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kill yourselfkill yourself

kill yourself

2 年 前

  1. author

    Mauro Padrón2 時間 前

    13:14 Thank me later

  2. author

    lemon _ ice _ tea4 時間 前

    jhHHhBBHH taakKaaaa

  3. author

    Anni matics4 時間 前

    I had the same reaction on nagitos' death. Let me hug you dude

  4. author

    Jabrielallstarz71116 時間 前

    Monokuma doesn’t give a shit First, he doesn’t tell the person he’s gonna kill if his mamas ok or not Next, he uses the young master of his victim to distract her After that, he sends someone who’s mainly based on hell to heaven *THEN* he offers a painful escape to kirumi, only to show there is no escape **inhale** *AFTER THAT* he kills a dude who wanted to die so he could see his dead sister, only to be exorcized All in all, Monokumas a little, no, a *HUGE* shit

  5. author

    Evan Brando20 時間 前

    Razz: I hate Monokuma. Me: I love Monokuma because kaito killed my Favorite character, Kokichi.

  6. author

    Doge LoveQ23 時間 前

    Am I really the only one that don't like Chiaki? ;-;

  7. author

    Aika Purrstride23 時間 前

    I heard I’m a Robot in the background of the intro. You are a woman of culture.

  8. author

    Haelo日 前

    ...That green screen fail... i know that feeling.

  9. author

    Jon Arbuckle日 前


  10. author

    PlayWithTheFlow ???日 前

    Gonta and Kokichi are survivors in my heart, peridot. 🤚😫

  11. author

    Pelican日 前

    Also, Junko Enoshima’s death gets back at her, because despite smiling for most of it, at the very last second the crusher stops for a but longer than she expected so she ends up feeling boredom right before death.

  12. author

    Kokichi Ouma日 前

    So...I cried at Nagito’s Death..?

  13. author

    Roxy G日 前

    why is the chihiro reveal considered a "death"

  14. author

    Phantom Cat日 前

    People: **die** Kyoko: It's free real estate

  15. author

    SinfulShell • 13 years ago日 前

    I HATE. when people defend hiyoko. her backstory has nothing to defend her ruthlessly bullying the person on the island with the lowest self esteem, JUST BC IT’S FUN. she was a complete utter bitch the entire time and was a joke of a character who’s only use was to have a grown up picture of her. second worst character in the franchise, period.

  16. author

    avaplayz2 日 前

    4:57 “wow she’s a lot like mikan” uh

  17. author

    cinnamon czar2 日 前

    i never noticed the crazy diamond on mondo lol

  18. author

    Anna Kijel2 日 前

    i was so frikking sad whrn kokichi died i literally cried for 2 whole fays ;v; and kaito baby why did you drink the antiDOTEEEEE

  19. author

    Oofudieduwu Hi2 日 前

    Can u tell me y I like teruteru being a perv? Oh ye I think that the byakuya isn’t actually byakuya in this killing game

  20. author

    Riptide Art2 日 前

    These reactions are honestly a mood

  21. author

    Ara OwO2 日 前

    •Teruteru's true execution was him not being able to know what happened to his mom and the diner (Spoiler alert: He ate his mom and expanded the Hanamura diner to make people cannibalistic- :I) •Peko's true execution was the realization that Fuyuhiko needed her not as a tool, but as a friend •Mikan's true execution was that she set high expectations on how she'll reunite with Junko. •Gundham's true execution was not going to hell. He always says he'll go to hell or something, but his true punishment is going into heaven. Thats so sad I swear •Chiaki's real execution is probably the saddest. She started the killing game. Because she trusted Yukizome. She let her classmates plunge into despair. Very sad. No hate on Cheeky I love Cheeky very much

  22. author

    PotatoRune2 日 前

    *do you want some mondo butter with that deep fried teruteru?*

  23. author

    eBay is Life2 日 前

    Lucahjin: Wait, Is this the end of Junko?? just like that?! Everyone else: *jUsT yOu wAiT*

  24. author

    Bobby Rare3 日 前

    Oh lovely they got the smash bad ending.

  25. author

    Luna gEn3 日 前

    Is it bad that the only Execution I liked and loved was Keade’s.....I hate her so like, I learned the song on my piano 😅 please don’t hate me.

