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Educational League of Legends content that will help you climb out of Bronze,Silver,Gold ! I am extremely interactive with viewers and will answer as many questions as possible. Comment on any of my videos for a opgg review and lets get out of ELO hell together! Subscribe and lets start getting better at League of Legends ASAP !! become a patron for coaching or perks for me to help you climb :D

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    Alex Markivich19 時間 前

    Want to watch this but the volume is to low to even try.

  2. author

    javier ruiz salas日 前

    Electrocute or conqueror best choise for jungle?

  3. author

    Steven Sigala2 日 前

    Gonna try the new zyra jungle? Post a video if you do!

  4. author

    Tanner Hayes2 日 前

    New Kog'Maw player :0 Thanks for the tips mate!

  5. author

    alta zmaul2 日 前

    every vid i watch from you it remembers me to the fizz video...where u said:"when u are playing the fizz" atleast 154323times^^ thx for this guide <3

  6. author

    meme_ brain143 日 前

    A good vladimir tip is while using W you can still ignite players

  7. author

    Claudio Quevedo3 日 前

    Are these really tips? This is literally the basics of the champion abilities thats it LOL. No mention of how you can slow with Hexcore-W with Q and E spaced out to maximise slow time for ulty procs. No mention of the E + walk away trick to land it everytime as it has no cast time. No mention of the E providing vision so use it for scouting bushes. No mention of building CDR/tanky for kiting and baiting. Tips my ass and im just Gold 1

  8. author

    hazem khaled3 日 前

    i'm going to give you a great tip man, that's a lot of talking to show me the combo twice! play the combo multiple times , maybe even show us some gaming footage of ppl abusing that combo people are looking for tips, not a lecture, we know that if you are abusing the trades you will get priority,, you don't have to explain this concept in 2 minutes put more effort and it will payout , here is how please look up something called the monotone, you need to work on tonality because your voice is a bit dull to the ear work on learning how to raise and lower ur voice and when and how to pause it will pay out i PROMISE

  9. author

    hymnofashes3 日 前

    you have cat

  10. author

    pawel paww3 日 前

    im watching your videos when i want to know everything :) great content

  11. author

    Khanh Nguyễn3 日 前

    how do I show R minutes 3:32 in this video 

  12. author

    PiggyGamer1114 日 前

    your flash can also be a really good skill to attack, depending on the situation u can startle them a bit which makes them burn summoners or u just end them with 4rth shot (if ur against a lucian or vayne for instance, they just dash away)

  13. author

    BROSED4 日 前

    Actually, i knew it all but still it's very usefull video for new players! New Wukong is pretty nice to play, awesome update. What do you think about it? Gave me some free wins haha! Nice video, keep it up man. You can also check mine gameplays if you have some free time, would be nice to look on my mistakes from. Also subscribed, good content, no clickbaits. 10/10 :)

  14. author

    Jerrod Max4 日 前

    At about 2:58 what he meant to say do not user your R unless you have to. If you use your ultimate or your R ability as the last resort you will notice how much stronger of a hero your champion will feel. Once I realized that in almost all situations to lead with the Q ability Vi feels much stronger and then she is doing what she was created to do. SMASH. She is probably my number one favorite League of Legends Champion and then it's Annie. But yea always lead with Q!!!!!!!!!!

  15. author

    Adam Jokl4 日 前

    That tip with recall+r cool

  16. author

    AeRiX - GD4 日 前

    hey im a gold player and i use these runes fleet pressence tenacity goupe bone plating revitalize what do u think about it?

  17. author

    Alper Atmaca4 日 前

    watch in 1.25x speed

  18. author

    paladins john4 日 前

    What's the best max CDR build?

  19. author

    Joseph Browne5 日 前

    Kai Sa- Yummi is for sure an OP combo. Both of you are so mobile and yummi really compliments Kai sa, allowing her to go aggro on weaker laners cuz yummi can come with her on ultis. And is an excellent defender against agro laners. Me and my friend duo'd this combo from bronze striaght to high gold. IT WORKS!

  20. author

    agha 7315 日 前

    Nice .ty for the guide mate

  21. author

    E5 日 前

    Never liked assassin wukong. Always thought max E with black cleave n trinity was better. I'm glad they made Q more viable now. Now it can be max Q then E instead of reverse.

  22. author

    Jason Q5 日 前

    I love this video and I have a question. In a lot of my games, my team and I are doing very well but I could not snowball with talon after landing phase. Can u plz give some advice?

