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Joana Ceddia
Joana Ceddia

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I bleached my hairI bleached my hair

I bleached my hair

5 ヶ月 前

I went to promI went to prom

I went to prom

8 ヶ月 前

It is exam season.It is exam season.

It is exam season.

11 ヶ月 前



年 前

  1. author

    JTM Games23 秒 前

    she kinds sounds like Velma from scooby doo

  2. author

    Emily Busby分 前

    Ah yes. *R o b B o s s*

  3. author

    andrea17 分 前

    Mother goose is so cute

  4. author

    Salete Teles19 分 前

    Menina corajosa kkkk amei 💙

  5. author

    Spiced Apple Sauce20 分 前

    Who else is watching this at 3am

  6. author

    pessoa do monjolinho21 分 前

    JOANA I WAS BORN IN THE SAME DAY AS MOTHER GOOSE PS: happy birthday from São Paulo, Brasil :)

  7. author

    Geko Asmr24 分 前

    I had a headache before this video. I now have a worse headache because of the blending. I hAvE nO rEgReTs

  8. author

    Aaliyahellyas24 分 前

    I am so done with kpop like 10 years ago. So much racism doesn’t care anything and making fun of racism on other Asia countries, I’m so done.

  9. author

    BrazilGarcia25 分 前

    Joana you’re literally my favorite and i look up to u so much. i’m a small youtube and i would love it if you could give me a shout out. I know this probably won’t happen but I just hit 100 subs love you Joana!

  10. author

    Marie Sawyer26 分 前

    4:44 tomato turned into tomato one direction went 5 directions and kpop rose and the videos over EYE-

  11. author

    Angela Perez29 分 前


  12. author

    User Name31 分 前

    Am I the only one that sees like a pattern of pentagon on the screen when there is only black ? Edit: hexagon sorry

  13. author

    Coopsa dog39 分 前

    Mother goose is the best mother of the goose

  14. author

    ima_ poTAEto44 分 前

    Mother Goose is so precious protect her at all costs

  15. author

    xXScribbles in the moonlightXx44 分 前


  16. author

    Austin Crawford49 分 前

    breathtaking rendition of Felix mendelsons midsummer nights dream

  17. author

    Fatema Zohra55 分 前

    Happy belated birthday Mother Goose

  18. author

    Camelah Alexander-Sawyer時間 前

    4:26 I watch videos about happy stuff for 2 hours but guess what A WAsTE OF tIMe I remEMBeR IT WHen I Go back to bed

  19. author

    Ray Gash時間 前

    Where do you get your mini microphones?

  20. author

    通常湯匙泰式通常是全國總共有時間 前

    Ela e Br?

  21. author

    I Like YouTube時間 前

    My grandpa's birthday is on Jan 9

  22. author

    Ana I Nieves Rivera時間 前

    “Hopefully we cause a couple of earthquakes” found the cause of puertorrican earthquakes 🤣😭

  23. author

    fried oreo時間 前


  24. author

    the potatogang時間 前

    u filmed one day after my birthday i want a cookie:C

  25. author

    leiacabeia時間 前

    my moms birthday is also on Jan 9 lol

  26. author

    PrOcRAsTinAtINg時間 前

    joana: i haven’t picked up a paintbrush in a while me: looks at wall behind her *i wonder why*

  27. author

    Kailey Hong時間 前

    POV:you are Joanna’s head/brain/thoughs

  28. author

    Hannah Willis時間 前

    wow finally a celebrity that shares my birthday

  29. author

    tear ;;—時間 前

    joana ceddia waking up at 6:30 am: after lunch it gets tired. me waking up at 5:15 am: ah yes, sleep

  30. author

    Honey Bunches Of Oats時間 前

    I scoll down the comments and all girls profile , jeez

  31. author

    Audrey Scearce時間 前

    I have the same birthday as mother goose

  32. author

    Honey Bunches Of Oats時間 前

    Matt stonie would have finish those cookies

  33. author

    Maya Drawz時間 前

    *S U c K mY lEFt tOe* Preach it

  34. author

    stephany時間 前

    Você falando português é tão bonito kkkkkk

  35. author

    luis morales時間 前

    Happy late Mother Goose birthday. I enjoyed the video btw.

  36. author

    Mariah Ontiveros時間 前

    Happy birthday mother of John cena

  37. author

    SuriNStuff2 時間 前

    turn on captions-

  38. author

    Houis Domm2 時間 前

    I really missed the mini silver microphone 😂😂🎤

  39. author

    Adriana’s Corner2 時間 前

    Did she leave the oven open when she left to go get the present

  40. author

    Regina M2 時間 前

    The avocados are free real state

  41. author

    Just A Girl With A YouTube Account2 時間 前

    It is hard to believe that she made a cookie for me!!!!!

