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  1. author

    Leo Hernandez20 時間 前

    They got rid of 3D touch anyways.

  2. author

    Peter Holztür20 時間 前

    Which tweak does he use to see the battery percentage?

  3. author

    Leo Hernandez20 時間 前

    Yes we tried dealing with the notch but if you get a peak of the notchless phones like s10 or s20 it's hard to not hate on the notch

  4. author

    Sky Sanchez20 時間 前

    A few months after the release: EverythingApplePro: *Apple Glass unc0ver jailbreak has been released*

  5. author

    Leo Hernandez20 時間 前

    The scrolling is different based on which app you're using

  6. author

    Vincent20 時間 前

    Could I please win that iPhone! Thanks!

  7. author

    • Wolfy719 •20 時間 前

    What now? Apple Umbrella

  8. author

    Cameron Young20 時間 前

    ‪I’m so torn what iPhone to buy!? Should I get the iPhone SE, iPhone XR or wait for the new 2020 iPhones this year . Battery life is my main need since I use my iPhone lots.‬

  9. author

    Jhwess20 時間 前

    i think a 10.8 iPad would be the new Air likely the pro 18 design with larger bezels

  10. author

    robert herrera20 時間 前


  11. author

    Y喬媽媽是同性戀20 時間 前

    This is before watching the video, imma guess the price is about $2999

  12. author

    druma /sonik20 時間 前

    error 4:04

  13. author

    Nice Hayacent Valenzuela20 時間 前

    Can i have it😧😢

  14. author

    Kapil Lantigua20 時間 前

    Every day we stray towards black mirror

  15. author

    Taylor Burke20 時間 前

    When will you release a case for an iPad Pro?

  16. author

    Mário Cruz20 時間 前

    keep up

  17. author

    Girlinblack20 時間 前

    If you’re hearing impaired you can listen to people with your phone and have the glasses show subtitles

  18. author

    Josh Kine20 時間 前

    This comment is for the giveaway

  19. author

    Apatheism20 時間 前

    05:00 have you ever owned glasses, mate? Think what might be considered ‘upright’? Like you wear them, genius. As a person who wears glasses, when I set them down each night before bed, I flip them upside down so they lay flat and steady on my bedside table. Not legs up or lens down (that’s how you get scratched lenses) you dimwit. Just think what UPSIDE DOWN means you goofball. Jesus Christ! Not inverted, sideways or legs up! Just flip it!

  20. author

    CHRISTIAN20 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro” “Done “ Why: I have an iPhone 8. I could use an upgrade

  21. author

    The Avengers20 時間 前

    2020:i dont hear broke 2021:i dont see broke

  22. author

    Abhishek Tripathi20 時間 前

    No tinted version, so no dark mode?

  23. author

    Malachi Glover20 時間 前

    $500 for a pair of glasses, I’ll pass 😂😂

  24. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    these will fail hard.

  25. author

    Groshek Outdoors20 時間 前

    The iPhone 12 is coming in September

  26. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    Apple are so scared of the geek sc fi connection that they wont even confirm that they will do tinted versions.They are making the first gen as plain and dull as they can so that they will not get an averse reaction .Why are they even bothering with a product that failed already and that they are having to market like they are walking on eggshells and that will need your phone to work.

  27. author

    Brodie Primmer20 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why: i've had an 8 for years and would love an upgrade

  28. author

    Pointless Hole20 時間 前

    Can't wait for the new Apple Shirt!

  29. author

    Una persona 100% real20 時間 前


  30. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    everyone that want these will want a tinted version so if apple wants to make any money on these they will do it before someone ese does.

  31. author

    kuchiki20 時間 前


  32. author

    May 00720 時間 前

    Oh my God. They still have a notch

  33. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    It will have a cyborg desiegn because it will look like that publicity shot of the terminator with those shades on with a readout on them just with less muscles.

  34. author

    poplucian8720 時間 前

    Iphone 11 pro giveaway

  35. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    oh and the case sold seperately 2000 quid.

  36. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    so you charge these things on a stand.So glasses 500 quid .The stand 1000 quid.

  37. author

    David Borgenstierna20 時間 前

    Very nice!

  38. author

    Danielle King20 時間 前

    so apples idea is get a foot in the door with a glass product without a camera and then if it does well we can then get one with a camera..So they know that glass failed because it had a head mounted camera and they think they can sneak one in later.Nice try but that wont work.

  39. author

    joordy59920 時間 前

    Yup, but android is just sucks big time! Android has only virus! Oh wait, it is a big virus!

  40. author

    BrYaN CaRtEr20 時間 前

    iPhone 11 Pro entry done why? Because I would like to take cool photos

  41. author

    kaden holas21 時間 前

    I want a iPhone

  42. author

    tasdourian21 時間 前

    Waaay too many ads.

  43. author

    Danielle King21 時間 前

    so you will need to carry your iphone just like you do with their watch or expensive wrist tag if you like.Why not just use your phone?

  44. author

    Danielle King21 時間 前

    oogle glass was going to be a mass market device after the initial sales for early adopters was over but nobody wanted it so then they tried to make out it was for niche pro markets .It still failed .So will this.

  45. author

    Marco Correa21 時間 前

    Donde compraste ese aifonfalso yo quiero una jajajaj y cuánto costaría en presiosas mexicano

  46. author

    Danielle King21 時間 前

    no it will not be welcomed by the masses more readily .Glass failed because it had major privacy issues and it was expensive also there was the dork factor.Most of all its googles and apples attempt at keeping you online 24.7 thats also an issue .When google glass had the piss taken out of it google stopped videos on youtube and S.N.L. sketches even on their own site about google glass were stopped.Yaaayy freedom of speech motherfuckers.If apple gets the same shit with their glass will they pull the same crap oh wait they dont own youtube.

