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    Lateshia Childs4 日 前

    This is amazing

  2. author

    Joao A Figueroa13 日 前

    Just saw Erykah Badu live a couple of days ago here in Santiago Chile. Gave me so much peace and hope. Love her voice!

  3. author

    EtioBeeudiヶ月 前

    A bunch of um itchin fa u ta scratch them .... you're my little baby 😘

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    Elizabeth Parksヶ月 前

    I finally seen my girl in concert earlier this month! I just love her to pieces!!!!

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    Beverly McFadden2 ヶ月 前

    Sweet 💋...🐝

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    angela varghese4 ヶ月 前

    This changed my life

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    Icet Ismay5 ヶ月 前

    So much would love to see more of this combo, all my favorites together <3 D'Angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed & Questlove

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    Portia5 ヶ月 前

    I love you sista! 💜❤️

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    Congest Congest6 ヶ月 前

    I loves erykah &all her lovily sweet make me feel like im a part of her life from her words.the band were super like all bands.they all play a big part you ms budu.(james&pike) in g. Prairie,tx

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    Rob Council6 ヶ月 前

    ...Soul personified! Can ya feel it! 👏🏽👏🏽😲😎🙂

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    Darrius Hollins7 ヶ月 前

    So soulful

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    David de martini9 ヶ月 前

    i love her

  13. author

    Dr Dermix Girl10 ヶ月 前

    “Sugah gotta long way to catch you whoa...” ❤️ 🎶

  14. author

    5ocean710 ヶ月 前

    2019 and this version is everything!

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    P McFarland10 ヶ月 前

    When they slowed it down they killed it.

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    Karl Atkinson10 ヶ月 前

    Love you Eryka. And all you do.

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    Elba Catalán11 ヶ月 前

    Simplemente excelente.

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    Roxanne Scott年 前

    Know this was from several yrs back but what show is this from?

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    Anthony Sharp年 前

    Add a little lemon you my favorite drank. #ImThirsty&Shook #OhHellSheSlowedItDown #OneErykah

  20. author

    luisfelipemcastro年 前

    1:07 that is the moment when you realize Erykah Badu didn’t come here to play games

  21. author

    Nettie B年 前

    😂😂😂 Did they just drive that.... 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 come quartet lol that bass player tho

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    Keith Waters年 前


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    Marcus Reeves年 前


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    Brian Campbell年 前 you Keyona

  25. author

    AfroSoul年 前


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    Alex Dames年 前

    Sound so beautiful. It's 2018 still listening

  27. author

    Thomas Hogan年 前

    That bass 👍

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    Terrence McCardell年 前

    Shoutout to the Soulquarians

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    Damiao Rosa年 前

    Does anyone know the name of this song and who sings?00:56 - 02:56

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    Jackie Thompkins年 前


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    diandra raymond年 前

    she held her notes well

  32. author

    u2good2b4gotn年 前

    Welp, I guess that collab never happened.

  33. author

    Cecilia Molina年 前


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    Mary J年 前

    That was hot

  35. author

    Brenda Williams年 前

    That was a good performance.They all make a great group, or team.

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    Jim Spencer年 前

    OMG Love Erykah. such a fat bass, funky groove.... true perfection...

  37. author

    Brenda Williams年 前

    Raphael got a office in his voice.It's like a office down his throat.Both of them.

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    Robbie MacCee年 前


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    Matt Hensarling年 前

    I love her little "Ohhhhhhh...!" One of my favorite songs, love neo soul. <3

  40. author

    Cory Williams年 前

    Ali on da Bass!!!.....Awesome!!

  41. author

    Cassio Soares年 前

    Where are all these great musicians at? Sick and tired of all these playback performances on tv nowadays...

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    Yoyo J年 前


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    Thickumzkandypoo007年 前

    Sing it Classic Chris Show

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    Andreas Neumann年 前

    ach ne wer liebt den nich, scheisse der is so guuuut

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    Nathan Gachugi年 前


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    jae wright年 前

    This song gives me life

  47. author

    Swede McGuire年 前

    Sure like this.... great vocals and vibe

  48. author

    Popps712 年 前

    Hands down, she's my favorite artist.

  49. author

    Shan Plez2 年 前

    OMG!!!!! I so needed this today!!!!!

  50. author

    Smelvin Shunostrils2 年 前

    She's bathing in the rhythm!

  51. author

    Sublime Divine2 年 前

    "Can I put your pinky finger in my tea, cuz you so sweet to me." I LOVE IT!

