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  1. author

    Adam Voorhees15 時間 前


  2. author

    Adam Voorhees15 時間 前


  3. author

    Angel Loves Jazz15 時間 前

    Will Smith make it right.

  4. author

    Sharon M15 時間 前

    Damn Yee still look dumb up there lying 🤣

  5. author

    Post Master General15 時間 前

    "RICK ROSS" Port of Miami (2006) Trilla (2008) *Deeper Than Rap (2009) *Teflon Don (2010) *Ashes to Ashes (2010) *Rick Forever (2012) Black Bar Mitzvah (2012) *God Forgives, I Don't (2012) The H: The Lost Album vol 1 (w/Birdman) Mastermind (2014) Hood Billionaire (2014) Black Dollar (2015) Black Market (2015) Rather You Than Me (2017) Port of Miami 2 (2019)

  6. author

    Eli Capers15 時間 前

    GOD bless America.

  7. author

    NshyD15 時間 前

    this guy has underrated intelligence

  8. author

    Lauraine Dukes15 時間 前

    1 minute in and im already dying laughing ... I love the breakfast club!

  9. author

    FromAlex15 時間 前

    Y'all putting far too much on this guy's wisdom. Not a single sentence came out of this mans mouth that had any meaning. He was just an old ass man with old fashioned and backwards views

  10. author

    RedSnapper 1715 時間 前

    Telling people not to do something will make them do it

  11. author

    Can'tStop WantStop15 時間 前

    Joan Rivera said, Obama was the 1st Gay President. Rank!

  12. author

    abbsnn cose15 時間 前

    Jeezy is a boss! I'll take real estate over fashion any day!

  13. author

    Sofresh105 Monica15 時間 前

    Monica’s new music video for her single ‘Trenches’ ft lil Baby out NOW‼️

  14. author

    Tuesdays Child15 時間 前

    This ain't a line 😂 Kevin was confusedt with his face all up in the screen.

  15. author

    Quentin Brown15 時間 前


  16. author

    Amir Dennis15 時間 前

    I think you did the BEST you could do as a President in the time you were in office President Obama. You set the foundation and standard for what a President should be. People have to remember you inherited. You inherited a recession from you predessesor, and had to implement change through the process. Thank You for your Service!

  17. author

    L. W.15 時間 前

    Obama is speaking facts... >>>>>>>

  18. author

    Kira Scullark15 時間 前

    Demands should of been placed on Biden before the election. Voting is an exchange. Waiting until after the election was ridiculous. Clyburn said he didn't want anything and that's what we're getting. Cedric Richmond has decimated his own community and collects money from the fossil fuel industry which pollutes his own community. Biden is nothing but back to business as usual. This interview shows the guests should stick to protesting in the streets. Ice Cube did nothing wrong. Alicia Garza is not an economist, why consult her???? His plan focuses on ECONOMICS!!!!

  19. author

    Shaw Briggs15 時間 前

    Man that's honor the Weeknd by following their music independent of what the Grammys say. Please like and follow!

  20. author

    A. Inai15 時間 前

    They have real chemistry on and off screen, i’m here for it.

  21. author

    Garfield lb197915 時間 前

    Obama did so many things in his 2 terms. Think about who he took the baton from and who he had to pass it on to. He will go down in history as being one of the best presidents, if not the best!

  22. author

    Luck Black15 時間 前

    What about Jada??? Jadakiss' album was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. author

    ZaZa_ 241015 時間 前

    Damn check envy with out a beard 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  24. author

    Jenz Howell15 時間 前

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  25. author

    Grown Man15 時間 前

    More #bluepill lessons from a male "feminist" apologist. And oh yeah,..... *Obama gave tax advantages to rich business owners back in 2009, through the IRS, during the economic recession* . Trump was one of those people Obama helped. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  26. author

    HHstutz5515 時間 前

    I had 2 Bone albums before I bought my first Biggie album, so I'm with Char on that, Bone had sold way more albums than BIG before they did that track. Eazy was down with South Side and Nutty Blocc, but he was Kelly Park from what I've always heard. I would've liked them to give more attention to Ren in Straight Outta Compton. That was a siiiiiick freestyle.

  27. author

    Michael Allen15 時間 前

    They went hard on Obama, but folded on Rush Limbaugh... ok

  28. author

    SkinCarver15 時間 前

    If I had a kid I wouldn't be advertising that I'm a drug addict.

  29. author

    BETTIE Clayton15 時間 前


  30. author

    JG15 時間 前

    Trump did a Executive Order in July 2020 called the Hispanic Prosperity Bill. He didn’t need a vote help, or any assistance it systematically addressed all points of life. Obama could’ve did the same thing for us but he didn’t. So when he said Trump has done nothing that’s not true.

  31. author

    Tiana Randell15 時間 前

    Char stop making excuses and stop being choosie with who you gonna come at and not yall be doin to much sometimes or not getting on certain people head hold all them niggas accountable

  32. author

    Austin S. Clemons15 時間 前

    Fun Fact. Gucci and Angela hunched after this interview

  33. author

    Curtis Ballard15 時間 前

    Check out BAGHDAD the best independent film online

  34. author

    Hayan Imadi15 時間 前

    Wish he just sat in the studio W them

  35. author

    brixtongun15 時間 前

    Can we get a fact check on Obama statements on the status of black america? I'm sensing a high level of cap here.

