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    Natsu Dragneel9 時間 前

    Only once in all my years in playing this game have I run into an orochi that actually has skill. He used all of his move set perfectly. Most orochis probably have dust build up on their r2 triggers since they only use r1

  2. author

    Erin Knight9 時間 前

    I wouldn’t say Fuyuhiko is supposed to be a thin kid as his defining personality trait same with Hifumi except being fat his personality is being weird

  3. author

    Natsu Dragneel9 時間 前

    I main shugoki and I’m currently learning how to be a good raider

  4. author

    maestro maestro9 時間 前

    Assassins creed isnt assassins creed anymore after oddysey

  5. author

    Brett Hackett9 時間 前

    I live 45 minutes from black water MO. It’s close to MU, and let me tell you. You’ve now seen all the town has to offer

  6. author

    Erin Knight9 時間 前

    How he said monukuma sounded so funny moe no kuu maa is how he said it 0:56 4:43 4:46 5:01 5:04

  7. author

    minecrafttips9 時間 前

    Fact 108 If you look 2 times fast at The bed in fnaf 4 you'l get jumpsacred even if freddles are not there like at 1 AM works

  8. author

    EvacTouch10 時間 前

    Fallout new vegas be like who put lead in mah head

  9. author

    DrippingAnxiety.10 時間 前

    Oh sh- *I'M THE HOARDER*

  10. author

    Ivan Milev10 時間 前

    am i the only one who killed everyone xd except alexios mather she kicked me out of sparta

  11. author

    BlackBean__10 時間 前

    The Bellionaire that’s always paying off others house loan/bridges/inclines ☺️

  12. author

    Jaseidon10 時間 前

    Hypnosis nano machines he fooled the system venom snake was brain washed to believe he was bog boss to be a doppleganger ocelot doe this an people loose there minds pfft

  13. author

    Deanumanji10 時間 前

    me having custom design shirts/hoodies + sfn hat for hiro and tadashi from big hero 6: 👁👄👁

  14. author

    Ethan Dobson10 時間 前

    The Wii u version is amazing

  15. author

    Harald Hardrada10 時間 前

    Cringe start. uh....

  16. author

    DearRaspberry10 時間 前

    Harriet BETTER come back she’s SO CUTE

  17. author

    Cool Jacob10 時間 前

    I'm LEEgit not kidding you

  18. author

    A disgrace10 時間 前

    Isn't springtrap Micheal afton? Since it seems like springtrap had a message to William afton?

  19. author

    hope patry10 時間 前

    Oh my God I thought you only got 1 recipe a day

  20. author

    Scar Predator10 時間 前

    Fredbear caused the Bite of '87 which was the Bite minigame in FNAF 4.

  21. author

    Drake Schultz11 時間 前

    When you miss a game in the series💀

  22. author

    n e o k o o k y t e c h11 時間 前


  23. author

    Tommy Wiseau11 時間 前

    R.i.p mod

  24. author

    Kris G11 時間 前

    Excuuuuse me princess!

  25. author

    Aiden Page11 時間 前

    more like 2017 facts you should know about eric barone jeez

  26. author

    h e y !11 時間 前

    i’m... a horder

  27. author

    adam adam11 時間 前

    Rip recruit ... f

  28. author

    Grifforuss11 時間 前

    is it bad that the first couple of playthroughs i did i just played argonian so i could escape underwater if caught stealing?

  29. author

    Thomas Bengyak11 時間 前


  30. author

    Thomas Bengyak11 時間 前

    Phantom Balloon Boy was that mono!

  31. author

    Talika11 時間 前

    I’m a bellionare but I’ve never sold turnips lmao- I’m also the fashionista and cosplayer

  32. author

    Nugsie12 時間 前

    You annunciation makes my ears bleed. Good video tho

  33. author

    Brodie Schell12 時間 前

    The one thing that gets me is that he's not goin in order and not the stroy line #thegametheiory

  34. author

    Fail Fugigami12 時間 前

    Everyone out there choosing fl4k and jack and axton and maya and axton and zero Me? I choose claptrap

  35. author

    Eddie Miller12 時間 前

    I played brick krieg and Athena yet none of the attributes was me

  36. author

    Cacee Kelly12 時間 前

    16:32 thought that was a hun for a second

  37. author

    Upson Addison12 時間 前

    Hey what's wrong with the game it's not working right like it was

  38. author

    The Wanderer12 時間 前

    Xbox players: we have halo Playstation players: We have ratchet and clank we're awsome

  39. author

    Gabriel Browning Rodriguez12 時間 前

    Doesn’t Sonic Mania take place directly after unleashed in the classic timeline or am I dumb

  40. author

    Helen Rossi12 時間 前

    i asked wisp for "something new" and he gave me a trash can. A TRASH CAN

  41. author

    HafdirTasare13 時間 前

    Eldrad Ulthran beeing more than 10.000 Years old: "Uhm, sorry Mon-keigh, you were saying?"