  47. author

    Pantheon Moon21 時間 前

    I can't wait for all you Apple users to become the Apple cyborg you wish to be. I will have so much fun telling my idiot friends to take off their glasses before they meet up with me. Then there is always the Apple Cyborg Apocalypse in which the people who still have a soul will battle and defeat the Apple Cyborgs. The Apple cyborgs have of course destroyed most of our planet with their insufferable nerd talk. But, the worst offense was that the Apple Cyborgs believed they were the cure for the planet. That was when they needed to be aradicated. The planet could not handle the assault from such a soulless creature. The planet needed the strength of the soul, to defeat the Apple Cyborgs....... To be continued

  48. author

    Datisses21 時間 前

    In Exams: so guys, pls give your phones, your watches and you can’t use you Glasses. Cheating is a new thing now

  49. author

    Dr. Hong.K.S21 時間 前

    How about who have a bad eyes.??

  50. author

    Dr. Hong.K.S21 時間 前

    Me : I hate to wearing glasses everyday. After apple glass release : every people wants to wear it. Even their eyes are going clear.

  51. author

    owen santiago21 時間 前

    they should've named it iSight

  52. author

    Elimanmaster1 - CODM21 時間 前

    Man how the future does repeat itself google tried to make these back in like 2010 something. Called it the Google glass.....maybe Apple will fair better this time....

  53. author

    C0NN0R _85221 時間 前

    Apple air exculicive + coming soon

  54. author

    Thiru21 時間 前

    pods=music. yeah.

  55. author

    Danielle King21 時間 前

    er no.They will go the same way as google glass.

  56. author

    Ronnie 14721 時間 前

    There are more trees on Earth then there are stars in the galaxy.

  57. author


    I'm a Samsung guy but i might save up for 1

  58. author

    Michael Wilcock21 時間 前

    Looks great, really hoping I win the giveaway as I can't afford one otherwise! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🙏

  59. author

    Thiru21 時間 前

    though I trust Apple will make a good one, I will buy the next version of the Apple Glass. And Please keep up the good work!

  60. author

    xNeve7921 時間 前

    There will not be a 12 released this year 🤦‍♀️ never have they ever upgraded in a year.. it’ will be 11S or something.. no one sees it ever why? I don’t get it

  61. author

    Vierdo21 時間 前

    The most dangerous case ever is the air case

  62. author

    Jason R21 時間 前

    Google: makes Google glass Apple 10 years later: it is my time.

  63. author

    Chin Opai21 時間 前

    What is a standard color picker api?

  64. author

    Winter Diamond21 時間 前

    When apple the real mvp

  65. author

    Devin Horne21 時間 前

    My shit reall but I have don’t have a home button

  66. author

    Ali Majd Yousif21 時間 前

    ideal for school

  67. author

    bumbelbee mcbee21 時間 前

    3310 will smash the iphone

  68. author

    Abdul Alim21 時間 前

    can you buy iPad

  69. author

    Ae Edits21 時間 前

    Who's here after IOS 13.5 jailbreak?

  70. author

    Ew Get the fuck out of here21 時間 前

    AirPods aren’t even a flex anymore bc everyone most ppl who have them have an iPhone six it’s more of a flex to have an iPhone 11 Pro with wired headphones or even an iPhone X

  71. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  72. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  73. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  74. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  75. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  76. author

    PUR PATEL21 時間 前

    Apple makes very good products. They are outstanding. They should be selling their products at more higher prices because of the value you get with it. Go apple

  77. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  78. author

    Phawaz Oyebola21 時間 前

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done”

  79. author

    Changer10121 時間 前

    Okay but I change prescriptions every couple of years so do I just buy a new one with a new prescription? I feel like if they are gonna add a prescription then we should be able to send it back and change prescriptions instead of having to buy a new one each time, or is it gonna be covered by insurance?

  80. author

    Benjy21 時間 前

    The name iSee would be much cooler.

  81. author

    Clowder 6421 時間 前

    Why am i here, there is no way i can afford that with my super expensive prescription

  82. author

    Mohamad Raghb21 時間 前

    im watching this on my 6g .. just saying

  83. author

    Ilyas G21 時間 前

    A peasant would get a $20-$30 case? What am I with my $8 eBay case?

  84. author

    Moowink Lifestyle H1TRODENCE21 時間 前

    I this is worse than plainrock124

  85. author

    NEIL GAME ZONE21 時間 前

    apple q-tip only 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000$ *not including taxes*

  86. author

    Mário Cruz21 時間 前

    "iPhone 11 Pro Entry" "Done" Why: Needing a new phone! :(

  87. author

    G g21 時間 前

    Lol i can see people who are slaves to it walk into lamp posts.

  88. author

    Julia Liu21 時間 前

    iPhone 11 pro entry! Why: i've needed a new iPhone for a while now! thanks for the opportunity

  89. author

    Arctic Man3221 時間 前

    But when in public you’re not going to want to shout hey Siri because you’d get some weird looks a lot of the time

  90. author

    Intro Cancer21 時間 前

    Google glasses: *cancelled* Apple glasses: [insert a humour]

  91. author

    Pendo Awori21 時間 前

    So if these cases are illegal why do you have them😂. FBI can come knock on your door. Be like FBI OPEN UP!!😂

  92. author

    itz yanny21 時間 前

    Apple is just gonna rule the whole world next

  93. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  94. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  95. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  96. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  97. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  98. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  99. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前


  100. author

    Naga Mohan21 時間 前