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  1. author

    Jan Jester時間 前

    This film made more then Lord of the Rings, Avengers, The Dark Knight and Harry Potter. Says a lot about us as customers. We want new original stuff but we all watch this rehashing of an old movie that was really great and we really liked. Fuck...

  2. author

    Mau Miau時間 前

    Like si pensaste que era la Rosalía :v

  3. author

    Zahra Hussain時間 前

    This is how many people hate these types of comments 👇

  4. author

    screwthebobbin時間 前

    Carlos slides away on the sheild to get his sord

  5. author

    Emily Kresl Rocks時間 前

    My super sweet boyfriends daughter doesn't like it when her daddy plays this song because he cries and it makes her cry. I can't even listen to it without crying, let's be real. Matthew, some day you'll see this comment and all I can say is I lava you too baby ;)

  6. author

    Doggy Woof Woof時間 前

    I LOVE YOU SARAH!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  7. author

    Rihanna .Official時間 前

    For everyone asking for desendants 4 they can’t, without Cameron the movie would be a bust, like if you love the remix

  8. author

    muhammad alfariz時間 前

    Hey try watching this in 0.75x speed

  9. author

    rii ii時間 前


  10. author

    Solace Omondi時間 前

    I’m listening to this the 10th time today

  11. author

    Bookish Fangirl時間 前

    Oooh ooh ooooh

  12. author

    moniki angel時間 前

    Finally an English comment When you can't help but comment that you like to repeat the video over and over again.

  13. author

    Jescel Lupango時間 前


  14. author

    Ramonitoelize34567 Anillo時間 前

    I like you Queen of mean

  15. author

    Francisca Silverio時間 前

    Good song and movie

  16. author

    Bookish Fangirl時間 前

    Someone needs to count how many times they put their swords/fists in the air

  17. author

    Dariana Cuvuliuc時間 前

    O. M. G i lovet

  18. author

    Animuvi TV時間 前

    Cristina Aguilera + Lady gaga = Zhavia Ward ....

  19. author

    Nguyet Anh Nguyen時間 前

    Kylie's voice and her dance are no joke So talented ❤️

  20. author

    Viölett Stär時間 前

    Me gustó mucho pero aún así amo igual la primera versión jeje son super las dos jeje

  21. author

    Viraj Khooseeal時間 前


  22. author

    Лиза Слайм2 時間 前

    Класс люблю етот фильм

  23. author

    immortal Gamer2 時間 前

    look the dress of sarrah look like he suit when he is audrey

  24. author

    Raising My Little Superheroes2 時間 前


  25. author

    JustAverageJames2 時間 前

    This sounds a lil too simular to over the rainbow by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

  26. author

    Jade Mann2 時間 前

    Lowkey what Mal did ain’t right. She stole her man. SHE STOLE HER MAN😂.

  27. author

    Gacha Tiayna2 時間 前

    Its like the Queen of mean in a remix.

  28. author

    Małgorzata Zielińska2 時間 前

    Uwielbiam ją! Jesteś niesamowita, a utwór od dziś mój ulubiony😍😙😻😗💖💝💗💞

  29. author

    Amy Valdez2 時間 前


  30. author

    Jonathan Perez2 時間 前

    "Legs are required for jumpin', dancin'" *proceeds to dance with her fins

  31. author

    c L2 時間 前

    okay Disney really struck gold with this girl

  32. author

    Reenal Kumar2 時間 前

    Is that blue hair guy that purple hair girl dad

  33. author

    Hellodarkness MyOldfriend2 時間 前

    Audrey literally turns off cameras and breaks glass : doesn't get caught In previous movies : mal jay Cameron is evie have a master plan and still get caught

  34. author

    Kharlee Fam2 時間 前

    I love this songà

  35. author

    vania garcia cucho2 時間 前

    Like si te gusta está música Es la mejor tiene muy buen ritmo y excelentes sonidos 😎😎

  36. author

    Pink fluffy Unicorn2 時間 前

    Idk if the statues are real or animated..... 😂💕

  37. author

    지헌예찬2 時間 前


  38. author

    powerful 142 時間 前

    Their is so many people desperate for likes like damn can y'all bitches stfu

  39. author

    Kamesha G2 時間 前

    Ok so my 6 year old sister just sang this and I was like ok spitting bars but also confused. What is this ? 😂 she keeps running around saying she’s e queen of mean

  40. author

    Dahianna Rodriguez2 時間 前

    #QueenOfMean rocks !!!❤️❤️❤️✌🏻

  41. author

    MUI gogito Ultra sonic2 時間 前

    Toy story 1: Woody doesn't like buzz much first , but with the journey, he and buzz becomes friends Best quote: YOU ARE A TOY.... Toy story 2: Buzz go save woody, building up their relationship Best quote: woody dedicate his life to save me, if I don't do the same, I wouldn't consider as his friend.. Toy story 3 : A little break up at sunnyside, after learning the truth of lotso, woody goes back to save his friends Best quote: So long Partner.... Toy story 4: Journey to save forky, woody learns he need to let go. The two finally consider each other as best buddy Best quote: TO INFINITY.........and BEYOND

  42. author

    Sunisa Thepsathit2 時間 前


  43. author

    Miki Suka2 時間 前

    descendants 3 is the best movie EVER

  44. author

    Marsya Viona2 時間 前

    Nmnj Ji by ,to

  45. author

    Daniela Sanchez Aguirre2 時間 前

    My mom : Its past your bed time No more Ice cream!! Me: UGH! Ok * Me in my room* Me: I WANT WHAT I DESERVE!!!!!

  46. author

    TheMardBard2 時間 前

    I haven't seen the movie yet. Is this song in the movie?

