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    Kodex745 分 前

    Can you do face reveal

  2. author

    #save Philip57 分 前

    I love the big mouth skin it's sooo cool

  3. author

    Heston Roberts V2 時間 前

    This comment section: *argues over which style is better* Me: NOSSSSSSSSSSSSSH

  4. author

    Curly Whrly2 時間 前

    I legit waited a YEAR for this to come back but I knew I would be satisfied with it

  5. author

    XxVortexX3 時間 前

    It’s soo annoying that they keep releasing styles of fishstick SEPARATELY. I really wish, if u already had original fishstick, u got the other styles 4 free

  6. author

    los mundos de Omar3 時間 前


  7. author

    Dylan Morano3 時間 前

    Sig is slept on

  8. author

    FlameZ4 時間 前

    Is this dude I talk fortnite??

  9. author

    Fozi K4 時間 前

    Guys my brother made the sig skin !!!! He made a dance to but it’s not been released

  10. author

    ZinqPhizz5 時間 前

    My man u have already lost ur man card

  11. author

    秋原男6 時間 前

    Is it just me or... Does the Oppressor skin look like EVA-01

  12. author

    ojosmorenas7 時間 前

    *"Steamy Onions"*

  13. author

    George Clary7 時間 前

    i missed these so im waiting for hailstorm

  14. author

    cLoudyyy8 時間 前

    i really want a purple skull ranger

  15. author

    Skatchy The Scalp8 時間 前

    I'm honestly disappointed with this skin. They could've made a really cool minotaur skin. Legs like krampus with a larger body like some of the newer large male skins, and a face in similar detail to dire, along with a large axe the size of Ultima knights hammer, and large horns would've looked amazing. But they blew it

  16. author

    B0N3LESS P1ZZA9 時間 前

    Why tf does that skin look like iq elite skin from r6

  17. author

    August Fredrixon10 時間 前

    So glad that it got more than 6/10

  18. author

    Garmadawnz10 時間 前

    Let’s be real it’s a alternate universe of Kaneki

  19. author

    LLama on mobile11 時間 前

    i feel like not many people like ghost meowscles

  20. author

    Baylei Mitchell11 時間 前

    Awesome drum

  21. author

    histoman8712 時間 前

    ice breaker looks nice too

  22. author

    Jerry Soof13 時間 前

    The bb goes great with shogun

  23. author

    RAZOR TURKEY14 時間 前

    Should've put rippley

  24. author

    Alyssa Angel14 時間 前

    best back bling for slurp is the shotty from star wars ;) just sayin <3

  25. author

    Aiden Teeter14 時間 前

    OG ghoul trooper is so bad, but normal ghoul trooper is fire

  26. author

    identity gacha14 時間 前

    Who thinks epic should do more exclusive switch online packs it would be like psn

  27. author

    M L P15 時間 前

    I liked both tbh but I chose shadow because the pick axes go with a lot of my skins

  28. author

    Andri Memes15 時間 前

    17:18 im proud that im from iceland

  29. author

    Mitchell Wall16 時間 前

    7:43 use lace default style and that back bling with sparkle supreme pickaxe it looks so good

  30. author

    SimplyStimulating17 時間 前

    Bruh rip this skin

  31. author

    DatGuy Fishy17 時間 前


  32. author

    Oliver Bowell17 時間 前

    I use widows bite pickaxe with deadpool

  33. author

    Re4hockey17 時間 前

    A legend was born

  34. author

    Spiral18 時間 前

    Oh man the power punch is sick!!

  35. author

    Argen Zhumayev19 時間 前

    She even has the frickin visor

  36. author

    Argen Zhumayev19 時間 前

    Wow thays the 4th version of the brite bomber yeah her hair is painted en her skin color is white

  37. author

    Isthatale 9620 時間 前

    Far Out Man 662 days

  38. author

    Darth Vader21 時間 前

    Name something that sounds more badass than "helioskrill bloodgorger".

  39. author

    Universe hacks22 時間 前

    I quit fortnite 9 months ago and i have this skin lol😅😂

  40. author

    FazeWahoo_YT22 時間 前

    Bachii could be part of the 7 now??!!

  41. author

    Ethan Dawson23 時間 前

    How about a custom Jonesey skin for season 3

  42. author

    Meta knight Le Gamer23 時間 前

    Am I the only one who think this skin looks like Reaper from Overwatch ? :/

  43. author

    Giovanni Vento日 前

    Favorite in its

  44. author

    Ayo Akabane日 前

    I already bought it lol

  45. author

    Tryhardnoob日 前

    Ik this sounds weird, but it actually sounds like it would be really painful to be hit by that pickaxe. Just that most pickaxes in the game hv a sort of clean sound, but that one is so sloshy and heavy

  46. author

    Peter Gray日 前


  47. author

    Tryhardnoob日 前

    Tbh the broken jaw is a huge turnoff for me. I do like the one that doesn't hv it tho. Funny bc I hate the alive version of that one.

