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4 ヶ月 前

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    Ryan Hogg日 前

    Ethan said planet well for the American accent but he wasn’t so good for the rest of it

  2. author

    Hault Rxst日 前

    Gee Josh is so boring

  3. author

    Mr.Giggles日 前

    I feel bad for whoever Ethan gets, he’s shit

  4. author

    Wave日 前

    What’s the outtro song

  5. author

    Tait Nemmers日 前

    Where the hell is danny Duncan

  6. author

    Ammar Osman日 前

    Most of them are in nuke them

  7. author

    Joseph Papke日 前

    toe bee lookin THICC

  8. author

    Ryzu日 前

    Sidemen Moo Off 2020 is very close

  9. author

    Pixel JoJo日 前

    *20 seconds into the actual gameplay* Raid shadow legends for any JPreporter channel: haha no. We stealing this show

  10. author

    Izak Dingley日 前

    wait sorry but didn't they see the house last episode please explain

  11. author

    Crazy Mimi日 前

    Who's here cuz of the quarantine and you're just watching old sidemen videos and old diss tracks 😂😘

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    HAHA Ye Man日 前

    Sidemen have a therapy session

  13. author

    Calipto日 前

    moral of the story simon digs colins key

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    Emerson日 前


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    Lorenzo_f2日 前

    Piece of advice: Do not get affected by hate comments. They are by people you don't know as you said and they wouldn't know what it's like to have a big fanbase and have so much pressure upon your shoulders

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    Toxic Toxiccian日 前

    25:16 Logan Paul behind Simon.....

  17. author

    Olivia.xx.x日 前

    this is all because ethan accidentally said "annual"

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    ghostsneverdie5 1日 前

    The cross for the first goal is underrated

  19. author

    ghostsneverdie5 1日 前

    What was that noise? 00:00

  20. author

    Ahmed日 前

    Jme we need more music man u go crazyyyyyy

  21. author

    Logan Ulate日 前

    He did a diss in dax

  22. author

    WIWOH Z日 前

    i dont understNS THE TAnk joke ?

  23. author

    Katie Brennan日 前

    simon just copies jj ngl

  24. author

    Jamie Quirk日 前

    That GTR was not 100k

  25. author

    Maika Butler日 前

    27:38 JJ: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... yeah

  26. author

    Ebel Korah日 前

    17:39 - 17:43 The time when Simon and JJ were talking shit about the rest of the boys or in particular, Vik and Ethan the people who were talking.

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    Lionel Shrike日 前

    I'm fuming mark is no boomer he is the most well-known JPreporterr he has done shit with pewdiepie jacksepticeye he's been bae a lot of times he made unnus annus and his try not to laughs challenges were funny af and he basically made a movie a heist with markiplier, so dumb, and I just checked he has more views in total than the whole sidemen combined.

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    eathan stanley日 前

    Zerkaa is such a neek

  29. author

    Golu Manur日 前

    White vs off white am ir

  30. author

    parallel fade日 前


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    sloik sloik日 前

    19:09 what is favorite?

  32. author

    Owen oj30日 前

    I beg u lot do a song

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    Kenshi日 前

    To everybody hating on vikk for not sounding good... I AGREE...BUT, vikk made the melody for the beat and the beat slaps. Therefore he still played a big part in making the song sound good 💯

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    haydendeacon.日 前

    And I thought my 15 bomb solo was good

  35. author

    Katie Campbell日 前

    I knew it would be zendaya

  36. author

    Joe Wicks日 前

    black goalie got megged skengman goal😭😭

  37. author

    Harvey Thompson日 前

    Who else votes to kick josh out of the sidemen

  38. author

    Daniel McCabe日 前

    Which continent has Vik not been to? Vik: South America Me: So Vik has been to Antarctica, wow didn’t know that.

  39. author

    Isabella Phillips日 前

    Nothing to do with anything but does anyone hear the slightest hint of Blackpink in the background music????

  40. author

    Mattiboi日 前

    What is Harry doing at 3:30?

  41. author

    Antwan Kirnon日 前

    Sold his soul ooooo

  42. author

    ImagineAlfie日 前


  43. author

    Cian Whelan日 前

    Why is the audio always so bad on these

  44. author

    Daily Entertainment Adz日 前

    Your a donut

  45. author

    ZhCur日 前


  46. author

    Eftelya Polat Alkaya日 前

    Hackney ayyyyy

  47. author

    Edgar Ayala日 前

    Josh two years ago was the funniest sidemen i don’t know what happened to him 😔

  48. author

    milrckz日 前

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Simons rap skits 🤮

  49. author

    DalWHU 6日 前

    On the featured what bout ricegum

  50. author

    Tawa The G日 前

    jj two birds one stone

  51. author

    Tobee Tainsh日 前

    Surely we get more of this with the COVID pandemic and the stay at home movement

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    Tayla日 前

    Yooooo this song is fucking sickkkkkkk

  53. author

    Tomohawk_on_stix日 前

    Y is mark at bottom ?!! 😮😪

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    Seth Joseph日 前

    Even though Tobi black I don’t think I ever heard him say the N word

  55. author

    Mc Bean日 前

    “You’re gonna have to defend yourself more than PewDiePie after one of his streams”... bruh don’t do him like that