  36. author

    Ryhan Mortuza15 時間 前

    The Grammys have and always will be a joke

  37. author

    john garcia15 時間 前

    YG can get it.... hes fine.

  38. author

    Julian Sanchez Harris15 時間 前

    We need a new "Grammy". New name, new function, more inclusive, less dellusional yet just as big. Competative to Grammys monopoly on "what's good" when it's still shit. The Weeknd was robbed. It wasn't the first time similar thing happened, it won't be the last. It needs a change

  39. author

    Inchworm Entertainment15 時間 前

    Protect Queen Nikki Giovanni at all costs... 👑

  40. author

    Natalie Moreno15 時間 前

    You sure that's not faith evans secret daughter 🤣 she looks like faith

  41. author

    TheQuekumber15 時間 前

    terrible audio ringing

  42. author

    lee III15 時間 前

    good interview. charlamagne restored my appreciation for 44. I appreciated the president mentioning TaNihisi Coates, and recognizing the ADOS vote. There should be a cabinet level position created in the whitehouse for the Black, and Indian populace. Indians have their own land, and I think that Black folks, as part of a reparations pkg. should have the same. The Breakfast Club should have invited a guest host like Dr. Claude Anderson to sit in on this interview.

  43. author

    myar kalsaki-kamag16 時間 前

    "Strength is embedded in you" ~ Facts.. when you visit a third world country eyvveriithing changes.. your eyes open up to all the scams around you.. water, air, health, food, LIFE

  44. author

    grace k16 時間 前

    I think there's more to the story 👀

  45. author

    Alama Eyob-Austin16 時間 前

    He is so underrated

  46. author

    Grace Richardson16 時間 前

    I have never heard of a President talk about another President like this.

  47. author

    Chibuzor O. Ugokwe16 時間 前

    Is it just me or could the volume be a little louder for this video?

  48. author

    Rasheed Askari16 時間 前

    Truly did not get anything out of this interview.It actually confirms that the President does not truly run the country.

  49. author


    50 cent is camera shy, I wonder how he gets into character for his acting parts

  50. author

    Janvier Mason16 時間 前

    If you want some Feel Good Speak Truth Music Please click the link Listen and Share! Must be Heard! Music Inspired by Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan🙏

  51. author

    Yousi Greene Ambicion16 時間 前

    Obama is a real slick talking he didn't answer man one of your questions

  52. author

    Mantle16 時間 前

    Von sitting there with PTSD bout smoking all his opps LMAO

  53. author

    Grace Richardson16 時間 前

    Laws were enacted specifically for LGBT. What laws were specifically for blacks?

  54. author

    Grace Richardson16 時間 前

    What laws were enacted specifically for black people?

  55. author

    Bernice C. Thomas16 時間 前

    Now this explains it all. Down with Kevin Hart and F*** the haters. Level up!

  56. author

    Grace Richardson16 時間 前

    Where is the data?

  57. author

    Grace Richardson16 時間 前

    Where is the date show that millions of blacks were better off when he left?

  58. author

    Rodney Keith Walker16 時間 前

    Stop focusing on entertainers, including those in Washington. Your focus should be Skynet and all those towers in your cities.

  59. author

    Maria Slavinski16 時間 前

    Fifty turn around those scounces are uneven behind ya lmafo i luv 50 how can ya not like em 💙

  60. author

    Grace Richardson16 時間 前

    What is an example of how you got them to change their way of thinking?

  61. author

    Aury Odilon Sabushimike16 時間 前

    🕳 🚮#Trash, He didn’t punished any race soldiers from Trayvon Martin to Tamir Rice and many more.

  62. author

    4KT Nobody Safe16 時間 前

    They always talking about a "voting rights bill" but if you aren't bringing forth any policies past simply that wtf am I so pressed to vote for???

  63. author

    Kelvin Stanford16 時間 前

    The fact the President Obama said it's a numbers game is so true. So many Black people hate to hear it but we are 13% of the population spread out over the country. This means getting our issues address on a local, state, or federal level we will need allies from different cultures and ethnicities.

  64. author

    Let's grow together16 時間 前

    Charlemagne ur an ass hole for real more like a real narcissist, narcissist, narcissist, narcissist, narcissist, narcissist, narcissist, narcissist