  42. author

    Cookie_ Chan2 時間 前

    Why not make 3 million cookies and send it to every single subscriber ;)

  43. author

    Jax K.2 時間 前

    OMG her and her mom at the end ❤️

  44. author

    jupiter _1232 時間 前

    4:11 take out the bad parts of the avocado joana 🤦‍♀️

  45. author

    Julissa Lopez2 時間 前

    The funny thing is that I’m eating pepperoni pizza as I watch

  46. author

    Sarcasm Potato2 時間 前

    Aritzia and avocados=Joanna’s life

  47. author

    reemadegod child2 時間 前


  48. author

    Mia Chavez2 時間 前

    That’s right after my birthday sorry for the late comment I was focusing on school 👍

  49. author

    KawaiiBunnBunn3 時間 前

    As a kpop fan for over a decade, I'm shocked on how much the fandom has grown. And how much toxic, it became. Certain _fans_ think a certain group is superior than others due to records being broken and yes, sure, that is reasonable but I just wish they could remember who were the reasons why their favourites rose to the top. Just my opinion, don't attack me, fellow kpop fans.

  50. author

    Natalie Wilhide3 時間 前

    I see BTS, I click

  51. author

    Kareen3 時間 前

    If someone decorated my house like this for my birthday I would be so happy.

  52. author

    Johnathan Chambers3 時間 前

    1:08 turn on captions lol

  53. author

    lauren🦋3 時間 前

    and this is where it starts

  54. author

    Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns3 時間 前

    Happy belated birthday Mother Goose!

  55. author

    Olivia Duncan3 時間 前

    Just by watching this video I got nervous

  56. author

    Queen J3 時間 前

    January 9th is my dad's birthday!

  57. author

    Lucy Plays3 時間 前

    Sounds like only child problems and I’m 1/6

  58. author

    the biggest sasquatch3 時間 前

    mother goose!!

  59. author

    Aer ///3 時間 前

    Seotaiji created kpop to speak for the bad treatment of students on schools cuz their schedule was so bad like they got out of school like past 10 pm , and they have to keep studying and the school were so strict , there Korean artists were old people that don't talk about it the folckore music was more present so it was music for adults basically , so on his PC put out genres of music from the west that he like , like metal , hip hop, jazz , etc, and he make a group with two pretty good dancers, and that's how started. In SK there was a censored law toward the singers that can't talk about social issues , that law was take it down thanks of what seotaiji did ( he put his waiting song just with instrumental since it wasn't allow the lyrics ) with the pressure of the youth and other stuff that law was took off. He was all the time critized even tho he helped the youth so much since they finally have a representative. And with the dancing and their outfits that's how started to call the Korean popular music aka kpop. Then this singer that didn't got well in SK and was a producer too went to the US took as u said it and mixed it with seotaiji and the boys, and he did the manufacture kpop, with hollow lyrics, and just do appeal to the teens , his groups were literally copies of seotaiji , spice girls , BSB, spice girls , etc. later other companies were formed after seotaiji and the boys disbanded cuz they got tired. But they keep remembered specially seotaiji the public ( adults call him the devil cuz of his followers , really did what he told them on his songs , that was actually good stuff but anyway ). Now the adults of now a days are seotaiji fans lol. Anyway on of the dancers opened his company with hip hop influenced and said he wanted to be more focuse on the idols writing , he only did that to the males. Well the idea that only a few like BB started to talk about their issues ( few songs ) specially their leader. They got so big and they still later BTS came and they started to talk about in a raw way about the school system , the importance of voting , the union of the different regions of the country, etc. an their lyrics were poetic too , they talk about issues of the youth , just like seotaiji but with their own statue and experiences. Even seotaiji recognize them as their successors ( he never did that to any group ). So that hit worldwide first cuz they only had social media as their platform and later they got notice by the general public in SK , now they are the most respected kpop group in SK. People like them not cuz their looks or just their beats , is cuz they have something to say. They tell a story all the time, combine ofc with their performances. Hitting most of the genres of music. That's it. And then people met them and then see other groups that started to talks deeper about their issues and urban Korean artist ( they don't dance ) or k band , etc, and then they jump on it. But there is just a few kpop groups that really have something to say. But u can still like their catchy beats and choreos is up to anyone. But as I told that's how BTS got big and then for others were easier to come. Since before bts a lot of companies try to break it in the US but failed cuz they were trying the same western lyrics and stuff like that. Psy only did well cuz his song was a meme. He wasn't taken seriously in the US , the one that was taken seriously was BTS. Just watch their Ellen appearance of the two and compare , u will see the difference.

  60. author

    Ann S3 時間 前


  61. author

    Jose Teodoro3 時間 前

    wait yorkdale

  62. author

    Mackenna Rozell3 時間 前


  63. author

    Lauren Chon4 時間 前

    Does anyone have to do homework but too busy watching JPreporter here?