  23. author

    O' Gaci5 日 前

    Quinn is very bad now . Low ms low dmg so fragile . You can't farm you will get insta ganked. Solution is only old quinn. After 4 nerf she is unplayable. Just keep losing brothers. No petitions no win. Bg

  24. author

    Jamal Sonicova6 日 前

    what about dark harvest? edit: i ask because i am looking to play kennen mid lane..

  25. author

    milos vukovic6 日 前

    Trust me boys, abuse, conqueror talon with tanky assasin build if you win your lane, you will pretty much win the game 1v5 even in the high elo. Currently in diamond 2 and will probably get to master very easily.

  26. author

    Vangelis Arakas6 日 前

    U can throw E over thick walls. Swapping from Minigun to fishbones lets u throw an extra auto to poke bfr ur enemy goes out of range. Use W/E for zoning. After U use W u can immediately autoattack after casting W BCS it resets ur autoattack. Always use lethal tempo. If the enemy has poke and ur sup doesn't have healing still take lethal tempo since it scales rly good on jinx and just grap some biscuits from inspirational rune as a second rune Page option Use minions to poke ur enemy when they r close to one. Also use q on enemy to take a minion U can't reach if he is close to it. Ur R can easily steal dragon/baron BCS if it hits in time it can do more dmg than smite. If enemy team invades you they will probably be grouped so use ur Q to poke em down. Always start Q. Use ur passive to take turrets and escape. Always ward BCS if U overextend without vision u r pretty much dead since jinx has no escape abilities. Try to move and auto instead of standing still. If someone is chasing you run and auto him at the same time since U have lots of attackspeed. And this extra tip for jinx mains only: Always risk bcs you play the best champion in league of legends and no one can stop you.

  27. author

    L. Dexter7 日 前

    what are your runes, please? love your tips!

  28. author

    Hem7 日 前

    I wanna ask u .. it's ok if i play gravse adc in patch 10.6? And what's i should i take runes and core items

  29. author

    Charan Sidar7 日 前

    Lauda ke baal

  30. author

    Oemer Aran7 日 前

    5 Tips, 15 Minutes = 3 minutes average for a tipp.. like wtf! cut it short mate

  31. author

    Butterfinger8 日 前


  32. author

    Samun Storay8 日 前

    She is actually in a pretty good position in mid lane rn although no one aside from the kayle mains mention it .

  33. author

    KEVINlikesXBOX8 日 前

    Hey nice video, just some constructive criticism though: you kind of talk the way I would write if I was 100 words short of the required paper length and just threw in superfluous words. Could make your videos better if they were more concise!

  34. author

    FirstNameBasis_TT8 日 前

    Honestly. Im new to league and MOBAs in general and this was super fuckin helpful and right to the point. Most other vids are like 20 minutes long. Aint got time for that rn. Even though i do because of corona. Lol

  35. author

    Martin Winski8 日 前

    7:10 "And that'll wrap up amumu" I hope you realize what you've done here.

  36. author

    Justin Comellas8 日 前

    one tip is to keep in mind that your second auto from your passive doesn't count as a official auto so while your doing first auto attack, starting moving and lucian will do his second auto attack while he's moving similar to kalista. its an advanced tip but is a live saver when it comes to kiting the enemy as efficiently as possible

  37. author

    Paul Licari9 日 前

    what do you recommend doing if you play Diana for mid?

  38. author

    Beussieu Games9 日 前

    Im a Lux mid main, id like to add that dont be afraid of waste your ult for farm/wave clear faster.

  39. author

    babz9 日 前

    fit you make some of the best videos for a new player andi i just want to THANK YOU! so helpful.

  40. author

    AwesomePossum1019 日 前

    Thank you so much for making this video. It was quite informative for me since I’m trying to improve my adc skills as Xayah. But, I have a quick question. Do you have any tips on how to teamfight with Xayah, like should I stack a specific enemy (like a tank) with Q and W and then root them with E or just safely land autos in the back until someone comes close to me?

  41. author

    Flash'Royal9 日 前

    before i start to watch remember vel'koz players, always ban one of these: xerath,zoe,fizz almost impossible to deal with them. 2th thing always start your combo with W as it doesnt have cast time. (W-E-Q-R,W-QR etc...) flash/barrier in 95% of games are must have. If you are facing hard crowd control in their team cleanse would be a solid option. Dont build fucking rylais scepter its just a waste of money,avoid wasting too much money on magic pen item because you have true damage e with passive procs. :) as for maximun abilities go for q,w,e add 3 points on W before maxing Q (with this you will have ability to push wave alot faster and harras opponent harder) take it from 430k platinum vel koz player

  42. author

    Simurgh the persian10 日 前

    Why do you have trifroce and black cleaver ?!?!?!?