  48. author

    Mateo Paun日 前

    What ur I talk 🤔🤔🤔

  49. author

    FeedBack日 前

    I think that batlle shroud is the best combo

  50. author

    GreenNINJA日 前

    Is this Exclusive?????????? When is it coming back

  51. author

    Gregor Forbes日 前

    The map was shipment from call of duty

  52. author

    Armando Vargas日 前

    Lynx and Nog ops

  53. author

    SnicketyGames日 前

    Daaaang the vbucks thooo!😂

  54. author


    My friend hates won’t ready up if I have clover team on, and it’s kinda mean, it’s all over a skin, and I never wore it.

  55. author

    Brendon James日 前

    I want pets to come back soooo bad ):

  56. author

    Cheems日 前

    The orange its the best one

  57. author

    Cheems日 前

    I want this bundle

  58. author

    Ggman 357日 前

    Ngl should’ve brought the bundle back last season

  59. author

    Edith Perez日 前

    Me two i picked ghost because shadow is evil

  60. author

    kevin ramirez romero日 前

    My epic is Styxlam please

  61. author

    kevin ramirez romero日 前

    someone to give me the goldie skin I do anything in exchange for the skik please

  62. author

    Quino San Luis日 前

    Who's here re watching all of this in quarantine And this skin was so hated and now so loved and one of the most known skins ever

  63. author

    Jaemier Ocarroll日 前


  64. author

    Shota Aizawa日 前

    She backkk

  65. author

    Oh yeah yeah日 前

    Me going to this vid just because if it worth it and it’s in the item sho

  66. author

    Ethi Rajarajan日 前

    what’s the background music while you’re buying the skin

  67. author

    XanderNotAlex日 前

    8balls stuff looks great on her

  68. author

    Jovanni Hernandez日 前

    So who else didn’t know Pizo use to be in the army before this video

  69. author

    Team Trespass日 前

    I'm og season 2 have lynx and I swr on my life I'm annoyed I got this especially since lace came out the next day and I want to rock that skin with star wand

  70. author

    Paradoxx日 前

    Cus you wasted too much money on it to quit...

  71. author

    Lord Furret日 前

    When I buy it I think imma just use brite bag

  72. author

    ShadowedFate日 前

    Won't lie I woulda bought them if they had a second style that was the blue color for black widows electric batons

  73. author

    nether rocks yt日 前

    Green is my favorite colour so ipicked ghost skye

  74. author

    ItsKar1日 前

    Tip: go into a team rumble game to do this. Land Retail Row and find legendary or purple guns (upgrade purple gun) and because the loot is buffed in team rumble it’s a lot easier. I got 2 legendaries in 30meters

  75. author

    Στελιος Τρυφωνος日 前

    I give ninja for that name andrealiouzou

  76. author

    zlqlv日 前

    what skin does the other dude have I really likeee itttt but I don’t know the name 🥺

  77. author

    Sansung日 前

    You nephew had me dying lmao. Would love for you to being a series like this back. Keep up the good work Pizo!

  78. author

    Arild Hovden日 前

    Ok if u think these three were hard too choose then just comment Tntina and meowscles and skye

  79. author

    Evil Olive日 前

    Isnt it wierd that today (when i posted this) armodillo is in the shop, with fate, and the harvesting tool pizo used with scorpion, just saying.

  80. author

    artwahero2 日 前

    I like the default one

  81. author

    qtRacks ༄2 日 前

    r they coming back before the end of the season?

  82. author

    Nicole Morley2 日 前

    I use the black shield with elite agent

  83. author

    Camaileon2 日 前

    The sub zero skin was the first skin I've ever bought...

  84. author

    Xander Markhay2 日 前

    This skin is hideous is horrible will never be as good as the original lynx she’s not even an agent there’s no shadow or ghost logo I just can’t wait for them to make a guy version maybe he’ll be a dog or a tiger or a lion

  85. author

    K1ng Duckee2 日 前

    The auras combo is good but since we didn’t see the pickaxe I would do the gold digger pickaxe

  86. author

    Loran Toron2 日 前

    I came here to see the omega is looking good

  87. author

    Radek Procházka2 日 前

    hhhhm yees sss

  88. author

    Sol griffin ross2 日 前

    green carbide an green omega

  89. author

    Pandy2 日 前

    Plot twist: he wins every game

  90. author

    CoolBoyGamer2 日 前

    What about wraps

  91. author

    Michel van Sint Anneland2 日 前

    i maked the sugarplum skin ahaha... i called it snowwister but epic changed the name

  92. author

    wail does stuff2 日 前

    Well we got a drake emote now

  93. author

    versincity2 日 前

    I have the midnight ops it was like the 2nd or 3rd skin I ever bought

  94. author

    Mika Parkinson2 日 前

    when ur name is Mika is hits different 😂

  95. author

    Madu Gaming 362 日 前

    5:36 this man clearly knows what epic is thinking predicted both of these

  96. author

    Madu Gaming 362 日 前

    Wow🤣🤣 he really didn't cut out the beginning huh🤣🤣

  97. author


    bruh i need the glider and the pickaxe back

  98. author

    Fernie Fraire2 日 前


  99. author

    SkyBurst2 日 前

    wait it's never coming bak?

  100. author

    Michael Wiesner2 日 前

    Do you notice that after about 2 hits it would gleam