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  1. author

    Mightyquest Starchaser22 時間 前

    ARE YOU GOING TO PROVE KAMALA RIGHT?!!! IT'S AN IQ TEST! HOW STUPID ARE YOU?!!! Kamala Harris says 18-24 yr olds too stupid to vote!

  2. author

    killa bubbs2522 時間 前

    98% survival rate, no need to blow your career with that type of percentage

  3. author

    Kyntreal Douglas22 時間 前 ceelo green

  4. author

    Saima Guice22 時間 前

    Michael B Jordan isn’t gay sooo stop lying on my hubby name

  5. author

    ChristinaXO22 時間 前

    This legit was funny af! As far as being more “aggressive” or putting themselves out there, they can try being more active on live IG as a group, or maybe even do a performance on JPreporter to showcase the album. Market the merch that way. Big up’s to them, period!

  6. author

    Gunnel Gainey22 時間 前

    if they gonna keep apologizing just shut up and keep yall mouths close damn

  7. author

    Shillz Da Realz Podcast22 時間 前

    The sheep didn't stay home for Pneumonia, Influenza and the Flu (Even in Flu Season)

  8. author

    JCordoba100122 時間 前

    The breakfast club pays for likes

  9. author

    Jay McKenzie22 時間 前

    If I were a straight man who had hired a gay assistant, I wouldn't be walking around shirtless. Hell. I am gay and if there were a gay man around me who I didn't want, i wouldn't be shirtless. DUH

  10. author

    kawika dav22 時間 前

    She's an idiot.

  11. author

    Han Solo22 時間 前

    So dude get mixed signals and assume it's flirtation but decides to share it over national radio? Woman and men give off mix signals all the time but he decides to "out" the dude? This is why you have to be careful being a nice person because that can back fire.

  12. author

    benjamin green22 時間 前


  13. author

    EDU IS LIFE22 時間 前

    Who disliked this? Crazy

  14. author

    cjwiley22 時間 前

    He so real, has no filter, a hustler and is hilarious! 😂😂

  15. author

    Demia Hubbard22 時間 前

    They are 1 of my favorite Sag/Aquarius duos ever!!!

  16. author

    Jade Strong22 時間 前

    If military soldiers can go a year or so without seeing their spouses, the NBA players can go a season.

  17. author

    Honey Slay22 時間 前

    I feel like Bizzy in his prime and Cardi B right now would've made the perfect couple!!

  18. author

    suntansuperman2622 時間 前

    Take into consideration, Billboard didn’t have Pac in their top 10 Greatest Rappers Ever list.

  19. author

    Maya G. Phillips22 時間 前

    So what if he is gay? Being gay doesn't make you interesting anymore! If MBJ wants to be a gentleman, and keep his sexuality to himself; then that is his right! Some people are introverted about their sex life, because it is not everyone's business. I hate when people tell too much, and you want to throw up in your mouth a little, but if you show your disgust then your homophobic! No, I don't want to hear all of the damn details!

  20. author

    Georgita Jones22 時間 前

    Can't yall see something isn't right. Our rappers,celebrities are human beings too. And no matter what we should uplift her. She is tired of the industry as many others have said to us. Take a minute and think if that was my family member how would you feel if someone encouraged them to kill themselves.

  21. author

    Cominus 0622 時間 前

    The original French version of the The Upside was a lot better.

  22. author

    Lady J22 時間 前

    Ceelo is Zzzzzz...😴...he's so BORING!

  23. author

    wonpots22 時間 前

    Angela we know you love sex

  24. author

    Golden Goddess22 時間 前

    Angela annoys me sometimes. I try not to get annoyed because she's representing women, but men deserve as much respect as women when it comes to starting sexual rumors.

  25. author

    Daniell Alvarez22 時間 前

    Man Michael b Jordan bomb af but he ain’t fruity 😔 so that guy needs to stop reaching plus I don’t think he’ll go for fems

  26. author

    Willie Frank Collection22 時間 前

    She sound drunk

  27. author

    Jeremiah Woods22 時間 前

    Don't fall for The Breakfastclub they're not pro black they straddle the fence

  28. author

    Mwiinga Mweene22 時間 前

    That niqqah voice be too deep , it was auto tuned or something yoh 😅😅

  29. author

    Philly Life22 時間 前

    I knew he would say sorry. You don't come for power rappers. They were about to come for his funny lookN AZZ

  30. author

    OODIEthaBEAUTY22 時間 前

    Right Tha god people always just saying shit that becomes news

  31. author

    E.T GODDESS22 時間 前

    The reason these black MASONS down playing cannon is becus they know in pre-history in pre dynastic empire times of black ppl it was war with each other and divided first. In other words cannon teach the truth which is only the aftermath of it but if u gonna tell the hidden history GO ALLLLLLL THE WAY BACK BEFORE SLAVERY OR THE WORD ANTI! SEMETIC SEMANTICS EXISTED

  32. author

    da plug dont lie22 時間 前


  33. author

    RONALD SCOTT22 時間 前

    BLACKMATTERS: Hold her responsibe, but don't let the beast make your decisions for you. They believe that have a right to your mind. They will always use the divide and conquer tactic on us. Think for yourself!!!! They will make you a sellout if they can.

  34. author

    Nova Love22 時間 前

    Cardi knows she can't keep her ass off live telling her business for free. She should've took notes from Beyonce LONG ago.

  35. author

    Jeremiah Woods22 時間 前

    Hes no Donkey just a talented Sax playing lowkey Racist turned blaitnant racist

  36. author

    GM PM22 時間 前

    Clout chasing af 🌽🌽🌽🌽

  37. author

    Chris Cypher22 時間 前

    I love that man with all my heart. haha. Don't get me wrong, Tevor Noah is great and has really taken the Daily Show into his own (the same way Jon did years ago). But it would be nice getting to still hear Jon's perspective on a regular basis again. He doesn't have a podcast or something I'm missing out on, does he?