  42. author

    Beaux Knowles13 時間 前

    Dude you are getting it wrong the little kid that just got killed by a bite was chris

  43. author

    825 Ansh13 時間 前

    pree sure its inspired more by Harvest Moon then Animal Crossing

  44. author

    Thomas J. Pierce,Sr.13 時間 前

    Crhjhou g78g4q3 yg 3rgu fhbjvbchbx

  45. author

    Grace Kempton13 時間 前

    A lily of valley!?! You’re kidding! My birthday’s in May, so that flower is my birth flower! It’s a bit of a shame I don’t own a Switch, all I have is a DS.

  46. author

    Gacha Jess14 時間 前

    Then who is Chris!!!

  47. author

    Irul 214 時間 前


  48. author

    BlazeProYT14 時間 前

    Origins is not a bad game, to be honest, its my favourite, I like the combat systems but the stealth is limited (in my opinion). The other AC games is better than origins (in other people’s opinions), all of them are good, but people should really stop complaining about the newer games, just go with it, maybe Valhalla or future games.

  49. author

    bilcosby official14 時間 前

    This was equivalent to buzzfeed what type of vegetable are you

  50. author

    Litara Duodox14 時間 前

    here it goes: william afton (purple guy) and henry emily (cassette tape) started the company by making animatronics. henry emily is the father of charlotte emily (possesses the puppet, first murder victim) and william afton is the father of michael afton (mike schmidt/bully fox/ennards human host), crying child, and elizabeth afton (possesses baby, then ennard). william afton kills a kid outside a pizzeria (fnaf 2), then dresses in a yellow suit and kills five kids. on this, the puppet (charlotte/first murder) is possessed, and gives life to the 5 remaining murdered children (allowing them to possess foxy, bonnie, freddy, chica and golden freddy). also in fnaf 2, william afton/purple guy was the nightguard before jeremy fitzgerald, the guy you play as. william complained about conditions, got moved to dayshift, and murdered 5 other children (save them minigame). finally, he messed with the animatronics facial recognition software so they attack you, the new nightguard. a bit of fnaf 4 here as he helps a worker get into spring bonnie (before springlock failure); and here enters sister location/fnaf 5, he orders his son, michael afton to go to the sister location and find his sister, elizabeth, who now possesses baby after being scooped. michael gets help surviving the nights from elizabeth/baby; who then reveals she only did that so she could use his body as a host for ennard, which is an amalgamation of parts controlled by baby/elizabeth, so she could live on as a human (which doesnt work cause the body rots, as yall know) in fnaf 3, william dismantles the animatronics, unleashing the souls; which scares him. he hides in springbonnie suit, dies, becomes springtrap. going back to michael, on custom night; he says to william/purple guy he found his sister, who kinda killed him, but as he was scooped, he was injected with Remnant, which kept the rotting body alive. ennard went to the sewer and the body of michael tries to find his father, william. michael gets a job in pizzeria simulator, which was another store owned by henry emily, williams past business partner, salvaging parts and stuff. henry reveals to michael that this pizzeria was a trap to reunite all animatronics, and release them forever. henry says he knows michael isnt to blame, but he felt michael deserved to be released as well. soooooo he burns the pizzeria down, releasing all the children's souls, michael's soul, elizabeth's soul, and william's; who he said will go to hell. henry died in the fire as well, as he planned suicide ever since his daughter, charlotte, was murdered and became the puppet. a bit of extra explanation: youre likely playing as michael on fnaf 4, as he could be the traumatized older brother (bully fox) reliving the bite of his younger brother (crying child) and the scooping of his sister (elizabeth/baby). this is justified by crying child likely dying, and elizabeths bedroom being empty in the game, meaning she has already passed.

  51. author

    Cat Love14 時間 前

    there is no comparison..bo4 is the worst cod ever made. period

  52. author

    Planktoniumite14 時間 前

    "107 facts you should know" *BOnNiE hAs nO EyeBrOWs*

  53. author

    Katie Forth14 時間 前

    my favourite characters in Animal Crossing are Goldie the dog, cherry the dog, Isabel and KK slider, they are all amazing characters :)

  54. author

    Overlord8114 時間 前


  55. author

    Overlord8115 時間 前

    Crushed William Aston almost to death

  56. author

    Blue Couch15 時間 前

    I'm the second resident but my relationship with the first one doesnt fall apart also I'm the player that records my villagers songs -w-

  57. author

    Noah Kyobe15 時間 前

    Mirage peeps over here

  58. author

    Anders Gates15 時間 前

    Kapkans trap are filled with nails and they shoot out of the trap. The bloody stuff on the wall in his op video are the nails.

  59. author

    Japrime15 時間 前

    At the end of metal gear 5 phantom pain , if you watch the whole credits it actually gives you the whole story time.

  60. author

    riko TT15 時間 前

    Im from Indonesian and this game is LIT!