  65. author

    Lord Randolph16 時間 前

    Ladies and Gentlemen, as much as I rock with the Breakfast Club there is no way I could give their Mickey Mouse interview with Obama a pass. So I decided to share my thoughts publicly since they are supposed to represent the culture. C Tha God, Dj Envy, and Yee, didn't you just have Dr. Claud Anderson on your show just this past October? Didn't he give you 5 bullet points of demand actions that he felt could have specifically helped progress Blacks in America? Wasn't one of those points a high speed rail system that would run between Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX? Why not playback that interview and take notes from that conversation and have had better prepared questions that you could have asked Obama? Do you remember when Byron Allen was on your show back on 10/30/19, he stated that he had asked Obama to audit banks to see the percentage of how much money they were/were not loaning to Blacks and that Obama didn't do it? Allen is also on record as calling Obama a White Man in Blackface. Those are strong words from such a prominent Black public figure. Why not ask Obama for his thoughts? C Tha God where was the same energy you had with Beanie Sigel when he was on the show back on 10/11/16? Dj Envy where was the same energy you had when Dame Dash was on the show the first time back on 3/13/15? What about the time when Killer Mike was on the show speaking his mind about the working class Black families sending their kids to private vs public school and the exchange between Mike and y'all during that segment. Why not bring up the talking points of economic empowerment from the interview you had with Bro Nuri Muhammad back on 12/18/19 with Obama? Dr. Umar Johnson has pointed out on your show and Vlad TV ( that Obama gave the LGBT community 3 legislative laws, 1 Supreme Court Justice, and more than 250 Federally appointed jobs. The Latino community a Supreme Court judge and unprecedented laws, and the equal pay act for the White woman. So for you to have been told this directly and not address this with Obama I don't understand. For you to have let Obama feed you that bullshit about how Blacks benefited when he was President was very disappointing especially when his response pales in comparison to what he got accomplished for other sub groups. How about you reach out to the homie Attorney Antonio Moore, of Tone Talks. He would have been one of the best politically mature and in the know about how Blacks in America were affected during/after Obama's Presidency. Moore posted on his IG that America moved from $470 Billion to $100 Trillion in 1 lifetime. Of which, Obama gave White America $35 Trillion of this wealth. C Tha God, my nigga you know who Vickie Dillard is, why not reach out to her and get some better questions to have asked? And since Obama wanted to speak on Trump breaking laws, everyone should look up the story of Bradley Birkenfeld. Long story short, he became a whistleblower after watching Obama, Biden, and Hilary Clinton knowingly allow high profile Americans, Politicians, and others hide money in the Swiss bank of UBS. This was the greatest tax scandal in American history that Obama participated in helping to cover up. But don't take my word for it go watch the story: For all those that have taken the time to read this far on my post, check out this interview with then BET journalist Emmet Miller Jr. and Obama: Here you will find that even back in 2011, Obama was not even able to directly answer questions regarding Blacks that he was asked without giving a collective response. And the only other journalist that I've ever seen ask crucial questions and didn't fold or nut up when interviewing Obama is Ben Swann and you can see that here Bottom line there should have been way more challenging questions asked pertaining to Blacks. Unless, a pre screened list was required by Obama.

  66. author

    Jolie Gurl16 時間 前

    HitMaker, he said it because, most Black Women, thinks he is colorist and he was trying to big himself up to proves he is not a colorist!! Either way, I would deny to, if I was her😁😂🤣

  67. author

    Romell Yarde16 時間 前

    Must get him and Joe Brown to have a conversation to clear up some back talk

  68. author

    Lesley S16 時間 前

    President Obama had a hard way to go as a black president..No one knows behind close doors, all the hell he was dealing with .He did what he could do..Sometimes people expect too much from him..js

  69. author

    Paul Daknowwonka northwest wonka16 時間 前

    I lost two TVs to election campaigns and my uncle had a cell phone burn down his house I seek justification what steps can be taken

  70. author

    Mr Dacus16 時間 前

    Obama just sold the listeners a bag of Magic Beanstalk. He said his Administration didn't advertise the things that were beneficial to Black people, yet he lit the White House in LGBT colors as a result of the same sex marriage ruling. He also held a press conference that following Monday.

  71. author

    Daniel Kays16 時間 前

    Obam's making the rounds because Biden can't do interviews without teleprompters.

  72. author

    BRONX NYC16 時間 前

    Tamika Mallory is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL.❤🌹🙏DAM! A real BLACK QUEEN.Plus she's INTELLIGENT. A DIME!! 😉😁🌈

  73. author

    JG16 時間 前

    Trump made an Executive Order in July 2020 for the Hispanic Prosperity Bill, he didn’t need people or votes or anything he did it and didn’t have to persuade anybody.

  74. author

    Guerrilla Music16 時間 前

    i feel this, but there are many more things to call out. these guys did what for toronto during the pandemic? they were invisible

  75. author

    Tracy's Truths16 時間 前

    Anything different blacks think as weird. WE need to open our minds because we've been blinded for so long.

  76. author

    Lerkero16 時間 前

    31:00 - Obama's policies were targeted towards people in need? I must have blinked during that part of his administration because I missed it

  77. author

    916 91616 時間 前

    What if That's not kodak under the mask 🤣😂

  78. author

    Stephane Abelard16 時間 前

    I was hoping ctg talked about Obama’s non answer for bailing out Democrat’s. 🙄

  79. author

    Dante Latimer16 時間 前

    If Obama and the Trump did a versus battle what would they say lol???? It would be like Gucci and jeezy all over again lol 😆

  80. author

    WeRightNow16 時間 前

    Socialism is wiggedy wiggedy wiggedy WACK! Black !