  38. author

    Channon Jordan22 時間 前

    I’m so proud to see a brother speak his truth and his trust in God to know he’s blessed and want to help someone else so continue to seek God and he will continue to protect you if you continue to do the work of God by helping someone else and stay true to the game cause it’s not a game God bless you Ms.Cat ✌🏽

  39. author

    Philly Life22 時間 前

    No, I wasn't. I was more offended that Biden picked a VP because she black. Can I get an AMEN

  40. author

    Harlem Harris22 時間 前

    Booooo this

  41. author

    2 Legit22 時間 前

    Yes our rascism n chief president is americas ultimate jackass and toxic person of the year .he is about as deadly as the virus itself and for the future of this country and that is why it is every americans urgent priority to replace him before he kills us all.

  42. author

    Kelis Jones22 時間 前

    I ain’t never heard of a gay dude rejecting 🍆! Especially black famous 🍆! 😭😭😭

  43. author

    Ramona Jones22 時間 前


  44. author

    angela lewis22 時間 前


  45. author

    Nkanyezi M22 時間 前

    No one: Jack Harlow: 0:15

  46. author

    Janet Jones22 時間 前

    It's a stupid song just like 2 Live Crew had stupid songs. The sexuality of the song wasn't the issue it was just a song that lacked talent.

  47. author

    jon sertic22 時間 前

    math hats # 1

  48. author

    jon sertic22 時間 前


  49. author

    Jorell butler22 時間 前


  50. author

    jon sertic22 時間 前

    yang gang

  51. author

    Dale Traverso22 時間 前

    Just like he squashed it with Tru Life and French, let's see if Jim Jones publicly extends olive branch to Loon. The Mase comparisons musically should be taken as a compliment cause Ja Rule,50,Lloyd Banks, Fabolous and Loon all had number 1 hits off almost the same style. But however he is right,McGruff was the 1st Harlem rapper to make it big

  52. author

    MissCoco Bulls22 時間 前

    He could be lying for attention or he could be telling the truth. I mean we talkin about Hollywood ppl. Either way it wasn't a point to tell the world.

  53. author

    Eric Waters23 時間 前

    MBJ is gay. It’s not hard to see.

  54. author

    Lii Oren23 時間 前

    Ay who else didnt want this interview to end!?

  55. author

    da plug dont lie23 時間 前


  56. author

    Lii Oren23 時間 前

    He's so intelligent and articulate, blessed from the jump. Him & Napolean are truly inspirational. He needs a podcast foreal!

  57. author

    Ariel Stewart23 時間 前

    He should also look into a discrimination suit especially if they keep Ellen show same network

  58. author

    E.T GODDESS23 時間 前

    What's free? Free to claim the truth. What's bullying? Ppl that want to have power over others. What's an agent smiths? The breakfast club

  59. author

    •kyłiexxbłu •23 時間 前

    Too many peeps on the down low

  60. author

    Potty Snatcher23 時間 前

    Wtf is envy talm bout at the end tho lol

  61. author

    Slim Dood Dood23 時間 前

    Climate we live in.. then if he say anything he will be wrong.. remember what happen to Chingy

  62. author

    •kyłiexxbłu •23 時間 前

    I believe it lol

  63. author

    Stephanie Torres23 時間 前

    New to their music but became a New Fan!!! Love the interview!!!!

  64. author

    No One23 時間 前

    If a straight guy said he wanted a woman’s “private” part just like this gay guy he would be in big trouble. But since he’s gay he gets away with sexual harrasment.

  65. author

    Jeo Jetson23 時間 前

    Why gay guys gotta be so messy? Stop feeding stereotypes

  66. author

    Glenda Freeman23 時間 前

    I cannot believe her, wow!!! Now collard greens

  67. author

    Ashleigh Smith23 時間 前

    That’s crazy. Even if that happened, why would you tell somebody? This is what happens when you have broke people that want a story. If you are famous or rich, watch yourself. People who don’t have what you have, they will try and lie or exaggerate to smear your image.

  68. author

    tsukumotenshima300023 時間 前

    I can assist my own home.

  69. author

    Mel Cab23 時間 前

    I always thought he was gay lol .. come out Michael!!!!

  70. author

    Hank Hill23 時間 前

    I would sue for defamation of character. So ppl like this guy can stop playings with others in the future.

  71. author

    Matt Lopez23 時間 前

    The sexual explictness back 20 to 30 years on behalf of Men & Women was a lot more nasty as opposed to what is being said in 2020. Nothing personal against WAP, but for me its just basic routine cliche x rated music. That's all.

  72. author

    Danny In Oak Park23 時間 前

    Their shitty ska music is not worth dying for!

  73. author

    P. Loftin23 時間 前

    Boosie need a onlyfans not an Instagram

  74. author

    Tha Mecca Don23 時間 前

    I agree surg cee lo

  75. author

    Harvemed Harvemed23 時間 前

    Get your money Nick

  76. author

    Anelissa Brown23 時間 前

    "Michael B Jordan loves white women not white men"🤣🤣 Charlamagne is a damn fool, I can't with him!!

  77. author

    A.K.A Emperor23 時間 前

    He doing this cause Michael didn't pay him no mind am sure he was the one being flirtatious with Mike

  78. author

    Mario Sisinni23 時間 前

    He's several steps ahead of them consciously, he's bored.

  79. author

    tsukumotenshima300023 時間 前


  80. author

    Jovhonte Jones23 時間 前

    There was a vibe between me and Meghan Good but she don't know it yet