  43. author

    savage cat10 日 前

    one question: can I jungle Xayah?

  44. author

    Nordischer Ödenburgler10 日 前

    31/2/11 wukong jungle plat1 elo

  45. author

    wally castagnier10 日 前

    Trinity into blacl cleacer and end with a steraks

  46. author

    Tristan Andrei10 日 前

    Only #5 was useful and not even that much important, the rest was a waste of time and this video could've been shortened to 5 mins or 10 mins for ad revenue ffs

  47. author

    AwesomePossum10110 日 前

    This was a really good guide. I’m a Xayah otp main myself and I’m looking to improve on her before I do ranked since I’m close to level 30. Thank you for doing this. This will be helpful to other new Xayah players as well. ^^

  48. author

    Nathan Temple10 日 前

    No help Lucian is trash. Most adc will poke you down any time you try to cs because Lucian has the shortest range of ADC. Only having a sup with a hook makes this close to viable.

  49. author

    SadSquidward10 日 前

    Very good guide , definately worth a sub Really , such a good guide

  50. author

    Robin XDgamer10 日 前

    Is it good to buy lehality build to wukong still, sry my engish is not the best

  51. author

    Reem10 日 前

    10:24 Actually the clone can mimic Q.

  52. author

    Χρηστος Ντασιος10 日 前

    I think he falls of rly hard in the late game

  53. author

    Rajib10 日 前

    Love ur videos from India. How to solo carry in Rank games? and which champs are good for aggressive players?

  54. author

    TheComicalCanadian10 日 前

    cool video bro

  55. author

    LoL Fit10 日 前

  56. author

    Nick Baier10 日 前

    I‘ve been maining her now for more than a year. In the beginning, it was a but hard for me, but now, it actually makes fun playing. I knew all those mechanics and in my opinion, her passiv makes her so damn strong!

  57. author

    Nick Waits11 日 前

    I always get turned on after using my combo.

  58. author

    Hapis Legend11 日 前

    thanks for wasting an entire minute of my life to decide you just wanted to talk about your life kid

  59. author

    FROST MERK11 日 前

    Last to comment

  60. author

    SorCeritoo11 日 前

    One thing no one say say is that W can "bug" character's move. If you place de W in front of a champ, and back if it is a wall, then the enemy (ally too) can't move unless it flashes or something like that

  61. author

    Marian Catherine12 日 前

    In my opinion, of all the champs of league, zyra can do the most damage. Her seeds can sometimes wipe out two or three enemies at the same time and her root is far better than lux or morgana.

  62. author

    Billy Aldridge12 日 前

    I need some help, I enjoy playing arhi and lux.. have for years. Recently while playing clash they were banned obviously.. 60% win rate 90 games. I have played a lot of champs but Cant seem to find a Champion I want to master like those. none feel fluent? I enjoy the burst, range, cc, easy to understand. What are some good picks to learn and stick with? Fizz's jump i find hard to grasp and annie just feels like a one trick? lb zed yas seem hard. I could learn all those champs but i'm a slow learner just have to STICK with a specific champ for a while to perfect it? (Low Gold.) (Steady Mobber)

  63. author

    Emmanuel Bekele12 日 前

    JPreporter algorithm is dog shizz. look at this dope ass channel !

  64. author

    miljenko 42013 日 前

    my friend and i play bot lane veigar/graves combo,he traps and stunns them and i go ult and q after that i throw smoke to stun them and we do E or regular attack

  65. author

    miljenko 42013 日 前

    my first champion, had 3k 4d my second game,i dont suck o hope

  66. author

    Fluffy Chicken13 日 前

    Do. Not. Waste. Your. Flash. I used to waste it so much that I couldn't use flash combos.

  67. author

    Kunaii UwU13 日 前

    Im really thankfull this really helped me🥰

  68. author

    DICΞTΘ13 日 前

    6th tip: Play him Mid or Jungle.

  69. author

    Captain Support13 日 前

    I wish the E stuns were easier ,I usually play poppy support and hitting those E’s is kinda hard specially that i have to wait for the enemy bot to stand near a wall to actually do something/engage ☹️

  70. author

    Jeff Cavalier's Blue Marker13 日 前

    Hey thank you for the video man ! I have been playing shyvana and it wasn't until recent that I started dominating games with her. When would you recommend to go AD shyvana? Have you ever done a mixed build? Lastly how do you play AP shyvana if you are behind?