  52. author

    Marlena McClain2 年 前


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    Michelle Williams2 年 前

    Honey ur so Sweet,grown folk shit

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    Stefanie2 年 前

    love this song!

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    Ms. Dani2 年 前

    This finna make me say a thousand curse words!!!!!!! YA'LL BETTA STOP GATDAMMIT!!!!!!! 😨😨😨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

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    Victoria von Alm2 年 前

    Goosebumps. That's all I can say. 😍

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    samajé Manuel2 年 前

    Who's the flute player

  58. author

    Tara G2 年 前

    Yes!! I still really enjoy this song today. :)

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    DJ Ruckus2 年 前

    Fire!! shut up in my bones! I miss live performances like this

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    ViegoRakete2 年 前

    I like this live so much better than the original...that slow jam really kills it!!! <3

  61. author

    Michelle Savarese2 年 前

    she is super-nova, amazing...

  62. author

    Oro de David2 年 前

    that slow down was life

  63. author

    Alex Decker2 年 前

    Has this version ever been recorded? Damn, what a groove! I like this version of Lady :)

  64. author

    Elijah J2 年 前

    She really slowed it down and took it all the way there ugh shes amazing

  65. author

    myrna Allen2 年 前

    Go Girl...You are lovely!

  66. author

    Lawson Draper2 年 前


  67. author

    DebsLuvsMusic2 年 前

    Love that flute! 🎶🎵🎤♩

  68. author

    Mon Cherie2 年 前

    Never knew this existed 😩❤️

  69. author

    Tweetychick 792 年 前

    One of the best songs ever

  70. author

    Tyrone Myrick2 年 前

    That Bass is killin!

  71. author

    Dwight Douglas2 年 前

    Totally epic... I'm speechless ! Incredible vibe.

  72. author

    Dwight Douglas2 年 前

    Totally epic... I'm speechless ! Incredible vibe.

  73. author

    Bundang Bear2 年 前

    hey it's Big Moneet there !!!

  74. author

    singer_x2 年 前

    i want to see this on tv she did an awesome job

  75. author

    Megan Weber2 年 前

    She's the best.

  76. author

    Atkinson Church Atkinson Church2 年 前

    it's the boom

  77. author

    Rebecca Lawrence2 年 前

    Was feelin down. But this got me feelin all good in shhhhh Gow-own Erykah!

  78. author

    theSesman12 年 前

    that tempo change

  79. author

    Mercedes Reid2 年 前

    sugar got a long way to catch you.

  80. author

    Tianna Ess2 年 前

    I don't know about any of y'all, but the BASS is what has me.

  81. author

    Jaden Jones2 年 前

    Spanky Alford

  82. author

    tubagee2 年 前

    who was the guitar player who started the song he was awsome .

  83. author

    Renee Zagorski2 年 前

    So natural i love it !

  84. author

    elie chemaly2 年 前

    whos the bassist plz?

  85. author

    Perry Bromwell3 年 前

    BaduBabyBooBlowMy MindWithYourSoFunkyHiKulturalGifts

  86. author

    K MM3 年 前

    Damn I love you woman

  87. author

    Cloe Haynes3 年 前

    My childhood nickname is HoneyHoney. Sugar got a long way to catch

  88. author

    Mercedes Reid3 年 前

    sugar got a long way to catch you

  89. author

    Upenda Sana3 年 前

    The flutist in this is just amazing and her voice is just so great,just such a great vibe.

  90. author

    Cynthia H3 年 前

    lyrically and musically divine! She is brilliant artists 👑❤

  91. author

    Roar3 年 前

    who is the bass player here?

  92. author

    Mr. Trez Array3 年 前

  93. author

    johnbfrommd3 年 前

    1:12 My head got fucked up. God Damn I love this woman!

  94. author

    Marlyn3 年 前

    Is this a particular performance or festival or concert tour? I wanted the name if so. Anybody?

  95. author

    moonzappa18513 年 前

    Goddess right There 🙏🏻

  96. author

    Art10E E3 年 前

    luv Badu

  97. author

    Giacomo Bacigalupo3 年 前

    I'm in love with her

  98. author

    DeepHouse Digga3 年 前

    The song started out great but when she unexpectedly slowed her dope azz band down at that break.......she took the song, their performance and my vibe to a WHOLE new level. Well done queen....bravo!

  99. author

    mike müller3 年 前

    girl you so unbelieveble like your afro

  100. author

    monique johnson3 年 前