  47. author

    Lachlan Barry2 時間 前

    1:12 Anyone hear a tad bit of Beethoven-like inflection?

  48. author

    Eduardo Noe Salazar Hernandez2 時間 前

    Esta Super Ahora Sii K Se Concentrarón En Descendientes 😍😍😍 No Entiendo Por K Es El Cap Final K Pazó Cm Malefica ? 🤔

  49. author

    Ana Rodriguez2 時間 前

    Y en donde esta la pinshi corona?!👑

  50. author

    Ihan Besari2 時間 前

    Pak Abu 🤣😂 👇 like

  51. author

    Sel K2 時間 前

    Việt nam có ai coi không

  52. author

    Ansi schi2 時間 前

    Kia 💛❤

  53. author

    Chloe Dunaway2 時間 前

    I love this song, it's one of the best songs disney has because of how true and meaningful it is. Like the part when she says "theres nothing to lose when your lonely and friendless" .

  54. author

    Anônima A2 時間 前

    really, a queen, I love myself whenever I hear her song

  55. author

    뾰힛2 時間 前

    한국인 발

  56. author


    I personally think that love is overrated because You never know,it could be the love of your life,but it could be a horrible scar And curse that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life regretting your past constantly And after the first relationship you’ll most likely never have a chance again so at least prepare before you begin a relationship And I can thank all the songs and movies for this fear And the fear has killed me so badly that I no longer feel for others besides having some trustworthy friends I live off my fear,not my excitement

  57. author

    Pamela Ruiz2 時間 前

    Me Encanta 😍😍

  58. author

    kasen sdn2 時間 前

    Along time ago there was a Depressed volcano wait a second volcanos live! EVACUATE THE EARTH

  59. author

    Roman Bass2 時間 前


  60. author

    Kim Yongsun2 時間 前

    Well audrey is better as a villian so yeah i love this song

  61. author

    Emilka Koz-ka2 時間 前

    dobrze ze oglądam po

  62. author

    Snow Wolf2 時間 前

    🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜the best

  63. author

    Tiziana Gomez2 時間 前

    Los amo saludos desde uruguay descendientes siempre fue mi pelicula favorita los amo like si te encanta descendientes y si tambien es tu pelicula favorita 😘😘

  64. author

    Oz2 時間 前

    Nala should be ashamed for disturbing such a masterpiece

  65. author


    Listening to the lyrics you can recognize he isn’t lying he just casually saying what he is doing the entire time.

  66. author

    Miss Dama2 時間 前

    U sing beautiful I hope u get more songs out n I Still love this song 😊❤️

  67. author

    Norma Pascual2 時間 前

    Me encantó mucho😍 es lo mejor ❤

  68. author

    D3DSTR1K3R2 時間 前

    Don't hate on me but I prefer HTTYD music

  69. author

    Michael Diehl2 時間 前

    I still love this song, yet I am crying because I remember the good times when I still had my father and how much he meant to me

  70. author

    Veena vasan2 時間 前

    the film is nice willsmith superb nice genie

  71. author

    Hamda Al Hamad2 時間 前


  72. author

    fenola hughes2 時間 前


  73. author

    fenola hughes2 時間 前


  74. author

    Kylee Tadifa3 時間 前

    camera needs to chill and stop changing angels every 3 seconds

  75. author

    Daniel bondoni3 時間 前

    Waoo encanta por qué en la decendientes No se escuchaba Fuerte

  76. author

    Sylvanian Families Fun3 時間 前

    Is this because it was the biggest hit on nearly most every music app

  77. author

    oopsididitagain3 時間 前

    I aspire to be this extra

  78. author

    Kylee Tadifa3 時間 前

    don’t come for me but sarah jeffery is serving looks! she’s such a goddess

  79. author

    Rashmeen Ahmed3 時間 前


  80. author

    Axely Agüero3 時間 前

    Me encanto

  81. author

    Ivan Valdez3 時間 前

    Evie your so nice and prety

  82. author

    osielone1 M3 時間 前

    It's all huge crabs singing musicals until you realize only 5% of the ocean has been discovered and there well may be a giant Tamatoa's down there as a species @w@

  83. author

    Nina Bya3 時間 前

    For Cameron i love you 💜❤️

  84. author

    Xabisa Mali3 時間 前


  85. author

    Ceci Perez3 時間 前

    My wedding song tehe

  86. author

    Maggie T3 時間 前

    Ok but like who tf writes a song about themselves?

  87. author

    Keishia Bongi3 時間 前

    Omg this is so cool

  88. author

    Carsten Harrishoj3 時間 前

    Uma and mal is god Evie and Carlos is god Jay and Harry is god Gil is god

  89. author

    Asfaq Hussain Counseling Service3 時間 前

    One day you'll go 💃🚣‍♀🚣‍♀

  90. author

    Juan Elias3 時間 前

    Pumba: I may run from hyenas but I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT A BULLY!

  91. author

    Amy Lee3 時間 前


  92. author


    means the whole world to me 💖💖

  93. author


    love this song 💖💖

  94. author

    Lorena Baltierra3 時間 前


  95. author

    Angelica Amara Sastre3 時間 前

    I like the queen of mean becus im mean

  96. author

    Vernice Bokingo3 時間 前

    I'll miss it

  97. author

    Squid Ink73 時間 前

    Spongebob: You can't win Plankton Plankton: THIS IS MY SECRET FORMULA! MY DESTINY!

  98. author

    Zakiyah Hussein3 時間 前

    I love this song

  99. author

    Tuấn Phan3 時間 前


  100. author

    Claudia medalid Briones umpire3 時間 前

    Está canción es mi estilo