  26. author

    eBay is Life3 日 前

    I keebo could have blown up fricken everything, why not during when the game first started to avoid this crap

  27. author

    Anime Weeb3 日 前

    I feel bad for teruteru all he wanted was to see his mom again and the restaurant he worked at ;-;

  28. author

    ChocolateBrickGaming3 日 前

    6:56 They literally just put his ding-a-ling in front of the screen. XD

  29. author

    Morrigan Thandrayen3 日 前


  30. author

    Rap Heaven4 日 前

    His fucking Monokuma voice is perfection

  31. author

    The Wii Neko4 日 前

    The tale is called Little Black Sambo And yes, the execution was based on that, so much that its the name of the Japanese execution

  32. author

    marble marble4 日 前

    *haha, only if Kaede saw what happened in the future of the killing game*

  33. author

    Tiana Ridd4 日 前

    JPreporterr #1: OMG WHO DID THIS?!? JPreporterr #2: AH HA HA HA HA HE'S DEAD! YESSSSSS

  34. author

    Shanïah4 日 前


  35. author

    ꧁Lynn Chan꧂4 日 前

    I feel sad for everyone who died :"v

  36. author

    juniiix4 日 前

    i do hope there is another game. but i feel so upset seeing how they’re portrayed in this like real people and the end totally broke the fourth wall. it did seem like we’d see these characters again. i just want an anime where they have a normal school life-

  37. author

    Johhny Joestar -I just love him4 日 前

    He loses it at gonta’s death

  38. author

    NocturnxlGames5 日 前

    bruh they're self aware 45:24

  39. author

    Dokiness Inc.5 日 前

    I just love that the first two characters my brother got attached to were Sayaka and Leon. Also, he somehow knows who the victim is in each case? He predicted both Sayaka and Chihiro would die? In that order? He also solved the cases really quickly? Someone please give me this ability?

  40. author

    Warrior 125 日 前

    I dont like how most people hate him and kokichi

  41. author

    Obama Gaming5 日 前

    B-but why did he care about Angie and tenko? They suck!

  42. author

    vampy p5 日 前

    "oh man thats so fucked up" me: *laughs in psychopath* this recommendation is too good

  43. author

    sad foxx5 日 前

    "I kinda liked him :(" That's the rule If ya like them *they have to die*

  44. author

    DoctorCyber Mini games5 日 前

    the pronunciation of versailles killed me

  45. author

    Daniel West5 日 前

    Monokuma used diarahan

  46. author

    Daniel West5 日 前

    deepfried pervy pain in the neck? anyone?

  47. author

    Shabba43016 日 前


  48. author

    Srta.TacoMal6 日 前

    I just realized I've never seen someone mention that the first person executed in each killing game is dragged out by their neck in the same manner. I'm sure plenty of people have, it's just that, with how much I've looked at stuff related to this online, I'm surprised I haven't seen it come up.

  49. author

    【Nightmare Kitty 】6 日 前

    If you didn’t cry during Gonta’s execution then you’re not human

  50. author

    OwO Hannah_The _Glitcher UwU6 日 前

    Kaito: *dies to sickness before the execution* Monokuma: SON OF A BI-

  51. author

    OwO Hannah_The _Glitcher UwU6 日 前

    They didnt die of the executions...they died cause the music was too great.

  52. author

    BNHA_4life Fandom6 日 前

    THE POOR HAMSTERS!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. author

    Aria O'Neil6 日 前

    Is it just me or during kirumi's execution you can just feel the stings of pain in your hands when she is climbing up and the saws and everything I can like feel these stings of pain it's weird anyone else feel it??

  54. author

    ~💙Oof💙~6 日 前

    My reactions to deaths: Byakuya: *No! I actually really liked him!* Teruteru: I actually feel pretty bad... Mahiru: Oh no! Mahiru! You didn't deserve this baby girl D,,: Peko: Oh gosh that's so sad... Imagine Fuyu afterwards... Ibuki: *NOOOOO MIODA!!!* Hiyoko: I called it, and I really don't care Mikan: *Bye bish* Nekomaru: NO! DUDE! Come on now... Gundham: **gross sobbing** Nagito: **curls up in ball** Chiaki: Awe... I didn't really care for her, but this is really sad... Junko: *GeT iT uSaMi-*

  55. author

    Cool Drawz6 日 前

    i miss junko

  56. author

    The loser7 日 前

    I know how kaitos punishment was supposed to go, because it was the first ever punishment shown in dr Drv1 kirigiris dad, when he went in he ended up as bones nothing more nothing less. That’s how Kaito was supposed to end out, but because of his illness it failed.

  57. author

    NocturnxlGames7 日 前

    honestly. what is mikan's execution

  58. author

    Heidi Youngman7 日 前

    I like the part when Gundam got executed that felt good.

  59. author

    Ava _a.m.m7 日 前

    the comment section is the class trial-

  60. author

    ulysses19917 日 前

    Gundhams death was sad

  61. author

    strawberry boba7 日 前

    I fell so friking bad for gonta and korekiyo

  62. author

    gunpowder-gelatin7 日 前

    I love how they see his torso wound and already think it's brutal, "Honey, you've got a big storm comin'.

