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    lol met rayan 219 時間 前

    This is beter then the real version

  2. author

    Leah Bentley19 時間 前


  3. author

    Yo Chapo20 時間 前

    Jeff made a actual song not stole one 🤣

  4. author

    Julia Ann20 時間 前

    Bruh y’all loving the song but I’m just happy ab him and stassie being together

  5. author

    Savannah Dixon20 時間 前

    I wanted to see your sister so bad in this!

  6. author

    Layla Lin Dancer20 時間 前

    I’m not crying you are

  7. author

    leslie feelsagain20 時間 前

    Why does Matt look like a Peanuts character in the choir tho

  8. author

    Juliet Malfoy20 時間 前

    7:44 through to 7:54 Is legit my friends whenever we're together

  9. author

    Larissa Chea20 時間 前

    this was a cinematic experience

  10. author

    Vibhas Landeri20 時間 前

    wtf is this😂😂

  11. author

    emi andrea21 時間 前


  12. author

    It’s Danielle21 時間 前

    I bet Addison died inside so hard

  13. author

    Alyssa Freeman21 時間 前

    I want this played at my funeral 😎

  14. author

    Naomi Davis21 時間 前


  15. author

    Aditya Vashist22 時間 前

    just amazing. man with many talents

  16. author

    DreaMart1422 時間 前

    honestly this an older song bout to release a new one but lowkey goes hard

  17. author

    allina retana22 時間 前

    I loved this!

  18. author

    GeishaTheSerpantClan22 時間 前

    His parents must be proud.

  19. author

    bayou050 _22 時間 前

    how do they keep a straight face

  20. author

    Garry Q22 時間 前


  21. author

    Aamir Abdullah22 時間 前

    Matt King's wide open moth shot was just out of this world hahahaha

  22. author

    Catherine Yelle23 時間 前

    Why is it sooooo gooodddd

  23. author

    Raagini Bora23 時間 前

    certified bop

  24. author

    Simon Mc23 時間 前

    Someone point me in the direction of the SeatGeek money man... I WANT THIS CAR lol

  25. author

    L A U R A23 時間 前

    I hope Cardi see this

  26. author

    Zeynep Sapmaz23 時間 前

    James replacing with him because it’s Zanes bad side is the sweetest thing everr

  27. author

    Slugger Gaming23 時間 前

    Who just has 60k in there closet

  28. author

    Arshay Saxena日 前

    Why did he put indian music.🤔

  29. author

    Jasmine G日 前

    Such a deep and emotional song, I can’t help but cry😭❤️

  30. author

    Ashley Childress日 前

    Bring Hidaya back

  31. author

    valeria garcia日 前

    okay but why does Heath look like Louis Tomlinson with that haircut baby

  32. author

    Louisa Julia日 前

    Now this is legen- wait for it... dary

  33. author

    HeXrow日 前

    Me or zane has a good voice

  34. author

    Yxzc日 前

    did i just see addison or am i trippin?

  35. author

    Daily Cones日 前


  36. author

    Ray ray Laycoles日 前

    Is that addison?

  37. author

    huhkdog Vlogs日 前

    *The fact that addison rae is here* *is so frickin wierd lol hahah*

  38. author

    Riya Singh 12C 16日 前

    Oh bhai bhai bhai😍

  39. author

    Carlotta Stinziani日 前

    ADDISON!! 2:09 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. author

    Sherrie Grant日 前

    I fucking love this

  41. author

    Zeus W日 前

    Beautiful 😢👏🏼

  42. author

    Adrian Alagon日 前

    Zane why u making me laugh all fxcking time?! 🤣

  43. author

    Harley Quinn日 前

    This is the best thing ever

  44. author

    Christian Jesse Serquiña日 前

    LMAAAO then you see Todd(w/ lots of girls in his list) 🤣😂💀

  45. author

    HaydenCooper日 前

    Omg the video and sound quality is so bad

  46. author

    Fiona Magbitang日 前

    I bet his sister is laughing at this 😂 No hate tho

  47. author

    MST Vortex日 前

    Natalie looks like she was forced to do the music video 🤣🤣🤣

  48. author

    Miles Morales日 前

    I would want Zane as my brother we all do 🥺 Be fun as hell

  49. author

    diamonddlifeej日 前

    literally had a big asss smile through this whole video and at the end a single tear. baby, you did that shit.

  50. author

    Arif Danial日 前


  51. author

    Neil Jonathan Borbon日 前

    2:15 Matt always have to be so damn extra on music videos lol

  52. author

    lauren L日 前

    This vlog will never lose its magic

  53. author

    Kaylee Tobin日 前

    Honestly why is this better than the original 😂❤️

  54. author

    Murari Anirudh日 前

    did i see zane in POPSTAR

  55. author

    Saffron Blaze日 前

    Stassie is an entire genre on to herself. Sweet Jesus!

  56. author

    Blair Account日 前

    Yes zaneee

  57. author

    Camden Ellisor日 前

    Hope, for humility.

  58. author

    holiday fartcruise日 前

    This shit is like the emotinal version holly shit

  59. author

    B. Fly日 前

    Anyone notice that they had Kylie in the actual WAP video and then for this parody he got Stas? Lol

  60. author

    philnese mickey日 前

    Addison Rae is here😘👍

  61. author

    Ivy Lozano日 前

    So are we not going to tall about the casket in jason room

  62. author

    Selena Turrey日 前

    Why does the shout out look like Liza

  63. author

    park jimin日 前

    So emotional

  64. author

    Jordan Norman日 前


  65. author

    Rat Lord日 前

    What a lovely day.

  66. author

    Isabel Staudt日 前

    I'm moving out I'll take that couch lol

  67. author

    Rachel Weatherly日 前

    this is possibly the worst thing i have ever seen lmaoooo

  68. author

    arold아롤日 前

    Wtf is this

  69. author

    Gabriella Jackson日 前

    that was beautiful.

  70. author

    dildobaggins696969日 前

    I wanna see a behind the scenes of this

  71. author

    Diana Santillan日 前

    How else feels bad for David

  72. author

    Bad Boonana日 前

    This is why God initiated the apocalypse PFFFT

  73. author

    WeapoN X日 前

    😄_ A great song to relax_

  74. author

    Sarah Sierra日 前

    COVID entered the chat

  75. author

    Steven Owens日 前

    😂😂😂 Fire bro

  76. author

    Destiny Barocio日 前

    matt’s face 😂😭

  77. author

    julianシ日 前

    why is no one talking about quenlin/ quensadilla ?

  78. author

    Stella Bayley日 前

    Jfc all these Jeff comments; Zane is where it's at Baby 🔥

  79. author

    Love for game #lol日 前

    Mr unlucky please please please please please don't

  80. author

    Laurienne Nsekonziza日 前

    Wow Addison was in this music video