  64. author

    ITZMeNatalie4 時間 前

    why was she sitting in her closet with a microphone

  65. author

    Brooklynn Carter4 時間 前

    Just realized two (2) things: 1) Joana has a Wikipedia page?? When did this happen??? 2) our birthdays are only 8 days apart??? You’re a gemini? Ngl makes sense

  66. author

    Brace Face4 時間 前

    Ok, but no one's going to talk about why she was keeping her computer on her stove? The friggg????

  67. author

    Nugget4 時間 前

    my sisters bday is January 9th lol

  68. author

    rebeccareeses4 時間 前

    hey joana random question do you speak portugese

  69. author

    Coffee With Suga ._.4 時間 前

    JPreporter: e se eu recomendar pra esse alguém aleatório esse vídeo mais aleatório ainda de 30 anos atrás...? Eu: Clico no vídeo porque não tenho nada melhor pra fazer! Kk

  70. author

    blood creepin4 時間 前

    lmao im having linear algebra in college too i fucking hate it thanks

  71. author

    King of le Avocados4 時間 前

    This isn't a hate comment but how do u got to the gym LIKE ALMOST EVERYDAY and still have scrawny arms no hate I'm like so confused tho-

  72. author

    Kk WatPou4 時間 前

    3:42 whoever wears camo gets drafted to war world 3..

  73. author

    Maddie_Productions UwU4 時間 前

    Seven Cruel Hours Of Oh god knows my Life

  74. author

    Kitten 4284 時間 前

    A rare clip of Mary Poppins as a teenager 2018 (colorized)

  75. author

    Gabriela Soltero4 時間 前

    Happy birthday mother goose 👏

  76. author

    Tablet Riktor4 時間 前


  77. author

    UrbanDwelller4 時間 前

    The end result should be hung up and named: "Artist in Anguish"

  78. author

    UrbanDwelller4 時間 前

    I really really hope that you kept this painting post destruction with arrows through it. Not kidding it seems to be even cooler at the end!

  79. author

    Abdallah Hossam5 時間 前

    Look how she puts mother gooses birthday with natural disasters

  80. author

    Big tanos5 時間 前

    Joana: “just this one time...” Joana at The next birthday: nOpE

  81. author

    oceanrxse5 時間 前

    I am surprised you didn’t wear your crocs :P

  82. author

    Emily Woods5 時間 前

    okay but what’s your mums actual age because I refuse to believe she’s 56

  83. author

    CarlaCFGヅ5 時間 前

    Muito feio🙄

  84. author

    Phoebe A5 時間 前

    Why do I love that Joana sneaked a picture of her dad on the wallpaper thing

  85. author

    milotic5 時間 前

    why does she wash the avocado

  86. author

    Linnea Andersson5 時間 前

    joana mother goose and i have the same birthday we are spiritually linked

  87. author

    Tatiana Pfalz5 時間 前

    Also she went from a D+ to a B+ on social blade! :)

  88. author

    PeLu4145 時間 前

    *doesn’t use public transportation like... ever* Video: “I tried public transportation for the first time in my life by myself” Every video after that one: *Joana in a bus*

  89. author

    Tatiana Pfalz5 時間 前

    I think it’s so cool that Joanna doesn’t get caught up in the stuff kids of the Instagram age are (narcissism, materialism, bragging, shallowness) and her videos are so original. JPreporterrs just copy each other’s video ideas

  90. author

    Ebrar Ozan5 時間 前

    Niye türkçe altyazı yok? Eskiden türkçe altyazı olurdu :((

  91. author

    ella yanoti5 時間 前

    this was recommended to me like 5 times last year and it’s in my recommended again

  92. author

    Cona Wrynn6 時間 前

    She has the same birthday as me

  93. author

    Katarina Vogel6 時間 前

    dont yall love the fact that there is 500.000 views and 52 k likes---like dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  94. author

    kittymeow 20086 時間 前

    doesnt wear a dress to run at lighting speed aslo wears heels

  95. author

    alina kouzouian6 時間 前

    i’m in toronto rn and wanted to see you so bad but then got this notification and i feel like youtube got my vibes and sent this vid my way. hbd mother goose

  96. author

    Sabrina Haslam6 時間 前

    those noodles look like grass bahhaaha

  97. author

    Katarina Vogel6 時間 前

    okay, but like why do I think that avocado is like life when you think its ripe - it isn't also john PLEASE respond

  98. author

    Jess_is_ A_Mess6 時間 前

    My moms birthday is January 9th

  99. author

    Lisa Zammarelli6 時間 前

    You look like Kristen bell! So pretty!

  100. author

    emma6 時間 前

    you can tell that joana actually takes time to read her comments by the amount of ones she hearted. happy birthday mother goose 🥰