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    Prank Squad13 時間 前


  2. author

    Hanna Marie3 時間 前


  3. author

    CrispY_SnaXz3 時間 前

    The only thing I like abt the vid is when they switch the rug in his closet the naruto effect

  4. author

    Zia Byron3 時間 前

    Mama rug: "you can mess with a girl's man but dont mess with her makeup"😂

  5. author

    J. flags3 時間 前

    Brah how does she not like flan and the way she said it😂😂😂

  6. author

    naledgedagoat1 Branch3 時間 前

    pretend your 6ix9ine and prank people by calling them stupid

  7. author

    Eduart Lleshieduart3 時間 前

    yo play fortnite again please i loved those videos

  8. author

    Sebastian Figueroa3 時間 前


  9. author

    alarcon sisters3 時間 前

    13:22 kaylens face though SHE TOTALLY PUT SO MUCH MAKE UP ON

  10. author

    Random guy A3 時間 前

    8:59 still haunts me even though it dint direct to him rip legend

  11. author

    Evan Playz3 時間 前


  12. author

    Alfonso Mendez3 時間 前


  13. author

    Noah Young3 時間 前

    Who’s watching this in 2020 and remembering Rug saying there will be no more pranks after this video and come to realize his whole family is pranking each other left and right

  14. author

    Saxaz3 時間 前

    Plz reply to this roast ⬇️

  15. author

    Saxaz3 時間 前

    Your nose is an ice cream cotton candy flavored and topped off with whipped cream and lies.

  16. author

    Linda3 時間 前

    Great video, you actually looked like Al Pacino. Painful though, to take all that makeup product off!

  17. author

    Justin Thompson3 時間 前

    1:00 he flipped me off nani !?!?!!??

  18. author

    Jayden Cruz3 時間 前

    Messed up come on

  19. author

    Maggie Higareda3 時間 前


  20. author

    Alford Turner3 時間 前

    Corey funk

  21. author

    KnighT1M3 GAMING3 時間 前

    This vid started it all

  22. author

    just. riftz3 時間 前


  23. author

    Alizae Capello3 時間 前

    Where goo lookin dudes 😭😂😂

  24. author

    Emir Zenku3 時間 前

    Rug.where are you from?origin

  25. author

    Linda3 時間 前

    Your video was very well done, especially your voice over of what was happening when you had jumped out of the plane. Can't believe that you were able to talk when you landed. Excellent video as always.

  26. author

    Zoe’s Videos3 時間 前

    LOL hello son hello daughter LOL OMG 😆😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😆😆