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  1. author

    Stars Alight22 時間 前

    i dont want the ipone 11 ,mac book ect . i want the mac book ipone ect because you art work is soo cooolooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. author

    Sameer Singh22 時間 前

    Bro can u give it to the india... I don't have these type of pens

  3. author

    BrainwashedBuddy22 時間 前

    imagine spending 100 hours then realizing to hit the record button

  4. author

    Vani. Quinn22 時間 前


  5. author

    ATIF MANZOOR22 時間 前

    Hey this was so beautiful good and satisfying

  6. author

    SaDee’s World22 時間 前

    I want a give away

  7. author

    Predated Umaiza22 時間 前

    Hi I’m such a big fan!!!

  8. author

    Preetam22 時間 前

    20 Years later ZHC is gonna give a CUSTOM PLANET

  9. author

    aonur22 時間 前

    "PHONE" "SUBBED" "TURKEY" ı need for my class

  10. author

    Abdullah Jan22 時間 前

    Please give one to me 😭😭

  11. author

    Ayana22 時間 前

    ты знаешь русский?

  12. author

    Heather Richardson22 時間 前

    I love your vids! 😊😁

  13. author

    Stars Alight22 時間 前

    can i have one please

  14. author

    Vani. Quinn22 時間 前


  15. author

    Nina Bock22 時間 前

    I want it too, they are beautiful! ❤️

  16. author

    Ilovelankybox Man22 時間 前

    Stan lee😭😭😭😭😭

  17. author

    YY Leung22 時間 前

    Ooooooooooooooo Zachary is Cubby Boy

  18. author

    Lucy The best22 時間 前

    I like the designs they are really good

  19. author

    YY Leung22 時間 前

    Ooooooooooooooo Zachary is Cubby Boy

  20. author

    Arief Prayitno22 時間 前

    this guy deserve an oscar award!

  21. author

    Tyc BS22 時間 前

    oo i want one :|

  22. author

    arushahu TY22 時間 前

    How much is the tesla

  23. author

    Wolf Gamer22 時間 前

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  24. author

    subscribe to my puppy22 時間 前

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  25. author

    Josie Bishop22 時間 前

    1 and tender switch light too please please please please

  26. author

    Sabriea Feliciano22 時間 前

    "PHONE" "SUBBED" "PHILIPPINES" "Reason"~I have a phone but my little sister phone's broke, so I gave my phone to her to use it in an online class because we don't have enough money to buy her a new phone because our parents lost work, she's in high school and I is in college were in a different house because of pandemic and now I need a phone for my online class, I hope you notice me..

  27. author

    HM PUBG BOSS22 時間 前

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    Stars Alight22 時間 前


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    HM PUBG BOSS22 時間 前

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    Josie Bishop22 時間 前

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    Josie Bishop22 時間 前

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    Sana Khalid22 時間 前

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    HM PUBG BOSS22 時間 前

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    DragonMaster Jovenn22 時間 前

    4:32 undertaker theme song

  35. author

    Mrs. Loan - Martin Huỳnh22 時間 前

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