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    No kids Allowed分 前

    Ye looks nice

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    shut ur dump dump bubble gum butt up2 分 前

    Instagram actually has the most followers....on Instagram

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    / Dgtrucker3 分 前

    I was cringing through the whole video

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    PES GAMING3 分 前

    Why dislike. Bryan is the most amazing and generous person in the world

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    Hunt Bro6 分 前

    This is not the smallest house

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    Tatheer Syed10 分 前

    It been so long you did not make a video on your gaming channel

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    Ericka Brefford13 分 前

    2020 will be your year 👇like to activate

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    King Menace18 分 前

    This is off topic but Carly thicc 😍

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    ANIME AMV18 分 前

    i never knew rug can jump that high

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    I’m not sleep19 分 前


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    Elysian Mommy20 分 前

    His parents are so cute

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    Lil Biscuit Plays21 分 前

    Dear God, Please protect me and my family and everybody watching this from evil spirits Amen.

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    jan mark meily21 分 前

    Happy birthday faze rug!

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    Nina Anderson21 分 前

    No imagine some women have back labor 😬

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    karman singh21 分 前

    how have you got you urus back . thought you gave it back and bought the hurucan

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    DELTA VETRIX25 分 前

    Holy bro that's carzy

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    Ilyass Harkache25 分 前


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    Ganesh M28 分 前

    Having Sister and daughter is the BESTEST BIGGEST HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD🤷🤷🤷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Saul Favela29 分 前

    URUS for the win!!

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    emlesmagnel30 分 前

    🙋 i gave birth 5 times!! 👸👸👸👸🤴

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    Rebekha Deatherage31 分 前

    I went throw 16 hours of labor contractions was 3 minutes apart. I couldn't do it anymore .

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    lit Angel l37 分 前

    Your birthday is tomorrow faze rug

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    FazelincalnHigh 1042 分 前

    Are going to do One this year

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    Niamh Miles43 分 前

    I listen to this while playing fortnite and I swear my lucky skin got tier 100 fusion when played it lit 🔥

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    ItzJustKris46 分 前

    out of all the videos ive seen of people doing this i think yours isnt as powerful as the others i saw or as painful

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    AwsMay47 分 前

    Rug is the type of guy to use a ruler to see how long he slept

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    Ligma Llama47 分 前

    can you guys sub to me i’m trying to hit 1 mil

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    Y aren't u growing sub...

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    Sakib Salam49 分 前

    Your the best

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    XM games49 分 前

    Is anthony having a bulking season cause he was skinny last year

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    NickFlury 77750 分 前

    This house is worth 1mil in LA 😂

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    Erinemandarine53 分 前

    I live in switzerland but thats way to far for you to come here🤣🤣🤣

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    Greyson Sidorski53 分 前

    Can we have some actual men do it next time?

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    Yuli Reese55 分 前

    Mom of 4 💪🏽

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    the solo58 分 前

    Did any of you notice that person on the bed I'm being dead serious it at 19:44 behind them at the end when it says winner rug

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    Hawa Amiri時間 前

    THAT SKKKTT🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Apong Ao Longkumer時間 前

    That's the hottest chilly found in India Nagaland... We ate in in daily basis... Yes it's extremely hot...

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    catipiller pee pee時間 前

    Damn I remember watching this and real9zing this is 2 years old makes me feel old

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    This is creepy as

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    2 0 1 9 ?

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    All I want for Christmas is peely skin toy from fortnite

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    I wonder how this work

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    Jaylynn Lozinski時間 前

    yeah I have 4

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    Luis Castro時間 前

    Rug: The world's smallest house Me: the world's smallest house is a box

  48. author

    BR Rascals時間 前

    I rate it pretty cringe when you go Ooooo cuz its autotune

  49. author

    Ryanpaul Doroin時間 前

    Ahahaha use some phone lights much better

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    Ayvah Cabello時間 前

    Lat time I check you dropped out of college no offense to gaze rug

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    YouDecideLyrics HD時間 前

    The camera man does exactly the same thing but can’t win hahah

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    Mom:sorry my as# Me:ohhh shi#

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    I crid so much

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    Sorry faze rug but you got the worst color

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    R.I.p cuervo

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    johnjayjuz時間 前

    He is so cute

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    Rug: that’s the loudest car I ever heard Me: have you been to formula drift do?

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    johnjayjuz時間 前

    I feel so sad for you guys

  59. author

    johnjayjuz時間 前

    So sad

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    YA Q時間 前

    I am from Saudi Arabia

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    i hear you.時間 前

    molly is so hot

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    MC and FAM!!時間 前

    HAPPY EASTER Faze rug and rugrats ‼️

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    You should go to markos highsschool on the last day

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    Mason Ewing時間 前


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    What is that noise at 15:51

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    In my school cafe somebody thew one and a whol bunch of kids left

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    Lambo siiiiir!!!

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    But he touched the stores floor...🤷‍♂️ Edit: should’ve bought him that

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    If it was a real clown I would beat him

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    i hear you.時間 前


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    Jessica Brawadis?

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    when he said 'get away from me!' I reallyyy felt his scared soul hahahaaha

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    I started watching you since you had 8 mil lol. Now you’re my favourite youtuber!

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    You should do a Freddy Fazbear Pizza in your old haunted house

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    mine was terminated at 30000 subscribers, I am using my backup channel now

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    No wonder he only has 13 mil instead of 26 mil or more because all of his subs are girls. But no hate love you rug

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    The comment said that was the worst singing ever

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    I gave birth in August and I have a 3 month year old

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    9:58-10:03 I swear I heard a knock nonstop in that span of time.

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    I can speak this language I am cristian

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    bro plz shoutout my name in mext video,"Parihan"

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    I miss the first person mode faze rug

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    mustard soda

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    You should just buy 4 danger dogs for safety

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    Brian: Ok Anthony here’s a thousand dollars “gives him hundred dollar bill

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    She have a very beautiful boobs

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