  71. author

    Karar Ender13 日 前

    youtube recommendation is trying to help vladimir main lol

  72. author

    -Taylor Gaming-13 日 前

    *laughs in my name is Orianna*

  73. author

    Sherlock Sauce13 日 前

    2:07 sounds like ur about to cry

  74. author

    Keenan Vaughn13 日 前

    Bruh I still don't know how you only have 11 k subs

  75. author

    Zigredataur13 日 前

    Watch out for wall displacement as it triggers enemy turret targeting

  76. author

    Vintage 10114 日 前

    its better to get stopwatch from runes, you save 300g if you get it instead of magical footwear

  77. author

    David Luffman14 日 前

    As a new Vladimir player, who has seen all beginners struggle hard. I dont recommend fiendisch codex and kindlegem BOTH as first picks. I've been taking kindlegem and building Protobelt first. Why? Because a beginner struggles with his farm, expecialy if enemy is good and pokes hard. We all know what happens to a beginner vlad with bad farm,... he's useless! I even whent so far as to take smite, until I can get better at farming with him. I always feel these builds and guids are meant for people, who are already good or very good at playing LOL. But reality seems to be, that real beginners struggle.

  78. author

    Daan Peeters14 日 前

    those stil lgood runesnow 10.5

  79. author

    Vichi Matei14 日 前


  80. author

    Marckaroni14 日 前

    deInstaliere dieses SPiel bbitte

  81. author

    Uni Edits14 日 前

    I’m the best Skarner Top of Brazil server, only me play with that lol

  82. author

    SuperTezla YT15 日 前

    when you picked up the package what is the red circle on corki? is that something to do with corki's range?

  83. author

    Vincent Proud15 日 前

    Disclaimer: Real Ahri's will charm you. :P

  84. author

    Daniel Smith15 日 前

    Dude seems like a nice dude

  85. author

    Kevin Bentz15 日 前

    hi, kinda new to the champ (guess around 100k now) is it somehow possible to cancel the aa animaiton with q?

  86. author

    TheoLOLxD15 日 前

    Mao kai mains where yall at 🌲🌲🌳🌳🌿

  87. author

    Jaime-Lee Dias15 日 前

    Heya! I just started to play Zyra and I've only been playing League of legends for a year now but your video has helped me out a lot! Definitely deserved the like and subscribe! Do you have any recommendations on how to get out of low elo as a support? I main Rakan and Soraka but I find that I will never be able to win if my team isnt that good. Even if I get kills. I barely die and I'm level 7 on both. I just cant seem to climb. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Or do you think I should try out more damage supports for low elo? Also if you dont have a video on it, I'd really appreciate if you made a video about the best love elo supports (if you do please link it to me). Sorry for the long comment and thank you in advance😄

  88. author

    Jackson Bianco15 日 前

    Word of the day is EXCEEDING I guess lol

  89. author

    HyperDogeGaming16 日 前


  90. author

    Sali Civeja16 日 前

    Best build 1st item rocket Rylais Mask Void stuff Rabadons Cd boots if late game spirit visage

  91. author

    moneymonkey16 日 前

    Hey i've just catched up on playing Shyv, do you also play her on ad on any ocasion?

  92. author

    HimanRex S.S17 日 前

    Great tips! I was wondering if the Korean build is still meta? (BoRK into runaans and black cleaver?). The armor shred and the %health damage to all the enemies seems good

  93. author

    RVD1OFAKIND17 日 前

    How can I get more in-depth info on Tip #3?

  94. author

    Blaster Dpm17 日 前

    Very informed

  95. author

    Blaster Dpm17 日 前

    Should i bought doran ring and 2 potion in early?

  96. author

    Nadir Taleb17 日 前

    what rank is this guy?

  97. author

    afranz11217 日 前

    I've ran thornmail and frozen mallet against AD heavy higher damage team comps and it's worked surprisingly well. Obviously not my go to but the health armor and additional slow is great against those types and assassins.

  98. author

    Jonathan Jung17 日 前

    Hey there. First of: Thank you for the great great Guide!! (even tho i think a facecam isn't neccesarry in this particular scenario). I recently started playing graves mid/toplane and i am really enjoying it. Would you still recommand your Itembuild? I am asking because pages like LeagueOfGraphs are showing like 0 builds including Lifesteal. thanks in advance! keep up the good work ^-^