  56. author

    ImaWeeb日 前

    Harry should've said *"Finger ur bum"*

  57. author

    Brandon Mcmorrow日 前

    Is josh a stalker coz he seems to know everything about all the sidemen 😂

  58. author

    Valent Vresk日 前

    Awkward then: Awkward when corona is here: coming near to strangers

  59. author

    Bassam Khan日 前

    Yo. The background music is lazarbeams old outro music

  60. author

    Valent Vresk日 前

    I think that this is funniest Sidemen video ever... should do more of this later

  61. author

    delforcee日 前

    You can’t even understand desiigner anyways he’s shit

  62. author

    jan de mordenaar日 前

    raid has taken over the sidemen

  63. author

    Lewis Rutterford日 前

    They can do an online moo off for 2020 because of corona

  64. author

    Charles Kershaw-Green日 前

    More Sidemen Rocket League during quarantine?

  65. author

    Juan Gutierrez日 前

    He call jj his brother name

  66. author

    Ninjas Hyper日 前

    25:00 about king bach personally i think hes high hella lit

  67. author

    Operation Blackout日 前

    Sometimes I ask myself how jj became a rapper 😂

  68. author

    Raven Genius日 前

    Idk why but joshi really annoyed me🙄😅

  69. author

    Lil_ Nugget日 前

    6:55 got me

  70. author

    Bryce ALMIGHTY 16日 前

    What is the game could

  71. author

    No Autographs日 前

    Bloody hell Ethan likes to talk doesn't he

  72. author

    Brandon Mcmorrow日 前

    Ffs JJ we all saw that 5:45

  73. author

    Weston T日 前

    Sidemen ranked in order(unpopular opinion) 7.JJ 6.Ethan 5.Tobi 4.Josh 3.Simon 2.Harry 1.Vik

  74. author

    R1日 前

    ah ok

  75. author

    ghostsneverdie5 1日 前

    Vik looked so left out and sad only Tobi and sometimes Simon were the only ones taking notice of him just one of the examples is 7:00 7:20 he asked what is it about 4 times and no one answered him

  76. author

    Weston T日 前

    Hawaiian necklace?

  77. author

    yuvi tandzz日 前

    Why is jj smoking

  78. author

    Keira Bagnall日 前

    19:23 i love his face there lol

  79. author

    P W I日 前

    Ksi oladejibate is a god digger

  80. author

    Ray Tard日 前

    23:21 Ethan first touching his private area, then picking his nose

  81. author

    Ray Tard日 前

    23:25 Ethan picking his nose

  82. author

    Bapman Games日 前

    Ever since Vik got a gf he's starting saying words like "bro" and kicking about in bucket hats

  83. author

    Nanno日 前

    Harry got the drip💧

  84. author

    Stripez日 前

    Yes more dead by daylight 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  85. author

    David Mansell日 前

    The jackbox series are the best

  86. author

    Lol Lol日 前

    They should add jj’s new hair cut

  87. author

    Sean I2 日 前


  88. author

    Tommy Whorrod2 日 前

    Vikk at 42:54 tho 😂😂😂

  89. author

    JT2 日 前

    Everyone is saying that JJ is spittin fax, but I’m over here wondering where is Good Mythical Morning on this list

  90. author

    Ouno2 日 前

    22:19 was funny asfff😂

  91. author

    Will Lomax2 日 前

    You should plan your raps before you start, has the potential to be an even funnier game and content than it already is

  92. author

    Haney Martinez2 日 前

    Ever since the end of Vikk abuse, I feel like Vikk has been the abusive one

  93. author

    Louise Klysz2 日 前

    I love the disses mostly w2s aka harry

  94. author

    LEGITBOT 2432 日 前

    i love the sidemen but they're just scared of being accused of homophobic fam fuck james charles HA GAYYYYYYYY

  95. author

    eli2 日 前

    this vid made me respect and adore Harry even more

  96. author

    Alexander Ashby2 日 前

    Just realised this was uploaded on my birthday Cool.

  97. author

    Tattiana Karanja2 日 前

    I cried of laughter he burned his cobble stone

  98. author

    KianDaGoat2 日 前

    Click this if ur an OG

  99. author

    Jack Grant2 日 前

    No one gonna talk about the fact that JJs smoking in the intro

  100. author

    Samantha Wagstaff2 日 前