  61. author

    Zanny Zakura15 時間 前

    Who else is just like 👁 👄 👁

  62. author

    the big boy15 時間 前

    “No 2 or 3 speed defenders will get acogs” Vigil and goyo :|

  63. author

    Pokekid Challenges15 時間 前

    15 freddys

  64. author

    Doc15 時間 前

    It bugs me how in the game it tries to make an emphasis that the whole area of the game makes up most of the usa

  65. author

    Max YT16 時間 前

    Me: downloading warfare My 1tb Storage: Ayt let's do this My WIFI: OH NO, WHY ME

  66. author

    Draconic Savage16 時間 前

    what if you masterd all the vault hunters

  67. author

    Nathaniel Henderson16 時間 前

    So we are in chapter two and the lights over the old map in seasons two are survivors in save the world trying to get help from husk

  68. author

    The Lonely Creeper16 時間 前

    If I had a penny for every time there was a reference In This game, my dad would come home

  69. author

    Ada W Kennedy16 時間 前

    So cute ❤️

  70. author

    JD sparkles16 時間 前

    I owe Tom 2,000,000 bells

  71. author

    Dominic Haertig16 時間 前

    Ash and Oberon Prime

  72. author

    Motherslapper16 時間 前

    If you holster your weapon before opening a locked cage, your character will pick the lock instead of busting it open.

  73. author

    Elisha subi77717 時間 前

    alphys has a crush on undyne not asgore

  74. author

    YeaPro Gaming17 時間 前

    C O R O N A MO U T A I N

  75. author

    Mark Abello17 時間 前

    Has anyone else noticed that Sydney's(the narrator) voice sounds a lot like Shelby's aka Girlfriend Reviews?

  76. author

    GamersOfLord17 時間 前

    Can you make the genocide route version?

  77. author

    Jonathan Reese18 時間 前

    The dragonborn was cursed with victory, the dragonborn was immortal unless someone somehow killed him. 300 years later the words of the most powerful living being on the planet of nirn was me, the dragonborn. call me Lopei The Fierce. Dark elf. level 6750 or something like that. I contain nord, daedra, and small amounts of other blood.

  78. author

    Jacky Chang18 時間 前

    Funny that you mentioned Bionicle at the Hell Guards since they're just like the Rhakshi.

  79. author

    Jylstin18 時間 前

    Definitely one of my Favourite stories to ever told in the video game world Canon

  80. author

    The Schutzstaffel18 時間 前

    who mains warframes? you dont take your ivara main to railjack... or do you. this wasnt meant as criticism btw.

  81. author

    Dharc Daniel18 時間 前

    Wow, with the entire backstory of the development of KH, it's amazing that it didn't flop disastrously

  82. author

    Eli B.18 時間 前

    “I wonder what being a nuxia player says about m- *three years ago* oh... :(”

  83. author

    The Dorios18 時間 前

    Where is the protagonist of AC Identity

  84. author

    I Am Pierce19 時間 前

    Gaige, because MY ANARCHY STACKS WILL ANNIHILATE ALL YOUR MAINS, also I think mechanic girls are cute

  85. author

    vince Sanity19 時間 前

    Gaster fell from the core

  86. author

    Deoxysoverlord19 時間 前

    It's cool how both Crash and Kirby were meant to be evil monsters before they ultimately became good, due to some mistake.

  87. author

    Darkboi the theory guy The other part of the name19 時間 前


  88. author

    Little_August19 時間 前

    If you say that funtime foxy should be called funtime mangle then think again because of remnant. William put them apart then melted their souls to be the funtime animatronics, so funtime foxy is the mangled mangle form children played with and practically destroyed

  89. author

    ꧁༺Simoun Andreian༻꧂19 時間 前

    Baldur: Faye? Kratos: No Faye! Baldur: Understandable, Have a great day! THE END!

  90. author

    Pingupenguin 66619 時間 前

    Noooo, don't say the s. It is pronounced saint deni.

  91. author

    K M19 時間 前

    Hmmmm. All these years I thought TBOGT was before TLAD

  92. author

    Nuketotheknee 2420 時間 前


  93. author

    Phillip Anello 41020 時間 前

    No wonder why people are born with zodiac signs lmao 😂 I'm a Leo ♌🔥💛

  94. author

    Frederic T.20 時間 前

    What is the name of the green hull at 4:06?

  95. author

    Sharkattack 178220 時間 前

    I chose zero cause stealth

  96. author

    luca gavriloaia20 時間 前

    Why did u put a jupscare at 28?

  97. author

    katakuri 62521 時間 前

    Bl1: Mordecai Bl2: kreig bl tps: "jack" and Wilhelm Bl3: fl4k

  98. author

    MechaGamerz3121 時間 前

    I think assasin creed was about corrupt, crime, iconic history character and templar history who about to against assasin

  99. author

    God Dark21 時間 前

    Number 70 we all know it’s JJ

  100. author

    ‘-* I21 時間 前