  63. author

    Potter Pusheen can Gacha!7 日 前

    Other people when seeing Rantaro- Oh dang. Nico- HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  64. author

    Gr3-20 Gr3-208 日 前

    Pekos exacution:sad razzbowski:*no words*

  65. author

    like what8 日 前

    All of my most favorites got killed I-

  66. author

    Nina Sitouah8 日 前

    So were they able to get out or not I’m confused

  67. author

    Olivia Designs8 日 前

    A lot of the fandom: Please be dead Nagito! Please be dead! Me: Nonononononono, please, not yet! Nagito: Dies The fandom: YES THANK JESUS! Me: Cries in Ultra Despair.

  68. author

    denchukamipika ]8 日 前

    hey kerekiyo what is ur 2 favs fuckin my sis and seesaw

  69. author

    gushers8 日 前

    “hello my sister, who’s also naked”

  70. author

    Nina Sitouah8 日 前

    Mahiru’s death gave everybody a heart attack Or atleast me

  71. author

    ItsGamingPotato YT9 日 前

    Peko dies so fast i cry💕🥺

  72. author

    polar cream9 日 前

    Low-key when razz cried OOF it griped my soul like those animal shelter ads like ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  73. author

    Galaxy_ Kat9 日 前

    Them talking at the end about lies.....Kokichi:wHo SuMoNeD mE?

  74. author

    Mr. Bee9 日 前

    Baby Peko gives me life

  75. author

    Caroline Schick9 日 前

    is it just me, or does Nico's voice for Korekiyo sound like Sebastian from Black Butler-

  76. author

    Ella Is Salty9 日 前

    "deadass turned my man into a chicken nugget"- a JPreporter commenter god

  77. author

    reef_ gacha9 日 前

    Gundham is literally the saddest death :(((((((

  78. author

    Nina Sitouah10 日 前

    What if Kokichi was actually being serious about Gonta, but he lied after Gonta died about not caring. Even if that’s the case, I still kinda hate him

  79. author

    Eijiro Kirishima10 日 前

    If you stop at like, 5:17 you can see Ryoma's silhouette in the water.

  80. author

    Kokichi Ouma10 日 前

    𝗛𝗮𝗵𝗮 𝗬𝗲𝘀 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗜𝘀 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗱 𝗢𝗳 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗶 𝗪𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝗧𝗼 𝗦𝗲𝗲

  81. author

    Zoe Padron10 日 前

    Why do people BUG Gonta especially Kokichi

  82. author

    Azami_ Shøta10 日 前

    Are people really getting heated over people feeling bad , loving , and caring about nagito or hating him.😑😡

  83. author

    Keith McClain10 日 前

    5:25 *Chair. Make it electric*

  84. author

    LittyWitty 64010 日 前

    Wait if alter ego dosen't save kyoko does that mean kyoko was the killer

  85. author

    Bug Baby10 日 前

    Revised title: Grown man cries over video game characters

  86. author

    Bug Baby10 日 前

    That mcchicken teru joke made like 60 people angry-

  87. author

    Bug Baby10 日 前

    Gonta has been deemed the ultimate thot killer, may he rest in buggy heaven

  88. author

    CelegiriDanganronpa10 日 前

    I WILL BE YOUR NEW WAIFU! *Ten minutes later* Random Voice When You See Someone Die: AaAAAAAAAAaaAaAaAaaAaAahHhHhHHh

  89. author

    CJ Applegate11 日 前

    1 like = one RIP for kibbo's ahoge!

  90. author

    Potter Head11 日 前

    All of the survivors had someone close to them die. Fuyuhiko lost Peko Akane lost Nekomaru Hajime lost Nagito AND Chiaki Soda and Sonia lost Gundham That’s really depressing

  91. author

    MadyMelon11 日 前

    I like how he started screaming when keboo’s ahoge feel of

  92. author

    Poppy- san11 日 前

    It made me so sad that he didn’t care about best girl Angie 😂😭😭

  93. author

    JackJiffy11 日 前

    why do the people i kin in dgrp always end up killing themselves ;-; kokichi technically did and so did nagito. fml

  94. author

    Bernadette Dempster11 日 前

    Did you know that Fuyuhiko and Kokichi have the same VA

  95. author

    Kokichi Oma11 日 前

    Nico = Mickey Mouses replacement. OUTTA THE DAMN WAY MICKEY!!! MY STAGE NOW!!!

  96. author

    Depressed • 38 Years ago12 日 前

    Take this vid down

  97. author

    XxxBlakeGachaMakerxxX _12 日 前

    I swear when Razz started Crying I cried so much ;-;

  98. author

    Nicole Spearing12 日 前

    Monukuma: IM GONNA DIEEE me: No ones stopping you

  99. author

    Dastrangecamel Ting12 日 前

    He got too attached to Gonta and Kaito

  100. author

    Gacha Voilet13 日 前

    Monokuma's voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