

    Hey if you reading this anyone first 10 people that comment on this comment I will respond to them so excited are you guys!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  51. author

    Rachel Gutierrez日 前

    They keep playing with this “what if you’re pregnant” what y’all tryna say? 🤔👀

  52. author

    Sarah thekoala日 前

    If u make me a bath you're the one

  53. author

    E E2日 前

    Josh should have a period for a day like they suggested in the vlog. Like this so that they can see!!!

  54. author

    Taylor _beth日 前

    Yes! You should totally let Josh experience cramps and the pain of it!

  55. author

    Nia Ennis日 前

    Seeing Katie punch Josh makes me want to punch him in the stomach too

  56. author

    Avery Bryan日 前

    Why can’t we all get a guy like joshy b?😂😭

  57. author

    Bright Eyes119日 前

    I want to CRY you guys are so cute I would cut off my left arm if I could have someone as loving and caring as josh. You’re so lucky to have someone that’s there for you so much and considers so much to make you feel better and help you.

  58. author

    Berena Haire日 前

    yes you should have Josh so that

  59. author

    Shakeira Ainsworth日 前

    when you said shakira i totally thought you were talking about me>> because thats my name. love ya guys lots

  60. author

    Logan Green日 前

    What is the name of the Intro Song?

  61. author

    Danielle White日 前

    Josh won and I love you guys

  62. author

    Jayden Curtis日 前

    10/09 is my birthday!

  63. author

    Madison Elmer日 前

    its my birthday a week from today!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  64. author

    Brianna Euceda日 前

    He said he only like you a little bit so that doesn't mean a lot

  65. author

    Morton Salt日 前

    Are you serious i cried during the other video! Seriously lol I fell for it love you!

  66. author

    Nia Ennis日 前


  67. author

    Rose Tanges日 前

    I loved when Katie said this is why no one loves you 😂🤣

  68. author

    Kylah日 前

    Even: Katie Odd: Josh Comment: Jatie

  69. author

    lydi bitty日 前

    Awww Josh said I'll sleep on the couch.

  70. author

    Paityn Poortinga日 前

    Name your bike Dustin or dusty for short

  71. author

    maryroseraine briones日 前

    The fact that Coco's ex bestfriend is Piper Rockelle And Gavin's ex girlfriend is Piper aswell and now Coco is dating her ex like if i was piper and i saw this is would be so sad

  72. author

    Lauren Elise日 前

    Love you guys so much I would really like to win the giveaway pls love you ❤️

  73. author

    Nik Morrell日 前

    Josh is literally the BEST bf EVERRRRRR!

  74. author

    Claire Adams日 前

    I bet if he found that girl or guy he gonna put them down

  75. author

    leah decoskey日 前


  76. author

    Elle Rice日 前

    And nobody knows till this day...if they ever turned off the bath...🤔🤣

  77. author

    Taia Currer日 前

    Omfg I love this videooo his reaction when she came down the stairs 😂

  78. author

    Sam Ogley日 前

    We’re do you live

  79. author

    It’s me jossy G日 前

    Aww he if so sweet

  80. author

    Rachel Kelly日 前

    I liked the video

  81. author

    Somona McCaw日 前

    U should name her pecker

  82. author

    LearnToPlay日 前

    I first watched this type of video from maddie and elijah xd

  83. author

    Riggsy 82日 前

    Should make it a gaming studio and yall game with each other

  84. author

    Kaylyn Stringfellow日 前

    Yall need to stop pranking each other all tbe time

  85. author

    Ellianna Crespo日 前

    I have a question did you get the dog merch?? sorry it's from august 26th 2019

  86. author

    Spencer Parker日 前

    Since Josh’s is diamond I thing Katie’s should be named Ruby!! Or if you really want a boy name I guess you can say Ruben for a boy version of Ruby

  87. author

    Morgan Horse日 前

    Collab with Maddie and Elijah

  88. author

    madelyn renolds日 前

    “i’m gonna go ride daddy”- katie😂😂

  89. author

    my weave be flyin'日 前

    KATIE WAS LITERALLY ME it's fine it's fine everything's fine I'm okay MEEEEEEEEE

  90. author

    Mackenzie Schroeder日 前

    This is cringy

  91. author

    Elena Khouri日 前

    omgg Josh was so cute with Katie!!

  92. author

    Arica Marie日 前

    Everyone: Literally No One: Me: sees the description box "if u see this comment cramps" 🙃

  93. author

    Patty03 Guzman日 前

    Omg he is so sweet and they are so adorable together I love it 😘❤️😍🥰 I hope u feel better and I hope ur hand is okay

  94. author

    Taia Currer日 前

    Omfg I’ve never seen a cuter couple! I love when he says silly it’s so cuteee

  95. author

    Ciara Palermo日 前

    cramps... love your videos so much! literally cutest couple on youtube!!❤️❤️

  96. author

    Mandi Milum日 前

    I love how usually he says not to touch him after she pranks him but he was relieved he got to hold her again.. my heart 🥺

  97. author

    Awsome A's Awsome A's日 前

    who has watched all there videos once or twice????? i have

  98. author


    *puts his sunglasses up "babe.. im not gonna grab her butt"

  99. author

    Andrea Sødal Kjeldsen日 前

    I’m finally early but I dont have something to say

  100. author

    Alis Petty日 前

    Literally, I've only seen the first 25 seconds of the video and I'm like: Awww Josh is so sweet😍. Makes me question whether or not I should date guys...and I'm like nah, girls smell better👌🏾